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Friday, April 13, 2012

04/13/12 Bernie Madoff And Walter Noel's Man In Bermuda, Amit Vijayvergiya, Now Wants To Sue Citizen Journalist Greenwich Roundup


Amit Vijayvergiya Is having a hussy fit, because Greenwich Roundup uses a thumbnail picture of him in a three year old Greenwich Roundup article and had his attorneys call up to threaten legal action.

Amit Vijayvergiya's panties are all in a bunch because he no longer wants his picture associated with numerous lawsuits he is facing involving the Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme.

But someone should tell Amit Vijayvergiya that he is now a newsworthy public figure due to his involvement in the Maddoff financial scandal.

Moreover, the courts have repeatedly given a thumbs up for using thumbnail pictures in news articles and search engine results. Especially if that public figure has himself put that photo up on the internet to promote himself and his questionable business activities.

Maybe, Amit Vijayvergiya's lawyers should explain to him that the Supreme Court of the United States described fair use as an affirmative defense in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.

Greenwich Roundup is fully prepared in litigation on a bogus copyright infringement case Amit Vijayvergiya photo use was a "fair use" and not an infringement.

Greenwich roundup's news reporting work on a public figure only borrowed only a small amount (i.e. a thumbnail photo)

It is clear that Amit Vijayvergiya can get bent out of shape with his photo being associated with the fraud committed by Bernie Madoff, but he cannot make out a prima facie case of infringement, and Greenwich Roundup needs not even raise the fair use defense.

It appears that Amit Vijayvergiya is trying to make claims of infringement even in circumstances where the fair use defense would likely succeed in hopes that Greenwich Roundup will refrain from the use rather than spending resources in his defense.

This type of lawsuit is part of a much larger problem in First Amendment law and is called a Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAP).

A public figure like Amit Vijayvergiya can rest assured that any legal documents sent to Greenwich Roundup and will be posted online for all to see.

Greenwich Roundup has a long history of reporting on any lawsuit threats or Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAP) brought against the non profit news gathering organization.

Amit Vijayvergiya just might find that an ill advised SLAP lawsuit, just might SLAP him upside his thin skinned little head.

Maybe, Amit Vijayvergiya would be better served spending money and time defending himself against the many Bernie Madoff related suits that he is facing, instead of trying to intimidate a citizen journalist with a foolish SLAP lawsuit.

Or Maybe, someone should tell Amit Vijayvergiya that failed Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter got the Humongous Hearst Corporation to threaten a SLAP lawsuit against little ole citizen journalist Greenwich Roundup.

When it was all said and done, not one article or photo was taken down from Greenwich Roundup and failed Greenwich Time Editor was first demoted at Hearst Newspapers and soon after that found himself in the unemployment line.

I would be willing to bet failed Greenwich Time Editor wishes he never threatened Greenwich Roundup with a SLAP lawsuit.

Even current Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber isn't foolish enough to threaten citizen journalist Greenwich Roundup with a SLAP lawsuit.

FLASHBACK: 1/4/09 The main Madoff-related vehicles for Fairfield Greenwich Group, a major Madoff feeder fund, are registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Walter Noel's Man In Bermuda Is Amit Vijayvergiya, Partner, is Head of Risk Management of Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda) Ltd. and focuses on the Fairfield Sentry Fund and risk management for FGG.


FGG Managing Director
1001 Brickell Bay Dr Ste 2406
Miami, FL 33131
United States
Phone: 1 786 425 2511
Fax: 1 786 425 2428

Amit Vijayvergiya, Director of Lion Fairfield
Fairfield Greenwich operates affiliates in offshore money havens like the Cayman Islands. At another affiliate, in Bermuda, Amit Vijayvergiya, Fairfield Greenwich’s chief risk officer, managed flows into Sentry, its largest fund that was a main recipient of money that had been invested with Mr. Madoff. It also runs Fairfield Sentry in Ireland, one of Europe’s largest offshore money havens, and a joint venture in Singapore, a leading Asian offshore money haven, called Lion Fairfield Capital Management.

Greenwich Resident Walter Noel Wont Tell You About The Money In The Cayman Islands And The British Virgin Islands, Ireland Or Singapore, But Greenwich Roundup Will.

Fairfield Greenwich Investors Looking For Some Of There Money Should Take A Look At This Link:

You Wont Read This Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel
Love Letter In The Greenwich Time:

Romasco Place, Wickhams Cay 1
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands, VG 1110

December 22, 2008

Suspension of the Calculation of Net Asset Value

Reference is made to the extraordinary events of last week regarding Bernard L. Madoff Investments Securities LLC ("Madoff"). As you are most likely aware, on December 11,2008 Bernard Madoff was arrested and charged with securities fraud for operating inessence a giant Ponzi scheme. It has been alleged that Madoff's fraud involved a loss inboth cash and securities of possibly US$50 billion.

As you will have read in the press, Fairfield Sentry Limited (the "Company") was significantly exposed to Madoff. At this point in time the value of the Company'sinvestment in Madoff is not certain. There may be residual assets in Madoff to bedistributed or, alternatively, there may be no assets.

With the view to acting in the best interests of the Company and all of its shareholdersand creditors, the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board") has suspended thecalculation of net asset value with a corresponding suspension of redemptions andsubscriptions pursuant to Article 11(4) of the Articles of the Association of the Company,due to the fact that the Board determined (i) that circumstances exist as a result of whichin their opinion it is not reasonably practicable for the Company to dispose ofinvestments or that any such disposal would be materially prejudicial to shareholders, (ii)that a breakdown has occurred in the means normally employed in ascertaining the valueof investments of the Company, (iii) that the value of the investments of the Companycannot reasonably or fairly be ascertained and (iv) that the Company is unable torepatriate funds required for the purpose of making payments due on redemption ofshares. As such, pursuant to the powers contained in the Articles of Association of theCompany, the Board has suspended the determination of the net asset value.
As a resultof such suspension, all subscriptions into and redemptions from the Company have beensuspended. With respect to redemption requests received for the November 30, 2008 dealing date, the payment of these proceeds of redemption have been similarly suspendedpursuant to the powers contained in the Articles of Association of the Company.

The Company has retained counsel in the British Virgin Islands and the United States to represent its interests. These counsel will advise as to what action should be taken toensure the Company's interests in the remaining assets of Madoff are represented, toensure an orderly running of the affairs of the Company and to ensure that all shareholders and creditors are treated equitably and fairly.

In this regard and as advisedby counsel, we are not able to respond to requests for information by individual shareholders at this time. Rather, information will be provided to all shareholders to ensure that no one shareholder is at an advantage. We note that the manager to the Company, Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda) Limited, has waived all fees until furthernotice. We will endeavour to keep you advised of developments with respect to the Company.

Yours faithfully,
The Board of Directors

After Reading This You Might Want To Explore The Walter Noel Network:

Then You Might Want To Read The Class Action Lawsuit Against Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel And Fairfield Greenwich......

So Just How Much Money Does Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel
Have In The Cayman Islands And Other Off Shore Money Havens?

Fairfield Greenwich Group has taken more than $500 million in fees since 2003 alone from the money it placed with Madoff.

Fairfield Greenwich, and its partners, had about 7.5 Billion invested with Madoff, But There Is Still 6.5 Billion That Fairfield Greenwich Has Stashed Somewhere.

A statement released by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regarding charges of massive investment fraud by Bernard Madoff indicates the authority is following the situation closely.

“CIMA has done a check of its records and database and has found no evidence so far that Bernard Madoff or any Madoff company is providing direct services to any Cayman Islands–regulated fund,” it stated.

An initial check of the Companies Registry shows no Madoff–related entity incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

However, given that investors in Mr Madoff’s investment funds include banking and other institutions across Europe, the UK and the USA, CIMA anticipates that there could be a number of Cayman–regulated funds as well as other institutions that have made investments into the Madoff funds/schemes and which, therefore, could be impacted.”

A check of the CIMA website reveals Fairfield Greenwich and Fairfield Capital Management are registered with the authority, along with twenty–nine funds beginning with the name “Fairfield”.

Fallout from the Madoff scandal could affect Cayman in many ways.

Don't Forget That......

Offshore entities played key roles at Bayou Management, a Connecticut hedge fund that collapsed in scandal in 2005, as well as at Enron, which used nearly 900 offshore entities, mostly in the Cayman Islands, to conceal bogus trades and accounting fraud.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

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