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Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24/08 Hey Chris, Where's My Student Aid ???

"What Do You Mean There's No More Money"?

by goldrick

In an incredibly one-sided article favorable to faux-moderate Republican Chris Shays in today's Greenwich Citizen, reporter David Hennessey records Shays as defending his casting the deciding vote for the 2006 Republican budget by saying:...

Shays denounced the claim that he supported $13 billion in cuts from the Student Loan Program. He pointed to his vote for the Deficit Reduction Act in 2005, which included student loan reforms that will save the government $14.3 billion over five years, and the program was not cut at all. "What happened was we said to the bank, if we are going to guarantee you that you don't lose money from student loans, then you don't get to make an excess profit," Shays said. "And anything above a certain amount goes back into the general fund Instead of it being 13 billion of federal dollars, it's $13 billion of the banks."

In fact, it was precisely because Shays and his Republican buddies actually did stick it to students and parents that incoming Congressional Democrats made cutting the interest rate on federal student loans in half over five years one of their "six for '06" priorities in the new congress. Here's an article I wrote in 2005 that tells the truth about Shays' deciding vote and how education advocates condemned what he did. Shays is always attempting to fool the voters about his real record.

In an interview last month with Greenwich Time, Congressman Chris Shays contended that criticism of his vote for the draconian 2006 Republican budget stemmed from "critics who have spread partisan misinformation about how the bill will hurt college students."

Was one of those critics to whom Mr. Shays referred David Ward, president of the American Council on Education, an umbrella group representing 1,800 degree-granting colleges and universities, including Yale, Wesleyan, and the Connecticut State University System? In a letter to the Senate, Ward stated unequivocally, "This is the biggest cut in the history of the federal student loan program." Further, "The (Republican budget) creates a new source of competition for scarce Pell Grant and campus-based aid grants, while simultaneously destabilizing the delivery of the federal student loan funds. It is shortsighted to ask college students and their families to bear so much of the burden of deficit reduction."....

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10/24/08 Hearst Newspapers Should Replace Cub Reporter Colin Gustafson With A Real Journalist That Knows What Is Really Going On At The BOE

Chris "Clark Kent" Fountain

Explains How The Failed Greenwich Board Of Education Works To

Cub Reporter

Colin "Jimmy Olson" Gustafson

Why our schools are in such a mess: Board of Ed delays beginning of search for new Superintendent. It will take two weeks to even start forming a committee that, in turn, will decide on the "skill set" needed by the next person to run our school. That should consume a couple of months, I suppose, then they'll hire an "educational expert" to help conduct a national search, interview noted educators from around the world, negotiate an overly-generous contract and finally, with great fanfare, announce the latest in a long string of failures.

Why do these people speak in jargon? "Skill set" indeed. Why do they need two weeks to even begin to begin? Members are away? Let someone introduce them to the telephone or, gasp! email. And why, after 200 years, do they need to form yet another committee to decide upon the necessary skills required of a superintendent? Have things changed in 3 years? Was their previous effort in this regard a complete, colossal flop? Of course it was, but why, then, are these idiots allowed to try again? Could that have anything to do with the refusal of our local political parties to permit competition in school board elections? I report, you decide.

Right now, 40% of our students can't pass a basic reading test -70% can't perform at an advanced level. In Greenwich! The wealthiest, most highly-educated town in the nation is cranking out illiterates - great. It's going to take more than a new superintendent to fix this shameful situation. I'd start with adjusting the attitude of the parent quoted in the Time's article who objected to a new reading program because she wanted a "well-rounded skill set" for her child. Honey, you may be qualified to sit on the school board, but I suggest that, if your little darlin' can't read, she'll be flattened by the world, well-rounded or not.

More From Citizen Journalist Chris Fountain

And His Blog For What It's Worth:

Interesting if true I have no idea how to link to ...

Another brand to boycott Baskin Robbins is pedd...

252 Milbank

So maybe you might want to wait on that $25 million...

Here, thanks to a reader, is a WSJ article on ...

Shattered Rice Bowl? Chi-com real estate tanks ....

Please Also See:

10/24/08 MEDIA INVESTOR ALERT - Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson Is Driving Hearst Newspapers Straight Into The Ground !!!!!


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10/24/08 "Trust In The Lord And All Will Be Well. We Will See Each Other Again."

On November 19, 1992, a frail little bird of a woman lay dying in Greenwich, Connecticut, and her son came to bid her goodbye. “She lay on a pillow, tiny, fighting hard for every breath,” he son wrote in his diary that night. “Her little frayed Bible, her old one was there, and I looked in it and there were some notes that I had written her from Andover … ”

That woman was Dorothy Walker Bush, and her son was the 41st president of the United States, who had just lost his job to Bill Clinton, and spent the morning sobbing at her bedside. I’ve been thinking of that moment since word went out that Barack Obama would take time from the end-game of his campaign to visit his gravely ill grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, in Hawaii.

Mrs. Dunham, who turns 86 on Sunday, is what amounts to Obama’s last living parent, his last link to the breathtakingly improbable lineage that has propelled him to the brink of the presidency. She and her late husband, Stanley, effectively raised him for much of his youth, and he has said she poured everything she had into him. He calls her “Toot,” short for “tu-tu,” the Hawaiian for grandparent.

Without a college degree, Mrs. Dunham rose to become the first female vice president of the Bank of Hawaii. She didn’t much care for luau cuisine, preferring to go home for a plate of scrambled eggs and some cigarettes. Somehow, in 1960, she and her husband simply accepted that their 17-year-old daughter became pregnant by an African exchange student, and her son became theirs, too. How full her heart must be right now.

Obama has spoken with feeling at his regret that he did not make it to Hawaii in time to see his own mother, when she was dying of ovarian cancer at 52. He’s clearly determined not to make the same mistake this time. But what must Madelyn Dunham be feeling, knowing that even if she lives to see her grandson elected, she will—in all probability—never see him again?

She may feel a bit like another old woman, living in a remote spot in Illinois, whose son took an arduous trip by passenger train, freight train, and buggy to see her on January 30, 1860, before he left Springfield to assume the presidency. She was Sarah Bush Lincoln and she, too, had poured everything she had—including a love of books and learning—into her stepson Abraham. When he left, she was in tears, and she recalled years later, when the story was over and done: “I did not want Abe to run for Presdt., did not want him elected—was afraid, somehow or other … that Something would happen him … and that I should see him no more.”

“No, No, Mama,” Lincoln told her. “Trust in the Lord and all will be well. We will See each other again.”

10/24/08 Whitby Returns to Whitby

The 50th anniversary of the founding of The Whitby School set to the Morning Psalm, lyrics by Dr. Paul Czaja, as arranged and performed by his godson, John Matthew Carvin.


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10/24/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Top Story -- Is Joe Lieberman Bipolar ???

Gov. Sarah Palin, right, gets a from Sen. Joe Lieberman

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Joe Liberman In The News Today

Lieberman casts doubt on Palin's readiness

From NBC's Domenico MontanaroCheck out this piece from the Stamford (CT) Advocate, particularly this line:

"...Lieberman Friday continued to stand by Republican John McCain's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a running mate. But when asked by The Advocate if Palin is ready to be president from day one, Lieberman said 'thank God she's not going to have to be president from day one. McCain's going to be alive and well.'

He added, "Let's hope she never has to be ready because we hope McCain is elected and live out his term," Lieberman said. "But if, God forbid, an accident occurs or something of that kind, she'll be ready. She's had executive experience. She's smart. And she will have had on-the-job training." ...

"Some high-profile Republicans in recent weeks have publicly condemned McCain's choice of Palin as his running mate and also the tone of their nominee's campaign and its attacks on Obama's character. Lieberman would not do either Friday and at one point scolded reporters for asking him questions about the topic." ...

Speaking of Obama directly, Lieberman said he might vote for him as president someday in the future, but specified the Democrat is 'less prepared' than McCain. He later says if McCain loses, he'll "do everything I can to be bringing people together across party lines to support the new president so he can succeed. What's at stake for our country is just too serious."

Lieberman: Obama Is Ready To Be President*
Hartford Courant
Joseph Lieberman isn't switching camps, just because he wouldn't say Friday that Barack Obama is unprepared to be president. "I'm saying he is less prepared ...

"Thank god" Palin isn't Prez on day one, Lieberman says
Politico, DC
Joe Lieberman, who prepped Sarah Palin on foreign policy, was asked by the Stamford Advocate what he thought of the prospect of the Alaska governor actually ...

Lieberman to speak at Orlando synagogue
Central Florida Political Pulse
Joseph Lieberman, who calls himself an "Independent Democrat" from Connecticut, is coming to the Congregation of Reform Judaism to speak on behalf of his ...

But Wait There Is More....

Lieberman not happy with campaign's negative tenor

In NH, Joe Lieberman eyes comeback victory for John McCain
Boston Herald

Lieberman: Polls are so bad he doesn’t believe them
The Hill

No Wonder These Guys Are Losing:

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine will feature a long article, available on the Times’ website now, offering an inside view of John McCain’s Presidential campaign, and it’s pretty easy to see why the race is in the state that it is today.

Based on interviews with top campaign officials, the article makes the point that, while Barack Obama has had the same campaign narrative from the day he announced his run for the White House, the McCain campaign has consistently been struggling with how to come up with a campaign narrative that works. First there was John McCain the advocate of victory in Iraq who put his country first, which was seen most starkly, and most effectively, in the ad that McCain put out shortly after clinching the Republican nomination. When it became clear over the summer that that strategy wasn’t working, the campaign began emphasizing McCain’s bipartisan record and willingness to take on his own party. Then, when Obama seemed to surge after his trip to Europe, they began characterizing him as a celebrity in an ad campaign that actually did some damage. That didn’t last long, though, because once the Palin picked was announced we were graced with the theme of a “Team of Mavericks.” Then, when the economy started tanking in September, McCain engaged in what can only be characterized as an incredibly unsuccessful political stunt., When that didn’t work, McCain started going negative, mostly by using Sarah Palin as the attack dog, but it became very clear very early that he was regretting that decision. Then, finally, he spent some time trying to characterize himself as a fighter, but then decided to become the champion of the plumbing industry.

And now they are letting Joe Lieberman
run around without a short leash.

Doesn't John McCain Know

How Dangerous That Could Be?

And Now The Rest Of
The Raw Greenwich News Feed:

Yen Climbs to 13-Year High Against Dollar as Investors Slash Carry Trades
Bloomberg.com - Asia
... financial market carnage,'' said Alan Ruskin , head of international currency strategy in North America at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets Inc. in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``Those who haven't got out of the yen carry trade will have to watch it ...

Yvette Kantrow: CNN Gone Wrong: At Least Demonize the Right Wall Streeters
The Huffington Post
... helicoptering to the Hamptons to--who else?--Dick Fuld. Soon enough, we're gawking at a photo of Fuld's estate in Greenwich, Conn., and hearing about his luxurious homes on Park Avenue and Jupiter Island, Fla. And just when we think this can't get ...

Nymex Gas Falls on Concern Economic Slowdown Will Reduce Demand for Energy
... with crude down to a new low, gas has to go to a new low,'' said Tom Orr , research director at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut. Natural gas for November delivery fell 18 cents, or 2.8 percent, to settle at $6.239 per million British thermal ...

Read the full news release
... round in the fastest time of 55.964 seconds. Second place in the Amateur Owner Jumpers went to Natalie Johnson of Greenwich, CT with one of her two mounts in the class, Rodenburgh's California. The pair rode across the finish line with no faults and ...

Big-City B&Bs
Conde Nast Traveler
... them, many for the first time. "They're not predictable or institutional or boring," said David Nelson, of Old Greenwich, Connecticut, who recently started staying at B&Bs rather than hotels on his business trips. Sandy Soule, editor of ...

Jail time served to 'dinner' bandit
Connecticut Post
... kidnapping. He was dubbed the "Dinnertime Bandit" after a series of burglaries in 1996 and 1997 of several wealthy Greenwich-area homes. Prosecutors say he scaled mansion walls, slipped through second-floor windows during dinnertime and stole ...

Fifth Westchester-bound lane on Tappan Zee called a success
Poughkeepsie Journal
... arrived. 'It was much better, a huge difference,' said Mitul Shah, a tax lawyer who drives from Nutley, N.J., to Greenwich, Conn. His 52-mile commute took 1 hour and 10 minutes. Recently, it had lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. Those who had to ...

Central Banks Continue Retreat from Alt-AAA Agency Debt
Housing Doom
... the government without taking any other action," Margaret Kerins, managing director of agency debt strategy at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets in Greenwich, Connecticut, said. "I think at some point the market will see through that, and force Paulson ...

Hockey Hall of Fame Adds 4, Including Town Resident
Greenwich Citizen
On Oct. 10, the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inducted four new members, one with a Greenwich connection.

Stocks fluctuate as investors hunt for bargains
Tuscon Citizen
... sustainable advance I think we need more time," said Steven Goldman, chief market strategist at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Conn. Wall Street digested a rush of corporate news. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is preparing to cut about 10 percent of its work ...

Charity dinner aids Bridgeport foundation
Connecticut Post
Two generations of journalism royalty descended on Greenwich Thursday to support the Bridgeport-based Inner-City Foundation for Charity Education.

Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw spoke to a crowd of 750 at the foundation's 17th annual Benefit Dinner at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich, with Luke Russert, son of the late "Meet the Press" moderator Tim Russert, presenting its "Tim Russert Making a Difference Award."

Established in 1992, The Inner-City Foundation raises money for agencies and institutions that assist disadvantaged adults and children in Fairfield County.

Non-sectarian but affiliated with Diocese of Bridgeport, the foundation has awarded $20 million in grants for scholarships, food, housing, literacy education and other programs in its lifetime, and $2 million last year alone.

More than half of that figure paid for children in Bridgeport, Danbury, Norwalk and Stamford to attend private schools and community colleges.

"That's what's so great about Catholic charities," said Russert, a recent graduate of Boston College. "You actually know you're shaping a child's future." Invest in children's educations, he said, and "there's no limit to the success they can achieve. They can carry themselves as far as they want."

Live Video: U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays meets with NewsTimes.com at 2:30 p.m. Friday
U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, is locked in a hotly-contested race against Greenwich businessman Jim Himes, and on Friday he sits down with The News-Times' editorial board.

Some hedge funds argue against proposals to modify U.S. mortgages
International Herald Tribune
... suggests that tensions are likely to intensify as government intervention in the market widens. The two funds - Greenwich Financial and Braddock Financial - hold securities backed by mortgages, and they argue that the terms of the underlying loans ...

Amazon.com hit by global financial crisis
... that shouldn't really shock anybody," Jeffrey Matthews, a general partner at hedge fund Ram Partners LP in Greenwich, Connecticut, said yesterday in a telephone interview. "They sell books. They sell movies. They sell blenders. They don't sell magic ...

Humble Inductees a Refreshing Sight
Greenwich Citizen
The Fairfield County Sports Commission's Hall of Fame is still in its infancy. Monday night at the Hyatt Regency-Greenwich, the group and perhaps 1,000 well-wishers gathered for the fourth annual Sports Night, ...

Teufel, Five Others Inducted Into County Hall
Greenwich Citizen
The Fairfield County Sports Commission inducted six individuals and honored several others at its Sports Night Monday at the Hyatt Regency-Greenwich. Among the honorees were Greenwich native Tim Teufel, ...

The Greenwich Connection at N.Y. Botanical Garden
Greenwich Citizen
... put in a landscape, almost any landscape, than in, or on, the most beautiful building I know." It fell to another Greenwich native, Kurt Morrell, to make the Henry Moores feel at home. Morrell, a graduate of Greenwich High School, is director of ...

A Fiftieth Anniversary of Championship Magic
Darien News-Review
... High School football team is on a dominating run in 2008, starting off 6-0 while defeating yearly powerhouses like Greenwich and Wilton. In 1957, a team featuring many graduates of the class of 1958 who recently celebrated their 50th reunion, ran ...

VP of marketing at Capital IQ Seung Bak talks with DMNews
DM News
... videos, a microsite and banner ads, as well as TV, print and lots of outdoor advertising in Manhattan and parts of Greenwich, CT, where lots of hedge funds are. Q: Why did you decide that now was the best time to do this type of integrated campaign? ...

Eagles that close
Trumbull Times
There weren't many smiling, happy faces on either of the sidelines following Greenwich High's 13-6 win over the Trumbull Eagles at Cardinal Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Nestle Waters North America Publishes First Corporate Citizenship Report
GREENWICH, CT. Nestle Waters North America today released its first corporate citizenship report aS' The Shape of Corporate Citizenship .

vineyard vines(R) Selected as All-Star Awards Winner by Apparel Magazine
PR Newswire
... at vineyardvines.com, in over 600 specialty and department stores worldwide, and at eight free-standing stores in Greenwich, Conn., Westport, Conn., Washington, D.C., Mashpee, Mass., Edgartown, Mass., Nantucket, Mass., Memphis, Tenn., and at the ...

NYTimes: Investors flee as hedge fund woes deepen
Tech Startups
... or even thousands of funds could be driven out of business. The implications stretch far beyond Manhattan and Greenwich, Conn., those moneyed redoubts of hedge-fund lords. That is because hedge funds are not just for the rich anymore. In recent ...

Hedge funds in trouble: The incredible shrinking funds
The Economist
... climbed to over 7,000 as a generation of financiers headed for the gold-paved streets of Mayfair in London and Greenwich, Connecticut, could fall by half. It wasn't supposed to be like this. After all, most hedge funds pride themselves on providing ...

Six tough losses sink Panthers
The Middlebury Campus
Homecoming weekend has come and gone, and with it so too has the water polo tournament, in which Middlebury hosted teams from Montreal and another from Greenwich, Conn.

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10/24/08 Is Isiah Thomas At Greenwich Hospital ????

Isiah's son, Joshua Thomas, tells News his famous father is 'fine.'

New York City's Hometown Newspaper - NY Daily News

Police were called to the Westchester County home of former Knicks coach Isiah Thomas early Friday for a report of a man who overdosed on prescription drugs, police said.

Harrison Police Chief David Hall would not confirm or deny that the victim - a 46-year-old man - was Thomas, who is 47.

The victim had consumed roughly 10 Lunesta sleeping pills, Hall said.
"He was unconscious, but breathing on his own," Hall said.

It was unclear if the overdose was a suicide attempt or an accident.....

... water. He's fine," the son said. Joshua Thomas said that his father and sister were both resting at a hospital in Greenwich, Conn. A Knicks spokesman told the Journal News that Thomas was "fine" and had no further comment on what he called a family ...

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10/24/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Friday

Citizen Journalists And Comentators That Live, Work Or Used To Live In Greenwich ......

Greenwich Diva
Did Isiah Thomas try to commit suicide with sleeping pills? - Harrison, NY police rushed to former New York Knicks president Isiah Thomas’ house early this morning. They received an emergency call at midnight that ...

Ed's First Blog
The "New" Novel By Burroughs and Kerouac! - In August, 1944, *Lucien Carr*, a young Columbia University student, murdered *David Kammerer*, a older man who had been stalking him, due to circumstan...

Rock Star Diary
MIA - Sorry I've been MIA this week. Super busy, super tired and to chilly to go out. Sigh. Here's the random picture flickr selection. Just click on the photo to ...

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
Performance Art: That's the DNA of successful online communities - You may never know or hear from those who wind up passing your name along for business or even actually buying your product or service. They're the watchers ...

The Blonde Excuse
Cruisin' Down Route 66 - Sorry I havn't had time to post yet today, but we had to get up really early to drive to Hallmark in Kansas City for our interview. I'm blogging from my iPho...

Exit 55
WHITE OUT!! - No, not that... That! (For the record, that's Penn State's White Out in the picture) Earlier this week, Greenwich's Shane Kelly sent me a note on my Face...

John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy
NanJam Photos with Chuck Lovetri and the Short Bus at Route 22 coming soon -

Sarah Darer Littman - Politics Above the Parapet
Gosh darn, it costs to be a hockey mom! - In these difficult economic times, you’ve got to wonder how it’s going to go down with “Joe Six Pack” and all those other “Hockey Moms” down at the carpool...

Greenwich News
Live Video: U.S. Rep. Shays today - U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, locked in a hotly-contested race against Greenwich businessman Jim Himes, sits down with the editorial board of Hearst ...

Greenwich Forum
Group provides vaccines, tests to day laborers - 10 Comments, last updated on Friday Oct 24 by Silly

The Harvest From Harvest Time Church On King Street
Enjoy new HT photos uploaded to Flickr! - We've posted on Flickr a collection of photos from bygone years - enjoy them here! Special thanks to Rosanna Sangermano who helped make...

For What It's Worth
- Off to the woods I'm heading inland and will walk until no one recognizes the computer on my shoulder. Back Sunday night. So why the picture of a sailboa...

Greenwich Roundup
10/24/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: CSH - *Move along, there's nothing to see here...* *CSH is Disneyland North* Read your blog everyday. Great work. Just wondering about today's post - Are...

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Baby Lapsit Registration - *When:* Friday October 24th, 2008 - All Day Open enrollment begins October 6 for Baby Lapsit for infants up to 12 months with a caregiver. Five-week Fall S...

The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
Youth Services Book Giveaway - Did you see the book at the Youth Services Desk? Want a chance to win? Send the title of the book, your name, age (ages 14 and under, please), and phone nu...

Tribune Company's Greenwich News Feed
Stocks fluctuate after jobless claims report - Wall Street fluctuated Thursday as investors, still nervous about growing signs of a weakening economy, picked up bargains from stocks that were beaten dow...

New Palin song video - Enjoy this ditty from Eric Schwartz and Eliza Jane Schneider: Then you can go read my latest piece on La Palin, Gosh Darn, it costs to be a hockey mom! ...
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10/24/08 Greenwich Post Press Release For Friday

Programs that have aired on Greenwich Community Television Channel 79 featuring interviews with Democrat and Republican candidates such as "The Word in Greenwich" with the "151st Representative Candidates," Ed Krumeich (D) and Fred Camillo (R) and "36th Senate Candidates, " Mark Diamond (D) and L. Scott Frantz (R), are available for viewing on the GCTV Web site, Greenwichct.org/channel79/chCh79Streaming.asp.

For a schedule of all government and Greenwich related programming go to Greenwichct.org/Channel79/Channel79 and click on Current Broadcasting Schedule.

GCTV is working to provide Greenwich residents with high quality television programming in areas of particular interest to the local community, including the activities of town government, not-for-profit organizations and other groups. Those wishing to volunteer to film government meetings and/or local events, and those interested in being trained to join the GCTV production team, may visit the GCTV Web site, Greenwichct.org/Channel79/Channel79.asp.


Greenwich Cable TV Is Doing An Excelent Job With The Debates


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10/24/08 GOING POSTAL:Suicidal Postal Worker Head Towards Greenwich Stopped In Stamford

Above: A man threatening to commit "suicide by cop" is stopped near Exit 8 in Stamford. State police have shut down I-95 in both directions in the area. (CDOT Video Capture)

Below: The man who led police on a 100 mph chase from Fairfield to Stamford surrenders to police following a brief standoff that shut down both direction of Interstate 95 in downtown Stamford.
(Stamford Advocate photo)

Greenwich Police Department Alerted

New Haven postal employee threatens suicide; shuts down highway

Staff Writer

Article Launched: 10/24/2008 11:39:03 AM EDT
STAMFORD - A United States Postal Service employee led state police and officers from several municipalities in a high-speed chase down Interstate 95 after he shot at a man in a car in New Haven Friday, police said.

Anthony DeFelice, 41, of New Haven, was on Middletown Avenue in his USPS maintenance vehicle when he shot at the man, who DeFelice had just discovered was dating his ex-girlfriend, according to Jessica Mayorga, director of communications for the City of New Haven.

DeFelice dumped the USPS vehicle at his workplace before fleeing southbound on I-95 in his personal pick-up truck.

State police caught up with him at a Fairfield rest area when DeFelice fled at speeds of more than 100 mph.....

....During the 15-minute stand-off, DeFelice pointed a gun to his head and threatened to commit suicide while speaking over a cell phone to a New Haven police officer, said Lt. Sean Cooney, a spokesman for the Stamford Police Department....


Hartford Courant

A U.S. Postal Service worker who allegedly fired a gun at a man Friday morning was arrested in Stamford later in the day after leading police on a chase down I-95
Anthony DeFelice, 41, of New Haven, fired at his former girlfriend's new boyfriend, police said. The shot missed and no one was hurt, police said.

DeFelice was driving a postal vehicle at the time of the shooting, police said. He abandoned the vehicle in Wallingford, where he works.

At about 10 a.m., city police alerted area police departments to be on the lookout for DeFelice. At about 11:20 a.m., a state trooper spotted DeFelice's personal car while checking the Fairfield rest area on I-95 South. As more troopers and Fairfield officers arrived at the rest area, DeFelice fled south on the highway. The pursuit ended in Stamford, were Stamford officers set up a rolling road block.

DeFelice remained in his car and was on the phone with New Haven police, who talked him into surrendering. He was taken into custody by state troopers and transported to Bridgeport Hospital for evaluation, then turned over to New Haven officers. State police recovered a gun that they turned over to New Haven police.

State police charged DeFelice with reckless driving and engaging police in pursuit. Charges are pending in New Haven.

The State Police Held DeFleice On A Reckless Driving Charge And Engaging In A Police Pursuit. However, If DeFleice Had Been Arrested In Greenwich He Might Have Became A 41 Year Old Mystery Man And Sent To An Out Of Town Hospital And Released To The General Public.

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10/24/08 League of Women Voter$ Hurt$ The Democratic Proce$$. Voter$ Are Not Propperly Informed About All Option$ By The LWV.

Click To Elarge

CT LWV Say CT Libertarians Not Legit

Greens Can Go To .....

CT LWV Excludes The Only Two Political Parties Who Warned Us That It Was A Big Mistake To Go Into Iraq

4,186 Families Probably Wish That We Had Heard More From These Two Parties And Their Candidates
In A Time Of War We Need To Hear From All Voices.

Incumbent Congressman Christopher Shays (R-4) and his Democratic challenger, Cos Cob resident Jim Himes, have finished up their debate schedule and are looking ahead to Nov. 4, but two major third-party candidates were on the outside looking in.
Neither Richard Duffee, nominee for the Green Party, nor Michael Carrano, nominee for the Libertarian Party, were invited to participate in the debates. Organizers said they didn’t meet the criteria for inclusion and Mr. Duffee is crying foul.

I’m convinced these debate organizers reached a decision before considering any of the evidence,” Mr. Duffee said in an interview with the Post on Tuesday. “They had the decision made before we even applied to be in a debate. They made that decision based on party and not on the individual. They decided that only Republicans and Democrats should be able to debate.”
The third-party candidates were not invited to appear in the series of League of Women Voters’ debates in the district. State league president Jara Burnett, a Riverside resident, said that while Mr. Duffee and Mr. Carrano did meet the requirement that the candidate be on the ballot, they did not meet the other criteria for inclusion, including broad voter support, sufficient money, and evidence of a campaign being waged, such as having a headquarters, volunteers, position papers, and participation in candidate forums......
....Ms. Burnett said fund raising was also a factor, citing the league’s decision in 2006 to allow Libertarian Party nominee Phil Maymin to participate after he raised $40,000.....
...Richard Lion, chairman of the Connecticut Libertarian Party, told the Post he thinks the standards for third parties are unreasonably high.

“I think it hurts the voting public,” Mr. Lion said. “We go through so much getting the signatures on petitions to actually get on the ballot and then we get shut out of the debates. It’s like you’re running a race and they tell you the established runners have to run a mile and everyone else has to run 10.”.....
....“In the past we’ve had third-party candidates, but this year we wanted to focus on one of the two who will win,” Mr. McGee told the Post. “Since we only had a 60-minute format for this debate, we wanted to give them as much time as possible to debate each other and make their positions clear.”
Mr. McGee said Mr. Duffee and Mr. Carrano don’t have much of a chance of influencing the race, unlike in 2006, when Mr. Maymin had the opportunity to upset the vote. Mr. McGee said he doesn’t think the third-party candidates will do that this year.

Mr. Duffee did attend the Monday debate, sitting in the audience and then passing out his literature after it was over. Mr. McGee said he understands why Mr. Duffee is disappointed in the council’s decision, but he feels it is best for voters.

“While he’s got a constitutional right to be on the ballot, this is a private organization and we wanted to focus on the two candidates,” Mr. McGee said.

Ms. Burnett said there will be participation from Mr. Duffee in other league efforts, including an electronic voter’s guide and a printed guide distributed a week before the election.
Shame, Shame, Shame On CT LWV

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1024/08 Dinner Time Bandit Faces The Music

Alan Golder, 52, is escorted by detectives out of the Greenwich, Conn., Police Department, in this Nov. 23, 2007, file photo, as he heads to court in Stamford to face felony burglary, larceny and kidnapping charges stemming from a crime spree in the 1990s. Jurors convicted Golder of kidnapping, two counts of burglary and one count of larceny on Aug. 20. He was acquitted of two counts each of burglary and larceny.

(Greenwich Time / file photo)

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/24/2008 08:29:39 AM EDT

The fate of Alan Golder, the once-elusive "Dinnertime Bandit," will be decided today when a judge sentences him for his August conviction on burglary, larceny and kidnapping charges.

The longtime fugitive, who was captured by Belgian authorities in December 2006, faces up to 65 years in prison on the charges that stem from two burglaries in 1997 in Greenwich.

Golder's attorney, Howard Ehring, said he anticipated an appeal regardless of the sentence given Golder by Judge John Kavanewsky today. Ehring said he had already filed a motion to dismiss the kidnapping charge altogether.

During trial, Ehring said the kidnapping charge overreaches the law because it violates a June state Supreme Court decision that narrows the circumstances in which police can use the charge. The issue is of particular concern to the defense, as the kidnapping conviction carries the most severe penalty, of up to 25 years in prison, Ehring said....

....At the time of conviction, the prosecutor, Assistant State's Attorney Jospeh Valdes, speculated that jurors found the testimony of Golder's co-conspirator Robert Liebman particularly crucial.

Golder was not convicted of charges linked to two burglaries that Liebman did not testify about....


'Dinnertime Bandit' sentenced to 15 years in prison

By Debra Friedman

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/24/2008 01:42:48 PM EDT

STAMFORD - Alan Golder, convicted as the Dinnertime Bandit for two Greenwich burglaries, was sentenced today in state Superior Court in Stamford to 15 years in prison.

Prior to his sentencing, Golder addressed the court telling the judge he was confused as to the charges he was convicted on and blaming the work of his Attorney, Howard Ehring.

"I believe Howard Ehring sold me out," said Golder. "I think the jury was confused when they found me guilty."
Kavanewsky told Golder that he had no one to blame but himself.

"Mr. Golder, you may have some grandiose illusions that you are an icon in the industry," Kavenewsky said to Golder in the courtroom. "But put simply, you are a convict."

The 15 year sentence fell in the middle of the range requested by both the prosecution and the defense.

Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Valdes argued for Golder to be sentenced to 30 years in prison. "He is a career burglar who took pride in his methodology. He had it down to a science," said Valdes. "There is nothing here that merits any sort of sympathy." .....


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com


Move along, there's nothing to see here...

CSH is Disneyland North

Read your blog everyday.

Great work.

Just wondering about today's post - Are you implying that Sr. Magnetti was removed from her position for some unscrupulous reason. Just curious.

Bill Griffin


Dear Mr. Griffen,

Thank you for your dedicated readership.

I sincerely appreciate it. I know at times it is difficult to read because of spelling and gramme errors cause by my vision impairment.

I have been told a rumor, but can not confirm it.

CHS is a very tight knit and close community and it is not easy to confirm the rumor in this very uniform group, but you must admit that it is strange that Sister Joan Magnetti is avoiding the press at a time that everyone wants to celebrate her good works and provide a swan song that she would always remember.

I certainly am not aware of Sister Joan Magnetti ever being treated badly or burned by the local Greenwich media.

At The Very Best The Sacred Heart Board Has Handled Sister Joan Magnetti Leaving In An Exceptionally Poor Manner, As Evidenced By Their First Press Release.

A CHS Fourth Grader Could Have Prepared

A Better Press Release Than This:

10/22/08 Greenwich Time RSS Feed Results

CSH alum to replace retiring head

By Colin Gustafson/Staff writer

Article Launched: 10/22/2008 03:26:55 PM EDT

Convent of the Sacred Heart's headmistress, Sister Joan Magnetti, will retire as head of the all-girls school in June, after nearly two decades at the helm, the school has announced. Magnetti, who has worked as the backcountry school's headmistress since 1990, will be replaced by Pamela Juan Hayes, a 1964 graduate who has also worked as a member of the school's faculty and administration. "We are delighted that Pam, a graduate of our school, has been chosen," Magnetti said in a statement. "Her love and mission of Sacred Heart and her experience as a Sacred Heart student, teacher and administrator solidifies the past and gives great hope for the future." Magnetti declined to be interviewed about her retirement plans.

Other Sacred Heart Grenerated News

Is Reported By The School In A Much Better Fashion:


"Alice in Wonderland" on Nov. 21, 22, 23

"Books and Bears" for prospective PS, PK and K students

Lower School sends Monarchs to Mexico

Sacred Heart field hockey beats GA in overtime

Pam Juan Hayes - New Incoming Head of School

Celebration of the Heart on October 28

October Admission Events

First CAFE Book Club of the year meets October 27

Fall Luncheon features PepsiCo CEO on November 24

Charity starts in your closet


Sacred Heart Field Hockey Stuns GA in OT

Fantastic Finishes at Head of the Charles

Middle School Tennis Program - Weeks 7&8

Sudden Death Overtime Victory for Field Hockey

Captains Corner Week 3 - Kerri Whelan

Crew Season Launches Sunday, October 5

Captains Corner Week 2 - Aline Souza

Captains Corner Week 1 - Olivia Grubert

2008-09 VARSITY CAPTAINS Announced


FieldTurf Given Green Light by NJDHSS

Community Service

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

November Service Events

Learning a Living

Healing with Hands and Heart

Angel Board Launches Year

Community Service Events Set for the Fall


Multicultural Lecture Series

World on Stage

Conversations with a Continent: Uganda

There Are Many Good Works Occurring At CHS

But The Odd Departure Of Sister Joan Magnetti Is Troubling.

If You Will Notice Kathy Failla , director, public relations and communications at CHS has put a up on a one sentence blurb on the the school's website about Sister Joan Magnetti leaving in the article about and how Pamela Juan Hayes will be the new Headmistress of CHS.

19 Years Of Sevice Reduced To One Sentence

Personally I Find This Very Stange.

Pam Juan Hayes - New Incoming Head of School

By Kathy Failla , director, public relations and communications
10/16/2008. Greenwich -

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Juan Hayes '64 as the next Head of School for Convent of the Sacred Heart beginning with the 2009-2010 academic year.

The Board reached its unanimous decision following a national search and with the enthusiastic participation of more than 400 parents, alumnae, faculty and staff, students, and friends. She will succeed Joan Magnetti, rscj, who announced in March that she would step down in June 2009, after 19 years as headmistress.

Pam will bring to our School her passion for Sacred Heart education, her belief in the importance of an all girls' environment, her wide-ranging expertise with Sacred Heart schools, and her devotion to the legacy of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat and to the Goals and Criteria that guide our community.

Pam brings a strong record of experience in the Network of Sacred Heart Schools as a faculty member and an administrator for three Sacred Heart schools - Greenwich, New York and San Francisco. In 2000, Pam was appointed to her current position as Director of the Schools of the Sacred Heart at San Francisco.

Hopefully, The CHS Board And Kathy Failla Will Wake Up And Properly Honor Sr. Magnetti's Service Even If There Might Be An Estrangement.


Please send you comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/24/08 Here Is The Latest From The Greenwich "We Are Trying To Catch Up" Post

Betty Sternberg took over as superintendent in 2006.

(Ken Borsuk / Greenwich Post photo)

Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg has announced she will not seek a new contract after hers expires next summer.

Ms. Sternberg, the former state Commissioner of Education, was first hired in 2006, and her original three-year contract expires on June 30, at which time she will leave office. Ms. Sternberg first made the announcement in a statement last Wednesday****, saying the decision came after careful consideration and that recent health issues, which forced her to take a leave of absence this past summer, had nothing to do with it.

Ms. Sternberg told the Post last Thursday she had only been pondering her decision “intensely” the last seven to 10 days before deciding over the Columbus Day weekend. She said she informed the Board of Education last Monday night.

“There wasn’t one factor that pushed me this way,” Ms. Sternberg said. “I’ve had a very long and productive career. I really have. I’m proud of what I’ve done over the lifespan of my career and I’m proud of what we’ve done over the two years here in Greenwich. We’ve done a tremendous amount and addressed issues that are very difficult to address.” .....


Which was just after the time that the Greenwich Board Of Education was forced to give Citizen Journalist the Harris survey that Betty Sternberg was withholding from Greenwich parents and taxpayers.

Please See:

Please Also See:


Ms. Sternberg, the former state Commissioner of Education, was first hired in 2006, and her original three-year contract expires on June 30, at which time she will leave office.

Ms. Sternberg first made the announcement in a statement last Wednesday****, saying the decision came after careful consideration and that recent health issues, which forced her to take a leave of absence this past summer, had nothing to do with it.

Ms. Sternberg told the Post last Thursday she had only been pondering her decision “intensely” the last seven to 10 days before deciding over the Columbus Day weekend. She said she informed the Board of Education last Monday night.

“There wasn’t one factor that pushed me this way,” Ms. Sternberg said. “I’ve had a very long and productive career. I really have. I’m proud of what I’ve done over the lifespan of my career and I’m proud of what we’ve done over the two years here in Greenwich. We’ve done a tremendous amount and addressed issues that are very difficult to address.”...

....Ms. Sternberg and others in her cabinet have come under heavy criticism from parents in western Greenwich after continued delays in the construction of Hamilton Avenue School, delay of Glenville School’s demolition and reconstruction, and mold discovered in modular classrooms where Hamilton Avenue students have been staying since 2005. The mold discovery forced the relocation of all the students last March. Parents say the problem has been linked to health problems in themselves and their children.

“Given the context of the community and my own personal wishes and desires, I really do believe that it’s in the best interests of the community and me to have someone else continue to lead,” Ms. Sternberg said.

Ms. Sternberg said it wasn’t one thing that triggered her decision and declined to be more specific because she didn’t think it would be “useful” to do that.

The Hamilton Avenue and mold controversies have caused some to say there has been a lack of accountability under Ms. Sternberg’s leadership, something she said is “absolutely incorrect.”...

....Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Greider, who has been with the district since January 2007 and served as interim superintendent while Ms. Sternberg was on leave over the summer. Ms. Greider could not be reached for comment.

While Ms. Sternberg said Ms. Greider was “definitely capable” of being a superintendent, she added it would be “absolutely inappropriate” for a sitting superintendent to have any role in choosing who would follow in the position....

Comment #2

The Greenwich Post Should Indicate When An Article Is Revised And Updated Instead Of Stripping Away The Date Stamp And Allowing Readers To Unkowingly Follow old Links To An Updated Article. This Is Very Simular To The Unethical Posting That Has Occurred Recently At The Greenwich Time.

Please See:

Please Also Note:

*** Correction Both Of These Greenwich Post Article Should Have Read Wednesday Before Last. It Took Eight Days For The Greenwich Post To Get This Story Up Online. The Greenwich Time And Bloggers All Covered The Story With In 24 Hours.


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/24/08 MEDIA INVESTOR ALERT - Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson Is Driving Hearst Newspapers Straight Into The Ground !!!!!

Sister Joan Magnetti is leaving Sacred Heart.

(CSH File photo)

If We Have Said It Once,

We Have Said A Hundred Times.

If You Send A School Press Release To The Greenwich Time. All They Do Is Run It Through The Spell Checker Before Publishing It.

But Now The Greenwich Time Doesn't Even Run School Press Releases Through The Spell Checker:

If You Don't Believe Us, Then Try And Make Heads Or Tails Out Of This Greenwich Time Posting.

Convent of Sacred Heart students honored

Staff Reports

Article Launched: 10/09/2008 01:00:00 AM EDT

Thirteen seniors at Convent of the Sacred Heart were named "Commended Students" in the National Merit Scholarship Program this year.
Sacred Heart Headmistress Joan Magnetti, far right, honored those students at an Oct. 3 assembly in the upper school by presenting them with letters of commendation from Sacred Heart's administration and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
The student honorees were, from left, Lauren Alexander, Elizabeth Carr, Kerri Whelan, Marisa Fezza, Alexandra Rizk, Kyla Harrington, Emily Schloss, Joan Ziminsky, Olivia Ruggiero, Maura James, Gillian Redman, Emma Ward and Emily Oehlsen.= = =
Patrick Garner , a theater and television actor, recently visited Stanwich School's Primary House to lead students in an interactive theater production of "Corps of Discovery," which illustrates the adventures of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they explored the Louisiana Purchase territory.
The production gave students the chance to learn about these historic figures by portraying them on stage. It was part of the school's weekly arts and enrichment program, which is supported by Stanwich's Parent Association.
From left, actor Patrick Garner directs Stanwich School primary students Jackson Boolbol, Christopher Wack and Mary Grace Thomas in a theatrical production about the Louisiana Purchase.
= = =
The Renaissance Festival at International School at Dundee, 55 Florence Road, will feature acrobats and other high-flying acts on Oct. 25.

Please Also See:

10/22/08 Greenwich Time RSS Feed Results (2nd "So-Called" News Story)

CSH alum to replace retiring head

By Colin Gustafson/Staff writer

Article Launched: 10/22/2008 03:26:55 PM EDT

Convent of the Sacred Heart's headmistress, Sister Joan Magnetti, will retire as head of the all-girls school in June, after nearly two decades at the helm, the school has announced. Magnetti, who has worked as the backcountry school's headmistress since 1990, will be replaced by Pamela Juan Hayes, a 1964 graduate who has also worked as a member of the school's faculty and administration. "We are delighted that Pam, a graduate of our school, has been chosen," Magnetti said in a statement. "Her love and mission of Sacred Heart and her experience as a Sacred Heart student, teacher and administrator solidifies the past and gives great hope for the future." Magnetti declined to be interviewed about her retirement plans.


That's It ???

A One Paragraph Press Release On This Departure.

There Is Much More To This Story.

So The Sacred Heart Board Gives Cub Reporter

Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson

An Expanded Press Release For Immediate Publication.

Magnetti to leave Sacred Heart

By Colin Gustafson

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/23/2008 08:44:40 AM EDT

Convent of the Sacred Heart's headmistress, Sister Joan Magnetti, will retire as head of the all-girls private school next June.

Magnetti, who has worked as headmistress of the backcountry school since 1990, will be replaced by Pamela Juan Hayes, a 1964 graduate who has previously served as a member of the school's faculty and now serves as director of its sister school in San Francisco.

"We are delighted that Pam, a graduate of our school, has been chosen," Magnetti said in a statement. "Her love and mission of Sacred Heart and her experience as a Sacred Heart student, teacher and administrator solidifies the past and gives great hope for the future."

Magnetti declined to be interviewed about her retirement plans.....

Please Read The Full Sacred Heart Press Release That Is Being Offered As A Fully Vetted Greenwich Time News Story

Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson Publication Of The Sacred Hearts Second Press Release Is Somewhat Informative.....

It reminds us of recent CHS "Good" News, such as ....

..."the $25 million construction of a new, four-story library and media center, complete with a broadcast journalism studio named after the late NBC correspondent David Bloom, whose daughters attended the school."


"Last spring, ABC political journalist Cokie Roberts, a graduate of a Sacred Heart school, presented Magnetti with the "Woman of Conscience Award" in recognition of her work as an educator and humanitarian. Those efforts include offering refuge to students from Sacred Heart's sister school in New Orleans, the Academy of the Sacred Heart, after their families were displaced by Hurricane Katrina in fall 2005."

Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson Publication Of The Sacred Hearts Second Press Release tells us.....

Who is Leaving

When she is leaving

Where her replacement is coming from

But Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson Publication Of The Sacred Hearts Second Press Release fails to tell us .....

What happened and Why she is leaving

Now here at Greenwich Roundup we certainly do not want to adversely harm any severance agreements Sister Joan Magnetti has with the Sacred Heart Board, but the there is a c that the board has to the parents and donors to the Convent of the Sacred Heart.

More over since the Convent of the Sacred Heart is a not for profit organization that is exempt from certain taxes the board has a fiduciary responsibility to the public at large.

Moreover, it is Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson's job to uncover and report the what and why with out showing favoritism.

The reason Greenwich Citizen Journalist's web sites are growing exponentially and Greenwich mainstream media web sites are stagnate at best is that these Greenwich Bloggers are going where newspaper investigative journalist used to go.

It was not a reporter from the Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post or the Greenwich Time that filed a Freedom Of Information request with the Greenwich Board Of Education to get a copy of the Harris Survey that the Sternberg administration was hiding from the public.

No, it was a Greenwich Citizen Journalist named Bill Clark and it was Bill's report entitled Betty Sternberg Gets an "F" that caused Sternberg to "shock the board with her resignation.

If Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson can't go out and independently dig up the what and why, then Hearst Media needs to go out and find a real news reporter.

Maybe it is time for Hearst Newspapers to show Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson the door and lift the Greenwich Time's silly little ban on the writings of Bill Clark.

Citizen Journalist Bill Clark has repeated demonstrated that he will tell parents and taxpayers the truth about what is going on in the schools and church's of Greenwich.

The question is would Bill Clark be willing to go over to the corporate mainstream world where lazy Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson are allowed to survive and prosper.

The Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers need to realize that Greenwich news readers are increasingly choosing not to pay 50 cents a day slightly modified CHS press releases when they can get the the same information in school newsletters and fundraising appeals.

Please understand, that Greenwich Roundup is in no way suggesting that the The Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers are not very sharp.

Let's face the facts, they have bought every daily newspaper in Fairfield County except for the Norwalk Hour. Plus they have consolidated all printing to the Bridgeport at the Connecticut Post printing plant.

Plus those very bright Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers have bought almost 70% of Fiarfield Counties Weekly Newspapers.

Further, the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers have started to slowly incorporate similar page elements and widgets into all of their news websites. Further elements such as the events calenders are now 100% uniform. If you place a community event in the Danbury or Bridgeport websites those events automatically appear in both the Greenwich Citizen and Greenwich Time.

Pretty Cool, Huh !!!

Technology marches on.

For months Greenwich Roundup has been exclusively reporting what a confidential source at the Stamford Advocate source has been telling us.

We are told that the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers are going to slowly combine all of the daily newspapers like the Greenwich Time, that are now currently being printed in Bridgeport into one paper with the Connecticut Post masthead.

This much like how Gannet folded the Port Chester Daily Item, the Mamaroneck Times, New Rochelle Standard Star and close to another dozen Putnam, Rockland and Westchester newspapers into the regional newspaper called the Journal News which has the regional news website called LoHud.com , which stands for Lower Hudson, New York.

Later the old newspaper mast heads were changed into free weekly newspapers that carried grocery and drug store ads on Thursdays and Friday's to non-Journal News subscribers. Town that did not have a daily newspaper were covered by half a dozen or so weekly newspapers that have a masthead with the Express name.

And this is what the the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers have planned for Greenwich and other towns in Fairfield County. The Connecticut Post will be thrown on your front door each morning and the Greenwich Citizen will be a mailbox wrapper for slick ad papers, weather you are a subscriber or not.

This why Hearst Newspapers did not want the Greenwich Time offices and chose to temporarily rent a small office space in Riverside, CT. Maybe the Greenwich Citizen offices in Putnam Avenue will become a local news bureau and advertising sales office. Or maybe this office will be folded into the Bridgeport facility when the lease is up.
The trouble that these Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers have is they are very quickly reaching the point of diminishing returns. They are running out of Fairfield County newspapers they can buy and one more Fairfield County newspaper they just might trigger an anti-trust complaint.
So the Corporate Suits at Hearst Newspapers need to start getting back to the fundamentals of the news business and rid themselves of lazy Cub Reporters like Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson who refuses to seek out parents, students, taxpayers, teachers and other stakeholders when he reports on educational issues in Greenwich.
Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson needs to learn that there are at least three sides to every school generated press release he receives.
Otherwise the growing number of Greenwich's Citizen Journalists and Bloggers are going to eat Hearst Newspapers lunch.
Yesterday, Greenwich Roundup had it's fifth highest unique daily visitor number (1278). The previous day we had 937 visitors.
Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson is destroying all of the hard work and grand plans that Hearst Newspaper's Corporate Suits has put forth.
You can reach Greenwich Roundup at GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com and if Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson keeps ignoring Greenwich parents and taxpayers you can reach him here .

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