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Monday, September 22, 2008

09/22/08 Growing Up Greenwich: Daddy Dearest

by zta90

My dad works a lottt, he has his own company in the city we live in greenwich, he is gone so much and okay well don't take this as me being a brat because I am not I promise you, but he has TONS of money he got a lot of inheritance from his dad and now his own company, he can buy whatever he wants, he jets of to paris for lunch , sometimes with me or not. but mostly not I have older brothers who act more like dads then he does.

My mom lives in california with a movie producer, and she talks to us but I mean she is more out of the picture. When I go to school in the morning either my nanny takes me or someone who works for my dad. they pick me up he is usually home at 11 and I am finishing homework or something then he leaves early in the morning. and hes really tired he tries SO hard to be a good father, but his idea is like buyig us kids whatever we want.

I mean it's nice and all but I mean my brothers play football and I dance and he never comes. I mean he likes to move we just moved from beverly hills cali. but he said that it was to close to our mom because they had just gotton a settlement, and have lived EVERYWERE. cause he doesnt have to like go to work everyday, but like the otherday he left at like 8 to go to our florida house and play golf with a friend.

I mean he tries and all but its more like money is his family more then his kids, like hes not here right now, oh and this is one thing that makes me so mad about him like on my birthday last year when I was like somwere he went and bought a rolls royce for HIMSLEF.

I am sorry if I sound like such a brat, I am trying not to be because iam not but I cant really talk to my brothers about this. two of my brothers are over 18, and over the summer my dad has like them take us to cap jeluca, and st. tropez, and china and stuff so that we have a good summer but I just want my dad more than anything. sorry if this was such a drag I just really need some help "




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09/22/08 Love the CNN Headline. You could apply it to a dog or the owner.

Leona did not look like a happy camper.

Maybe money can't buy you happinessafterall.


How can Troble survive on a paltry $12,000,000 bank account?

By Jeffrey Toobin Bio
CNN Senior Legal Analyst
New Yorker Columnist

The life of Leona Helmsley presents an object lesson in the truism that money does not buy happiness. Born in 1920, she overcame a hardscrabble youth in Brooklyn to become a successful condominium broker in Manhattan, eventually alighting, in the nineteen-sixties, at a firm owned by Harry B. Helmsley, one of the city’s biggest real-estate developers. The two married in 1972, and Leona became the public face of their empire, the self-styled “queen” of the Helmsley chain of hotels. In a series of ads that ran in the Times Magazine and elsewhere, Helmsley’s visage became a symbol of the celebration of wealth in the nineteen-eighties. She wouldn’t settle for skimpy towels, the ads proclaimed—“Why should you?”...
....Knowing that the Helmsleys had used company funds to renovate their sprawling mansion, Dunnellen Hall, in Greenwich, Connecticut, disgruntled associates leaked the records to the Post. Among the charges billed to the company were a ...

.....In fact, the clear motivation underlying Leona Helmsley’s will—her desire to pass her wealth on to dogs—is more common than might be expected. Pet-lovers (many of whom now prefer the term “animal companion”) have engineered a quiet revolution in the law to allow, in effect, nonhumans to inherit and spend money. It is becoming routine for dogs to receive cash and real estate in the form of trusts, and there is already at least one major foundation devoted to helping dogs. A network of lawyers and animal activists has orchestrated these changes, largely without opposition, in order to whittle down the legal distinctions between human beings and animals. They are already making plans for the Helmsleys’ billions.....

09/22/08 Greenwich Video Ad - Toyota - Rent - Car

Karla Fiallo of Toyota Rent-a-Car in Greenwich, Connecticut, discusses the many Toyota vehicles they rent and how each models serve customers in their own special way. They have many Toyota models, including the popular Corolla, the luxury Avalon, the mini-SUV Rav 4, and the commodious van the Sienna available for daily or monthly rental. They also offer weekend specials


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09/22/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog Feed

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09/22/08 Why Can't We Have Free And Open Debates That Include All Canidates? Let the voters hear from everyone and then decide.

You Were Warned In 2005 ^

Himes claims Shays avoiding debates

Two challengers for the 4th Congressional District seat Tuesday charged that veteran U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays was avoiding campaign debates.

A Shays spokesman countered by saying he expects as many as nine debates will take place next month.

However, by Tuesday evening no debates had yet been scheduled for the seat representing about 650,000 southwestern Connecticut residents.

Democrat Jim Himes of Greenwich and Green Party candidate Richard Duffee of Stamford said that Shays, the only Republican member of Congress from New England, was trying to run down the clock to Nov. 4......

.....Paul S. Timpanelli, president and CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, confirmed Tuesday that congressional candidates will appear somewhere in Bridgeport for a debate on health care on Oct. 24.

He doubts whether Duffee will be invited.

"The answer is probably going to be 'no' because in the past, the third-party candidate wasn't viable," Timpanelli said in a phone interview. "I haven't given it any thought at this point, but normally, in the past, we have made that decision based on our government-relations committee." ..... blah .... blah .... blah ..... blah .....
....Green Party State Chairman S. Michael DeRosa said Tuesday that unlike 2006, when the Greens fielded only one Congressional candidate, there are Green candidates this year in each of the five districts.

DeRosa, in a phone interview, said he's not surprised that mainstream politicians may try to keep Greens out of the debates.

"This has always been a problem," DeRosa said. "All parties are equal in Connecticut, but some are more equal than others." He described the state's publicly-supported election fund as the "no-Democrat-or-Republican-left-behind" law while Connecticut lawmakers made it harder for minor parties and independents to gain public financing.

"We're on the ballot and we have a large number of supporters," DeRosa said. "The two parties don't want us in the debates because we'll raise issues they don't want to talk about, like the economy falling around us, offshore drilling and the war."
DeRosa said that Duffee would add a necessary voice to the BRBC's healthcare forum.

"He would raise the issue that we should be discussing around the nation and that's the single-payer system like Canada and every other industrialized, civilized nation in the world has in one form or another," DeRosa said.

Please Read The Full Story: Connecticut Post


It is not for Paul Timpanelli to decide which candidates are viable.

Richard Duffee is on the ballot and the voters have a right to hear his views.

Timpanelli is a former Democratic Fitst Selectman of Trumbull and therefore is biased...he should have no voice in who is invited to the debates!!!!

Disgusting UnAmerican and Unpatriotic Censors Like Pual Timpanelli Should Not Try And Manipulate And Interfer With The Democratic Process.

What Is Paul "The Facist" Timpanelli Going To Tell The Voters Next?

"There will be no debate because they already had a debate at the bridge in Bridgeport last month?

The debate that Paul "the Facist" Timpanelli wants to manipulate is about the all important topic of health care. The voters, especially those without healthcare, need to hear why we can spend Hudreds Of Billons in Iraq and Wall Street, but Working Class Americans can't afford basic dental care for their families.


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09/22/08 Here is some of the news that the Greenwich Time, Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Citizen Missed

You Missed !!!!
Trains trump cars for commute

Connecticut Post

Metro-North Railroad said Monday 1,675 commuters got off its trains in Stamford to go to work each day in 2007, and another 751 got off in Greenwich.

Krawcheck to leave Citigroup


... levels of Wall Street are very thin," said Janet Hanson, founder of women's networking group 85 Broads LLC of Greenwich, Connecticut, and a former Goldman Sachs & Co. executive. "But instead of saying that all the best women are leaving, I would say ...

Macro: How Bankrupt Financials Will Impact Connecticut, NJ [Housing Tracker]

Seeking Alpha

... We'll All Feel Greenwich's Financial Pain In Our State Budget .

Connecticut: “Despite having only about 60,000 people, Greenwich contributed nearly $600 million in state income taxes in 2006… nearly 13% of all state income tax… The Connecticut income tax relies on the stock market for about 25% of its revenue. A huge drop in capital gains — and subsequent state income taxes — by a relative handful of Greenwich billionaires and millionaires could have a huge effect on the budget already projected to have a $147 million deficit. When… multiplied across lower Fairfield County — to investment bankers, traders and hedge-fund magnates…. the potentially profound impact on the state budget becomes clear.” ...

US dollar weakens most since 1999

The Age

... things, including the dollar,'' said Alan Ruskin, head of international currency strategy for North America at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets. The dollar fell 2.4% to $US1.4818 per euro in New York, from $US1.4466 on September 19. It touched ...

Why Washington Hates Wall Street

Slate Magazine

... Uncle Sam had the world's largest military, but Wall Street had all that goddamned money. The mansions in Greenwich, Conn.; the trophy wives; the private jets - by comparison, the people who wielded power in Washington - including most presidents - ...

Natural Gas Is Little Changed in New York on Lower Demand After Blackouts


... `Crude is having a small pull on gas,'' said Tom Orr , director of research at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``Overall, the market thinks there's plenty of gas to go around and demand is still suspect.'' To contact the reporter on ...

U.S. Insurers Urge Swift Adoption of Legislation to Reduce Unfair Tax ...

Insurance News Net

... with domestic insurers. Coalition For A Domestic Insurance Industry In addition to the W.R. Berkley Corporation of Greenwich, CT, the Coalition For A Domestic Insurance Industry includes: AMBAC Financial Group, Inc., New York, NY; American Financial ...

Yale: Helen Resor Named Preseason All-ECAC Hockey


Senior defenseman Helen Resor (Greenwich, Conn.) was named to the ECAC Women's Hockey Preseason All-League team on Monday after a vote by the league coaches. Resor, who won a bronze medal with Team USA in the Olympics two years ago, has been a ...

Area residents finish among top three in Westchester Triathlon

The Journal News

... a.m. with the swim portion in Long Island Sound, followed by the bike ride through Rye, Port Chester, Harrison and Greenwich, Conn. The race finished with a run through Rye. "My brother has been doing these for years, and last year I came here and ...

Tax the Speculators: A Fair Plan for Economic Recovery

Alter Net

... Richard Fuld is sitting pretty, with his $354 million compensation from the last five years and a mega-mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. When a CEO or employee improperly takes money from a company and is forced to pay it back, it is colorfully ...

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09/22/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Monday

Adam Cooper holds Chilli at the Biggest Lap Dog competition at Adopt-A-Dog's "Puttin on the Dog" at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.

(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)

Kaitlyn Karr, 10, has spent the last month teaching her Australian shepherd Riley to give paw and roll over.

"She has gotten really good at it," she said. "I can also place a treat on her paw and she won't eat it until I tell her to."

Karr was training her for the canine tricks competition at this year's 21st annual "Puttin on the Dog," held Sunday at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.

The event, which includes different competitions, such as best of breed, biggest lap dog, and best kisser, raises money for Adopt-A-Dog, the nonprofit organization, which finds homes for dogs.
Hundreds of people came out with their dogs, which included every type of breed such as Irish wolfhounds and weimaraners and pugs and chihuahuas.

Sitting amid the trees at the Montgomery Pinteum, enjoying hamburgers and strawberry shortcake, town and state Democrats rallied to promote change.
More than 100 Democrat leaders, such as state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, and Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, gathered yesterday for the annual Democratic Town Committee picnic.

The event gets party affiliates excited about the upcoming election, said Selectman Lin Lavery.
"It's a very exciting year to be a Democrat," she said. "Attendance here today attests to that. It shows Democrats are energized."

Throughout the afternoon, party leadership spoke about the importance of the national election on the future of the country as well as the local races, where many seats are being contested, including the 151st district, where Democrat Ed Krumeich and Republican Fred Camillo are running, as well as the close congressional race between town Democrat Jim Himes and U.S. Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn....
....A group of Greenwich High School students also attended the event.

"It's such an important year and we know what happens will affect us later so we want to make sure we have a voice now," said Jack Applebaum, 16. "There is a lot of energy out there with kids and we're just trying to get people involved."

The Democratic Town Committee has also seen a spike in party interest, stemming largely from the national election, said David Roberson, chairman of the town DTC.

More than 700 new Democratic voters have already signed up, he said.

"I think it's going to be a great year for us," he said.

After state police increased the hours for inspections, violations more than doubled at the Greenwich truck weigh station during the first six months of the year compared to last year.

War taxes ammo supplies

Police are taking steps to ensure the department is never short of ammunition in light of a rising demand for supplies nationwide and increasing prices.

First-time juvenile offenders from Greenwich will soon be offered a second chance under a Juvenile Review Board pilot program, a project run by the Police Department and social service organizations.
September 24
Greenwich High School's open house, grades 10 and 11.
Back to School Night, grades 10 and 11.

September 25
Board of Education meeting, 7 p.m., International School at Dundee.

October 2
Board of Education Work Session, 7 p.m., Havemeyer Building.

October 4
Reading conference at Convent of the Sacred Heart School.

October 9
Yom Kippur - Schools Closed.

October 10
Staff Development - Schools Closed.

October 13
Columbus Day - School Closed.

October 14
Secondary Schools Review Committee Meets, 6 p.m., Cos Cob School cafeteria.

October 17-19
Greenwich High School Class of 1973 reunion.

October 23
Board of Education meeting at New Lebanon School.

Construction crews are busy demolishing the existing structures at the Glenville School building this month and are beginning to excavate parts of the campus to install new utilities, according to school officials' latest update.

Workers have begun excavating the southwest part of the campus to be the site of a new addition to the school. Also, contractors are performing abatements in the school's existing gymnasium, cafe and art, music and custodian area, as well as in the surrounding corridors.

Construction and excavation work is expected to continue in the next 30-day period, as masonry crews prepare for the early stages of laying foundations for the new buildings. Public school officials say they will provide periodic Web updates on the progress....

Julian Curtiss celebrates new school year
Students and staff at Julian Curtiss School celebrated the beginning of the 2007-08 school year last Sept.
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09/22/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Monday

Lyme disease is renowned for its difficulty to diagnose and its challenge to treat. However, many patients don't know that a Lyme disease diagnosis also comes with a risk for developing one or more co-infections: tick-borne illnesses that can worsen the severity or the duration of Lyme symptoms. What's more, these co-infections must be independently diagnosed and treated with entirely different medications and protocols than the primary Lyme infection.

The Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P) is now accepting applications for grants to fund environmental initiatives in communities served by the company.

The National Endowment for the Humanities is accepting applications for its Picturing America program.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, July 29, 2007, researchers revealed results from a large-scale genomic study that uncovered new genetic variations associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) — findings that suggest a possible link between MS and other autoimmune diseases. The study, led by an international consortium of clinical scientists and genomics experts, is the first comprehensive study investigating the genetics of MS.

On Monday, Sept. 22, one of the study’s authors, Dr. David Hafler, will address these findings at Research and the Role of Genetics in Multiple Sclerosis, a program hosted by the National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter.

Two days after Democrat Jim Himes' campaign said Republican U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays didn't want to debate, the Shays campaign announced that the candidates would meet nine times for debates in the 4th Congressional District.

Police Watch, Sept. 22

The following are Sept. 22’s released arrests:


Tone Birittieri, 42, of 26 Greenway Drive was arrested Sept. 19 and charged with possession of marijuana under four ounces, possession of drug paraphernalia, second degree failure to appear, operating an unregistered towing vehicle, operating a vehicle without a license and failure to obey a red light. Police reportedly saw Birittieri drive through a red light on Ritch Avenue and pulled him over. Police then determined there was an existing warrant for his arrest and a search of the vehicle allegedly found a clear plastic bag of marijuana and rolling papers. The failure to appear warrant stemmed from an earlier arrest for reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle without a license. Birittieri was released on a $500 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 3.


Two teens were arrested Sept. 19 and charged with breach of peace. One boy was a minor. The other was Jorge Villarroel, 19, of 10 Weaver St. Police responded to a report of a fight on Bruce Park Avenue and allegedly saw the two fighting in the road. Both teens were released on promises to appear and are due in court Sept. 26.


Police responded to a fight in progress at Wilbur Peck Court and arrested three men Sept. 20. Andrew Johnson, 32, of New Rochelle, N.Y., Michael Murray, 41, of Mamaroneck, N.Y., Cyril Nash, 42, of Mamaroneck were all charged with breach of peace. Police allege that the men were fighting over a woman and another fight had broken out as a result of the first fight. Polilce said when officers arrived Nash refused to obey the command to stop fighting. He became confrontational with officers and had to be tasered. He was also charged with interfering with an officer. Nash and Johnson were released on $40 cash bonds and Murray was released on a $20 cash bond. They are all due in court Sept. 29.


A 55-year-old Greenwich man was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer. Police received a 911 call from a woman saying her husband was angry and an argument reportedly could be heard in the background. Police arrived at the scene and met with the woman and the couple’s daughters, who reportedly said their father was out of control and they were afraid to leave their mother alone. According to police, the couple had been arguing for hours and the husband became violent and threw things around. The man allegedly refused to be handcuffed and took an aggressive stance toward officers with closed fists, leading to a short scuffle, after which the man was arrested. He was released on a $1,000 cash bond and is due in court Sept. 22.


Douglas Zaccagnini, 26, of 276 Riversville Road was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with second degree failure to appear. He reportedly turned himself in on an outstanding warrant. Police said Zaccagnini failed to appear in court to respond to an April 13, 2005 arrest for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle while under suspension. Zaccagnini was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 3.


Alexander Murcia, 30, of Stamford was arrested by Stamford Police Sept. 21 and given to Greenwich police on a warrant. He was charged with sixth degree larceny and illegal use of a credit card. The warrant stemmed from the alleged theft of a credit card from the Riverside post office on March 18. Murcia was being held in lieu of a $1,000 cash bond and is due in court Sept. 29.


Guillermo A. Murcia Ramirez, 30, of Stamford was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with second degree failure to appear and being a fugitive from justice. A police investigation into Ramirez reportedly found that he had numerous aliases and there were two extraditable felony warrants for his arrest out of New York. No bond was set for him and he appeared in court Sept. 23.


Wilmer A. Morales, 25, of Stamford was arrested Sept. 21 and charged with driving while intoxicated, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and making an illegal turn. Police reportedly saw Morales’ car driving on Davis Avenue and going over the double yellow line before nearly hitting another car. Police said when officers pulled the vehicle over Morales smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test. Police determined that Davis’ license had been suspended because of previous violations, including another DUI. He was released on a $1,000 bond and is due in court on Sept. 29.
Written by Joe Pisani
When I was out of work recently, the first thing I did was rent a post office box in a New Hampshire town so small they have more moose than mail carriers.
I wanted to start a new life as a recluse, sort of like J.D. Salinger, and only return to the civilized world to pick up the Sears power tools flyer. It was one of those weird decisions you hope will change things, although the odds are probably better you’ll win Powerball.
As luck would have it, the postmaster needed help and gave me a sales pitch about career opportunities in the Postal Service. He said I could get ahead if I wasn’t afraid to put in the hours and always sorted the mail with a smile.
When you’re on the street, you savor any advice you can get because being middle-aged and jobless makes you feel completely helpless in a culture geared toward 20-something salaries and hairlines.
Just ask my former colleague Ernie (not his real name for reasons that will become apparent). He lost his job, found another job and then lost that job because, as the story goes, his commissions were getting too big and the boss didn’t want to share the pie.... blah .....blah ......blah .....
....Blah .... Blah .... Blah .... Blah .....The good news is the postmaster said Ernie could have a great career in mail delivery, with or without hair, as long as he’s willing to put in the hours and smile a lot.

Where I work now, there’s a lot of gray hair, so I feel at home. My boss believes people with a little maturity actually know something — at least they know enough not to dye their hair.


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09/22/08 Greenwich Education Press Release - Eagle Hill School

Mark Griffin, the founding headmaster of Eagle Hill School, will receive an award from the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at the school's annual parents reception, to be held on the campus at 45 Glenville Road.

Tim Bazemore, president of the association and headmaster of New Canaan Country School, will present the award to Griffin, who plans to retire at the end of the 2007-08 year after 35 years at the helm.

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09/22/08 Greenwich Roundup Is Once Again Going To Scoop All The Media With This Anouncement....

There Is Going To Be A Spiritual Revival In Greenwich

None Of The Mainstream Media Knows About This

And It Will Probably Happen Right Under Their Nose


... up behind me so that no one else can follow," says Roker. Along with this unusual request, Lauer, who grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut -- his dad was a bicycle company executive - ' says he is seeking more spiritual guests for the show these days. “People who have something meaningful to say,” he says. “My dad was Jewish. My mom is not. So I was not raised anything. I do feel a desire now to find something spiritual. Getting married and wanting to have kids has something to do with that. I’d love to see us book someone like...


I was at a church service this evening where pastors from all over Fairfield county came to Harvest Time Church for a special service. All of the pastors were repeatedly saying that there was going to be a religious revival right here in this area.

One pastor from Westport spoke about how his brother who a Hedge Fund manager called him up and said,"Last Wednesday, I was never more scared than any other time in my life."

Some pastors spoke about how the near financial collapse in this country had awakened many to what was important in their lives.

These pastors were not talking about a temporary awakening like 9/11 where we all feel to our knees on that day and started caring about one another for a few short months.

They were talking about a great awakening that is about to start right here in this area. Apparently there have been previous Great Awakening in the past and persons born in Connecticut have repeated been at the center of these events.

There have been four generally accepted Great Awakenings in U.S. history:

The First Great Awakening (often referred by historians as the "Great Awakening") (1730 - 1770)

The Second Great Awakening (1800s - 1830s)

The Third Great Awakening (1880s - 1900s)

The Fourth Great Awakening (1960s - 1970s)

It was reported that one pastor saw a vision of a bellows that was in the shape of the state of Connecticut and the mouth of the bellows was that little slither of land where Greenwich juts into New York.

I know what many of you are thinking.

"This sounds freaking crazy."

But I have to tell you six months to a year ago I would have agreed with you. I have spent virtually my entire life making fun of spiritual or supernatural things.

But I have been changing my mind the last few months.

I have started to seek out spiritual things.

But when I pray for something or look to become more spiritual I start to have doubts that keep me from diving in head first.

I hold back.

And I think there are a lot of other good people in Greenwich who like me want this deep spiritual experience, but the hold back.

I am not trying to preach to you, but I think these Pastors are right that there is going to be an overdue spiritual awakening in this area.

As I have mentioned many times I started attending this Harvest Time Church on King Street in Greenwich.

It was sort of like opposites attracted each other.

Where I could at times be mean, they were always gentle and loving.

Where I sometimes could be rude they were always polite and hospitable.

Where I could at times be cruel they were always kind and understanding.

Where I enjoy striking out at persons I take offence with, they reach out and pray for those they find offensive.

In fact, I am one the least worthy or possibly the worse person in that congregation, but I want to tell you about what I have seen there and to report about the changes that are coming to Greenwich.

Years ago, I had been invited a few times to go to Harvest Time Church when they did not even have a church. They were meeting at the Western Greenwich Civic Center back then.

Each and every time I declined to attend the church.

Then about 16 months ago my wife was hired by the church to make flower arrangements for the church. There is an English and Spanish Congregation at the church and the women of both congregations were going to have a joint Mother's day dinner.

I helped my wife deliver the flowers and the ladies invited her to join them for the dinner. I also was invited to eat but I didn't want to sit with a bunch of ladies having a church dinner so I wandered around the church while my wife ate.

Later I found out that my Korean wife who was Buddhist had decided to convert to Christianity while listening to the Hispanic preacher lady. I told my wife that she was crazy and delusional.

However, my wife decided that she was going to attend this church as much as possible. I went along to try and discourage her as much as possible.

When this Pastor Glen was preaching I would make smart comments in her ear. If he was reading something from Genesis, I would say something like "Who is this guy to read from the Torah, you never hear a Rabbi reading from the book of Revelation."

When she ignored my repeated smart remarks, I decided to confront this Pastor Glen. I told him that she was changing so many things in the way my house was run and I did not like it."

Pastor Glen,"Told me not to be mad at him, that he was just the messenger."

My wife wanted to do everything in this church. If they were having a class she wanted to attend. If they were getting baptised she wanted her head put under water.

Worse yet, when she was being baptised the Pastor told her that he knew she had a great love for Jesus and that he knew that she was going to lead her whole family to Christ.

I sat in the pews thinking why is this Pastor encouraging her in this way.

When my wife found out that there was going to a meeting where she could be come a corporate member of the Church I went along. I think I was the only non-christian to ever go to this meeting. But I insisted on going so that I could try and prevent her from joining.

As I read through the paperwork, I thought I had found a reason to disqualify her from being a corporate member of the church, but the church secretary told me I was misinterpreting the paperwork.

Since my wife was Korean, I helped her complete her application to be a member, but I made a smart remark on one of the questions.

This made some church members chuckle, but infuriated my wife who is a very serious person who likes all of her paperwork to be in perfect order.

My wife told me that I could make smart remarks on any church papers that had my name on it, but she was not going to tolerate and more smart remarks with church papers that had her name on it.

This was going on for four or five months and the church was actually growing more and more each Sunday. In fact the Church decided to add an additional service and passed out cards asking if members would volunteer to help in the new service.

Even though I was not a member I told my wife that I was going to volunteer to do coffee service so I could drink coffee while she was sitting in church. I really wasn't volunteering. I just wanted my wife to think that her going to church was boring me to tears.

But actually, I was kind of starting to enjoy the short upbeat sermons that the Pastor was delivering.

Well anyway, the church called up and I was going to be the coffee guy. And I really started to enjoy this job. I was meeting and talking with so many people while I was serving coffee.

Eventually the church made a special place for this coffee service. They got a banner to hang near the coffee bar and there was even a flat screen TV where people could have coffee and watch the service.

I laughed and talked and joked with just about everyone in that church as I served coffee, but every now and then the subject of religion would come up, which would make me unhappy.

One boy named Nate who was helping with coffee asked me how long I had been a Christian. I told him I was not a Christian. I told him I was A Jew, but a very secular Jew. So this boy tells me there is a "new" covenant with God.

I then decided to demonstrate to this young teen, that I lack in many social graces, and told him that I did not need a "new" covenant with God. I was not even keeping the original Covenant with God. Now if I had two covenants I would two broken deals with God.

Later my wife was praying for something and some church members came and wanted to take over the coffee service and suggested that I should go pray with her. So I went to where she was and she was crying and I was thinking this was too much.

But these church members would not stop praying and I have to admit I was amazed at how hard they prayed for my wife. Well when the prayer was over we left the church and the thing she prayed for immediately happened.

When I went back to church everyone was saying wasn't that awesome, wasn't that amazing, wasn't that a miracle, etc.,etc.

I told everyone haven't you people ever heard of a coincidence. They happen all the time.

The people in the church said I was A doubting Thomas.

Well things went on like this for many more months. I listened to the sermons on TV as I served coffee

And about three months ago I was serving coffee when they came to shut down the coffee service down in order to set up a dinner for all of the new members that had joined that month.

So I went upstairs and sat with my wife and listened to the sermon and I don't know what happened but as I listened I had this intense desire to accept Jesus Christ as my saviour and went up to the alter.

As I did this I was not aware of much going on around me, but I was later told that three Jewish converts in the Church had came up and prayed behind me.

I have to tell you that while I am now a Christian, I am not a good Christian. I am actually a lazy Christian. When I had a chance to get Baptised I did not go.

I did become a corporate member of the Church.

My wife complained that I don't read the Bible or pray every day, so I started going to the early morning men's prayer group.

This group has amazed me. Time and time again I have seen various prayers answered and I mean answered at a statistical rate that in my mind says that these answered prayers are not mere coincidences.

I can't tell you the details about these answered prayers, because we have all agreed that what is lifted up in the prayer room stays in the prayer room. Most of the prayers are of a very personal nature.

I was really thinking that this small men's prayer group was pretty cool, until the Saturday before last I came to the 6 am Men's prayer and I saw the Hispanic Church having there weekly prayer meeting early morning prayer meeting in the sanctuary.

It is on a whole other level.

The lights are off and they are praying like I have never seen any group pray in my life. There are children, men and women praying with such a fever. I walked through the sanctuary and just watched them pray.

And I know just enough Spanish to understand some of the prayers. They are praying for National and local leaders and even the families of these leaders. They are praying for peace in the world and for members of their congregation.

They are even praying for the English Congregation at Harvest Time Church. It is just an amazing thing to see.

If you don't believe me just stop in next Saturday Morning and take a look. I can guarantee you that you have never seen nothing like this.

I have way too many doubts and I am way too weak spiritually to pray like the prayer warriors in this weekly Hispanic prayer meeting.

But I can tell you that I do think that Greenwich is ripe and over due for a spiritual awakening and I do not have any doubts whatsoever that it is going to happen very very soon.

And you heard it here first at Greenwich Roundup.


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