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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

09/09/08 Just Posted At YouTube Today: Is This A Car Theif's Home Video On How To Check Out The Dealers Lot???? Greenwich Has A lot Of Nice Vehicles!

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560

09/09/08 Greenwich Real Estate News Report

Realtor Magazine

... markets were: The 10 most expensive markets and their average sales prices were: La Jolla, Calif.: $1,841,667 Greenwich, Conn.: $1,787,000 Beverly Hills, Calif.: $1777,475 Palo Alto, Calif.: $1,740,333 Santa Monica, Calif.: $1,653,333 Santa Barbara, ...
Norwalk Plus Magazine
By Coldwell Banker
According to the 2008 Coldwell Banker Home Price Comparison Index (HPCI) released today, Greenwich, Conn., ranked as the second most ...
(NYSE: UBA and UBP) announced today that at its regular quarterly meeting ...
GREENWICH, Conn., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. (NYSE: UBA and UBP), a real estate investment trust, today announced its ...
GREENWICH, Conn., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- At their regular meeting, the Directors of Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. (NYSE: UBA and UBP), ...



... and YouTube. I met Tim at the 2008 RISMedia Leadership Conference in New York. Tim is a real estate broker in Greenwich, CT. Tim was an exhibitor. It was his first show. His booth was simple - a small projector, laptop and photocopies from Google's ...


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09/09/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed By Bloggers Who Work Live Or Used To Live In Greenwich

For What It's Worth
- *Fraud at Fannie Mae - who'd a thunk it?* Try this for a good discussion of what's going on at our newly acquired lending institution. It all reminds me of ...
23 minutes ago
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The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
KateMcClelland on YCC: The BookBrowse Interview - [image: Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Clark with Author Libba Bray]BookBrowse.com (a website that recommends the best recently published books through independent revi...
48 minutes ago
Exit 55
This is Why you Root Against Curt Schilling - Thanks to River Ave. Blues for this. Let's just say he's a tool and leave it at that. He told WEEI Radio: People don’t like [New England/Boston] anymore. T...
1 hour ago
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On The Yankees
The Best Reason to Keep MLB's Internet Radio Packa...
Olympics, Meet MST3K
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This Might Get you Ready for Football
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In A World Where Both of Our Cars Were Totally Und...
Suck it, Trebek

Greenwich Forum
Family recalls mothers love - Greenwich Time - 2 Comments, last updated on Tuesday Sep 9 by what a world
2 hours ago

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Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
My 2 Palin Dolls - Half a century too late - For less than sixty bucks we can buy both versions of the Palin doll. The Executive Doll goes for $27.95 a pop. The Action Hero doll goes for a bit more at $...
3 hours ago
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Greenwich Diva
OJ Simpson may finally do time in the big house, YEAH! - What LA prosecutors failed to do looks like the Las Vegas prosecutors will be able to. The juice got off for killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman but...
5 hours ago

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Senator Stevens, are there any more ‘gifts’ we should know about?
Police blotter- Wasilla, Alaska. 50 school buses vandalized. Guess who the 16 year old is boy is?
Help the people of Gonaive, Haiti
Alaskans says Sarah Palin is a racist, sexist, vindictive and mean
Investigation into Palin Now on Fast Track
FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No
America May Be In Danger Now
A woman was murdered this morning in Greenwich, CT
John McCain is threatening to sue the National Enquirer for a story that they are about to release.

Tribune Company's Greenwich News Feed
Study: California home to priciest housing markets - Californians rave about year-round sunshine, temperate climate and easy access to surfing, snowboarding and everything in between. But when it comes to get...
6 hours ago

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Baby Lapsit Registration - *When:* Tuesday September 9th, 2008 - All Day Open enrollment begins August 18 for Baby Lapsit for infants up to 12 months with a caregiver. Five-week Fall...
17 hours ago

The Daily Spurgeon
Worldly wisdom - Let me again remind you that the world’s estimation of the Church has frequently been seen in the way in which it will mock at all her teachings. The wis...
17 hours ago

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Greenwich News
What $300-a-Barrel Oil Will Mean for You - CHARLES MAXWELL, WHO BEGAN HIS CAREER in the energy business in 1957 working for Mobil Oil, is no stranger to Barron's readers.
19 hours ago

The Blonde Excuse
Greenwich Websites I Love - I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone around town who linked to my hurricane/tropical storm pictures of Hanna. Click on the pictures to check ou...
23 hours ago

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Sarah Darer Littman - Politics Above the Parapet At Our Greenwich
The more things change, the more they remain McSame - As an author of books for teens, I’m a firm believer that fiction can help young people work through feelings and situations without having to experience t...
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Rock Star Diary
Baby Madonna and Steve's birthday - Last weekend I got to go on a playdate with Baby Madonna before the Sonic Youth concert and then on Monday I had a BBQ for Creepy Uncle Steve and got to have...
3 days ago

Greenwich Gossip
"Greenwich is not under marshal law" - The local rag, AKA *Yellowwich Time*, strikes again. Today's front page carries the blooper that adorns today's blog title. Further proof, if any were need...
6 days ago

Greenwich Guy
The Left Attacks - So now the Left Wing wackos like Greenwich Diva are suggesting that Sarah Palin is the grandmother of Trig, her youngest child, suggesting that she is cove...
1 week ago

John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy Page At Our Greenwich
T-shirt Talk - Welcome to the world of talking on T-shirts Keep checking back for new T-shirt philosophy and tell us your thoughts in the comments. Over a week ago

Joy Haenlein's Our Greenwich Page
Coming soon… - In the very near future, OurGreenwich.com looks forward to bringing you exciting local content from well-known journalists and columnists. Stay Tuned…
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Coming soon… - In the very near future, OurGreenwich.com looks forward to bringing you exciting local content from well-known journalists and columnists. Stay Tuned…
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Nice one, Bill - There were times during the primary season where I thought Bill Clinton was losing his marbles. But the guy was right on tonight. Great speech, delivered w...
Over a week ago

Ed's First Blog
Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan Are Related To Each Other?!? (No, Really!) - When I first read *Philip Jose Farmer's* *Doc* *Savage: His Apocalyptic Life * (a "biography" of Doc, based on the 181 pulp novels by "*Kenneth Robeson* "...
2 weeks ago

Pray Connecticut
Move of the Holy Spirit in Salem, Massachusetts - I've just become aware of a move in Salem, Mass. with claimed healings. Meetings are being held at Wesley United Methodist Church, 8 North Street in Salem....
2 months ago

The Greenwich Blog Double Exposure: Aerial Photographs of Glaciers Then and Now. July 12, 2008 - October 26, 2008 - An exhibition of paired large-format photographs of mountains and glaciers, recorded in the early to mid-1900s and again from 2005 to 2007, that document t...

2 months ago

Sarah Darer Littman - It's My Life and I'll Blog If I Want To

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09/09/08 You Wont Read These News Stories In The Greenwich Time, Greenwich Post Or The Greenwich Citizen Website Which Hasn't Been Updated In 4 Days!!


The Hardest Working News Publisher In Greenwich Brings You The Raw Greenwich News Feed While Drunk On Robitussin DM

Volatility Hedge Funds Top Stocks, Bonds, Commodities First Time Since '03


... , 36, a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley's FrontPoint Partners LLC, a $10 billion hedge-fund firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``That's bad for people, but we don't think there's any way around it.'' The FrontPoint Volatility Opportunities ...

Huge Job Cuts Forecast for Wall Street as Business Slows

Workforce Online

... offerings for U.S. companies have shriveled by 75 percent to date this year, according to Renaissance Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. Global mergers-and-acquisitions volume is down by 27 percent, research firm Dealogic reports. Debt sales ...

What $300 Oil Will Mean for You


... Maxwell has worked since 1999 as senior energy analyst at Weeden & Co., an institutional brokerage firm in Greenwich, Conn., having started as an energy securities analyst in 1968. Oil prices came down last week, trading at around $108 a barrel, but ...

Slide Show: The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the U.S.


... mighty enclaves of the rich and privileged have taken hits in this housing market. The average selling price in Greenwich, Conn. is down 11%, and in Beverly Hills, Calif. it's off 19% Editor's Note: The index compares values in various cities for ...

Anthony D. Bower

Seacoast Online

... Hospital, he began his career as a general practitioner in Concord. He was married to the late Phebe Slade Cone of Greenwich Conn., and they are survived by six children: Timothy Cone Bower of Francestown, Robert Jonathan Slade Bower of Warner, ...

Firm buys Tulsa Power

Tulsa World

A New England private equity firm has purchased Tulsa Power, a Tulsa-based manufacturer. Dubin Clark of Greenwich, Conn., announced the deal Friday. Tulsa Power, with about 75 employees, makes a wide range of coiling and material handling solutions ...

Pet hospital chain wants a piece of $43B industry Jeanne Reasonover / the Tennessean

The Tennessean

... Americans are expected to spend on their pets this year, according to the American Pet Products Association, a Greenwich, Conn.-based trade group. Pet DRx, for instance, gets a significant amount of business at its 25 hospitals from specialty care ...

Up Close: Chris Gerow

Loudoun County Extra-Washington Post

In 1984, Chris Gerow decided to leave his hometown of Greenwich, Conn., to seek a change in lifestyle and a change of scenery.


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09/09/08 Did You Get A Chance To Celebrate Last Week: It Was "Michael Pompa Day" - News Links From The Greenwich Post

Michael Pompa receives a certificate from First Selectman Peter Tesei. (Ken Borsuk / Greenwich Post photo)

When First Selectman Peter Tesei stopped by Subway Barbershop last Thursday, it wasn’t for a haircut. He was there on official town business to declare Sept. 4 as Michael Pompa Day.

To most teens, summer vacation is all about kicking back and taking it easy — but this July was anything but for Brian Platter of Greenwich and Alex Jamar of Darien. The two recent Brunswick School graduates decided to spend their time biking more than 600 miles and raising $10,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Connecticut.

Both sides in the Smith case have fired the first salvos at each other in recent weeks at Stamford Superior Court, where a pitched battle is expected to unfold between Jennifer Hagel Smith and her former in-laws regarding her $1.1-million settlement with Royal Caribbean International.

The St. Mary High School “pioneer” classes 1958 and 1959 opened their campus at 471 North St. (now Greenwich Catholic) in 1955 with about 150 students. Sept. 19, 20 and 21 they will gather for a reunion weekend of events.

Baang Café and Bar will play host to a fund-raiser Monday, Sept. 22 for Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department. The event will be open to the public from 6 to 10. The restaurant is at 1191 East. Putnam Ave. in Riverside.

The Greenwich Commission on Aging will offer a workshop from 9 to noon, Saturday, Oct. 18 on “Rescuing your retirement” to be held at the senior center, 299 Greenwich Ave.

The following are Sept. 8’s arrests:


Two 16-year-old Greenwich boys were arrested Sept. 1 after an incident at the Arch Street Teen Center. Police responded to a report of intoxicated teens. One of the boys allegedly became belligerent and argumentative with officers, police said, and, after disregarding repeated requests to calm down, began cursing, punched a couch and then attempted to leave. He was charged with second degree breach of peace. The other boy was charged with risk of injury as police believe he supplied the alcohol. Both were released on promises to appear and are due in court Sept. 17.


Claire Barker, 45, of Brooklyn, N.Y. was arrested Sept. 5 and charged with second degree larceny, identity theft, interfering with an officer, criminal impersonation and third degree forgery. Police responded to a report that a fraudulent check was cashed at CitiBank for $5,200. Barker had allegedly misidentified herself as the person the check was made out to using a fake driver’s license from Washington D.C. She then went to CitiBank in Stamford and reportedly tried to do the same thing, but was arrested in the act. Police said during the booking, Barker insisted her name was Diane Simmons but admitted it was a fake when confronted by officers. Police said Barker has an “extensive history” of identity theft crimes. The money she received from the first incident was not recovered and police reports said she refuses to provide any information. Barker was held in lieu of a $50,000 and is due in court Sept. 12.


Robert Randall, 53, was arrested Sept. 6 and charged with sixth degree larceny, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, operating an unregistered motor vehicle and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Police responded to a report at Arcadia Road that Randall had removed $200 from a business cash register. Police said Randall, who has no known address, confessed and returned the money. He was held in lieu of a $1,000 cash bond and due in court Sept. 8.


A 50-year-old Greenwich man was arrested Sept. 7 and charged with violation of a protective order. The man allegedly violated a protective order his wife had in place against him by keeping her from leaving her home and deflating her tires. The man was released on a $1,000 cash bond and was due in court Sept. 8.


A 25-year-old Greenwich man and a 21-year-old Greenwich woman were arrested Sept. 8 after a reported domestic incident. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and the woman was charged with third degree assault. Police said the couple had been arguing and the woman reportedly hit her boyfriend with a statue and her hands. Both were released on $1,000 cash bonds and were due in court Sept. 8.


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09/09/08 "We knew this was a bad season,"said Caroline Baisely, the director of the town health department.

A Greenwich resident and two Stamford residents have confirmed cases of West Nile virus, prompting local health officials to warn people to remain vigilant.

The Greenwich man in his mid-70s seems to have contracted the disease in early spring, while traveling in the Caribbean, according to the state Department of Health spokesman William GerrishHe was only recently diagnosed with the infection and was never hospitalized. ...

...."If there are any more human cases, we will have to seriously think about what the next step should be," said Baisley. ....


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09/09/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Tuesday

I have the flu....

I must post news before I die...



Confused School Administrators Need A Special Board Of Education To Try And Figure out WHY Western Greenwich Parents Are Pulling Their Children Out Of The Failed Geenwich Public School System


No Failed School Administrators, Parents, School Officials Or Students Were Quoted In Colin Gustafson's Reguritated Board Of Education Press Release


Enrollment down at town schools

Fewer children than expected enrolled in the Greenwich Public Schools this year, but some classes are filled to capacity while others remain just over half full.

Overall enrollment is at 8,758 students, compared with the district projection of 8,779 students - 21 fewer than expected. That's also a 2 percent drop from last year's enrollment of 8,974 students.

Despite the decline in enrollmentt, the distribution of students has varied from school to school.

Enrollmentt, the distribution of students has varied from school to school.
Enrollment at Cos Cob and Eastern Middle schools reached 104 percent of what was projected by school officials. Glenville School, meanwhile, is at 82 percent of the projected enrollment..

...At Cos Cob School, administrators have hired new staff and added a fourth kindergarten section after they learned in mid-August that the existing sections exceeded class-size caps by nine.

That school may receive even more resources this month, since the enrollment is still 16 more students than projected, according to the latest figures.

Other schools have had to shed sections because of dwindling enrollment.

Glenville School has cut a section after the parents of 30 students requested a temporary transfer elsewhere, or an "opt-out" option, while their building undergoes renovations. The remaining 282 Glenville students have been dispersed to four schools.

District officials may consider additional cuts at Glenville soon, since the three remaining kindergartens have an average of just 12 students and the three first-grade sections have an average of 13.3. Both figures are below the class-size guidelines.

KaChing, KaChing, KaChing, KaChing....
More Single Family Homeowner's Hard Earned Tax Dollars Going To Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiots On The Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee.....

Town officials have given the still-incomplete Hamilton Avenue School project what they hope will be its fourth and final shot in the arm.

The Board of Estimate and Taxation last night unanimously approved a request by the school's building committee to provide a $700,000 cash infusion to spur on the oft-delayed project to completion.

The BET has approved three requests, one in June 2007, another in January 2008, and another in May 2008, totaling nearly $1.3 million, on the promise that the project would be finished by several interim deadlines that were missed.

With this latest appropriation, however, officials assured that they'd have enough money to put the long-awaited finishing touches on the building.

"We're very close to being where we want to be," said town administrator John Crary, who is helping the building committee director, Frank Mazza, push the project through the final stages. "I think we'll meet all our goals, and don't anticipate needing all the funds."

The building committee had received preliminary approval from the BET for an additional $500,000 during an Aug. 15 meeting. But Mazza revised that estimate by $200,000 last Friday, citing a slew of new expenses needed to finish the job.

With the approval of new funds, school officials hope the school will receive a temporary certificate of occupancy from buildings inspectors by the end of the week. Receiving a certificate this week would mean students can move in by mid-October.
Officials to get separate town e-mail accounts

Advised that the contents of their home computers could be subject to disclosure under the state's public records law, about 300 elected officials are getting their own e-mail accounts from the town to discuss official business.

Churches, town look back on 9/11
The Rev. Bob Naylor of Greenwich's Second Congregational Church won't ever forget Sept. 11, 2001 - it was the day he was scheduled for an interview with the parish's council about becoming their pastor.

Whether it was attending PTA meetings at Cos Cob School or daily chats with her 24-year-old daughter Jessica over coffee, Alison McKnight Lombardi loved being a mother above all else.

The Greenwich High School girls soccer team has followed a positive pattern since Danny Simpson took over the head coaching reigns in 2005.
You can understand Bucky Creamer's complaint about the pace of progress in dealing with flooding in his Pemberwick neighborhood.
"No one's done a thing about it," Mr. Creamer told Staff Writer Neil Vigdor with respect to flooding there about 16 months ago that forced him and about 100 others to evacuate the area. "They always wait in this town for something drastic to happen, and then they think about it."

Truth be told, such flooding is not an easy problem to address, nor is doing so cheap. And there has been some movement, according to town officials: They are hoping to soon establish a priority list for projects to address the most pressing problems with flooding and drainage in Greenwich.
In addition, there was the summit meeting that First Selectman Peter Tesei recently had with the heads of relevant agencies to discuss various issues involved.

But there is a grain of truth in Mr. Creamer's comments, at least when one considers town infrastructure problems that went unaddressed for long periods in the not-too-distant past.

One benefit cited for the town agency summit was that it improved the understanding of their ....
...Meanwhile, a recent preliminary report on the situation from the Corps of Engineers said "... it is likely the flood damages will occur again, possibly increasing in frequency and intensity, endangering the lives of residents and impairing the function of municipalities." ....

Is Greenwich losing its political influence?
I really don't think so.
We reported last week thatjust two delegates of Connecticut's six to the Republican National Convention were from town.
But will that also mean the end of candidates coming to Greenwich to raise money, or of politicians reaching out to Greenwich people for their service or expertise, or of Greenwich people taking the lead in helping shape the country's future?

I just don't see it happening.

Greenwich people have strong political views, which a quick scan of residents' letters to Greenwich Time will prove. Typically our letters reflect that its is a conservative town, though the liberal voice has gained strength over the years as political activists such as Ned Lamont have brought their ideas to the table. .....
...Himes is now taking on Republican incumbent Chris Shays of Bridgeport in what promises to be a fascinating contest. Himes could lose in his heavily Republican hometown, yet win the district. Or Shays, with 20 years in Congress, could be re-elected with the help of Greenwich Republicans.

As a town of corporate leaders and impressive wealth, Greenwich most certainly will keep its role in American politics. The faces will change, and the parties may shift, but the influence of Greenwich will still be felt.
Jim Zebora is the managing editor of Greenwich Time.

To the editor:
The last of the balloons and the confetti remaining from the two presidential conventions are being cleaned up, and the candidates are hitting the campaign trail to persuade voters to cast their votes for them.
This promises to be the most actively contested presidential election ever. During the next eight weeks, we can expect a barrage of mail, e-mail or phoned campaign messages.

For almost nine decades, the League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization of men and women, has worked to encourage informed and active participation of citizens in government and to increase understanding of major public policy issues. We do not support or oppose candidates, but we will be working hard to provide voters with information to allow them to cast informed votes this Nov. 4.

This year, more than ever before, we urge the voters to carefully consider the candidates' stands on issues that are important to them before casting their votes. Come to our debates, or watch them on Channel 79. Attend a voter demonstration session if you have never used the new voting machines.

Watch for the Voters' Guide in a pullout section in the Greenwich Time and Greenwich Citizen in the end of October. In addition to including information about polling places and voting procedures, we will include biographical information as well as local and national candidates' answers to specific questions.
We will also include a sample ballot and information about two questions that will require a yes or no vote - one calling for a constitutional convention and one permitting Connecticut residents who are 17 to register to vote in a primary preceding the general election if they will turn 18 by Election Day.

We believe an informed electorate is essential to our democracy.

Jara Burnett

Naomi Schiff Myers

The writers are, respectively, vice president of voter services and president of the League of Women Voters of Greenwich.

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