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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2/4/08 Re: Fresh Air Fund - Tanks for publishing press release

from: Sara Wilson <sara@freshair.org

to: Greenwich Roundup <greenwichroundup@gmail.com>

date: Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 3:38 PM

This is wonderful!

Thank you so much.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

The Fresh Air Fund


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2/4/09 New York Magazine's Daily Intel Column Links To Greenwich Diva's Scoop About The Walter Noel Clan (Updated)

Walter Noel Shopped for Auditors the Way His Daughters Shopped for Shoes

In the text of his prepared remarks to the House Financial Services subcommittee this morning, Fortune points out that Markopolos says Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group, thought to be Madoff's largest feeder fund, switched auditors three times in three years. Meaning that between 2004 and 2007, no one accounting firm was charged with tracking their numbers from year to year. "To change your auditor like that is highly unusual," Pornsit Jiraporn, a finance professor and the author of a study on "auditor shopping," tells Fortune. Further, two of the auditing firms were located overseas, where accounting standards are not as high. "Sometimes there is a legitimate reason for switching once, but this is very suspicious." Related: The Noels reportedly enjoyed some nice Perrier-Jouet this weekend.

[Original Greenwich Diva]
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The Blonde Excuse
Poppy - As you may have read on Jocelyn's blog, our Poppy just passed away. He was a true hero and an amazing grandfather. We were all so very lucky to have had him in our lives.

Poppy had his obituary in the Greenwich Time today, and if you knew Poppy and he touched your life in any way, please leave him a Guestbook entry on this website HERE.
Dear Lauren,
The Bloggers Of Greenwich Are So Sorry for Your Loss, You Have Our Deepest Sympathy.
Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You,
Your Grandfather Was A Very Special And Wonderful Man.
A Star Has Been Added Up In Heaven, Twinkling And Watching Over You And Jocelyn Forever!
Look Up And Take Heart!

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02/04/09 Greenwich Police Blotter - Froilan Bonilla andEdy Raymund

The Place:

Sheephill Road

The Players:

Froilan Bonilla, Age 48, and Edy Raymundo, Age 36, of 12 Stevens St., Stamford

The Plot:

Froilan Bonilla andEdy Raymund, were arrested Tuesday night and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing, police said.

A homeowner on Sheephill Road told police the two men were standing in her living room doorway, inside the house, when she pulled into her driveway.

The woman yelled at the men to leave, and one of them approached her and asked if she wanted her front walkway and driveway shoveled.

The two men had shovels and it was snowing at the time.

The woman told the men to leave and they ran north up Sheephill Road.

Police located the men on Thornhill Road by Riverside Lane. According to the police report, neither had identification on them.

The homeowner later confirmed to police that the two were the men she had seen in her home

The Processing:

Both men were released on a $250 bond and are scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Tuesday


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2/4/09 We hate To Say We Told So, But We Told You So: Hearst Newspapers Fired John "I Can't pick A Winning Team" Dunster

The Greenwich Post has it, Chris Fountain's For What Its Worth Blog has it, but of coarse the Greenwich Time doesn't have it.

They fired Dunster.

And as usual Chris Fountain was a stand up guy and gave Greenwich Roundup full credit for predicting this yesterday.

Here Is The Original Greenwich Roundup Story:
2/3/09 GREENWICH ROUNDUP NEWS TIP: Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster Might Be Toast

I guess It Wasn't Such A Good Idea For John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster To Let Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Editor Get Hearst Corporation Lawyers And Executives To Get A Close Look At What Is Going On At Their Greenwich Time Property.

By The Way, If You Will Look Back At Past Greenwich Roundup Posts You Will Find That Greenwich Roundup's Disgruntled Stamford Advocate /Greenwich Time Sources Allowed This Blog To Be The First In Greenwich To Report About David Warner, George Irish And Jim Zebora Being Replaced.

However, Chris Fountain Had The Scoop And Was First To Report Last May That Joe Pisani Had Been Fired As Editor Of The Greenwich Time
Bruce Hunter Had Better Get His Rear In Gear
Or He Just Might Be Next

Greenwich Roundup has not published as many posts lately, because he just recovered from a sever cold and had to catch up on work at his other job.

Plus Greenwich Roundup is currently involved in a Freedom Of Information argument with Betty Sternberg, Kim Eves And now maybe even with Town Attorney John Wayne Fox.

I left a message for Greenwich Public School Superintendent Betty Sternberg, but she did not return the call.

Basically, I wanted to ask Betty why she was focusing her staff on excluding one reporter instead making sure every child in Greenwich had the best possible CMT scores.

But Betty Sternberg is always picking unnecessary fights and attempting to exclude members from Greenwich Society. We All Remember Betty's Fights With The Boy Scouts, Glenville Parents And Most Recently With Hamilton Avenue Parents.

Betty's has repeatedly been a divider who has failed to operate the school system in a free, open and transparent manner. Right now Betty wants to waste Town Of Greenwich resources on an expensive lawsuit designed to prevent a media outlet from being put on the email list.

Betty Sternberg Actually Sent Board Of Education Communication's Director Kim Eves An Email And Directed Her To Contact Greenwich Town Attorney John Wayne Fox For Advice On Legal Tactics To Exclude Greenwich Roundup Form The Emailed Press Releases.

Betty Is Just Being Petty Like Former First Selectman Jim Lash.

Insensitive Betty Sternberg Is In The Process Of Wasting Town Funds As 70 Town Employees Positions Are On The Chopping Block. How Can Betty Continue To Waste Money As People Are Losing Their Jobs?

The Town's Unionized Employees Are Being Asked To Go Without A Pay Raise As Betty Sternberg Wants Town Attorney John Wayne Fox To Waste Tax Dollars Preparing Weak Legal Arguments As To Why Greenwich Public School's Communications Director Kim Eves Doesn't Have To Take 30 Seconds And Add Greenwich Roundup To The Emailed Press Release List.

Uncaring Betty Is Just Being Stupid, Because Greenwich Roundup Has Criticized Her And Her Failed Administration.

There Is No Cost What So Ever To The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich If Kim Eves Adds Greenwich Roundup To The List, Kim Types In Greenwich Roundup's email adress once and everytime Betty Sends Out A Press Release Our Readers Will Get To Read The Latest News From Their School System.

But Greenwich Taxpayers May Be Forced To Pay For Another Expensive Lawsuit Like The One Where First Selectman Jim Lash Got A Criminal Record And A Fine.

I Think The Single Family Home Owners Are Still Paying For That Fiasco, Because The Last Time I Heard John Wayne Fox Was Still Appealing That Decision.

In The Jim Lash Case, The Guy Eventually Got His Public Documents And The Taxpayers Are Still Getting The Legal Bills Long After Jim Lash Is Gone.

In The End Greenwich Roundup Is Going To Get On The Greenwich Board Of Education's Emailed Press Release List, The Only Question Is What Will Board Of Education Candidates Tell Voters If The Taxpayers Are Paying Legal Bills Long After Betty Sternberg Is Gone.

And The Real Crazy Part Is That Greenwich Roundup Prints All Of The Press Releases It Receives Without Modification Or Filtering. The Only Thing We Do Is Identify It As A Press Release And Then Print In Full Without Any Editorializing What So Ever.

Greenwich Roundup Let's It's Readers Decide Independently About What To Think About Press Releases.

I spoke with Kim Eves And John Wayne Fox today and explained all of the above issues. They both said they were going to speak to Betty Sternberg and possibly get Grenwich Roundup on the Board Of Education's Emailed Press Release List.

Let's Hope Betty Will Do The Right Thing And Not Get The School Board Involved In A Bunch Of Costly Civil Rights Issues.

Otherwise Board Of Education Members, The School Superintendent, The School's Communication Director May End Up In Court For Civil Rights Violations Concerning Freedom Of Speech Issues And Illegal Denial's Of Access To Public Records.

Most Board Of Education Press Releases Are Notifications Of Public Meetings And Conneticut State Law Says That Any Town Resident Has A Right To Be Notified Of Those Meetings. However, The School Board Can Charge A Nominal Fee Based Apon The True Cost Of Sending Out The Notice.

There Is No Additional Cost For Kim Eves To Hit The Send Button In An Email She Was Already Going To Send Anyway. Dose Betty Sternberg Want Greenwich Roundup And All Of The Other Reporters In Town To Chip In And Pay Kim Eves For Her Emailed Press Releease?

Betty Is Just Being Silly. She Just Tell Kim To Take 30 Seconds And Add GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com To The Emailed List, Before Their Are National Headlines Like.....

Former Connecticut Education Department Head Betty Sternberg
Tries To Exclude Citizen Journalist Who Criticized Her

Lawsuit Says Greenwich School Superintendent
Betty Sternberg Violates Bloggers Civil Rights

Greenwich School Board In Court For Excluding
New Media Outlet That Put A Spotlight On Their Poor Performance

Voters Angry As Greenwich School Board
Attacks Blogger Instead Of Plunging Test Scores

Greenwich Roundup Had A Lawyer Who Is Disgusted With The Sternberg Administration Give Him Some Very Good Free Advice Today.

Why Isn't The Board Of Education Chairwoman Savvy Enough To Tell Betty, "I Want A Transparent School Administration. Tell Kim Eves To Take 30 Seconds And Put That Citizen Journalist On The Emailed Press Release List. We Need To Have Greenwich School Administrators Totally Focused On Having A Flawless Opening At Hamilton Avenue School."

Every Pay Day, There Are Going To Be Over 1500 Town Unionized Families That Are Very Angry At The Board Of Education And The Town Of Greenwich, If They Waste Precious Tax Dollars On A Trivial Lawsuit About An Email Press Release List.

Election Day Is Not That Far Away.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

02/04/09 LETER TO THE GREENWICH TIME EDITOR: Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg A Liability


To the editor:

As documented in Greenwich Time on Feb. 1 in his own words, the chief of police in Greenwich has suffered so much extra stress in his job over the last 18 months that he now describes himself as feeling "shot" on the job.

This is extremely scary news for the citizens and taxpayers of Greenwich that the leader of arguably the most important agency in town has suffered so much stress that he now describes himself that way. Even scarier is the fact that the first selectman and police commissioner, Peter Tesei, is fully aware of the chief's self-described condition (stress is a well-documented medical/psychological condition), yet does not remove him immediately while he is evaluated and/or treated until he can be certified as "un-shot." The citizens and taxpayers deserve nothing less.

The ramifications of keeping a chief on the job who is "shot" due to an "overtaxing" job are far reaching for the town, its citizens and its taxpayers. The reality is that every decision the chief makes or has made can now be considered clouded and reproachable due to his revelation of his condition. From a public safety point of view, it is frightfully unacceptable to have a police chief who is "shot" as the individual responsible for making clear-headed, critical public safety decisions during an emergency. From a litigation standpoint, defense and suit-happy lawyers can have a field day with the situation. From a morale standpoint for the rank-and-file police, it seems unlikely to improve anytime soon under a leader who describes himself that way. And perhaps most important, as the chief will be expected to make critical appointments and promotions under scrutiny after the current lawsuit is finally settled, it becomes vital to have a police leader who can make legally incontestable decisions. He must avoid keeping the town mired in this costly lawsuit, or worse yet, giving basis for future lawsuits and criminal defenses -- which we taxpayers would most certainly be on the hook for, again!

A police chief who had admitted to such a condition is a huge liability and needs to be removed immediately. Our physical, financial and legal protections depend on it.


Soon To Be Pulled Over To The Side Of The Road In Cos Cob

David Liebenguth

Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg fells "shot" because of the stress of thee past 18 months. Ridberg is struggling at the administrative level: Is this a direct threat to public safety?
"Clearly we are looking for the Supreme Court to adjudicate the matter," said First Selectman Peter Tesei. "That would be the most welcomed news I could receive."
.....Officials said the promotion freeze on all positions above captain has strained the department, overtaxing the chief of police and causing the lieutenants below him to take on new responsibilities in order to shoulder some of the burden. .....
David Liebenguth Had Better Becareful Of Ridberg And His Associates Look What Happened To Chris Fountain When He Criticized The Greenwich Police Department.
Here Is A Little Example Of How Police Resources Are Used To Attack And Intimidate Citizen Journalists, Bloggers And Others Who Critcize Thin Skinned David Ridberg's Police Department:
....The Times says no other state wastes resources like this but, wouldn't you know, Greenwich uses a modified system, requiring off-duty policemen, on overtime pay, to steer cars around all non-public work projects.

A town employee can move traffic around a town tree cutting operation but if that same bit of tree trimming is being performed by CL&P or a private tree company, cop(s) must be on hand. Don't hire one at your peril, because these guys will shut you down in a heart beat and even arrest you, as they did at the Post Office project on Valley Road.

Cops make out like bandits with this deal and Greenwich obviously figures that what we don't see won't hurt us, so our "negotiators" continue the practice. We spent, according to BET minutes, $32,000 a month in police overtime directing traffic during the Mianus sewer construction project, a work effort that stretched out years. That's just one small example, of course. And I assume, but do not know, that a cop's overtime earned directing traffic is treated like all his other overtime when calculating his pension.

Because that pension is based on the cop's last year's total compensation it's the norm that the retiring civil servant racks up as much extra pay as he can, all to our financial woe. As a town, we seem to accept this ridiculous situation as the price of labor peace but it sure looks like union extortion to me.
.....I've never appealed one until now but a cop recently ticketed me for parking too close to a hydrant and, when I questioned him, he said, "you were in my way." I don't think that a cop's pique is sufficient reason to get a ticket so I filed an appeal and went off to Town Hall today to argue it.....
.....Here's a picture of the scene of the crime. You'll notice that the offensive policeman is a gentleman in his late 50's. Anyone that age still wearing shorts and directing traffic probably has suffered some career disappointments along life's path, but that's no reason to be a jerk, in my opinion.

It Would Take Scores Of Freedom Of Information Requests And Court Transcripts To Calculate The Cost Of Greenwich Police Resources Improperly Used To Try And Deny Greenwich Citizen Journalist Bill Clark His First Amendment Rights.

His Battles Against The Town's Improper Use Of Resources To Silence And Punish Him Have Been Legendary. In fact, The Town Has Had To Pay Mr. Clarke A Hefty Court Judgement For These Illegal Actions.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the the comments link at the end of this post.

02'/04/09 Police Called On Snow Shovelers


Froilan Bonilla, 48, and Edy Raymundo, 36, of 12 Stevens St., Stamford, were arrested Tuesday night and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing

A homeowner on Sheephill Road told police the two men were standing in her living room doorway, inside the house, when she pulled into her driveway, according to the police report.

The woman yelled at the men to leave, and one of them approached her and asked if she wanted her front walkway and driveway shoveled, police said. The two men had shovels and it was snowing at the time, according to the report. The woman told the men to leave and they ran north up Sheephill Road, police said.

Police located the men on Thornhill Road by Riverside Lane. According to the police report, neither had identification on them.

The homeowner later confirmed to police that the two were the men she had seen in her home.
Both men were released on a $250 bond and are scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Tuesday.
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

2/4/09 PRESS RELEASE: Fresh Air Fund - Help Wanted: Summer Camp Counselors


I don't know if you've heard of The Fresh Air Fund before, but we could use your help and I thought that you and your readers would appreciate this news. The Fresh Air Fund is now accepting applications for counselors for this coming summer of '09. We hire staff members with a wide range in some pretty amazing fields. We are looking for college-aged men and women who love to work with children. I put together this social media news release which explains it all:


It would be so helpful if you could post a mention on Greenwich Roundup.

We are also always looking for Fresh Air hosts for the summer to open their homes to a child, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much and please let me know if you have any questions.


Sara Wilson,
The Fresh Air Fund


Dear Sara,

You are to be commended for your efforts with this very special organization.

Please keep our readers update with news from your group.

I am sure there will be many Greenwich Roundup readers who would be interested in counselors or Fresh Air family hosts for the summer .


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link below.


What's That Giant Sucking Sound?

It's School Superintendent Betty Sternberg Ordering Kim Eves To Get Town Attorney John Wayne Fox To Flush Union Pay Cuts Down The Crapper.

from: Betty Sternberg <Betty_Sternberg@greenwich.k12.ct.us>

to: Greenwich Roundup <greenwichroundup@gmail.com>

date: Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 4:48 AM

mailed-by: greenwich.k12.ct.us

Kim-Check with out with Wayne tomorrow.

Dr. Betty J. Sternberg

Superintendent of Schools
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

Tel: (203) 625-7425

FAX:(203) 618-9379


Joan Caldwell And Peter Tesei Have Pressured The Towns Unionized Workers To Give Up Their Pay Increases And School Superintendent Betty Sternberg Starts Wasting Their Proposed Give Back With A Click Of A Mouse.

Greenwich Roundup Asked Kim Eves To Put GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com on the school districts press notification list, but Greenwich Board Of Education Director Kim Eves was afraid to do so, because she new School Superintendent Betty Sternberg disliked Greenwich Roundup's reporting About Hamilton Avenue School.

So instead of taking 30 seconds and adding GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com to the emailed press release list at no cost to the taxpayers, she sent an email to Greenwich Roundup an email that was carbon copied to Betty Sternberg.

No one else who has been requested to be put on the list has been sent a denial email. Let alone an email that was carbon copied to the Greenwich Superintendent.

In fact no one has ever been had their request to be put on the emailed press release list.

But because Greenwich Roundup's reports had been critical of the school administration in general and Betty Sternberg in particular, Greenwich Communications Director Kim Eves denied the requests with carbon copies to outgoing Sternberg.

As you can see, Betty Sternberg's response was to immediately start wasting tax payers dollars via the town attorney, instead of doing the right thing and having Kim Eves take 30 seconds and add GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com to the press notification email list.

When I spoke to Kim Eves she claimed not to know about the Betty's email directing her to contact the town attorney and further claimed not to have contacted Town Attorney John Wayne Fox.

But When Greenwich Roundup called Mr. Fox he indicated he had talked to the Greenwich Public Schools and was beginning to research the mater at great cost to the single family homeowners of Greenwich.

At a time when town services are being cut, when 70 town positions are being eliminated, when unionized workers are being pressured for givebacks and pay cuts; Betty Sternberg, Kim Eves And John Wayne Fox are preparing to flush tax dollars down the toilet in a civil rights lawsuit that they will lose.

If Betty Sternberg dropped Greenwich Post reporter Ken Borsuk from the email list, because she did not like his reporting the town would very quickly find itself on the losing end of a civil rights lawsuit.

No wonder Greenwich school children are doing poorly, because our own school superintendent seems unaware that there is is something called the First Amendment that protects Freedom Of Speech And The Freedom of the press.

It is a god awful shame that Betty Sternberg, Kim Eves And John Wayne Fox Want To Play Censor When Brave Young American Me And Women Are Spilling Blood Protecting The Constitution From Those Who Seek To Destroy Our American Way Of Life.

The problem is that Betty's pettiness might actually increase the contracted amount tax dollars the John Wayne Fox and his firm get from the single family homeowners of Greenwich, because Mr. Fox is not a town employee.

Greenwich gets involved in a lot of unnecessary lawsuits, because there is no financial incentive for John Wayne Fox to advice the town to settle matters.

If John Wayne Fox can continue to get Betty Sternberg and Kim Eves not to take 30 seconds to add greenwichroundup@gmail.com to the email press release list, he potential will increase the number of tax dollars that will go in his pockets long after Betty Sternberg is long gone.

Personally, Greenwich Roundup doesn't know why someone like the Board Of Education Chairwoman or the First Selectman doesn't intercede and tell John Wayne Fox to drop the legal mumbo jumbo and to have Betty and Kim to add GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com to the email press release list.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this posting.

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