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Thursday, August 19, 2010

08/19/10 What Ever Happened To Teri Buhl Who Used To Write For The Greenwich Time?

News Reports By Teri Buhl
The Former Hearst Business
Investigative Reporter That Was
Foolishly Let Go By Greenwich Time
Editor David McCumber

Falcone, Inmarsat Deal Could mean Billions For Satellite Co.
Teri Buhl
Hedge fund honcho Phil Falcone and broadband company LightSquared yesterday executed their cooperative agreement with Inmarsat,

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CT Post Plagiarizer Jonathan Kantrowitz Quietly Corrects Bogus Article


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08/19/10 A Democratic Congressman And A Newspaper Editor Are Being Destroyed By Greenwich Millionaire Ned Lamont's Rough Posse Of Partisan Bloggers

Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes And The CT Post Editor Tom Baden Severely Harmed By The Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism Scandal

Stop The Madness

Whatever Happened To Journalistic Ethics And Standards In Bridgeport

Connecticut Post Advertisers And Readers Don't Want Unfair And Unbalanced Reporting From Fake, Phony And Fraudulent Political Writers

Over The Last Three Years Greenwich Millionaire Ned Lamont Wined Dined And Pocket Lined A Stable Of Partisan Bloggers That Befriended Hearst Vice President
Lincoln Millstein And Hijacked The Connecticut Post's Blog Page.

Now Connecticut's Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes has inherited Ned Lamont's fake, phony and fraudulent Connecticut Post political writers.

These Connecticut Post political writers include Jonathan Kantrowitz whowas caught plagiarizing from one of Jim Himes's fundraising emails.

Anthother Connecticut Post political writer
Alfonso Robinson who volunteers or gets paid to use the alias "CT BLOGGER" to solely up load a campaign commercial, that was paid for by the Jim Himes Congressional campaign.

Jim Himes posted the video that Connecticut Post writer Al Robinson on Facebook by writing the following to his followers....

Jim Himes

Jim Himes Sneak peek at my first ad - really lays out the choice we face this November.


These biased Connecticut Post writers even included Congressman Jim Himes' beloved wife Mary Himes

However, Dannel P. Malloy Blog Was Shut Down Soon After It Became Came Clear That He Would Be Running Against Ned Lamont In The Gubernatorial Race.

The Unethical Cowboy Mentality Is So Bad One Connecticut Post Writer Dave Ruden Threatened To Use Hearst Corporation Email Servers To Launch An "Email Bomb" Denial Of Service Attack, Because We Sought A Response From Hearst Employees About The Plagiarism Scandal.

Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz is just as stupid as he looksfor not steeping in to uphold Journalistic standards at the Connecticut Post.

Steven Swartz's lack of leadership and total disregard for Connecticut Post readers is just another huge dent to the credibility of mainstream journalism in Bridgeport.

Moral is so bad at the Connecticut Post writer MariAn Gail Brown this week posted "Lots of us think about going Slater"

Another Big loser in the Himes / Hearst Newspaper Pauperism Controversy is Jim Himes himself, because before Ned Lamont lost in the Democratic primary to Dan "The Comeback Kid" Malloy Congressman Himes lead all of the republican challengers in all of the pools.

In fact Jim Himes' could not stop crowing about how Dan Debicella won the Republican primary with less than 2/3rds of the primary vote.

Then, Jim Himes stole a page from Ned Lamont's play book and took in the rouge bloggers at the Connecticut Post. Himes' campaign manager Mark Henson to start posting campgain emails without attribution and Himes got Al Robinson to work on posting his "first ad" on YouTube.

Connecticut voters, who already had some distrust of Jim Himes, now were totally turned off by his unethical use of Connecticut Post Writers.

Now a poll released by the American Action Forum has the Dan Debecella / Jim Himes fourth district congressional race in a statistical dead heat.

Currently Dan Debicella trails Jim Himes by only 4 points, which is within the margin of error.

However among those certain to vote, the poll has Debicella and Himes at 45% to 45%.

Connecticut voters are turned off and do not trust a congressman who wines, dines and pocket lines fake, phony and fraudulent bloggers.

Connecticut voters look want an ethical congressman and Jim Himes will meet the same fate as Ned Lamont if he keeps lets these rough Connecticut Post political writers be the spokespersons for his campaign.

However, the biggest loser of the Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism scandal is CT Post Editor Tom Baden who had fiddled as the Bridgeport newspaper's reputation has went up in flames.

If You Do A Google Search For "CT Post Editor Tom Baden" The First, Second, Third And Sixth Result Is About How the Himes / Hearst Newspaper Scandal Was Improperly Handled.

40% Of The Top Google Results For Tom Baden Are About He Failed To Uphold Journalistic Standards And Ethics At The Connecticut Post.

The Old School Hearst Newspaper And Connecticut Post Newspaper Monopoly Only Shows Up At Number Nine As The New Jack Roundup News Blog Network Delivers Close To 6,000 Daily Unique Visitors Everyday.

Here is today's Google search results for,"CT Post Editor Tom Baden"....

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    When We Shine A Light On The
    Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism Scandal
    The Cockroaches Ran For Cover

    Greenwich Roundup Has Not Been Able To Get A
    Comment From Fourth District Congressman
    Jim Himes Or His Campaign.

    Messages Left For Jim Himes' Campaign Manager
    Mark Henson Have Not Been Returned.

    Several Emails To Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz And
    Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden Have Not Been Responded Too,

    However, We Were Able To Secure The Following Comment
    From The Dan Debicella Campaign:

    Mr. Himes is in trouble so I don’t blame him.

    He has to do what he has to do.

    Jason Perillo

    Campaign Manager | Debicella For Congress

    Email: Jason.Perillo@debicella.com

    P.O. Box 189

    Shelton, CT 06484

    Please send your comments, news tips and press releases
    to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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