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Friday, October 17, 2008

10/17/08 WOW !!!! Jim Himes Starts To Get Name Recognition CT Public Radio Just Discovered Jim Himes.

Jim Himes meets with voter

"If the people who vote for Barack Obama also vote for Jim, we'll win"

WPKT-FM Hartford

Former Goldman Sachs vice-president Jim Himes, whose only political experience is serving on Greenwich municipal boards, is making a bid for the seat of ten-term Congressman Christopher Shays. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen recently caught up with Himes as he campaigned on the train platform in Greenwich

Jim Himes spent ten years taking the train from here to Wall Street. Today he’s looking for a ticket to Washington.

“I’m a Democrat running for Congress this year. How are you?”“It’s so nice to meet you.”

Himes is button-holing this captive audience of early morning commuters. But Christine Kopprasch doesn’t seem to mind.

“I’ve been to a lot of Obama events so I know all about you. And I’m excited to vote for you”

That link between Obama and Himes is something Himes underscores when he speaks with 35-year-old Keesha Davis

“Can I give you one of my campaign flyers? I’m running with that Makes Bid guy. You might have heard of him”.

“Of course. Of course”

The flyer features a photograph of Himes with Barack Obama. Even though this is the only time Himes met the Presidential candidate, riding Obama’s coattails is part of his strategy. Himes’ spokesman Michael Sachse.

“If the people who vote for Barack Obama also vote for Jim then we’ll win this election.”
Like Obama, Himes is against the war in Iraq and says U-S troops should be withdrawn. But some voters, especially Republicans, aren’t convinced.

“Let me give you one of these I know you’re on the other side of the aisle, but you know I might persuade you. Right?”

In the case of this voter, probably not. But just up the platform another voter has made the switch.

“As the economy just plummeted that was the icing on the cake.”

Susan, a life-long resident of Greenwich, who declined to give her last name, says she hasn’t seen much change in Republican incumbent Chris Shays in the last few years. Especially when it comes to pocketbook issues.

“Just seeing the upper class get tax breaks and the corrupt large businesses get away with what they’re getting away with it and we’re having to pay for it.”

Susan says she’ll vote Democratic even though Jim Himes has close ties to large businesses. He got a half million dollars donated from people in the financial sector. And he worked at Goldman Sachs. But in this economic climate Himes says that kind experience could be an advantage. As he explains to voter Karl Bylciw

“I was in banking for 12 years. I wouldn’t have said this a year ago but having somebody in Congress who actually understands that industry because we’re going to be picking up the pieces for a long time.”

But Bylciw, a CFO at Citi Bank, is still undecided. He asks Himes about the advantage of sticking with Chris Shays

“Chris Shays has been there forever. I know within Congress everything is based on seniority. What would Connecticut lose if we lose that seniority out of the whole process?”

“That’s a great question…”

Himes says having a Congressman who is part of the Democratic majority will bring resources into the district.

Himes crosses to the other side of the railroad tracks, where he finds people who commute north, away from New York.

“Es muy importante para mi mobilizar la communidad Latina porque hasta ahora la comunidad no participa demasiado en las electiones.”

Himes tells Angelica Collin, who cleans houses, that mobilizing the Latin American community to vote is important. But he’ll have to wait for her to become a citizen for her vote.


“OK Muchas gracias”


“Hasta luego. Mucho gusto”

Himes, who is 42, learned Spanish growing up in Peru where he was raised by American parents. When he was ten he moved with his single Mom to New Jersey. 25 years later he was working on Wall Street when the twin towers were attacked. He was not impressed by the response of the government.

“There was a moment there where we recognized everything was different and yet we didn’t seize that moment.”

About a year later, Himes decided to seize it himself. He left Wall Street and went to work for a non-profit, where he helped develop affordable housing. Today, he says investing in rebuilding bridges, railways and roads will stimulate the economy.

“Just as our financial infrastructure was decrepit so is our physical infrastructure. So I’d really like to see Congress and if I were there right now I would be banging the tabletops to get a very significant infrastructure-oriented stimulus package put together.”

Back on the south bound platform Himes’ stimulus package isn’t convincing Nina Renna, who manages a medical office

“I think the concerns are deeper and more grave and for everybody involved --- I gotta get on this train.”

Stepping on the train to New York Renna says before the economic meltdown she would have voted for Himes. Now she’s not sure.

“I don’t know what anybody can do right now. Its a lot more difficult than it was two weeks ago. Making a decision like this.”

But as they say this train is leaving the station. And Himes has just a few weeks to convince voters they should give him their vote

Article Audio


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10/17/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Brian You okay?

Proposed New Art Work For Chris Fountain

Housing On Fire - For What It's Worth In The Blogoshere

If Chris Is Smart He Probably Should Reject Tis Art Work Outright

Chris Fountain says....

hey Brian - missing you out here in the Blogosphere. Everything okay? If not, can I help? And if you're just taking a hiatus, enjoy! (But you're missing Ugly Betty's swan song)

Chris Fountain
Riverside CT



Dear Chris,

I am doing fine. This week I have sort of turned into a Jesus Freak.

That's why every other post is about what's going on at Harvest Time Church.

This Church's 25th Anniversary has sort of turned into an old style revivial meeting, I am going to men's prayer in the morning. Church services at 10 AM and 7 PM. Plus there are are all of these meals with speakers.

Here is info about what I've been doing:

Pray Connecticut - Greenwich Church celebrates 25th with special services - Harvest Time Church in Greenwich, CT is hosting a series of special services this week to celebrate its 25th...

You would think that multiple church services would work better than "No-Doze" to put you to sleep. But each event has a different Pastor or speaker who is from a different part of the world.

I never went to an event like this before and have been amazed at how inspirational these Pastors are. One speaker was Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Uganda. He is like the Billy Graham of Uganda, but only better.

This guy rents the national stadiun in Kampala and reguarly fills it with like over a 100,000 people on a regular basis.

So I have fallen behind in reporting the news and am like the Greenwich Post and playing catch up on reporting about Betty Sternberg. Actually I am a little bit a head of the Greenwich Post, because I have at least opined a little about the soon to be ex - School Superintendent.

For Two Days The Greenwich Post is totally unaware that Ms. Sternberg is resigning in June of next year. Please see.....

If the Publisher had not listened to a bunch of real estate firms, who are now probably cutting way back on their advertising budgets, then he would still have the For What It's Worth column in his paper and the Betty Sternberg story would have at least covered.

But, Nooooooo.

Mr. Hersam was sooooooooo worried about some real estate ads that he did not get anyway.

Well Mr. Hersam and I just saw your piece on Ms. Sternberg and we are both playing catch up to For What It's Worth .

Our School Superintendent announced yesterday that she will not seek to have her employment contract renewed. She leaves in June.

Well, even if her students can't, now we know that Sternberg can read writing on the wall.

Time to consider Peter Tesei's (and others') idea of selecting our next Superintendent from among the ranks of our current principals, who presumably know the town, its students and the parents. And if none do, who are we hiring as our principals?

Your Post Also Generated A Few Good Comments:

My Favorite Poster Anonymous said...

Good Bye and Good Ridance - another waste of time and money - and who are the losers?? You got it right - the town citizens and all their children. What a mess our education system is - where is the leadership???

It will make absolutely no difference where and how your new superintendent is chosen. Every last one of them is part of the "blob," as it's called in NYC, the "educationist" cartel. They all belong to the same union, have the same phony-baloney degrees in phony-baloney subjects from phony-baloney schools of "education." The blob has a stranglehold, written into state laws, on all aspects of public education and like all monopolies and cartels, you have as much choice with them as you did with the garbage collection cartels of old (or do they still exist?).

To Which My Favorite Poster Anonymous Responded...

Interesting - I agree - I think! :)

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1017/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS FROM OUR FAVORITE POSTER: Anonymous Says Greenwich Citizen Now Has News About Betty Sternberg Being Fired

Greenwich Citizen Finally Reports That Betty Is Out Of Here !!!!

Greenwich Roundup

The Greenwich Citizen has responded to your post about no news about Dr. Sternberg's departure.


This Was In Response Too:
What About Betty?????
Last Week The Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen reported that Betty Sternberg poor performance was punished with a salary cap that despite rewarding her with an increase in pay would give her "far less than an optimum salary bonus". Yes Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen was telling us how the board of education punished Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg with a raise.
But now for two days the Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen Doesn't Want To Report That Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg will resign in of June of next year. Maybe they are hoping that Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg will change her mind !!!!!!!


Would someone just shoot me I can't take this anymore !!!!

After Two Days This Is The Best That Hearst Newspapers Can Produce.

Article Last Updated: 10/17/2008 01:10:01 PM EDT

Dr. Betty Sternberg, superintendent of the Greenwich Public Schools, informed the Board of Education Wednesday that she has decided not to seek renewal of her contract.

"I plan to stay for the duration of my contract and will continue to refine the course we have started," Sternberg wrote. "I look forward to working together cooperatively as we develop a budget that will support our educational system in these financially challenging times."

Sternberg succeeded Dr. Larry Leverett as superintendent three years ago.

That's It Folks

It Took Two Days For The Greenwich "We Love Betty More Than The Kids" Citizen to get parts of a Board Of Education Press Release up on their so-called "news" website.

Please read citizen journalist Bill Clark's report about Betty's Departure and compare it to the report above that no Hearst Newspaper employee wants to to put their byline on.

What's this stupid argument that mainstream reporters are so much better than citizen journalists and bloggers?

This is not the only time Bill Clark has scooped Hearst Newspapers.

Please read this Tuesday, September 30, 2008 report from Greenwich Gossip:

Your scribe has been down to the Board of Ed, and has picked up a copy of the Harris survey that was carried out in May and June of this year. As you may recall, dear reader, the survey was machine-readable, having been filled out with #2 lead pencils just as we all used to do with the SATs. Theoretically, the raw results should have been available within 24 hours. But that's not the way these surveys work.

Clearly the public cannot be trusted with the raw data. It has to be massaged and obfuscated first. If certain results are not as wished, a portion of the surveys can simply be declared unusable. If a certain issue - e.g., the level of dissatisfaction with the superintendant - is too one-sided, the "impact index" must be applied to mitigate this fact. Other factors used to massage the data are called the "incidence rate" and the "penalty", which must be multiplied together to provide the numerator of the "impact score", and so on and so forth. Finally, if a certain segment of the population survey (in this case, community leaders and RTM members) is wildly anti-Betty, you can just decide not to report most of their results at all.

The survey was filled out by four general categories of "stakeholders" (shades of Wall Street!): students, teachers, parents, and community leaders. The students, being clearly not yet fully educated by definition, were not allowed to register an opinion of Betty. But the other three categories were, and in each of these groups Betty came in dead last in the "satisfaction" sweepstakes.....

Now Contrast And Compare How The Greenwich "We Love Betty More Than The Kids" Citizen Finally Reported On The Survey In Town After Every Newspaper In Town Followed Citizen Journalist Bill Clark's Freedom Of Information Request And Reported The Bad Results On Their Front Pages And Home Pages.

Anne W. Semmes

Article Last Updated: 10/10/2008 10:05:21 AM EDT

....."It was quite a big drop," said Dr. Betty Sternberg, superintendent of schools. Sternberg, who took up her post prior to the administering of the 2006 Harris Poll, revealed the survey findings in a press conference held before last Thursday's regular meeting of the Board of Education. With her to explain the findings was John Curtin, assistant superintendent of research and evaluation.....

Sternberg called the poll a "courageous undertaking" by the Board of Education. "Its better to know what people are thinking, than not," she said.

Only two other districts in the state administered the survey, which carried a price tag of $22,000, a factor, no doubt, in that only 200 districts nationwide employ it.

"We see in the results overall satisfaction is a concern particularly with adults," Sternberg said. She called the results "disappointing but not surprising." ...... blah ..... blah ... Blah ....

Please Note That....

Betty Sternberg's Flurry Of Panicked Board Of Education Press Releases And An Unprecedented Emergency Press Conference That Was Held Before The Last BOE Meeting Was In Response To Bill Clark's Freedom Of Information Request And His Blog Post.

But Greenwich Mainstream Reporters Are Soooooooooo Much Better Than Bloggers And Citizen Journalists --- Yeah right.


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10/17/08 Thr Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Friday (Updated 3 Times)

The Situationism in the Blogosphere in Grenwich

Blogers who live, work or used to work in Greenwich.....

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The Blonde Excuse
New MacBook Pro - I was planning on doing a lot of blogging today, but then I got a new computer that required my immediate and undivided attention. You may or may not remember...


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10/17/08 News Links From The Greenwich "We Are Not Talking About Betty" Citizen

What About Betty?????
Last Week The Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen reported that Betty Sternberg poor performance was punished with a salery cap that despite rewarding her with an increase in pay would give her "far less than an optimum salary bonus". Yes Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen was telling us how the board of education punished Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg with a raise.

But now for two days the Greenwich "We Love Betty And Not The Kids" Citizen Doesn't Want To Report That Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg will resign in of June of next year. Maybe they are hoping that Betty "The town's highest wage earner" Sternberg will change her mind !!!!!!!

In the wake of the Wall Street meltdown, Greenwich is facing a $4.2-million hole in its tightly laced budget in the new fiscal year that started July I and ends June 30, 2009.

FAIRFIELD - In a meeting last Friday with the Brooks Community Newspapers Editorial Board, Democratic candidate Jim Himes once again took the offensive in his ongoing battle to unseat 21-year incumbent Republican Christopher Shays in the

Awesome Tree Contest: Deadline Near

Greenwich is bursting with beautiful and awesome trees and come Nov. 16 the most beautiful, the most awesome, widest, tallest, even weirdest, and the one with the greatest story will win an award, given by the Greenwich Tree Conservancy.

So Far, Cards on the Money

Thirteen games into the high school girls volleyball season and Greenwich High appears to be exactly where it was a year ago.

Rosemary Wells, 65, has dual talents. As author and illustrator she paints her characters into being then gives them voices far younger than her years.

Now Here Is The Hard Hitting Greenwich Citizen And It's Not About The Failed Betty Sternberg Aministration, Mold At The "NEW" 30 Million Dollar The Hamilton Avenue School Or Glenvile School That Exists In Name Only. No It's About Something Much More Inportant.....

Shea Stadium Memories

Let's give Shea Stadium its due. My memories of Yankee Stadium, accumulated during nearly 20 years of sportswriting with daily newspapers in Waterbury and New Haven, appeared in this space a couple of issues back.

Here Are Some More Local Hard Hitting Editorials.....

This would almost be funny if wasn't so pitiful.

Hearst Newspapers had the last six days to sumorize what's going on in Greenwich and this was the best they could do?

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10/17/08 News Links From The Greenwich "We Are Not Talking About Betty Sternberg" Post Of How Do You Like These Press Releases?

Thursday, Oct. 9, the Alliance Francaise of Greenwich celebrated the 125th anniversary of the Alliance Francaise and the 90th anniversary of the Alliance Francaise of Greenwich. Mimi Wind, a member of the AFG for 43 years was honored for her years of commitment to the sharing of French language and culture in the community. Jane Bernbach, president of the federation of the Alliances Francaises in the U.S. was the featured speaker. Le Wine Shop , Jean-Louis of Greenwich and Le Gourmet Store provided a champagne reception. Money raised during the evening will go to the Greenwich/Vienne Sister City Program. From left, Renee Ketcham, Mimi Wind, Jane Bernbach and Gail Covney attended the celebration.

A free seminar and open house event on securing a mortgage amid the bailout, is being offered in Greenwich on Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Each year, more than 500,000 people will suffer a ski-related injury on the slopes. The most common occurrence, accounting for 30% to 40% of ski-related injuries annually, is an injury to the knee. While preventive pre-season steps like physical conditioning, equipment checks and refresher lessons can reduce the risks, recognizing the injury when it occurs on the slopes and treating it properly is the best way to quicken recovery time and increase the chances of a return to the slopes before the end of the season.

Are You Tired Of Press Releases?

Would You Prefer Some Old News?

Both major political parties in Greenwich celebrated kickoffs at their party headquarters recently as the political season went into full gear with just two and a half weeks left to campaign.

Town Democrats were in a festive mood last Tuesday when they officially opened their campaign headquarters with a debate-watching party as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) tangled with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Greenwich Republicans opened their headquarters at 407 East Putnam Ave. in Cos Cob in style Oct. 2 with a kickoff featuring speeches from all their candidates and remarks by Rep. Christopher Shays’ campaign manager, Michael Sohn.

A gauge on the downstream side of the Comly Avenue bridge in Pemberwick will soon be able to tell how fast the Byram River is flowing and how high the water level is rising. Town officials are hoping the new federally backed system will help give early warning to area residents should a flood be headed their way.

When Greenwich voters go to the ballot box in a little more than two weeks, it’s no mystery that the unaffiliated voters will be the key to any candidate’s success.

Plans to build a new chemical storage building along Putnam Lake in backcountry Greenwich will remain on hold until Nov. 10, when a public hearing regarding Aquarion Water Co.’s wetlands compliance at the site is continued. A Planning and Zoning Commission hearing on the matter will also be continued next month.

I always fill so informed after the reading the Greenwich Post !!!!


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10/17/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Goodbye Betty

Greenwich Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg in her office at the Havemeyer Building in August. Sternberg has announced her intention to step down at the end of the school year.
(Greenwich Time file photo)

Sternberg to step down

file photoSuperintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg will step down as chief administrator of the town's public school system when her contract expires next summer, she said, citing a desire to be "responsive to the interests of the community.

With a Board of Education vote looming next week on whether to renew her contract with the school system, Sternberg said she decided on Monday night to not seek renewal of her employment agreement, which expires June 30, 2009.

"I wanted the district to know sooner rather than later," she said of her decision to announce her resignation prior to the board's vote on Oct. 23.

Sternberg's decision comes nearly two weeks after the board voted to give her a $3,500 salary bonus - out of a potential $15,000 for which she was eligible - based on its evaluation of her management of the district last school year....
....Several school board members described Sternberg's decision Wednesday night as a surprise, and said the superintendent had not faced internal pressure from individual members to step down....

..."This was her own decision," said Board Chairwoman Nancy Weissler, who was on the four-person search committee that recommended Sternberg for the position in 2006. The others were current member Steven Anderson and two former members, Ginny Gwynn and Bill Kelly.

Weissler said she will begin selecting members for a new search committee to find Sternberg's successor following the body's Oct. 23 meeting.....

...Alex Capozza, a vice president of the Hamilton Avenue School PTA Executive Board, said Sternberg had big shoes to fill in and inherited a number of complex issues.

"She came into very tough territory," Capozza said.

Sternberg's departure, Capozza said, creates an opening for the next superintendent to improve academics across the school district.


Betty Sternberg seem to have a better sense of the community than the lackluster and out of touch school board and some PTA members.

Betty Sternberg had BIG SHOES to fill?

What does this mean?



"I Should Put Children Before Board Members And Superintendents"


saying that previous superintendent did such a great job that Dr. Betty Sternberg couldn't fill his shoes?

PTA members have been to afraid to confront failed school administrators and board members and this has hurt the progress of Greenwich Students in General and Western Greenwich students in particular.

The Children Should Always Come First.
PTA members should not limit children by telling their families to drink lemonade. PTA should me encouraging and supporting families that want their and every child in town to drink in all that the Greenwich School System.

The PTA members should fight to ensure that every child gets a fair portion, without worrying if a school board chairwoman or some over paid and failed school administrator is going to like them or not.
Please See:
Our topic today is Betty Sternberg, of course. A scant few days before the Board of Ed was to meet to review her contract, Betty has bailed. The Board raises its hands in professed surprise. "We had no idea," is the gist of their comments.
If so, they are even more mentally challenged than your scribe has previously supposed. Practically since the day she came, Betty has been receiving negative reviews from parents, teachers, and the community at large. These were recently codified in the Harris Survey in which Betty received a failing grade in every single category from every single constituency.
And so she has jumped before she was pushed. And the Board of Education is taken by surprise? Spare me.
The real problem, of course, is that she will continue to be around to plague us and drain our Town treasury dry right up to the middle of next year. Why the Board of Ed doesn't just buy out her contract and give her the boot is one of life's great mysteries. Perhaps they're curious to see just how much more havoc she can wreak before the door finally hits her in the rear end next June 30.
Your scribe predicts that she will do considerably more damage to our already-reeling school system before then. She is like* the pilot of a burning airplane who has no parachute. She is certain to crash and burn. Will she head for an empty field, or, more likely, yet another school full of young children?
She has already all but destroyed Hamilton Avenue, and Glenville School exists in name only. That's two down in two years. But she still has almost a year to go, so she has time to target one more school here in Town.
Will it be New Lebanon? Parkway? North Street? Julian Curtiss? Cos Cob? North Mianus? Dundee? Riverside? Old Greenwich? How about the middle schools? Or perhaps even Greenwich High School itself?
How many more talented faculty members and administrators can she drive away in the next nine months? How many more falling test scores can we expect to see between now and then?
Since Betty is unable to do the honorable thing and just resign immediately, the Board should simply bite the bullet and fire her. By any standards of job performance, she has been and continues to be a miserable failure.
Why should she stay on the job even one more day?
That is a rhetorical question, dear reader. Everyone in Town, with the obvious exception of the Board of Ed, knows the answer. She should not.
*N.B. This is what is known as a simile, a literary device that is not to be confused with objective fact. It is meant to help clarify something to the reader, in this case the gravity of the ever-burgeoning train wreck in our Town's educational system. In no way is it meant to suggest that Betty knows how to pilot an airplane, or even how to steer one.
Breaking News ....
The Clueless Greenwich Citizen And Greenwich Post Have Been Totally Unaware Of Betty Sternberg's Resignation For Two Days, Because They Have Posted Nothing About This News Story.
Maybe the Greenwich Citizen and Greenwich Post are AWOL on the latest Board Of Education story is, because editorially they have repeatedly been strong supporters the failed Sternberg administration.

Greenwich School Children Have Suffered, Because The Greenwich Citizen And The Greenwich Post Have Blindly Supported Dr. Betty Sternberg On Their Editorial Pages.

Have Things Gotten This Bad????

Obama holds 22 percent lead over McCain In District 4?

By Jeff Morganteen
Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/16/2008 02:58:59 PM EDT

A newly released poll of Fourth District voters shows eleven-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Bridgeport, trailing Democratic challenger Jim Himes of Greenwich by 3 percentage points.

The poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday, reports that Himes leads by 48 percent to 45 percent. His 3-point advantage is within the survey's 4-point margin of error, the poll reported.

Earlier this week, SurveyUSA interviewed 660 registered voters from the Fourth District, among which 602 were determined as likely to vote in November.

The poll also asked respondents about the presidential election between U.S. Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz, and Barack Obama, D-Ill. It found that Obama holds a 22 percent lead leading McCain 59 percent to 37 percent.

The SurveyUSA poll results come about a week after Sacred Heart University released data with Shays holding a 10-point lead over Himes. In that poll, however, 29 percent of likely voters were undecided. In the recent SurveyUSA poll, that number dwindled to 3 percent.


So Who Is Right

Sacred Heart Or SurveyUSA?
Please Note That.....
Chris Shays Is Leading Jim Himes SIX Videos To ONE Video In The Greenwich Citizen Home Page Campgain 2008 Media Player !!!!!
Please See:
  • From The Out The Out Town And Corporately Owned
  • Hearst Newspaper's Greenwich Citizen:
  • Nothing Nada Zip
  • Forget About It
  • No Updates For 5 Days
  • However, The Unfair Media Player That Presents And Unbalanced Number Of Videos Promoting Chris Shays Over Jim Himes Is Baaaack!!!

Please See:

10/11/08 My Hats Off To The Greenwich Citizen Editor And Webmaster For Following Greenwich Roundup's Lead And Putting Up Himes And Shays Videos, But There Is A Little Problem....

Abused women find strength at vigil

For years, Michelle Johnson said she felt like a wandering woman. "I was stumbling through life unsure of what to do," Johnson told a crowd of several dozen people on hand Thursday night at the YWCA of Greenwich for a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence rises in town

Domestic violence incidents are on the rise in Greenwich this year, police said, an issue gaining attention as residents prepare for a candlelight vigil tonight as part of national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Greenwich penalized over wetlands work

Tipped off by a whistle-blower, the state Department of Environmental Protection has slapped the town of Greenwich with a violation notice for doing what the agency said was unauthorized excavation work in an intertidal wetland at Greenwich Point Park.

Witherell seeking new design firm

The town is looking for a new architect for the $36 million Nathaniel Witherell renovation project after contract discussions with the design firm chosen last summer broke down.

Woman in court on drug charge

STAMFORD - A Norwalk woman appeared in state Superior Court on Wednesday to face a charge stemming from the February 2007 overdose death of a Greenwich High School student.

Sacred Heart soccer topped by Hopkins in physical battle

Keelin Daly/Staff photoOver the last couple of seasons the budding rivalry between Convent of the Sacred Heart and Hopkins soccer programs could be described as a downright physical.

Marriage ruling not logical

Government should divorce itself from the marriage business. It is time both to honor the words of the founders and recognize that American society has evolved beyond anything they had envisioned.

More Greenwich Time Stories
Sunday, the fire company will celebrate their 60th anniversary
Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/17/2008 07:14:57 AM EDT
Bill Strain still recalls the day he and several other volunteers from the Round Hill Volunteer Fire Co sat anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first new fire engine.

"The truck got lost on the railroad and the freight office was closed on Saturday," said Strain, a founding member of the department, former chief and current treasurer.

"So some of the boys found it, cut open the freight car and drove out the truck themselves," Strain, 77, recalled with laughter. "It was a 1951 GMC."

Sixty years later, the fire department has progressed from a small station with one engine based in a rented barn to an modern fire house with five fully equipped vehicles, according to current Chief Rick Strain.

Expand primary voting rights for younger citizens

To the editor:

I am writing in support of an amendment to the Connecticut Constitution that will be present on the ballot Nov. 4. This amendment, also known as House Joint Resolution 21, would give 17-year-olds the right to vote in primary elections if they will be 18 by Election Day. This resolution was overwhelmingly passed in the Connecticut state House 135-12, in April and thus will be voted upon by the general public.

This amendment is vital for the involvement of young Americans in the political process. It would allow young citizens to get involved in the political process at the earliest point possible, even before they turn 18. That would bring a number of new voters into the political process and continue to force candidates to focus on young voters, the future of the country...

...With a number of extremely competitive and historic races going on in our nation, our state and our town, this amendment could easily be overlooked. I hope it will not be, and am glad to see that it was supported by the three state representatives in town, Lile Gibbons, Dolly Powers and Livvy Floren, who cast affirmative votes.

This is an amendment that Republicans and Democrats alike can agree upon, and I hope all Connecticut voters come together on Election Day to support HJ 21.

Jack Appelbaum

The writer is a member of the Greenwich Young Democrats

Right priorities for serving in the state Senate

To the editor:

Scott Frantz will make an excellent state senator, adding his own exceptional talents and personality while maintaining the strong platforms that Sen. Bill Nickerson established...

...These tough times call for a new breed of politician - one who can make the tough decisions, and has the character to command respect and cooperation from those around him.

Betsy Murphy

Action required so arts center can go forward

To the editor:

Greenwich is a place where the lives of all have been enriched through the generosity of its citizens. The partnership of public and private is evident in the Bruce Museum, the YMCA, the YWCA, Binney Park and the Arch Street teen center, to name just some of the jewels that adorn our town.

The proposed Greenwich Center for the Arts is another example of such generosity, with the offer of $35 million of private funds to bring a permanent arts center to Greenwich. The group would do this by renovating the deteriorating Havemeyer Building, once the Board of Education moves to the more appropriate space it seeks......

....It is somewhat encouraging that at a recent meeting, the school board for the first time agreed to consider space off Greenwich Avenue and perhaps away from downtown Greenwich. This should yield more options.

In light of all this, I urge the school board to make a decision. I also hope our fine Board of Selectmen and Representative Town Meeting will be able to facilitate the progress of these projects in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Judy Donahue

Gay marriage ruling ought to be reversed

To the editor:

I am strongly against the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Connecticut....

...I urge the citizens of Connecticut to mobilize in contacting their state legislators demanding of them to repeal this forced ruling.

Richard Day
Old Greenwich

Town needs an opponent of harmful taxes

To the editor:

District 7 members of the Representative Town Meeting enthusiastically support Fred Camillo's candidacy for the 151st District....

....Sixteen percent of Greenwich residents are 65 or older, and many of them are living on fixed incomes. Yet Connecticut is one of only a handful of states that does not provide income-tax relief for pension fund payments, Social Security, and/or retirement account distributions. This should be re-evaluated if the state is to retain its older population.....

....live in the 151st District, as we do, will vote on Nov. 4 for John McCain for president, and Christopher Shays for congressman, and for Scott Franz for state senator, and Fred Camillo for 151st District state representative.

Marianne Gattinella
Winona Mullis
Rob Searle
Leslie Tarkington



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