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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

01/16/08 - I Met With First Selectman Peter Tesei Today

We talked about the crime, drugs, graffiti, quality of life, vandalism problems that plague Byram residents and merchants every single day.
The possibility of a Byram Police Substation and more police patrols throughout Byram were mentioned.
Mr. Tesei said that he would send an email to the Department of Public Works about the Graffiti on the Welcome to the Town Of Greenwich- Village Of Byram sign on Putnam Avenue.
We also discussed how Police Squad 2 (Central Greenwich) and Police Squad 3 (Eastern Greenwich) currently work together to solve crime problems. It was suggested that maybe Squad 1 (Western Greenwich - Byram) could be assisted by squad 2 for a few months to lower the crime rate in Byram.
Mr. Tesei and I both agreed that there were many wonderful new projects ready to go in Byram once the security and quality of life problems are eliminated by the Greenwich Police Department.
Mr. Tesei was very enthusiastic about the new efforts for the Lyon House that are currently coming together and he provided me with some great literature about the Lyon House.
Further, Mr. Tesei encouraged me to get involved with the Byram Neighborhood Association.
I think that if Mr. Tesei can bring a more police services to Byram the many other Byram projects will takeoff and flourish.
Mr. Tesei's Legacy may very well be decided on the streets of Byram.
Will the youth gangs and drugs continue to destroy Byram or will there be a Reincarnation in Byram.
If Rudy Giuliani could get rid of the squeegee men and turn around Times Square, then surely Peter Tesie can put an end to alcoholics drinking from open containers and eliminate the high level of crime in Byram.

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