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Friday, September 26, 2008

09/26/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

Camillo, Krumeich square off for 151st

The two men competing for the only contested Greenwich seat in the state House of Representatives met publicly as opponents for the first time Thursday, at a forum sponsored by the Greenwich Bar Association.

Oak trees escape ax man

Seven of nine black and red oaks tagged for removal on the grounds of the Bruce Museum were spared Thursday by the town's tree warden.

Selectmen OK Stanwich historic district

The Stanwich Historic District is one step away from becoming a reality. The protected designation, recommended by the Historic District Commission for a cluster of properties that include some early 18th-century homes on Taconic Road, was accepted by the Board of Selectmen in a unanimous vote at its meeting Thursday at Town Hall.

Registering to vote

Election Day is Nov. 4, just 35 days away. Greenwich residents who have not yet registered to vote have a number of opportunities to do so before then, with the final in-person deadline being Tuesday, Oct.

Unrest over schools grows

While most community members hold their own individual schools in high esteem, discontent is mounting about the general state of the town's education system, a new survey shows.

Feds to auction mansion of ex-hedge fund manager

The once pristine backcountry mansion owned by former hedge fund manager Michael Lauer is now an abandoned dwelling with things that seemed to have been left behind in a rush.

Groups present project requests
Build us a pool, and you've got an open invitation to do water aerobics. That was one of the more colorful appeals made Wednesday night to the architects of the town's capital improvement plan during a public hearing at Town Hall on spending priorities for the coming year.

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09/26/08 The Word Around Town Is Some Num Nut Paid Big Bucks For 7 Dwight Lane (Updated)

The pool at 7 Dwight Lane is obscured by weeds and dirt.

(Bob Luckey/Greenwich Time Staff Photo)

It can't be true but folks are saying that the place sold for either 2 or 3 million.

I don't know if it's true but there apparently only one bidder out of 30 shocked Real Estate insiders at the auction.

Later, I am going to check Chris Fountain's Real Estate Blog, but I have to go to the White Plains Building Department to pull some plans and then to the Westchester County Clerk's Office to get a copy of a deed.

Hopefully, Chris was there and he was brave enough to get pictures of auction attendees rolling on the floor laughing at this unbelievable bid.

If Chris did not bother to go to the auction I am sure you will find other great real estate news at

Greenwich Real Estate - For What It's Worth

Update From Chris Fountain At For What It's Worth:

7 Dwight Lane
Posted by Chris Fountain at 9:22 AM

One story that GT has posted today (a month after this blog reported on it, with pictures) is the IRS auction to be held at noon up on Dwight Lane. The auctioneer claims it will sell way beyond its asking price of $2.5 million - I say it won't. I'll be there this afternoon and will let you know what happens, and who was right.
Okay, we can call off the financial crisis
Posted by Chris Fountain at 1:00 PM
7 Dwight Lane did find someone willing to meet the minimum bid of $2.5 million. This wasn't exactly what the IRS representative told me and a few other amused skeptics last month, when he insisted that his "biggest problem was only having one of these to sell" and assuring us that he had bidders lined up the door, ready to buy this dreadful property for far more than the minimum but a buyer was found among the 20-30 people who showed up to laugh.
The buyer was an elderly gentleman from, I think, out of town (ED - do non-Greenwich residents look different from us? Why, yes, I believe they do - besides, no one from Greenwich would think this place was worth what they bought it for). He and his 3rd (?) wife, who probably sprung him from the asylum just for the day, succumbed to the rep's rather unoriginal mantra of "Greenwich, Greenwich, Greenwich, location, location, location" and parted with their money.....


Greenwich Time

Indicted fund manager's home brings in $2.5 million bid

Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer

Article Launched: 09/26/2008 01:20:07 PM
A Scottsdale, Ariz. man was the winning - and only - bidder for a backcountry mansion auctioned off today by the IRS.
Low, 68, who described himself as a retired private investor originally from Manhattan, was the only person to enter a bid at the auction, held at noon and attended by more than two dozen people.

He said he and his wife Linda will live in the 7,328-square-foot home

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09/25/08 ANOTHER READER WANTS TO ADD EVEN MORE COMMENTS about ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani

I agree with your comments about Joe Pisani's attempts at "moralizing" society.

However, if he wants to write about the behavior of single divorced men and women, and label their behavior as "immoral" or "inappropriate," I suggest he tone down his broad judgmental opinions, and get specific.

Not every divorcee is hanging out in bars, preying on 20-somethings, or trying to find a rich spouse in local drinking establishments. Being divorced is no picnic.

I don't believe every marriage can be saved.

I think, sometimes, it is better to leave a marriage FOR the sake of the children. I understand the Catholic Church condemns divorce, but the Catholic Church is not always there to help when people need it most.

The people in your parish were very lucky to find such support.

I know friends who tried everything to save their marriage, but if one spouse isn't interested in saving it, it is over. It was at the suggestion of one priest, a friend leave her husband.

His behavior was drunk, abusive, and the children were watching a nightmare unfold before their eyes.

Was the wife out at local bars, competing with 20-somethings looking for rich men who managed Hedge funds? No, the wife was home, living a very lonely life, supporting the children single-handedly.

I think if Joe Pisani wants to address Catholic issues as a Catholic, he better be living a stellar Catholic life.

I'm sick of his "holier than thou" opinionated drivel.

His columns help no one, and often magnify problems rather than help correcting them.

Is Joe a perfect Catholic?

That is almost laughable.

In the case of his former newspaper, reporting about a couple of local priests stealing money and living immoral lifestyles, he started out stating the facts which needed to be made public.

But there was absolutely no need to zero in on these parishes and have their places of worship PAGE ONE for a year.

There is something called "too much information" and this is a perfect example.

Did we need to know every disgusting detail about these men abusing their vows, including sleeping arrangements? Was it necessary to put up a blog, where people could ruin more reputations simply by writing whatever they wanted to anonymously?

It doesn't surprise me one bit Joe Pisani has never apologized to anyone for his failures as an editor.

It takes humility, and Joe has none. He presents himself as though he knows the answers to everything, and the rest of us know nothing.

I doubt the words "I'm sorry" have ever been spoken by the man.

It is all about him, all the time.

How would I know?

Trust me, I KNOW.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing his name in print.

If he fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, I doubt anyone would notice.


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09/26/08 We Don't Know Why, But Yesterday We Had 1000 Visitors Come And Read About What's Going On In Greenwich !!!!!!

Every morning before I go to my 6 AM men's prayer group at Harvest Time Church I don't and stop and reflect on what's going on in Greenwich and the world, no I log on to my Google analytics account and spend 15 or 20 minutes examining all of Greenwich Roundups Web Traffic Reports.

The desperate, the hurting, the needy and sick people of Greenwich and the World who are crying out for justice and intersession must wait until I have logged on to Google's Web Statistic Servers.

Even though Greenwich Roundup has a meager audience it is still a continually growing audience.

I remember 9 to 10 months ago looking everyday to see if I had more than 100 visitors that day. Currently, we have a range between 650 and 850 visitors per day.

a day or two each weak we will have 900 plus visitors, but on Weekend especially Fridays we ca go as low as 500 some.

For a least six weeks I have rushed woke up thinking today is the day that we will go over 1000, but that day never seemed to come.

One day a couple of weeks ago 984 visitors came.

I was so mad at myself when I got 984 visitors, maybe if I had just found one more piece of Greenwich news and posted it I could gotten 16 more visitors.

One night about three or four weeks a go that I got 6 emails of pictures of water causing damage inside the "NEW" 30 Million Dollar Hamilton Avenue school and I was sure that I was going to blast through that 1000 visitor ceiling.

I was close, but there was no cigar that day.

Later I told myself you should have released those photos on email a day and not have blown the whole wad in one day, but then I said to myself no that would have been wrong just to sit on some of the photos for five or six days.

What do you think I am some cowardly reporter like Greenwich Time Reporter Niel Vidgor who sits on a binder of fake Greenwich Beach passes, because he is afraid to expose big shots in Old Greenwich.

Then I was sent a email copy of a Board Of Education's paniced email that Mike "Hotmail" Boden had sent from London reacting to the release of images Hamilton Avenue Pictures in Greenwich Roundup, that showed the conditions that he and Frank Mazza had been hiding from the parents and taxpayers of Greenwich.

Surely this was going to blast me though the 1000 visitor ceiling at Greenwich Roundup.

Again, close, but no cigar.

And Frankly, I can't tell you why we hit 1036 visitors yesterday.

Was it the discussion over Joe "The Censor" Pisani, the press release that SEC sent about Greenwich resident Michael that the Greenwich Time ignored, was it the rant about how Feds should not bailout Greedy Wall street guys that live in Greenwich, etc., etc.,

Who knows there really was not nothing special or sensational on Greenwich Roundup yesterday. I did not even get a chance to do the raw Greenwich Blog feed that has links to all the other Greenwich Bloggers and Citizen journalist's yesterday.

In fact, there were only six posts.....

09/25/08 Wall Street welfare ...

09/25/08 The 1965 McLaren-Elva M1A "Cro-Sal Special...

09/25/08 Boo Hoo Hoo, Poor Michael Lauer !!!!!

09/24/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Re: Pissy Pisani...

09/25/08 REAL ESTATE PRESS RELEASE: Palmer Hill...

09/25/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday

It looks like that the Greenwich Roundup is just naturally gaining more and more regular visitors that want to know what is going on in Greenwich.

and it looks like Greenwich Roundup will naturally grow where their are routinely over 1000 visitors who are very involved and concerned about what is going on in Greenwich.

I am beginning to wonder how the Greenwich citizen, the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time's web traffic compares to Greenwich Roundup.

These Greenwich mainstream news sites don't share these numbers with their readers and /or advertisers.

I have said it for months here at Greenwich Roundup, that if all the citizen journalists like Bill Clark, Chris Fountain Greenwich Diva, Greenwich Guy, Sarah Littman joined together they would rocket past the other so-called mainstream news websites in Greenwich.

And if we added daily photos about Greenwich from Lauren at the Blonde Excue's you would probably have so many daily visitors that the website would become the true voice of Greenwich.

There would probably be so many visitors that the website could be monetized to the point that it had paid citizen journalists.

Ka Ching ..... Ka Ching ..... Ka Ching !!!!!!

But this is not going to happen, because organizing independent Greenwich Bloggers into a news gathering team would be like herding a bunch of cats down Putnam Avenue.

But just to be safe the three mainstream news papers should hire these journalists and photographers and make them wage slaves, before they combine their individual Greenwich web site traffic and put the so-called mainstream news websites out of business.

The good news is I can stop being a daily web stat whore for a while and start trying to be a better and more professional citizen journalist.

But once the daily visitor statistics start to approach 2000 visitors a day.....

Then it will once again be time for the

in 64 point bold fonts !!!!!

Newsprint Sales by ZIP Codes
where sales were reported by
The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time
Weekday sales:
06830 / Greenwich / CT / 4,495
06831 / Greenwich / CT / 2,190
06807 / Cos Cob / CT / 1,426
06870 / Old Greenwich / CT / 1,411
06878 / Riverside / CT / 1,359
This report was from 5/20/05
It is my understanding that the Greenwich Time and the Stamford Advocate have lost a considerable amount of weekday sales in Greenwich during the last three years.
There is a reason that the publisher of the Greenwich Time doesn't promote only the Greenwich Time's circulation numbers in Greenwich.
And there is a reason why the web stats of just the
Greenwich Time's web page are not ever published.

*Police officer of the month*
Another story that Greenwich Time refuses to share with its on line readers is the announcement of a...


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09/26/08 Greenwich Facing 'Financial Tsunami'

Greenwich, Connecticut is a rich enclave of hedge fund managers- and thus is feeling the pain of the current financial crisis like a ton of bricks. Ned Lamont, a Greenwich resident who ran for Senate in 2006, says, 'This is our Katrina.'

"'I don't know what will happen,' said Adie von Gontard, an heir to the Budweiser beer fortune who owns a 20-acre estate in one of Greenwich's best neighborhoods. 'We've had depressions and wars, but we don't know how lucky we are.'

First Selectman Peter Tesei said Wall Street affects everything from philanthropic contributions to a potential increase in public school enrollment if some families can no longer afford private schools. A recently laid-off trader who was making several million dollars annually 'is not going to be able to donate the $200,000 they did in the past' to charities, Tesei said.

'While I don't think we're in a crisis, we want to be proactive' in monitoring the markets, he said. 'By and large, the general population is very cautious.'"

Full Story: For Greenwich, ‘This Is Our Katrina’

Source: The Wall St. Journal, September 25, 2008

09/26/08 Greenwich Citizen News Links For Friday

Greenwich High s Katy Kiwala, right, along with teammate Kate Centofanti, shows everyone who s No. 1 in FCIAC volleyball during the Cardinals historic win over Darien last Friday, which ended the Blue Wave s 140-game win streak.

(GREENWICH CITIZEN photo / Amy Mortensen)

Darien's High volleyball team sauntered into the Greenwich High gym with the confident look of a team that owns Connecticut high school volleyball.

First it was Bear Stearns, then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then came Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and American International Group Inc.

Pink Ribbon Decorations Go Up in Greenwich Today

Pink decorations go up on Greenwich and Sound Beach Avenues today as the Town gets a running start on a Cancer Awareness Crusade that will fully blossom during October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Greenwich Democrats Rev Up Campaign Engine

Their hearts and minds on victory Nov. 4, Greenwich Democrats - the faithful and candidates - vowed Sunday to knock out GOP candidates in the November election.

More than 4,000 people came to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on Sunday, Sept. 21 to enjoy Adopt-A-Dog's "for fun" competitions, including Biggest Lap Dog, K-9 Crooner and Best Kisser.

Commentator and broadcaster Tony Snow announced that he had colon cancer in 2005. Following surgery and chemotherapy, Snow joined the Bush administration in April 2006 as press secretary.

To the Editor:

Elections... Plummeting Real Estate Values Wall Street Volatility...Trying to distinguish the "Good Guys" from the "Bad Guys" - it seems our lives have never been in such upheaval.

In 1952, I voted for the first time. Then, and in each election to follow, I cast my ballot in support of the candidate whom I believed would lead with the highest degree of character and integrity - not because of a particular party affiliation. In my view, the political divide between Democrats and Republicans has become increasingly rancorous, and threatens to compromise the intellectual honesty required to choose the most qualified leader.

I have known Fred Camillo for over 30 years. Ever since he was a child, Fred demonstrated an unwavering desire to help others, and quickly became known as a "go-to" guy in our neighborhood. I can honestly say he loves this town more than anyone I know, and cannot imagine a finer individual to lead us through these days of uncertainty.

In an era of distasteful political rhetoric, I suggest that we put aside party affiliations, use common sense and support Fred Camillo in his run for state representative for the 151st District.

Jerri Lovallo

Cos Cob



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