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Thursday, January 3, 2008

01/03/07 - Can The Citizen's Of Greenwich Trust Police Commissioner Peter Tessi's Leadership?

Where The Hell Is Peter Tesei's Leadership?
Where The Hell Is The Trust?

My wive has had to spend the night in Greenwich Hospital being stabilized, because her blood pressure has shot up to 219 over 144, even though she is on three blood pressure medications.

This illegal search and raid on her store by four police officers has made her very afraid and nervous.

My wive is a Korean resident Alien who has lived in America for 30 years. When she left Korea it was ruled by a Military Dictatorship that ruled a police state. There was a dawn to dusk curfew. Korean citizens could be arrested and held indefinitely without due process and a trial.

This politically motivated raid on her store to silence a critic who was going to speak out about the police department has came close to giving my dear wife a stroke.

God forbid, that If my wife is incapacitated because Police Commissioner Peter Tesei looks on and dose nothing about police misconduct, then he may see a big chunk of his personal assets going to care for my dear wife.

It is a disgrace that Police Commissioner Peter Tesei has allowed illegally appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz not to properly and fairly investigate the illegal search and police misconduct that occurred in my wives store.

Shame on Police Commisioner Peter Tesei for allowing illegally appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz to deny my family and I our constitutionally guaranteed rights to due process.

Our youngest son recently returned from a tour in Iraq, defending the American Constitution against Islamic fascists that would come and take away our rights and establish a religious system of law to replace the Bill Of Rights.

My son went out on missions everyday, survived three IED attacks, received 11accomedations defending the constitutional rights that are being denied to my family and others in the Town Of Greenwich.

Shame on illegally appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz and Police Commissioner Peter Tesei for ignoring the oath they took to protect and follow the Constitution of the United States Of America.

It is a civil rights crime to the police to keep a critic of government from excessing his or her right to free speech. It is a civil rights crime to deny any citizen their rights of due process, no matter what thier race, creed or color.

Shame On Police Commissioner Peter Tesei For Showing No Leadership And Violating Our Trust.

Do you feel like a big man now that you have stood by and done nothing as a poor woman who would not hurt a fly is hospitalized. Why is it so hard for you give her and her family a fair and open investigation, that all the residents of Greenwich can TRUST is right. My wife is suffering, because Police Commissioner Peter Tesei is showing no LEADERSHIP to guarantee that it citizens get their rights to due process.

Shame On Illegally Appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz

Illegally appointed Police Captain and National Guard Soldier Michael Pacewicz, has dishonored a fellow active duty soldiers and family by denying them the Constitutionally protected right to due process in a civilian complaint of police misconduct.

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