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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04/16/08 - Comments On - That Massive Mansion To Be Built On Lake Avenue... And The False Promise Of Materialism

First My Comments:

Why do we get sucked into the trap of materialism?

I mean,

  • My sons have iPods - they are not the newest ones.
  • I have a cell phone - not an iPhone
  • I have a laptop - not an intel chip macbook
  • My wife has a car - not a Cooper Mini
  • My family has a place to live - not a mansion
  • I have a TV - not a 52″ plasma screen with surround sound

Why is what we have never enough?

Why do we get so weighed down with the burden of feeling like we have to have bigger, better, faster?

I love the quote by Immanuel Kant

“Give a man everything he wants and at that moment everything is not everything”


1 Timothy 6:6-11 (New International Version)

6But godliness with contentment is great gain.

7For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.

8But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.

9People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.

10For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs

These pasages talk about “Godliness with contentment is great gain

Maybe the great gain is that we get our life back.

We no longer are owned by the things that we have striven for for so long.

This lady wants to build this temple to materialism in a town where school children do not have their own school building. The Town should require Olga to build a school, before granting approval for this monument of Extreme Spending and Gross Materialism.


Mansion size draws opposition: Greenwich Time

In the land of large mansions, a home proposed for a private road off Lake Avenue could top all others in Greenwich.

Full Story: Greenwich Time

Please See Today's Post:

04/16/08 - Why In The Hell Dose Olga Need 26 Toilets In Her House? Does She Have Bladder Control Problems?

If Leona Was Know As "The Queen Of Mean", Then Will Olga Be Known As "The Queen Of Commodes"?

Here Are The Other Comments:

eagle says:

whaaaaaaa whaaaa just jealous

Zones says:

Good grief. Let the person build his home. Look at this way, the bigger the home, the more taxes Greenwich gets to pay for roads, schools and teacher salaries!

Ariel says:

Greenwich has always been THE town that illustrates how too much money is corrosive to an individual's and the community spirit and also the environment (that poor folks share too). I wouldn't be surprised if neighbors stat complaining about wild Dionysian parties in those "Turkish baths" a year from now.

Frank says:

Why so many toilets? sounds like they have bowel problems, I guess its all the stress from having too much money.

Ex-Greenwich Native
From Saranac, NY says

When I was a child growing up in Greenwich, "the vulgar rich" were scorned upon. "Old" money had taste and class. It's sad to see that what drove me and my family from the place of my ancestors has only gotten worse. Is there any concern for the carbon footprint a behemoth house like this makes? Any concern for anyone else but themselves and their vulgar lives? Shame. The obliviousness of this kind of wealth is surely a sign that the collapse is nearing. Viva la revolution!

Anonymous says

What makes this mansion more offensive In Greenwich than in Malibu, Monte Carlo, East Hampton, or Manhattan? The tacit understanding that wealth could be fleeting or not really earned, the unwashed are not far away, and that being rich has its downfalls appears not to sober the arrogant and purely selfish materialism that enables soul-less gluttony encouraged in Greenwich--which those who shopped at Woolworths used to intermix with those who shopped at Saks. The crash that ended Gatsby carelessness in the 1920's seems no threat to those who might have done corrupt things to attain enough bucks to burp such an environment-trashing monster onto Greenwich's once nature-driven contours. The rich who stay in this town and take up space so out of proportion to a presence any human should have deserve each other.


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04/16/08 - Spotlight On Chris Brown

Two Rappers Find Rhyme and Rage in Greenwich

Life as a rap artist in Greenwich, Conn., is not as easy as it seems.
Chris Brown - http://www.chrisbrownmusic.info

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(Ancient Greek Philosopher He was the world's most influential philosopher. 428 BC-348 BC)

04/16/08 - Judge Janet C. Hall said she hoped to rule before the town's beach season begins.

Beach case goes to court

Martin B. Cassidy
Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

A federal judge today heard attorneys for a Stamford bicyclist and the town make arguments and offer case law about whether the town's higher beach access fees for out-of-towners deprive the general public of their right to free speech at Greenwich Point....

...Kempner, a Stamford shoreline resident, sued the town two years ago after being issued an trespassing infraction in June 2005 for riding into Greenwich Point without paying the beach access fee.

Prosecutors dismissed the case and $95 fine....

Full Story

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04/16/08 - World Wide WOW - RTM Meetings Are Going To Be Simulcast On Internet

Paul Curtis, RTM District 9 Member Has Announced Will Be Live On The Internet For People Who Are Cablevision Subscribers.

This will bring town government to all the citizens even if they are stuck in the city or on vacation.

Mr. Curtis has secured a media server at the Greenwich Library to handle the internet traffic from Greenwich residents and other interested parties.

Mr. Curtis has been taping the RTM meetings on Cable Channel 79 for over 4 years on a voluntary basis.

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04/15/08 - Greenwich RTM Report - RTM Member's Postpone High School Building Committee Appointments, Because Of Heavy Opposition (Updated)


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04/16/08 - Why In The Hell Dose Olga Need 26 Toilets In Her House? Does She Have Bladder Control Problems?

Opposition to a big, big mansion in Greenwich

Hartford Courant - Associated Press

GREENWICH, Conn. - A new home proposed for Greenwich, which could be among the biggest homes in a town of mansions, is drawing opposition.

Former town zoning commission chairman Louisa Stone says the proposed would be more than 30,000 square feet and beyond anything that exists in Greenwich.

The mansion features eight bedrooms, 26 toilets....


...A lawyer representing the owner, Olga Kogan, downplayed the project's size, saying the proposed mansion meets most of the town's regulations...

...Town officials have said its volume exceeds any other home for which they maintain records. Its volume is about 43 percent larger than that of its nearest competitor,though the records only include homes built in the last several years when the town required developers to provide volume calculations....

...The zoning commission, which recently reviewed the application, has not issued a decision, postponing it for a future meeting.

"We were happy to let the commission digest all of the information," Tesei said, adding that the plans call for landscaping and drainage improvements that would limit impact to neighbors. "Once the commission digests all of the information, they will see that we've struck a balance."

But neighbors said the mansion is too large for the 7-acre property and neighborhood.

"It is three times the size of the house they are replacing, which is the largest house on the road," said Charles Lee, a Simmons Lane resident opposed to the project. "This thing is far bigger than anything around."....

Full Story

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04/16/08 - Frank wants to step back and learn from mistakes made in the past. He says the contaminated Hamilton Avenue Modulars are not an ideal site

Letters To The Greenwich Time

To the editor:

I would like to comment about a meeting I recently attended regarding the mold issue with the modular buildings at Western Middle School. The meeting, which was held at Glenville School, was designed so the building committee could present facts and findings about relocation options for Glenville School, and then have a question-and-answer session with parents.

There were five options presented. The building committee quickly ruled out four of the options, and remediation of the old modular buildings was the only one left for discussion.

I strongly believe remediation of the modular buildings is not an option. I don't think the question is whether the mold can be removed. The question is whether anyone can make this site a school.

The Hamilton Avenue School students just spent the better part of four years in this modular school. This building committee needs to learn from them. Let's ask them: If the mold can safely be removed, would you like to go back into the modular buildings at Western? From discussions I've heard, the definitive answer would be no! So why should I, as a Glenville parent of two, send my children there?

Let's step back and learn from mistakes made in the past. This is not an ideal site. And four years without a gym or cafeteria is unacceptable.

Let's put new modular buildings on the Western Greenwich Civic Center site. The building is newly remodeled, and was once a functional school. It's located in the heart of Glenville and has a cafeteria and gym available for use.

The problem surrounding this option is cost and delays. The question becomes: What's been the cost with doing it wrong? I'm sure the Hamilton Avenue community can speak volumes about that.

With regard to delays, what's more important -- getting the new building started on time, or building an improved interim school for our children to attend for at least two, and most likely three, years?

A student conceivably could spend a third of his or her Glenville elementary education (with building delays, it could be half) in modular buildings. Let's wait and do things right!

Frank Carbino


Please see:

04/15/08 - Greenwich RTM Report - RTM Member's Postpone High School Building Committee Appointments, Because Of Heavy Opposition (Updated)

More Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor:


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04/15/08 - News Links From The Greenwich Post For Wednesday

Lucy J. Silver

Lucy J. Silver, a lifelong resident of Greenwich and Cos Cob, died April 11. She was 61. She was born on Dec. 26, 1946, to the late Rocco P. and Beatrice (Regan) John.

Breathe, stretch, move with At Home in Greenwich

At Home in Greenwich is sponsoring “Building Exercise into Your Daily Routines,” a presentation by Stephanie R. Paulmeno, director of community planning, Greenwich Department of Health, at 2 p.m.

Women's Club of Greenwich holds Appraisal Mania

The Woman’s Club of Greenwich will hold its Annual Appraisal Mania on Saturday, April 26, at the club house at 89 Maple Ave. from 10 to 4. Free parking is available on site.

Auction to benefit front-line soldiers

C. Hugh Hildesley, a director of Sotheby’s Inc. of Canada and chairman and director of Sotheby’s Advisory Board of Canada, will help raise more than awareness at Soldier for the Truth’s BEST (Best Equipment to Support the Troops) cocktail reception on May 9.

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04/16/08 - The Pope Is Looking Good Thanks To CM Almy In Old Greenwich

Gloria Blute, manager of the CM Almy Greenwich store, holds a stole...
(Helen Neafsey
- Greenwich Time Photo)

Faithful eager to see pope

The Rev. Shawn Cutler of St. Michael Church is expected to be among the 12,000 invited guests this morning to see Pope Benedict XVI officially welcomed to the White House during a ceremony on the south lawn with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush.

Full Story

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04/15/08 - News Links From Arround The World - The Raw Greenwich News Feed

Money in the Morning

San Diego Daily Transcript

... Lauren are busy preparing the uniforms and clothing for U.S. Olympic athletes heading to China, a small company in Greenwich, Conn. is gearing up to provide apparel for another event receiving worldwide attention. CM Almy will provide the vestments ...

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04/15/08 - The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Wednesday

  1. Banks That Misquote Money Rates Will Be Banned, British Bankers Group Says
    Bloomberg Business News

    ... fixings as banks exercise more care when giving quotes, said Ian Lyngen , an interest-rate strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. The implied yield on the contract expiring in June climbed 13 basis points to 2.69 percent. ...

  2. Homepage special

    Palm Beach Post

    ... Mary when asked about the suddenness of it all. "We're very happy." I'm told they were hitched at Freitas' Greenwich, Conn., estate before a few relatives. They have no plans for a honeymoon yet and are expected to return to Palm Beach next week. ...

  3. U.S. firm buys Rotterdam short line railroad

    American Shipper

    Genesee & Wyoming Inc., a Greenwich, Conn.-based company that operates short line and regional freight railroads in the United States, Canada, Australia and Bolivia, has expanded into Europe by purchasing ...

  4. Warde Boys Tennis Upends Ludlowe 5-2

    Fairfield Citizen-News

    ... strokes. I just had to keep it in play and keep him away from the net." Adding Monday's victory to 5-2 wins over Greenwich and Ridgefield, the Mustangs, well on their way to state and FCIAC postseason play, are attracting notice across the county as ...

  5. Mad scramble to meet tax filing deadline

    Journal News

    ... year I say I'm going to do it early and each year I don't,' said Robinson, a children's furniture saleswoman from Greenwich, Conn. 'I have to pay a lot of taxes, so I put it off to the last minute.' She is hardly alone. An estimated 19 percent of ...

  6. Airlines' merger may be good for Boeing, too

    Seattle Times

    ... fleet, and it certainly sets up favorably for some large orders for Boeing," said Peter Arment, an analyst with Greenwich, Conn.-based American Technology Research. "Delta has historically been more pro-Boeing than Airbus." Delta flies with 451 ...

  7. Allure of cachaca spreads to U.S.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    ... a thousand 9-liter cases a year, according to Olie Berlic, who imports Rochinha through Excalibur Enterprise in Greenwich, Conn. But demand is growing. Imports of all cachacas (pronounced ka-SHA-sas) in the United States are way up in the last ...

  8. SunPower Profit May Rise to a Record as Oil, Gas Costs Boost Solar Demand


    ... be a very important indicator for the industry,'' said John Hardy , an analyst at American Technology Research in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``We also want to hear what they forecast for Italy, which seems to be southern Europe's heir apparent to ...

  9. Last-Minute Taxpayers Can Use Postal Centers

    WFSB-TV Hartford

    ... will be open for extended hours on Tuesday. Automated Postal Center Locations Enfield Stamford Danbury Fairfield Greenwich Hartford Manchester Milford New Canaan New Haven Stratford Trumbull Wallingford Wilton There are many obstacles when trying ..


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04/16/08 - Greenwich Time News Links For Wednesday

Greenwich Time RSS News Feed

During a Greenwich High School assembly held last Friday to discuss a state bill to tighten teen driving laws, some students started heckling, clearly unhappy about the proposal, observers said.
Full Story

New rail yard cost surprises some legislators

HARTFORD -- Gov. M. Jodi Rell last week joined legislators in saying she was shocked about the new $1.
Full Story

Fewer tickets, more accidents in town in 2007

Traffic enforcement and patrol officers wrote 5,971 traffic tickets to drivers in town in 2007, a decline of more than 500 from the previous year, police Sgt.
Full Story

With more patients using outpatient physical therapy to recover from surgery, Greenwich Hospital has opened a new office in Stamford to accommodate the demand.
Full Story

Greenwich Time Sports RSS Feed

Greenwich High School boys lacrosse coach Paul Burke has been around sports long enough to know that a subpar performance often follows a riveting victory against a rival.
Full Story

Roundup: GA golf tees off on the competition

The Greenwich Academy golf team has picked up right where it left off last season. The Gators, who finished an impressive 12-1-1 and captured the Fairchester Athletic Association championship for the ninth straight season last year, look primed to record another season to remember.
Full Story

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04/16/08 - The VivaPop RSS Feed For Wednesday

Getting The Boss' Attention: Apr. 18


James Lukaszewski discusses his new book Why Should the Boss Listen to You?, 5:30, Friday, April 18, Hyatt Regency; free; reservations required; 860-354-6488.


Greenwich Education And Prep

Cos Cob, CT

Please join us for a Q+A session about everything you wanted to know about the college admissions process but were afraid to ask. Possible topics include: high school course selection, standardized tests, college visits, the ESSAY, and early decision.

We are limiting the group to 15 people to try to nurture a non threatening, give and take which will enable us to explore topics of interest in a bit of depth.

Thursday, May 1 at 7 pm. Soft drinks and sandwiches will be served. Reservations required at peter@greenwichedprep.com.

Parents of all aged children welcome.


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