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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/16/09 The Hearst Corporation Says: No Company Christmas Party For Greenwich Time Workers

Hearst Corporation Plays Scrooge With The Few Remaining Greenwich Time Employees

With Greenwich Time ad sales down as much as 60%, the Hearst Corporation can't afford a Christmas party for it's few remaining employees.

Greenwich Time Insiders are complaining to Greenwich Roundup that they are being asked to go to a pot luck lunch at the Advocate / Greenwich Time's drab office at the River Bend office park.

One can almost hear the Greenwich Time staffers singing, ""Jingle Bells , Hearst smells The Greenwich Time laid an egg. Oh What fun it is to ride a beat up chevrolet to the unemployment office, Hey....."


"Deck the Halls with laughing gases mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Watch reporters kick those editors asses......"

Things are so bad, the local rag couldn't even barter a Greenwich Time ad for a Christmas party at a local restaurant.

In similar news that is too funny to make up, Goldman Sachs has cancelled all of their christmas parties.

“The last thing they want are pictures showing up of lavish parties while everyone is talking about their paying lavish bonuses,” Mr. Hall said. “This is just not the time to be flaunting it.”

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12/16/09 The Paul Burke Case Shows How News Gets Reported In Greenwich

We have all seen the Greenwich Time Headlines About Paul Burke......

A Greenwich High School lacrosse coach recently convicted of drunken driving will face mandatory jail time when he is sentenced in January after a Superior Court judge ruled Friday he will be treated as a second-time offender.

Paul Burke, 43, of New Canaan, can be sentenced to between 120 days and two years in prison for a June 2008 incident in which he crashed his car into a stone wall in Darien while under the influence of alcohol.

Burke was convicted by a jury in November after three days of trial.....

.....Currently, the coach and history teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave at Greenwich High School pending a review of his situation, according to school district officials.

According to the arrest warrant, Burke had a blood-alcohol content of .29 percent -- more than triple the legal limit -- and was coming from Greenwich at the time of the crash.

During his time as coach, Burke led the boys varsity lacrosse team to the school's first Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference championship in 2007. The Cardinals reached the state final that year.

In the 2009 spring season, after news of his arrest came out, the team finished 10-6 overall.

What The Greenwich Time Fails To Report Is That.....

Concerned parents repeatedly approached the Greenwich Time, but were ignored, because reporters were too afraid to take on the coach of the Greenwich lacrosse team.

But When The Parents Came To Greenwich Roundup The Truth Came Out .....

While Rookie Reporter Debra Friedman Plays Catch Up

Greenwich Roundup Delivers You Betty Sternberg's Statement

Statement from
Dr. Betty J. Sternberg
Superintendent of School

“After a comprehensive review, Greenwich High School’s Head Coach for the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team, Paul Burke, has been suspended as Coach....

But The Greenwich Time Never Fully Reported The Paul Burke Story......

Soon Other Greenwich Bloggers Were Reporting About Burke.....

By christopherfountain

March 15, 2009...2:24 pm.

Equipment sale. Jump to Comments · $25 or two cases of beer. Call Burke at Greenwich High Detention. $25 or two cases of beer. Call Paul Burke at Greenwich High Detention ...For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/

Soon Out Of Town Blog Readers Started Commenting About High School Drunkards Like Paul Burke:

To the Editor,

On Saturday night, one of the Darien High School nurse's was arrested for serving alcohol to minors. Her daughter, a junior at the DHS,invited what appears to be most of the junior class.

The police showed up and did their job. Most likely the 50+ cars tipped someone off. Or was it someone puking in the bushes?A few years ago, the Darien girl's varsity lacrosse coach got a "slap on the wrist" for drinking with some of her players at a party. The police were not involved and the story was put to rest very quickly. Who would want to peg THE COACH OF THE YEAR as anything but a talented coach?

Recently, in Darien, the Greenwich boy's lacrosse coach was arrested for his 3rd or 4th DWI. The Greenwich Superintendent removed the guy from his coaching position. That was the right thing to do? ..;....

The Fact Is That ....

When Greenwich High School Mothers Were Ignored By The Greenwich Board Of Education And The Greenwich Time.

They Came To Greenwich Roundup And Got Results.

It Was The Same Story ......

When The Hamilton Avenue School Mothers Were Ignored By The Greenwich Board Of Education And The Greenwich Time.

They Came To Greenwich Roundup And Got Results.

Here was one of the first emails About Coach Paul Burke.....

Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 6:59 PM

As a local parent and sports mom, I was recently notified that the Lacrosse coach Paul Burke at GHS has recently received his 4th DWI. I am stunned and outraged that this man still hold this position of leadership and authority!

Where is the local news coverage?

That would explain the lack of town outrage - though there are many upset parents at GHS. This lackadaisical handling of our schools also affects real estate values. Perhaps you can look into this or open a discussion. What do you think?

Here is another email......

Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 8:17 PM

There was a meeting last night at the high school where coach Paul Burke read a prepared statement. He has figured out a way to get out of 4 DWI's and avoid jail by having his arraignment delayed by several weeks so he only has 3 DWIs within a certain period.

I am not up on the exact specifics and I was not at the meeting last night but heard about it from friends who were there. There was no Greenwich Time coverage today in the paper - I guess I should not be surprised.

I am very concerned about my incoming lacrosse player.

Not the role model I was hoping for.

Over And Over And Over Greenwich Roundup Has Covered The Stories That The Greenwich Time Was Afraid Of.

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12/15/09 Greenwich School News

Is the International Baccalaureate curriculum right for Fairfield County?

... In the quest to find the best curriculum for its students. the Greenwich Board of Education has been exploring the possibility of implementing the International Baccalaureate program in Western Middle School. It would be the second IB program in the ...

12/16/09 Greenwich Newsmaker Ned Lamont

Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont In The News

Political hopefuls agree to public financing
New Haven Register (subscription)
... who has indicated he "probably won't" be part of the public system, and Democrat millionaire Ned Lamont, the party's US Senate nominee in 2006. ...
Get Lieberman
San Francisco Chronicle
Indeed, it was liberal Ned Lamont's successful 2006 primary challenge of Lieberman that drove Lieberman to run - and win - not as a Democrat, ...
Michael Moore calls for boycott of Connecticut
The Hill (blog)
Moore focused his anger on the Connecticut voters who reelected Lieberman in favor of liberal candidate Ned Lamont (D-Conn.) in the 2006 elections. ...
John R. MacArthur: More and more, Obama seems a faux liberal
Providence Journal
... Obama endorsed the Iraq hawk Joe Lieberman for re-election to the Senate; then, when Lieberman lost the primary to the antiwar Ned Lamont, Obama made ...

Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont In The Blogosphere

US Rep. DeLauro Says Lieberman should be Recalled « GroundUp CT
By The GroundHog
DeLauro Says Lieberman should be Recalled · Ned Lamont Talks Health Care on MSNBC's "Morning Meeting" · Pres. Obama's Commitment to Reduce Medicare Fraud Puts Another Check in the Win Column Today · Is it Time for the Senate to Move to ...
GroundUp CT - http://groundupct.wordpress.com/
You knew this was coming: Beck now attacking bloggers ...
By David Neiwert
Isn't Jane Hamsher one of the people to whom we give credit for putting Ned Lamont in the Senate
. Now she wants to boycott the Susan G. Komen Foundation because the wife of the man she defeated works for them. ...
Crooks and Liars - http://crooksandliars.com/
Recall Lieberman (If Only We Could)
By The Nation
DeLaura endorsed Lieberman during his race against Ned Lamont in '06, calling him "a very close friend of our family" and a "person of integrity who has fought so many good fights for people. I am proud to have worked side-by-side with ...
The Nation: The Notion - http://www.thenation.com/blogs/notion
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Lux Libertas - Light and Liberty
By John Frisby
If, after all this fuss, the Senate manages not to enact ObamaCare, one man we will have to thank for it is Ned Lamont. He's the liberal-left cable-TV executive who successfully challenged Joe Lieberman, Connecticut's junior senator, ...
Lux Libertas - Light and Liberty - http://www.luxlibertas.com/

Updated Web Pages About Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont

NedLamont.com Lamont 2010 Exploratory Committee
Ned Lamont's Remarks at Keep CT Moving Transportation Forum (As Prepared) North Haven, CT, December 4, 2009. Thanks for having me here. ...
Ned Lamont Discusses Joe Lieberman's Health Care Reform Flip-flop ...
Ned Lamont Discusses Joe Lieberman's Health Care Reform Flip-flop.

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12/16/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

News Reports About Greenwich

Greenwich offers swine flu shots for everyone
Greenwich Time
By Lisa Chamoff The town health department is holding its first H1N1 vaccine clinic for the general public on Thursday, after following state guidelines to ...
Greenwich blanks RHS in girls hockey
Ridgefield Press
The Ridgefield High girls hockey team remained winless with a 4-0 loss to Greenwich on Tuesday night in Greenwich. The Tigers are now 0-2 and have yet to ...
Greenwich home sales up in November, still down for the year
Greenwich Time
By Lisa Chamoff Greenwich home sales continue to trail behind the number recorded by this time last year, but the market has improved over the past few ...
Greenwich Academy squash tops Rye Country Day
Greenwich Time
The Greenwich Academy squash team ran its record to 5-0 Tuesday, downing Rye Country Day School 7-0. Lilly Fast, Anna Harrison, Caroline Feeley, Nina Scott, ...
See all stories on this topic
Town holds skating party for children
Greenwich Post
Parks and Recreation will hold a roller skating party at the Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center on Thursday, Dec. 29, for children in kindergarten ...
Meeting of the spiritual minds
Connecticut Jewish Ledger
Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz of Temple Sholom in Greenwich welcomed two other area rabbis to participate in "3 Rabbis, 3 Perspectives, 1 People," a panel ...

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12/16/09 Greenwich Newsmaker Linda McMahon

News Reports About Greenwich Newsmaker Linda McMahon

Obama to tape wrestling message
That would seem to undermine the attempts of rivals of WWE co-founder Linda McMahon, now a Senate candidate in Connecticut, to paint professional wrestling ...
Incumbents from both parties may require their own bailouts
The Hill
Former WWE CEO Linda mcmahon says a bailout was needed but has run ads critical of the circumstances surrounding it, while former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn. ...

Google Blogs Alert for: "Linda McMahon" OR "Ned Lamont"

McMahon Camp Suggests Obama's WWE Spot Invalidates Dems' Argument ...
By Christina Bellantoni
We've kept readers up-to-date on the fight up in Connecticut over GOP candidate Linda McMahon's involvement with World Wrestling Entertainment
. McMahon (R-CT) is one of several candidates hoping to challenge Sen.
TPM Election Central - http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/

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12/16/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Overnight Edition

Greenwich News Reports

Greenwich High girls hockey blanks Ridgefield in home opener
Greenwich Time
That was the case Tuesday at Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink as the Greenwich High girls ice hockey team faced off against Ridgefield. ...
Raj Rajaratnam Indicted On Security Fraud Charges
One Greenwich neighbor
(the hedge fund manager maintains residences at Sutton Place in New York and at 577 Round Hill Road in Connecticut) tells Dealbreaker ...
Rob Mathes Christmas concert is at pepsico
Danbury News Times
"We gave our first one at The Second Congregational Church up on the hill," he said, referring to the 150-year-old Greenwich building at the corner of East ...

Greenwich In The Blogosphere

Should Greenwich Call This Space In Binney Park 'Hamill Island ...
By johnferrisrobben
This photo, seen on the cover of Greenwich Time, the location of an island in Binney Park. Accessable by two stone bridges, the small island has two memmorial benches, a small roofed structure with a fireplace, multiple trees including ...
Our Greenwich - http://ourgreenwich.com/

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