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Saturday, July 12, 2008

07/12/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Saturday

Movers put Glenville School's stuff into trailers yesterday. Parents want the Board of Education to using Hamilton Avenue School's delay as the reason to delay Glenville's project.
(Bob Luckey Jr./Staff photo)

Top Story:


Parents are enraged about one Board Of Education scenario: If the new Hamilton Avenue School is not ready, the students and staff there could temporarily move into Glenville School


"I'm just glad it's not my decision to make, it's the board's decision." Damaris Rau, principal of Hamilton Avenue School, said.

"Basically, what you've done is taken us from the frying pan and thrown us into the fire by putting us in Glenville," Hamilton Avenue School parent Laura DiBella said. "You've got a leaky school that has no ventilation and poor air quality. Isn't that what we left? We have to fight them on this. They shouldn't even be considering it."

"We're looking at the options afresh at this point," Nancy Weissler, school board chairman, said

"The Glenville community has been very gracious about this whole thing and very understanding of the plight of Hamilton Avenue, but there really should be no reason why Glenville is always the school that accepts the short end of the stick," said Betsey Frumin. a Glenville resident. "You have really been down a Glenville facility for a long time and the community has accepted the substandard conditions at the school,"


Glenville parents don't want fate linked to Ham Ave.

Western Greenwich parents and community leaders are rebelling against the idea that Glenville School's fate should rest on that of the long-beleaguered Hamilton Avenue School rebuilding project.

Through e-mails and letters sent this week, parents and community leaders are lobbying the Board of Education to focus its energy finishing the Hamilton Avenue School building and starting the Glenville School reconstruction project, rather than holding up one for the other....

The Hamilton Avenue School project, which was supposed to be completed in 18 months, has taken nearly three years. The delays have led officials to push back the starting date of Glenville School's reconstruction because they said they didn't want to be down two schools at the start of the school year....

...Meanwhile, Hamilton Avenue School parents are also blasting the school board for considering Glenville School as a possible site for their students.

Rumors recently began to surface that school officials were considering keeping the Glenville School building standing so that it had a place to move Hamilton Avenue School students and staff temporarily.

Those rumors set off a firestorm of opposition from Hamilton Avenue School parents who said they would rather delay the start of the school year rather than have to send their children to Glenville School...

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Meeting Notice:

Greenwich Board Of Education members will discuss and vote the fate of Western Greenwich Children during two emergency meetings scheduled for July 22 and 29.

Western Greenwich Parents Had Better Show Up And Protect Their Small Children From The Heartless And Insensitive Board Of Education That Is Led By The Incompetent Nancy Wiessler.

There should be a special place in hell for Greenwich School Board Members that allow innocent Greenwich school children to suffer in substandard educational facilities.

Please see:

07/10/08 You Wont See This In The Greenwich Time - Failed Board Of Education Gives Our Children Facilities Like This - Glenville School Bathroom Pics

The Rest Of Today's News Links From The Greenwich Time:

Victim fails to identify Golder
By Martin B. Cassidy Staff Writer A Greenwich resident yesterday could not identify the alleged Dinnertime Bandit as the masked burglar she grappled with 11 years ago in her backcountry home.

Channel 79 moves to the Witherell
The Nathaniel Witherell, the town-owned nursing home, has a new tenant. Greenwich Community Television, the town's government-access cable channel, will be moving into the facility on Parsonage Road over the next few weeks.

Ferry ridership in Greenwich is up just two percent from last year, initial evidence that debunks theories that droves of out-of-towners would flock to Island Beach and Great Captains Island.

Cops probe Ave. heist
Officials are beefing up security at a Greenwich Avenue apartment building following a a recent burglary.

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