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Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/08 Who knew people still sent faxes?

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This records company executive's missive accidentally found it's way in to Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei's fax machine.


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12/13/08 MORE WATER TROUBLES IN GREENWICH: Greenwich Roundup's Offices Were Flooded Yesterday !!!!!!

The "World Wide Headquaters" Of Greenwich Time Were Flooded Yesterday

Yesterday I went to help my wife as she participated in craft sale the was to benefit Avon Foundation's Which Is Concerned With Breast Cancer. In middle of the sale at the Avon building in Rye I went out in the rain for an hour and a half to take care of some business and the returned to help my wife pack up her flower arrangements and gifts.

Then when I returned home in Greenwich I found the that the "World Wide Headquarters" to Greenwich Roundup flooded in 3 inches of water. The pump had failed and my lower level unit had flooded. I then went to try and fix the pump.

At first I thought it was clogged and stooped over in an enclosed space I banged the pump trying to clear it. Some how in the process I banged my head on a very low ceiling beam and being an upstanding Christian man I began to curse profusely.

I even said,"Jesus Christ, Can some G-d D-mn help here!!!!"

At that point the neighbors in another unit started nervously walking around turned on a switch in their apartment that turned on a light in the basement and powered the pump.

The pump was working but I had managed to knock the float off when I had banged my head I reattached the float, put the pump in the water and used an extension cord to plug the pump into another outlet.

I mopped up my apartment as the water was pumped out. Bags and bags of damaged items were put in garbage bags as I started running fans to dry out my home. Later my wife and I washed and dried wet items at the Byram Laundry Mat until 4:30 in the morning.

I then got ready to go to work at taking care of buildings in Greenwich, but then all of a sudden I could not find my keys.As stuff was picked up and stacked up away from the water I must of covered them up or accidentally dropped them in a box or something.

I had extra keys for all of my clients accept for two businesses. I called one business this morning and will pick up a new key on Monday. I will drop in to see the other business also on Monday morning.

Now today I was playing catch up trying to make sure that the rest of my clients are serviced before 6 am Monday morning.

Tomorrow, after I finish serving coffee at Harvest Time Church from 8 am till 1:30 pm I will still have four more clients to take care of.

The reason I am telling you all of this is that some Greenwich Roundup postings will be a little late. I have saved quite a few very interesting items in draft form, but still need to proof read them and select pictures to illustrate them. They will be published very soon.

So please be patient as I get caught up here at the "World Wide Headquarters" of Greenwich Roundup.

Despite the flood Greenwich Roundup has had a very good week

1,273 Unique Visitors On Monday

1,278 Unique Visitors On Tuesday

1,259 Unique Visitors On Wednesday

1,612 Unique Visitors On Thursday

1,381 Unique Visitors On Friday

I wont know today's Google analytics results until after 3 am on Sunday. I am hopping that we can stay over 1,000 today and Sunday. Thus having my first week that every day was above 1000 and also setting an all new Sunday record.

So far we are up 11.03 % over last month.

Is I look over last months statistics I see some very odd key word searchs that brought visitors to Greenwich Roundup.

For example there was 94 visits for.....

"count me in"

There were 34 visits for .....

"christopher davidson greenwich hospital"

Who the heck is Christopher Davidson and what does he have to do with Greenwich Hospital?

There were 28 visits for......

"tony robbins paul tudor jones"

What does Tony Robins have to do with Paul Tudor Jones?

There were 27 visits for ....

"judith scanlon delmo zanette court"

Who is Judith Scanlon?

There were 19 visits for the key words.....

"eagle hill" "mark griffin" "greenwich citizen"


""hearst" "brooks community newspapers"" sent 19 total visits

"+"church street west" +greenwich +police" sent 18 total visits

"clifford berken" sent 14 total visits

"tom gallagher greenwich" sent 9 total visits

"audubon society rich granoff" sent 7 total visits

"eileen tweddle lawyer greenwich ct" sent 6 total visits


"ourgreenwich.com" only sent 4 total visits

One Last Interesting Note

When we go to Overview > Networks > Net Work Location .......

We find this little item.

Network Location: greenwch dime

460 visits came from this network location from November 12, 2008 - December 12, 2008

Not only does the Greenwich TIME webmaster have trouble get things up in the morning, he can't even properly spell the name of his employer on his server.

Greenwich "dime" server readers spend .....

00:04:26 Avg. Time on Site

5.20 Pages/Visit

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12/13/08 Greenwich Time News Links -- TOP STORY -- Force main ruptures near rail station

First Selectman Peter Tesei inspects the flooded area of Sound Shore Drive in Cos Cob Friday morning. With him are Emergency Operations Director Daniel Warzoha, left, and Robert Grierson of the public works department.
(Bob Luckey Jr./Greenwich Time photo)

Flooding in Cos Cob
A force main filled with wastewater from eastern Greenwich ruptured on Sound Shore Drive Friday morning, spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated water into the street near the Cos Cob rail station.
A Greenwich doctor accused in an Internet sex sting appeared in a New York court Friday after being released on a $25,000 bond last week.

Michael R. Dunne, 74, dies; was local leader
Longtime volunteer and local figure Michael R. Dunne, who held top positions in town and at the state level, has died after battling prostate cancer.

Man deemed competent for trial
STAMFORD - One of three California men pulled over in a tractor-trailer and found with what police said was 50 pounds of marijuana is fit to stand trial after a 60-day commitment to a state mental institution, a judge ruled Friday in state Superior Court.
Jeffrey Salamon, postmaster at the Cos Cob post office, presented mail carrier Merle Piasecki with the U.

Town briefs
Westfair Singers presents choral concert Westfair Singers, a two-voice women's chorus, will present its annual Holiday Concert at 3 p.

Tigers squash Chapin
MAMORENECK NY -- Team depth is a coach's best friend. Having the knowledge that even if some of the players have an off night, the team still stands a good chance of winning can make the coach's job easier.

Movie Clock Monday, Dec. 15
BEDFORD, N.Y. Clearview's Bedford Playhouse, Route 22, (914) 234-7300 Australia: 7:45 Bolt: 5, 7:40 BETHEL Bethel Cinema, 269 Greenwood Ave.

Generic pill spending sinks in U.S. as fierce price war rages
American consumers and health insurers spent $1 billion less on generic drugs this year as the result of fierce competition among drugmakers and pressure from insurers to lower prices.

"Hi, this is Bill Clinton," says the familiar voice on the other end of the line, "and I'm urging you to vote for .

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12/13/08 Suicide hotlines in town could be lit up today as investors begin to realize how much they've lost in rip-off scheme perpetrated by Madoff

Is Wall Street Legend Bernard Madoff And Other Hedge Fund Managers Taking Posh Greenwich Investors For A Ride On A Very Fast Train Wreck ? (Updated)


While the total extent of Bernard Madoff's Ponzie madness will take a long time to properly flesh out, it is known that Madoff managed money for a very wide range of investors, including prominent New Yorkers, university endowments and huge charities.

But Madoff's scam - which incredibly, Madoff himself estimates to be at least $50 billion - could extend way beyond those big shots directly affected.

Listen to the howls at Greenwich country clubs as the ripples of Madoff's ruse spread into back country mansions of Greenwich.

There Are A Number Of Serious Ramifications

First, it will serve to cripple an already-skeptical individual and institutional investors.
These investment morons hold the Harvard Educated Fools that are Greenwich Hedge Fund managers in such high regard only to be disappointed time and again.
When will they ever learn?

madoff's fraud is just another gigantic straw on the camel's back at a time when everyone is screaming for liquidity

Madoff's investment-advisory arm, which is at the center of the Big Fat Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme, managed only $17 billion in assets, insiders suspect the only way his scam could have reached $50 billion was through massive borrowing.

A number of "So-called" respectable institutions, from banks to firms that manage funds of hedge funds, will likely be damaged by yesterday's stunning revelations.

One Group known to have worked with Madoff in the past is alternative-asset manager Fairfield Greenwich Group

Sources tell The Post that Madoff managed money for Fairfield Greenwich through a $7 billion hedge fund called Fairfield Sentry, which Nomura and NPB offered to clients.

Take A Look At This Link

Any fool can see that most suspensions of redemptions by hedge funds was because they could not meet the redemptions without collapsing ala Madoff.

This suspensions of redemptions non-sence is keeping fund managers in business until the end of 1st quarter, while extending the losses for posh investors unable to withdraw their trust fund investments.

Hedge funds managed by Harvard Educated Fools and other Ivy League Schools generally follow a herd mentality and do what the other funds do, chances are many if not most are as much a big fat empty shell as Modoff's.

How many Trust fund babies, who are hedge fund investors are now broke but just don't know it yet?

I'll bet many that had these trust fund babies that had redemption requests denied or postponed suspect that something is not kosher and they might have to learn a new skill like waiting on tables at fancy Greenwich resturants.

The Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post and Greenwich Time should start watching for these hedge fund managers are going start trying to sneak their assets out of the country, in anticipation of fleeing prosecution.

If the complacent mainstream press of Greenwich are too inept to do the job, then Greenwich Roundup will have to send out an "All Points Bullitien" on local Hedge Fund Managers.

It Is Not Just In Greenwich

A sum bag attorney named, Marc Dreier, who fancied himself as a jet-setter was jailed without bail Thursday after a federal prosecutor - branding him a "Houdini" who might escape the country -- said the losses from his "hedge fund fraud" have surpassed $380 million.

Judge Douglas Eaton said Marc Dreier posed an "extraordinary risk of flight" in a case that "seems to have some extraordinary behavior."

The judge sided with the prosecutor, who said Marc Dreier was "in a desperate situation and the only way out of the desperate situation is to flee."

"His life has completely unraveled," the prosecutor said, adding that the possibility of life in prison had to be crushing for "an extremely rich man who flew private jets and met rich and famous people."

Marc Dreir firm has represented celebrities including retired football star Michael Strahan and former News Corp. publishing executive Judith Regan.

lMore Information At This Link

Something tells me that there are more than a few Martin Frankle Wanna Bes running around Greenwich right now.

"Many of these people are going to go from being very wealthy to virtually destitute," said Brad Friedman of law firm Milberg LLP, represents dozens of people who invested over $700 million with Madoff.

"At one point, he was the favoured broker of Palm Beach," a club member told the Palm Beach Post newspaper. "Every big guy was his client.

Another Link For Greenwich Trust Fund Babies To Check Out


Madoff Victims’ ‘Tragedy’ Said to Have Escaped Scrutiny by SEC

(Bloomberg) -- Bernard Madoff’s investment advisory business, alleged to be a Ponzi scheme that cost investors $50 billion, was never inspected by US ...

Massachusetts School of Law dean among Madoff investors


Look at Wall St. Wizard Finds Magic Had Skeptics

New York Times

Klayman & Toskes Commences Investigation on Behalf of Bernard ...



Geneva banks lost more than $4 billon to Madoff: report

Reuters - Geneva-based private bank Benedict Hentsch said on Friday its exposure to Madoff products was 56 million francs, or 5 percent of its asset under management. ...

Swiss bank says it has $48M invested with Madoff

The Associated Press

Geneva firms hit by phoney Madoff scheme


Swiss Bankers Face $5 Billion Loss From US Madoff Fraud -Report


Earthtimes (press release)

The Canadian Press


Wilpon’s Losses in Fraud Case Could Hurt Mets

New York Times, United States - By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT

Fred Wilpon and Bernard L. Madoff grew up in the 1940s less than a dozen miles from each other in middle-class neighborhoods of New ...

Sterling Equities, Madoff Client, ‘Shocked’ by Fraud


Mets' Fred Wilpon among victims in alleged investment fraud

Los Angeles Times

Report: Mets owner victimized in Wall St. scam


New York Daily News


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