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Thursday, August 20, 2009

08/20/09 A Couple Google Web Alerts Alert For The Mysterious "Damaris Rau" Who Is Trying To Hide Her Past From Her Potential New Employer

Below Are Today's Google Web Alerts for: "Damaris Rau"

A Google Web alert is an email that lets the user know if new web or updated pages appear in the top twenty results for his/her Google Web search.

Google Web Alerts are sperate and different than Google news alerts.

Yesterday Greenwich Roundup corrected some spelling errors in an article about Damaris Rau and now today Google is sending out an email web alert that there is a different Google top 20 Web page about Damaris Rau.
Here is the Greenwich Roundup page that caused Google send a web alert out for: Until

Greenwich Roundup: Those In The Know Are Not Fully Informed Until ...
Damaris Rau, who has been principal of the Chickahominy school for the past ... Did you notice that Damaris Rau and Greenwich School Officials are hiding ...

But there was a second page listed in Google's web alert for Damaris Rau:

This was a Greenwich Board Of Education web page:


Bio Brief: Damaris Rau. As Principal for Hamilton Avenue School since 2004 and as Lead Principal for the District for the last ...

Why did this Greenwich Board Of Education Web Page Generate A Google Web Alert Today.

Did the Greenwich Board of Education just post the August 12th Damaris Rau press release on their website yesterday?


Did the Greenwich Board Of Education Damaris Rau press release web page just make it into the top 20 Google results yesterday?


Did the Greenwich Board of Education edit or add to the August 12th Damaris Rau press release on their website yesterday?

Greenwich Roundup has no idea, because we were not sent a copy of the press release about Hamilton Avenue School Principal Damaris Rau.

Since February Greenwich Roundup has received every single Greenwich Board of Education press release that has been put out.

But when a press release about Hamilton Avenue School Principal Damaris Rau was sent out - Greenwich Roundup was mysteriuosly excluded.

Has the Greenwich Public Schools decided to withhold public information from Hamilton Avenue School critics, while rewarding complacent media outlets like the Greenwich Time?

We thought the Greenwich Board Of Education's manipulation of public information ended when failed Greenwich Public School Superintendent Betty Sternberg left town.

Greenwich Board of Education public information should be distributed openly and transparently without regard to a media outlet's editorial content.

We trust that the Greenwich Public Schools will restore Greenwich Roundup to the BOE press release distribution list.

We hope there is no more Greenwich Public School censorship of public information about Hamilton Avenue School.

We also hope that there will not be Greenwich Public School censorship of public information about Glenville School

Greenwich Public School Administrators look foolish selectively withholding press releases about Damaris Rau's new undisclosed position at an undisclosed Connecticut school district.


Damaris Rau Is Once Again In Charge Of A

Greenwich Public School That Has A Water Leak

08/20/09 YOU WONT READ THIS IN THE GREENWICH TIME: Hamilton Avenue School Is Leaking Again


Greenwich Roundup Is Once Again Getting The Same Board Of Education Press Releases That Other Greenwich Media Outlets Are Getting:

Please See:

08/21/09 MEDIA ALERT: Glenville School Press Briefing and Tour

08/21/09 PRESS RELEASE: Administrator Announcement


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08/20/09 Jessop said he came up with the idea after watching a segment on "Dr. Phil" that detailed the sugar daddy dating site SeekingArrangement.com

Greenwich-Area "Financial Titan" Screwed By Dr. Phil

Remember Stephen Dent, the DuPont heir who got
worked over by a tag team prostitute/pimp married couple after he met the wife on a straight and narrow website called SeekingArrangements.com? He probably would've gotten fucked sooner or later even without the assistance of a bald TV psychologist (Dent was a regular on SA.com, and also kind of an idiot who regularly sent money to women he met online) but apparently it was Dr. P who sped things up a bit, after tipping off Dawn (left) and Christopher Jessop as to where they could find a treasure trove of suckers.

In an interview with police, Christopher Jessop, 30, of Mansfield, Ohio, called himself the mastermind of the scheme that successfully bilked 54-year-old Dent out of more than $200,000. Jessop said he came up with the idea after watching a segment on "Dr. Phil" that detailed the sugar daddy dating site SeekingArrangement.com.

"I was like, baby, you know, get on the computer and see what this is about," said Mr. Jessop, detailing a conversation he had with his wife, Dawn Jessop, to Greenwich detectives in a March 19 jailhouse interview. "The next thing I know, I mean, these rich guys are just sending us money for nothing...just conversations over e-mail."

Although the Jessops obtained money from other wealthy men on the Website, the Jessops told police they only blackmailed Dent.

"We came across Stephen Dent, and he was into some pretty weird stuff," Christopher Jessop said to detectives. "He turned out just to be a gold mine to us."
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08/20/09 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

Bank of America Loses Bid for US Trial in Countrywide Lawsuit
Countrywide, the lender acquired by Bank of America, was sued last year by hedge fund Greenwich Financial Services Fund over claims the value of trusts used ...
Greenwich public schools brace for H1N1 flu
Greenwich Time
Should a school close in Greenwich, the district would have to reschedule class days at the end of the school year to fulfill the state's minimum required ...
Drug suspect turns himself in after eluding Stamford and Greenwich ...
Greenwich Time
By Jeff Morganteen STAMFORD -- Gazmen Gjini, the 27-year-old man who Stamford police say eluded them in Greenwich after allegedly almost running over a ...
Greenwich marina receives state award
Greenwich Time
Beacon Point Marine is the only marina in Greenwich to have that designation. Kral and his wife, Cindy, also own the adjacent Greenwich Water Club. ...
A bit of Palmer family's long history for sale
Connecticut Post
By Susan Nova Palmer Island, off Old Greenwich's coastline, was first recorded in a deed dated 1684. Originally a true island and set on the largest ...

08/20/09 The Greenwich Briefing

Comprehensive News Feed for Greenwich, CT.
  • Westport medical building sells for $6.49 million
    posted on August 20, 2009 02:40:29 pm
    ... investor, has purchased 162 Kings Highway North in Westport for $6.49 million from 162 Kings Highway North, a Greenwich-based private investor, whose principal and managing member is Peter Dapuzzo of Greenwich. Dapuzzo did not respond to a request ...
  • Weyerhaeuser Sells iLevel Commercial Arm
    posted on August 20, 2009 01:24:12 pm
    ... take our business to a bold, new level and in the process resurrect the can-do culture and spirit of innovation." Greenwich, Conn.-based Atlas Holdings is a 10-year-old investment firm that describes itself as specializing in the purchase of ...
  • Treasury prices vault higher
    posted on August 19, 2009 10:00:12 pm
    ... guessed it ... stocks fell overnight," said William O'Donnell, head of U.S. Treasury strategy at RBS Securities in Greenwich, Conn. "Risk seeking was the order of the day yesterday, and risk aversion is the overnight theme." The benchmark 10-year ...
  • Bruce Sanderson
    posted on August 18, 2009 03:00:00 pm
    I enjoyed two dinners this past weekend, one planned and one impromptu. One was in the Greenwich Hotel, the other close to Greenwich, Conn.
  • Special Report Burglar and Fire Systems: State of the Market
    posted on April 03, 2006 03:00:00 pm
    ... but is picking up a bit, notes John Weaver, director of marketing for fire equipment manufacturer Gamewell FCI, Greenwich, Conn. That market grew at only 3 percent to 4 percent per year between 2000 and 2004 as a result of a commercial construction ...
  • Heat to stick around one more day
    posted on August 19, 2009 09:59:21 pm
    ... of sunlight today. High tides today will occur at 10:51 a.m. and 11:15 p.m. in Bridgeport harbor. In Stamford and Greenwich harbors, high tides will be at 10:55 a.m. and 11:17 p.m. Today: Scattered showers, with thunderstorms also possible after ...
  • Weyerhaeuser completes sale of commercial business
    posted on August 19, 2009 04:05:36 pm
    Weyerhaeuser has completed the sale of its commercial business to a subsidiary of Atlas Holdings, a private investment firm based in Greenwich, Conn.
  • U.S. stocks forge ahead
    posted on August 19, 2009 03:51:23 pm
    ... being better than they actual were, because it wants to go up," Steve Goldman, market strategist at Weeden & Co in Greenwich, Connecticut told the Reuters newsagency. "People also shrugged off the data for the same reason. The market clearly has an ...
  • Elk River hires new fire chief
    posted on August 19, 2009 12:31:33 pm
    ... Monday, Aug. 17 to hire Cunningham, who currently is fire chief of the Sound Beach Fire Rescue Department in Old Greenwich, Conn. City Administrator Lori Johnson has notified Cunningham, and he has accepted the job. Mayor Stephanie Klinzing said ...

08/20/09 PRESS RELEASE: Free Family Concerts

Thanks for all your help in advertising these last few concerts of the
summer season.



The Department of Parks and Recreation announces that the Bob Button Orchestra will perform in the Wednesday Night Concert Series at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on August 26, 2009 at the special time of 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

This popular 16-piece orchestra will present a program of big band classics as originally recorded by the famous bands of the Swing Era. Gail Clear is the featured vocalist.

Button and Bows, the talented group of female singers will also appear with the band for this performance.

A portable dance floor will be installed in front of the bandstand for those who would like to dance while listening.

This is the last Parks & Recreation Wednesday Night Concert of the summer season. So don’t miss your last chance to relax, bring the family, a picnic dinner and listen to some wonderful music under the stars.

If it rains the performance will be held the next day on Thursday at the park. For rain information call 618-7650 after 4 pm.

For more information please call the Recreation Office at 622-7830.


The Department of Parks and Recreation announces that the Sound Beach Community Band will be performing on the Showmobile at Binney Park on Sunday, August 30, 2009, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

The Sound Beach Community Band consists of 40 local musicians that play a number of different popular songs, marches, and show tunes.

Bring a picnic dinner and a blanket, and join us for a wonderful night of music under the stars.

The rain date for this concert is on Monday August 31, 2009.

For more information please call the Department of Parks and Recreation at 622-7830, or visit our website at www.greenwichct.org.

cc: Greenwich Time, Greenwich Post, Greenwich Citizen, Community Answers, WGCH, Recreation Staff


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08/20/09 YOU WONT READ THIS IN THE GREENWICH TIME: Hamilton Avenue School Is Leaking Again

Hamilton Avenue School Children Are Going To Suffer Again, Becauce Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson Has His Head In The Sand

Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin "BOE Brown Nose" Gustafson continues to ignore the parents at the "NEW" $32 Million Hamilton Avenue School.

Greenwich Public Schools Facility Director Anthony Byrne would not allow this to happen on the East end of Town, because he would soon be out of a job.

Water Is Pouring Into A School That Has Been
Repeatedly Known As A

Mold Breeding Ground

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 21:16:51 -0400
Subject: School update Please pass along to other HAS parents on your contact list

To our parents at Hamilton Avenue School

We would like to give you an update on the school building;

*During last week's storm, one section of the flashing (by the parent pick up entrance)

became loose and was hanging creating a safety hazard. Worth

Construction was contacted for repairs and further inspections. Since then the flashing

has been remove and the areas have been inspected. A work order for the repairs is in place.

*As early as yesterday, a leak was found on the junction of the old and new building (by the music room). Once again the District contacted Worth constructions and were awaiting a response.

We understand that this area is being inspected today.

*We have also been informed that work has began in the field,(baseball field).

*Also, the Veterans Memorial construction has also began.

As of this time all items have been addressed and their repair will not affect the start of the school year.

The school will continue to follow protocol in any other finding.

The protocol continues to be: Facilities Dept. contacts Building Committee which in turn contacts

Worth Construction for remediation.

Updates will follow as soon as we are informed.


Alex Capozza- Mike Reilly

Co-Presidents of Hamilton Avenue School PTA





Artificial turf debate is scorching hot
GREENWICH -- On one of the hottest days of the year, two aspiring high school players took off their sneakers and tossed a football back and forth on an artificial turf covered field at Greenwich High School.
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Town workforce faces reductions from retirements

About 29 municipal employees are expected to call it a career at the end of this month, the vast majority taking advantage of a retirement incentive program offered by the town to help reduce the Read More »

Byram chaffing with public pool situation
It's 90 degrees outside. You're the 41st person in line to use the Byram Park swimming pool, the only public facility of its kind in town. Tough luck. The pool only holds 40 people at a time.
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Two Days Ago Greenwich Blogger Chris Fountain

Once Again Commented About The Poor Quality Of

Greenwich Time Reporting

Greenwich Time has archives going back for weeks -From The "For What It's Worth" Blog

In an astonishing bit of investigative journalism, our local paper has discovered that hurricanes have hit Greenwich in the past. “Who knew?”, said amateur blogger and publisher Lincoln Millstein. “I mean, I look out the window and see sunshine, then that’s as far as my memory goes – I’m always surprised if it rains the next day, but my crack editors have prevented me from reporting that departure from normal – they think it’s happened before, though they can’t remember when. But our guy really went to town on this one – dug up records, spoke with our custodian, the whole shebang – no fear or favor around here, by golly.”

The Time article discusses storms that started in the south as hurricanes but arrived here as rainstorms in the 1990s and those were certainly colorful. And its reporter did stir himself to discover that right around the time of the doddering Millsteins’ birth, a “really, really big one” surged over Long Island in 1934. No mention is made, however, of Hurricane Carol (1954) or even her weaker sister, Donna (1960). Pressed on that omission, Millstein scratched his head. “1954, you say? 1960? We don’t do those years.

But say, did you see our Scusie’s latest piece on the Gifford’s dog Touchback getting a shampoo?

Now that’s a story.”


08/01/09 - 08/11/09 Blogger Chris Fountain discovers that Greenwich Time Reporter Niel Vidgor lacks the journalistic balls to report the truth


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