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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

04/22/08 - Some of the online rumors have him being coveted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and Seattle Seahawks.

Sullivan's Draft Date Four Days Away

by Tim Parry

Former Greenwich All-American John Sullivan will hear his name called on the first day of the NFL Draft on Saturday. The question of course is this: Which team will invest in the Notre Dame center's future? ...

...Here's Sullivan's draft profile from NFL.com. One tab praises him as a cerebral center who had some of the best combine scores in the vertical jump and the 20-yard shuttle. And I'm sure a kid as smart as him aced the Wunderlich test.

Then the next tab says he's a kid who may have already peaked as an athlete, and may be overrated...

FCIAC Football Blog - http://fciacfootballblog.com


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04/22/08 - Reader Comments About The Typos

Spell Check Is Impotent

Hello GR,

In the "About us" section on the left hand side, in the middle where you talk about how "it is important that the residents of Greenwich to practice critical and discriminating reading It is a skill that crucial in trying to discern the realities behind all the reporting and rhetoric that is written about the village", you need a period between "reading" and "It".

Also, I believe the first "to" is not needed. I didn't read the rest of the section, but I'm guessing you will want to proofread it to ensure no other typos.



Dear dz,

The corrections have been made.

Thank you so much for the help.

I have one eye and I type by hunting and pecking on the computer keyboard.

I sincerely appreciate your help.


Editor And Chef


Have you seen this internet classic

The following is a letter to the editor from the

Times of Trenton, July 14, 1998.

The Shortcomings Spellcheck

I would like to apply fore a job as an editor of your paper. I halve a computer, and it has spellcheck, and it wood seam that this is awl I really knead.

Aye thought at first that maybe I should caul, but then I decided it mite be better to right. I truly believe that I would be a grate editor--know matter watt--rein or shine. Eye wood make accuracy inn spelling the mane ingredient of my editorial rain. Just to prove my hart is in the rite place, I maid sure this letter was perfect--I ran it threw Spellcheck.

I really due wont this job, and I no I could bee a reel asset, butt if yew don't higher mi, I won't whale.


Sharon Lowden



Spelling Poem

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no

Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

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04/22/08 - Girl slaps mother and starts wrestling with a sibling

Police Watch: The following reports were released April 22


Police do not release the names of those 17 years old and younger because they are protected as juveniles or youthful offenders. The Post does not publish the names of those arrested in domestic violence incidents to protect the identities of the victims. The following are April 21's released arrests:


A 16-year-old Greenwich girl was arrested April 21 and charged with disorderly conduct. Police had been sent to the scene of a reported fight between family members and arrested the girl. She had allegedly gotten into an argument with her mother and escalated it by slapping her mother and wrestling with a sibling who attempted to intervene. The girl was released on a promise to appear in court today.

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04/22/08 - Governor Jodi Rell Gets It Wrong On Earth Day - Ham Ave School Is The Greenest School - Green With Mold

New Canaan Country School officially greenest school in CT
Stamford Plus Magazine, CT

Today, April 22, Earth Day, New Canaan Country School received the silver award from LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) from the US Green Building Council and now is officially the ‘greenest school building in the state of CT.’

On hand to commemorate the event was Senator Judy Freedman who read a proclamation from Governor Jodi Rell, and Selectman, Jeb Walker. Three ninth grade students spoke about what the building is teaching them about environmental stewardship: Elliot Wolf of Greenwich, Caroline Casey of New Canaan, and Sarah Cottone of Norwalk.

The building was designed by Butler, Rogers, Baskett of New Canaan (www.brb.com) and built by Turner Construction. LEED consultation was provided by The Stone House Group.

Please see:

04/18/07 - "There's no way that my children will ever go back to that building ever again," said Laura DiBella, a Ham Ave School parent (Updated)

04/16/08 - Frank wants to step back and learn from mistakes made in the past. He says the contaminated Hamilton Avenue Modulars are not an ideal site

04/14/08 - BOE To Spend 1.7 Million To Put The Smallest Glenville Students In The Molded Modulars - Older Students Will Be Dispersed All Over(Updated)


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04/22/08 - Reader Submitted Comments About Earth Day

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

Today is Earth Day, a day to remember the fact that our stewardship of this planet is the primary legacy we will leave all of our children.

As Jim Himes argues in an opinion piece in today's Connecticut Post, now is the time for us to act decisively to ensure that our state is a leader in green collar jobs, and that our children have the opportunity to live in a healthy and sustainable world.

The citizens of Greenwich need to act together in order to face this huge challenge.

Please take a minute now and invite your friends, neighbors, and family to join in this collective effort.


We in Greenwich, all realize that the health of our planet is an issue that affects every aspect of our lives, and which deserves our attention every single day.

We are mired in a financial mess brought on by Bush-Shays economic policies and mired in a disastrous war brought on by Bush-Shays foreign policy.

And there are other huge challenges on the horizon, so many of which are tied to climate change, our nation's energy policy, and our planet's very survival.

The time to act is now. If we are going to make progress, we need more allies on our team, we need people from Greenwich to help spread the word.

Can you think of a co-worker, neighbor, friend, or family member who cares as much as you do about our country's future - our economy, our planet?

Please forward today's Op-Ed to them and ask them to join the team:



A Greenwich citizen that is concerned about the

economy and the environment


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04/22/08 - The thing about being a heroin addict is that you either have no problems or one big one.

Coroner: Greenwich Doctor Ian Rubins Died From Overdose of Heroin ...

by Chris

The Stamford Advocate is reporting that Greenwich Doctor Ian Rubins, 46, who died in the presence of pool worker Leonard Bajramaj on January 23rd, expired to due an overdose of cocaine and/or heroin. Bajramaj was charged with first ...

StationStops - http://www.stationstops.com

Read Other Related Greenwich Posts From StationStops:

Please see:

04/21/08 - Rubins purchased narcotics that he took and Rubins, as a doctor, knew exactly what he was doing when he injected himself.

02/06/08 - Dr. Ian Rubin's Family Has Complained About The Press, But At Least The Family Got Justice.

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“It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality. There are more television addicts, more baseball and football addicts, more movie addicts, and certainly more alcohol addicts in this country than there are narcotics addicts.”

Shirley Chisholm
(American Politician, the first African-American woman to win a seat in the United States Congress, b.1924)

04/22/08 - Note to Mr. Baker: Before you do anything else, CHANGE THE FLOORS ON THE GROUND FLOOR! They are miserable.

Fortune: Lord & Taylor's New Hope

by Guerilla Shopper

Richard Baker, the scion of a Greenwich, Conn., real estate dynasty, has made a billion-dollar bet on Lord & Taylor and an esoteric list of designers. Is he fashion's next power player, or will he be the latest deep-pocketed outsider to ...

Guerilla Shopper NYC - http://guerillashopper.blogspot.com/

04/22/08 - Volvic water is drawn from deep inside the lush, green ancient volcanoes of the Auvergne. Yeah, right. Some Frenchman has a hose and a tub

...I think all bottled water is filled up in the sink. I think the various companies that market the stuff just put the bottles under a faucet...

John Kelso

Austin American Statesman

...Oh, I will buy bottled water occasionally. My brand of choice? It had been Ozarka, because the name made it sound like it once had a trotline set in it. But now I see on the bottle that Ozarka is a Nestle product and that Nestle is located in Greenwich, Conn. There isn't anybody in Greenwich, Conn., who knows how to bait a hook.

The other thing that gets me about bottled water is the way they list the "Nutritional Facts" on the bottle. Nutrition? What nutrition? But pick up your bottle of Dasani, a Coca-Cola product, and you'll notice that it says it has zero percent total fat, zero calories, zero percent sodium, zero percent total carbs, and zero grams of protein.

Why bother putting this on there? Of course it doesn't have anything in it. It's freakin' water. If it had anything in it, it would be a martini.


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04/22/08 - "I find it very relaxing," said Samantha Spezzano a Greenwich High School senior. "I turn on my iPod and take my time."

GHS senior travels down a culinary road

By Hoa Nguyen
Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

When she's not playing ice hockey, Samantha Spezzano is in the kitchen testing new recipes and baking up a storm...

Spezzano, who works part-time at the Black Forest Pastry Shop in Greenwich, is allergic to nuts. Her dream is to open up her own bakery one day where she would specialize in nut-free pastries.

"You can make anything from food and I love that," she said...

...Her boss, at the bakery, Herb Mueller, 37, a second-generation shop owner who grew up in Riverside with the goal of taking over his parents' place, said he is unsure whether he would recommend the career to someone else.

"Some people don't realize there's a lot of work involved in making cakes," he said, adding that the most important characteristic for a budding pastry chef is to be passionate about baking. "She seems to be so I say, 'Hey go for it. Do it while you're young.' "

Full Story

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04/22/08 - The CEO dubbed 'Fred the Shred' for his cost-cutting habit escapes the firing line - for now.

At RBS you can keep your job even if you help wreak the economy and write down 12 Billion in losses

RBS chief gets off scot-free


(Fortune) -- Even in the pathetic pantheon of subprime mortgage losers, Royal Bank of Scotland stands out.

The Edinburgh, Scotland-based bank joined three other titans of global finance - Citi (C, Fortune 500) and Merrill Lynch (MER, Fortune 500) of the United States and Swiss bank UBS (UBS) - in being forced to raise costly new capital after reporting mortgage-related losses reaching into the double-digit billions of dollars. RBS (RBS) said Monday that its latest quarter would reflect nearly $12 billion in writedowns tied to the global credit crunch. Following the script written by its struggling rivals, Royal Bank of Scotland then went out and raised a huge slug of new capital - $23.9 billion worth - at prices far below even the bank's steeply depressed trading price.

But in a bizarre break with the Merrill-Citi-UBS model, in which top execs who oversaw disastrous mortgage investments were forced to resign, Royal Bank of Scotland is standing behind the management team that led the firm into this morass. This despite the fact that the writedowns come just two months after RBS chief Fred Goodwin told investors he didn't expect to have to raise new capital this year through share issuances. Indeed, the board rebuffed Goodwin's offer to resign ...

The bank's RBS Greenwich Capital unit, acquired back in 2000 when RBS gobbled up U.K. banker Natwest, spent the middle years of this decade beefing up its issuance of collateralized debt obligations...

...Now, Goodwin is planning to sell the firm's insurance business in a bid to raise even more money and narrow the Royal Bank's focus. And even in the wake of the massive writedowns and humbling capital-raising terms, he insisted on a conference call this week that he's playing a strong hand. "There won't be a fire-sale," he said.

But as RBS shareholders know all too well, Fred Goodwin has been wrong before.

Please see:

RBS: Colonial opinions.

by Henry Cave Devine

The thieves at the trading unit, RBS Greenwich, kept mum on the markings to enrich their compensation at the expense of the shareholders. As far as I am concerned RBS management has no credibility or integrity. ...

My Telegraph : Henry Cave Devine - http://my.telegraph.co.uk/henry_cave_devine/

Almost 11,000 Connecticut Working Families Have Lost Their Homes Since New Years Day.

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r comments, news clips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

04/22/08 Tuesday's News Links From The Greenwich Post

Fourth graders visit the Guggenheim

Going to the Guggenheim

The fourth graders from the International School at Dundee visited the Guggenheim Museum in New York City recently. As part of the partnership program, the fourth graders made two trips to the museum and viewed a variety of exhibits, including traveling exhibitions and works from the permanent collection. The trips inspired the artwork of the students which culminated in an Art Gala at the school last week....

Session offers tips on managing stress

On Wednesday, April 30, Ruthanne Jaffe Birnbaum, a licensed and board certified clinical social worker who is in local private practice, will present an illustrated talk on techniques for stress management.

Greenwich TV celebrates Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day Greenwich Community Television (GCTV) Channel 79 is featuring green programming from midday until 11 p.m. on April 22.


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04/22/08 - See The Channel 2 Video - Fakes Allowing Many Access To Exclusive Waterfront

Police in Greenwich, Conn., are scratching their heads as they try to figure out who is running a counterfeit beach pass ring that is allowing people access to exclusive waterfront property. (WCBS)

Beach Pass Counterfeiting Perplexes Greenwich Cops (Video Report)


Reporting Tony Aiello

, Conn. You've heard of counterfeit money and counterfeit luxury goods. How about counterfeit beach passes?

It's happening in Connecticut, where cops say someone is making and apparently selling those highly coveted beach passes that are one of the perks of living in America's wealthiest town.

It's quiet now, but come Memorial Day crowds will head back to the beach at Greenwich Point, where attendants will have to be more vigilant than ever now that cops have learned someone has been counterfeiting these coveted passes and making fake permits....

...Beach passes and parking permits are one of the perks of living in Greenwich. For years, the town fought to keep non-residents off the beach – until a court ordered the town to allow them to visit.

But non-residents pay a fee for the privilege -- $5 to enter and $20 to park.

So having a counterfeit pass and parking permit could save hundreds of dollars.

Greenwich Police have a great piece of evidence in this case -- a folder containing copies of counterfeit passes, and the name of the alleged person behind the counterfeiting ring....

...."We are still reaching out to other individuals to get their assistance as well as try to document enough information to give to the prosecutors' office where they feel comfortable going forward with a criminal charge," said. Lt. Daniel Allen.

Whoever has been making fake versions of these passes soon may find it's a real crime.

Real beach passes have a bar code on them, but beach attendant's are not equipped with a bar code reader....

Please see:

02/18/08 - The Parks Department Has Another Beach Pass Scandal. Will The Police Be Called? Will the person reponsible be punished?

02/19/08 - Coverup? - Why Isn't This Felony Being Investigated By The Police Department?

02/20/08 - Is The Coverup Comming To An End? - Police Commisioner Tesei Lights A Fire Under Police Chief Ridberg's Rear End.

02/21/08 - Stop The Coverup - Since When Is Joesph Siciliano A Criminal Investigator?

03/18/08 - First Selectman Peter Tesei said, "Every effort should be made to identify the culprit and prosecute the person."

04/21/08 - You Can Blame This Screw Up On High Paid Parks Department Head Joesph "I Thought I Could Handle A Police Investigation" Sicilano

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Please read comments about this issue:

Cathy says:

Their all a bunch of snobs....Boo-freakin-hoo! So someone might want to use your beaches who don't live there.

So what? If they are willing to pay for a pass,let them.

I understand there are fake passes out there,and for the person who alledgedly made them,why do you have an attorney? You have something to hide?? I guess you do.

Jack says:

Go after the real criminals who break in our homes and kill us,the beach belongs to everyone.

Joan says:

Greenwich residents pay taxes for beach upkeep and the people using fake passes do not.

The beach belong to every one at the high water mark. You can walk the beach at that point by following the coast line.It was done many years ago by activist Ned Coll from Hartford. He marched a group of people along the coast to prove that point.

Bruce says:

The fact is the very rich have bought up the Conn. coastline.

As a child my family used to rent a cottage for at least 20 years until it was sold to some guy from NY.

It was bulldozed; a mansion on the water went up and such is the case over and over.

We are supposed to just be good little middle class serfs and be happy about our $3.79 gas also.

Middle Greenwich says:

I can sort of understand why Port Chester and other Westchester residents would want access since their towns don't have a beach but why is that Stamford residents are the ones who want access?

Aren't Stamford beaches good enough for them? Everyone keeps pointing fingers at Greenwich but the real snobs are the Stamford residents who think their city and beaches are beneath them and full of riff-raff and want to go to Greenwich for everything because they are sad, miserable poseurs who want to avoid their own beaches and neighbors.

Anon says:

The point here is counterfeit beach passes. People are using them knowingly to avoid paying for the use of the beach. Batman or Bruce Wayne,please be a good little boy and put your cape and batmobile away and I''l let you use my beach pass.

Alexis says:

if you do some homework you can find information about similar lawsuits up and down the coast, the cities and towns lose because the old laws on the books preserve the coastline for everyone to use. not just the residents of that neighborhood or town.

that is why the Rye town beach didn't fight it years ago.

having said that, the counterfeiters will be found out eventually. people are not that good at keeping secrets.

Russ Says:

I think you can find snobs anywhere you go.

The people who were caught with the counterfeit passes should be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law. Hit 'em with fraud, larceny & tresspassing charges....see how long they refuse to be questioned by police when they have a couple thousand in fines hanging over their heads!

04/22/08 - Son Of The Beach Lawsuit - The Nightmare Continues - Michael Bocchino Wants The Single Family Home Owners To Pay For Another Lawsuit!!!

Swimmers might need more than a bathing suit or water wings to take a dip in a proposed community pool in Byram.

Swimmers might need more than a bathing suit or water wings to take a dip in a proposed community pool in Byram.

A driver's license or other proof of residency could be required if some elected officials and neighborhood leaders get their way. A number of them have endorsed a residents-only policy at the pool or one favoring residents, rekindling an old debate over access to public recreation facilities in Greenwich.

The issue of nonresidents flocking to the pool, which would be built with public and private funds in Byram Park, has come up recently in the Representative Town Meeting, as well as in the neighborhood. Some who favor the residents-only policy said that a bus route serving neighboring Port Chester stops in front of the park.

"There's no reason why we can't restrict this pool from any outside individuals or residents," said Michael Bocchino, president of the Byram Neighborhood Association.

In a landmark case decided by state Supreme Court, the town's residents-only policy for entering public beaches was ruled unconstitutional in 2001, subjecting Greenwich to national criticism and ridicule. The town is again mired in litigation over the beach-access policy it adopted after the ruling.....

...irst Selectman Peter Tesei said he would oppose any efforts to restrict access at the new pool.

"I don't share their sentiments," Tesei said. "They should look carefully at our recent history. Somehow, they must have been asleep for a period of time in that we have a policy of open access to our beaches that provides for nonresidents to use them so long as they're paying the noncardholder fee."...

....Selectman Lin Lavery, who has played a leading role in developing the proposal, said she envisioned the pool being for the community when she advocated the project during her campaign last year.

"I think the pool should be for the Greenwich residents to swim in outside, in the sunshine in the fresh water," Lavery said.

At the same time, Lavery said she was cognizant of the lawsuit and history involving nonresident access to town recreation facilities. She said she supported allowing nonresidents to buy daily admission passes to use the pool.

"If my children come to visit, I would love to buy them a day pass," Lavery said.

Full Story

The So Called Political Leaders Of Byram Always Make A Big Fat Deal Out Of Stupid Little Crap, Instead Of Going After The Real Problems Of Western Greenwich.

Please see:

04/21/08 - Reader Submitted Comments: Nightmare On Pemberwick Road

04/15/08 - Greenwich RTM Report - It's Not Easy To Give Money To The Town Of Greenwich (Updated)

04/14/08 - Greenwich Needs To Solve The Byram Goose Poop Problem So That We Can Go After The Drug And Gang Grafitti Problems

04/14/08 - Byram RTM Chairman Robert McKnight Says That Town Planner Diane Fox Has A Conflict Of With The Boston Consultants

04/14/08 - BOE To Spend 1.7 Million To Put The Smallest Glenville Students In The Molded Modulars - Older Students Will Be Dispersed All Over(Updated)

04/12/09 - The Byram RTM Chairman Has Major Problems With Lin Lavery's Pool Donation Proposal (Updated)

04/12/08 - Greenwich Spotlight: Greenwich School District's Facilities Director Anthony "Tony Two Face" Byrne And The Ham Ave School Coverup (Updated)

04/09/08 - Byram Police Officers Show An LA Gang Member Who's The Boss (Updated)

04/05/08 - Submitted Comments On Greenwich Time Story

04/03/07 - Lin Lavery, said children who have to use the restroom have to get back in line after they’ve used the bathroom, and that was unacceptable

02/06/08 - Dr. Ian Rubin's Family Has Complained About The Press, But At Least The Family Got Justice.

01/11/08 - This What The Welcome Sign To Byram Looked Like Before Mike Bocchinoke Became President Of The Byram Nieghborhood Association


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04/22/08 - Greenwich Roundup: The Pre-Dawn Briefing

Greenwich News Report

Greenwich man who fell into harbor piloted Rolling Stones
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT

By Zach Lowe

STAMFORD - The Greenwich man found dead in Stamford Harbor Friday died of an accidental drowning, according the Office of the Chief Medical ...

Brunswick film festival gets Greenwich kids going global
Greenwich Post - Greenwich,CT

Despite the balmy weather this past Saturday, more than 100 students from Brunswick, Greenwich Academy, The Convent of the Sacred Heart and Greenwich ...

Greenwich plastic surgeon overdosed, medical examiner confirms
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT

By Zach Lowe

STAMFORD - The Greenwich plastic surgeon found dead in his pool worker's Stamford apartment in February overdosed on a combination of heroin ...

TREASURIES-Bond losses trimmed as stock losses widen
Reuters - USA

Ian Lyngen, interest-rate strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut, said Treasuries trimmed losses as stocks ground "a little bit" ...

Russell dominating NEC for Sacred Heart softball
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT

Chris O'Connor (Greenwich) has five goals and three assists while redshirt freshman Chris Rotante (Brien McMahon) is scoreless in limited time on defense ...

Notre Dame center Sullivan has a diverse sports background
Kansas City Star - MO

Sullivan attended the same high school in Greenwich, Conn., as Steve Young and has met the Hall of Fame quarterback on the banquet circuit. ...

louvre curator to speak at school awards
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT

Scheduled for 5 pm, May 7 at the Greenwich Senior/Arts Center, the ceremony will honor high-achieving middle and high school students by awarding them ...

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Greenwich 1-on-1 Provides Highly Personalized Sports Coaching
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Just throwing it out there... Greenwich Fire is testing. Short ride from Nassau for a great deparment. Check the town's web site.
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Recipients of fake Greenwich beach cards dodge questioning

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) - Lack of cooperation from potential witnesses is complicating an investigation into who's responsible for counterfeiting Greenwich's highly coveted beach access passes, police say.
Lohud.com: Latest News - http://www.lohud.com

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  1. Boeing Profit Forecast May Reassure Investors Weary of Dreamliner Delay


    ... as travel demand slows and the economy weakens, said Peter Arment , an American Technology Research analyst in Greenwich, Connecticut, who has a ``neutral'' rating on Boeing. ``We're at a crossroads point right now as to whether we'll see a recovery ...

  2. Royal Bank Of Scotland Building Rises In Stamford

    Hartford Courant

    ... RBS' building will house its global banking and markets business and a securities brokerage unit now based in Greenwich. RBS also owns Providence-based Citizens Bank, Connecticut's seventh-largest bank. Citizens may or may not occupy space in the ...

  3. Dow Jones, S&P dip on bank worries


    ... and Apple could add to those, said Tim Smalls, head of US stock trading at brokerage firm Execution LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, May crude settled at a record US$117.48, up 79 cents, after hitting an intraday ...

  4. Requiem for the New York Times & Other Old-Line Players

    Jane Genova

    ... - at least not effectively? I look at the elephant in my new e-book "Saving Souls on Park Avenue, K Street, and Greenwich, CT." You can download it here free. Download savingsoulsonparkavenuekstreet.pdf A big part of letting the barbarians is just ...

  5. Crovitz: Consumer Has it Over Business

    Rebuilding Media

    ... Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its ...

  6. Adams drug bust: Heroin seized, 11 arrested

    Drug Busts

    ... money, firearms and a vehicle from Ramos.Also in custody on various drug charges were: Thomas W. Barnett, 19, of Greenwich, Conn.; Vanessa A. Cullison, 29, of Gettysburg; Joshua M. Spencer, 18, address unknown; Timothy A. Stotsky Jr. 18, of Hanover; ...

  7. Stocks slip as financial shares weigh

    WTNZ-TV Knoxville

    ... going through the healing process, and we need patience," said Steve Goldman, market strategist at Weeden & Co in Greenwich, Connecticut. "But what we really need to see is the financial companies leading the market higher." The Dow Jones industrial ...

  8. Stock futures dip on BofA, Eli Lilly

    Earth Times

    ... companies, like Arch Coal," said Tim Smalls, head of U.S. stock trading at brokerage firm Execution LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. "I think we have a little bit of work to do to digest all the earnings, but the market is showing resilience." S&P 500 ...

  9. Appointments and Promotions at Roma

    Gifts and Tablewares Online

    ... venues, since graduating from the University of Hartford School of Art with a BFA in oil painting. Originally from Greenwich, CT, he moved westward and continued as a framer, designer and manager in San Francisco, CA. Israel joined Roma's sales team ...

  10. Merrill Lynch Leads Barron's ''Top 100 Financial Advisers'' List for Fifth Consecutive Year

    Business Wire

    ... and customer satisfaction. Barron's 2008 Top 100: Phil Scott Bellevue, WA August Cenname Columbus, OH John Erdmann Greenwich, CT Raj Sharma Boston, MA Robert Stulberg Bloomfield Hills, MI Rod Westmoreland Atlanta, GA Saly Glassman Blue Bell, PA ...

  11. Intrepid Potash seen as hot commodity

    Rocky Mountains News

    ... western U.S., Intrepid can capture additional margin through lower freight costs to end users," wrote analysts at Greenwich, Conn.-based Renaissance Capital in a recent report. "While trends in agricultural commodities markets will likely give this ...

  12. Education funding gets day in court


    ... also an equitable one, so the kids in Danbury would have the right to the same high-quality education as those in Greenwich." Regardless of the outcome of the hearing, which is expected to be decided by the fall, the coalition will continue to ...

  13. Green Kitchens


    ... furniture. So if you're throwing out your old kitchen for a fancy new Poggenpohl one, contact Greenwich, Connecticut-based Green Demolitions . They'll come and pick up your old kitchen or bathroom and you'll win a tax deduction. Meanwhile, someone ...

  14. The Brand Called YOU: Positioning Your Brand For Success

    What's Up Daybook

    ... Ries and his daughter Laura in Great Neck, New York. Prior to 1994, Al was with his former partner Jack Trout in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Laura was working as an account executive at TBWA Advertising in New York City. Al decided he wanted to work ...

  15. Beach Pass Probe Resisted

    Hartford Courant

    Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg says the witnesses could help corroborate details provided by an anonymous tipster, who sent copies of the fake passes and other information to police in February.

  16. Spaghetti al Sugo di Pomodoro from Polpo in Greenwich


    Polpo Restaurant is considered one of Connecticut's and the Northeast's best dining experiences. Located in Greenwich, Polpo is known for it's Tuscan Cruisine using only the freshest ingredients and time honored recipes. Here to shows us how to make ...

  17. Full House Greets Pope's Last U.S. Mass


    ... seen Yankee Stadium so beautiful, and I have season's tickets," said Philip Giordano, 49, a tax attorney from Greenwich, Conn., who won seats in the loge section behind home plate through a parish lottery. "It sure beats sitting in my local church." ...

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Environmental celebrations April is Earth Day Month in Greenwich, so the Greenwich Conservation Department has put together a list of many events, this month and next, that are aimed at raising awareness about the environment....
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Rell knew of rising rail yard costs

HARTFORD -- An e-mail from Gov. M. Jodi Rell's chief of staff emerged yesterday that proved Rell not only knew about the rising cost of the New Haven Rail Yard months ago but that she also was "horrified" by the price tag....
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The U.S. attorney and state attorney general last week said they did not close their investigations into the crash of....
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Sacred Heart gets awards for cutting power usage

On a day when Convent of the Sacred Heart middle school students were learning how they could reduce, reuse and recycle as part of an Earth Day event, Facilities Manager Walter Bendik recalled the school's efforts to implement energy efficiency measures....
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A pit bull terrier is in quarantine following a six-day effort to find the dog and its owner after it bit a Rye Brook, NY....
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Kissel slay hearing delayed one week
A hearing on whether to open the sealed arrest warrants for two men arrested last month of killing millionaire Andrew M. Kissel...
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