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Friday, February 13, 2009

2/12/09 This Is One Of The Most Anoying Things About The Greenwich Time

Hold The Font Page:

Insert headline here: More press funnies from the Green Kitty Litter Liner

What Is Up With All The Missing Headlines At The Greenwich Time Website?

From Today's Greenwich Time Website:

Web Head

Sub Head

Greenwich Time Staff
Posted: 02/12/2009 06:27:22 PM EST

To the editor:

The Connecticut Citizens Transportation Lobby, a grass-roots organization started in 2003, strongly supports Gov, M. Jodi Rell's proposal for a pilot program to install road-safety cameras on state highways.

Highway safety is greatly enhanced when photo enforcement is employed. These cameras have been in use since the 1970s in about 40 foreign countries and in various locations in the United States for 10 years. The results are striking.

In England there are over 6,000 cameras, and at the installation sites speeding has been reduced by 30 percent and fatalities by 42 percent. In Australia, after photo radar was installed, within three months the number of drivers triggering the cameras was cut in half. In an Arizona program, average speed was cut by 9 percent, single-vehicle collisions by 63 percent and injuries by 48 percent......


I can't believe the new Hearst Newspaper publisher haven't fixed this yet.

Every other day the headline says Web Head" or "Main Head."

Obviously, Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter is supposed to have someone put a headline there.

This never happens at The Greenwich Citizen.

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Here Are Some Classic Headlines That The Greenwich Time Editors May Want To Use.....
Children Get Shot At The The Games
Surprise Gift For Longest Resident
Snowball Children Banned By School
Jam Tarts Bring In A Fairly Big Crowd
New Church Opens Sunday
Pig Discussion Group To Close After 41 Years
Man Sues Over Wind
Martial Arts Instructor Cleared Of Bat Assault
Egrets, We Have A Few
Always Remember: "Front End Bites And Back End Kicks"
Virgin Has Worst Punctuality Record In Britain
Mayor Acts On Club Striptease Shows
Messiah Here For Christmas
Man Hit By Train Suffered Anxiety
Funeral Manager To Head Quality Control
It's Not Over Yet

2/13/09 PRESS RELEASE: Emergency Action Taken Against Greenwich Traders Paul Greenwood & Stephen Walsh- Questions About "Hundreds Of Millions Dollars"

For Immediate Release

NFA takes an emergency enforcement action against two Connecticut commodity pool operators

February 12, Chicago - National Futures Association (NFA) announced today that it has taken an emergency enforcement action against Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh, both of whom are sole proprietor Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) Members of NFA located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Greenwood and Walsh are co-CPOs of a commodity pool named WG Trading Company, LP ("WGTC"). Effective immediately, the Member Responsibility Action (MRA) is deemed necessary because Greenwood and Walsh have failed to cooperate with NFA in its investigation of the CPOs in that they failed to produce books and records relating to their CPO activities and other transactions in which they engage. Additionally, Greenwood and Walsh have failed and refused to respond to NFA's inquiries regarding numerous promissory notes totaling hundreds of millions of dollars executed by them individually in favor of an investment vehicle to which two NFA listed commodity pools have loaned a total of over half a billion dollars.

The MRA suspends Greenwood and Walsh from NFA membership indefinitely. The MRA also prohibits Greenwood and Walsh or anyone acting on their behalf from soliciting or accepting any customer or pool participant funds and they are prohibited from placing trades for any pools that they operate or control except to liquidate existing positions. Additionally, the MRA prohibits them from disbursing or transferring any funds from any accounts which either of them own, control or which are held in either of their names without prior approval from NFA.

The MRA will remain in effect until such time as Greenwood and Walsh have demonstrated that they are in complete compliance with all NFA Requirements. Greenwood and Walsh may request a hearing on this matter before NFA's Hearing Committee.

NFA is the premier independent provider of innovative and efficient regulatory programs that safeguard the integrity of the futures markets.

For more information contact:

Larry Dyekman (312) 781-1372, ldyekman@nfa.futures.org

Karen Wuertz (312) 781-1335, kwuertz@nfa.futures.org
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2/13/08/09 And You Thought Greenwich Roundup Was Hard On Hearst Newspapers.....Funny how Jodi isn't to blame

Can Kenny Dixon please show me the budgets that were put into law by a legislative override of the CT Governors veto?


Is Conn Post's Ken Dixon the Dumbest Reporter in the State of Connecticut?

My Left Nutmeg

Just how stupid do you have to be to write this sentence:

"It you like this fiscal crisis, thank a Democrat. They have dominated the Legislature since 1997, when the $10.4 billion budget had a $263 million surplus."

That pearl of wisdom came from Ken Dixon of the Connecticut Post in his February 6 column. Now let's just start with the fact that this is the same character who referred to Congressman Jim Himes just after his election as "a forty two year-old blank slate". Yep, Harvard grad, Oxford Master's, Rhodes Scholar, Goldman Sachs exec, chairman of the Democratic Party in Greenwich, top national executive for a major affordable housing non-profit- yep, Ken, that's a blank slate, alright! A man entirely void of accomplishment. You nailed it, Kenny Baby!

So that Ken Dixon now blames the Democrats in the state legislature for engineering the current fiscal crisis. Nope, he doesn't blame George Bush's policies that plunged us into the steepest job losses since the end of WW II, that have seen per capita auto sales fall to those during WW II, that have bankrupted our banking system, that have decimated Wall Street, that resulted in the worst stockmarket performance for any president since Herbert Hoover, that resulted in the worst job creation since Herbert Hoover. Nope, Kenny D blames the majority Democrats in the Constitution State, even though the state achieved fiscal surpluses for years until this current national crisis broke out. And he doesn't blame congressional Republicans for shortchanging Connecticut by returning back to the state barely 69 cents on every dollar of federal taxes we send to Washington, the third worst mark of any of the fifty states. Nope, for Kenny D, none of that reality is important. That's all for those silly denizens of the "reality-based community" to consider. In Kenny D's journalistic Lalaland, none of that matters.

Now if Dixon were really interested in economics and why the state really shouldn't be trying to balance the budget right now, indeed, couldn't possibly balance the budget now, no matter how much it cut spending, he might like to read the recent column by Nobel Prize-winning economist and Princeton University professor Paul Krugman (another blank slate to be sure!). In the column "Fifty Herbert Hoovers", Krugman states:

Even as Washington tries to rescue the economy, the nation will be reeling from the actions of 50 Herbert Hoovers - state governors who are slashing spending in a time of recession, often at the expense both of their most vulnerable constituents and of the nation's economic future.
These state-level cutbacks range from small acts of cruelty to giant acts of panic...

...Let's step back for a moment and contemplate just how crazy it is, from a national point of view, to be cutting public services and public investment right now.

...It makes no sense to add to the problem by cutting public spending, too.
But, again, Dixon would have to give consideration to a blank slate and to facts and reality. Certainly not things he is wont to do.

Dixon's column continues:
"I must still be in withdrawal from the retirement of Bill Nickerson, the eloquent, eminently quotable Republican senator from Greenwich."
Now for those of you who don't know him, former Republican state senator Bill Nickerson, who retired late last year, might have been quotable, but in the General Assembly he was absolutely useless. A Republican in the minority, Nickerson never once introduced a bill that was passed into law. But to Dixon, he was a great legislator (and Jim Himes is a "blank slate"). Now Nickerson's successor, Republican Scott Frantz, who runs his family's hedge fund, in the midst of this state's fiscal crisis with its fiscal engine, the financial industry, on life-support or worse, is still pushing to eliminate the estate tax that only affects estates over $2 mn. Yep, even as towns across the state are cutting their education budgets, Republican Frantz wants to save money for multi-millionaires who are feeling no pain.

One has to marvel at the blissful ignorance that guides Ken Dixon's wondrous fact-devoid rodomontades. How wonderful to believe what you want to believe regardless of how false those beliefs are. And how sweet for Connecticut Post to be able to permit the likes of Ken Dixon to continue to write this stuff without any worries about subscriptions or whether or not anyone agrees with him in the communities the newspaper serves. This is the newspaper, after all, that endorsed John McCain, whom the people of Bridgeport rejected seven-to-one.

Just how out of touch does a newspaper or a reporter have to get before they both are sent down the tubes? Probably pretty out of touch, because Connecticut Post is part of a virtual newspaper monopoly in Southwestern Connecticut. So right-wing boobs like Dixon have nothing to fear. John McCain would make a great president, Jim Himes is a blank slate, Bill Nickerson's retirement is to be lamented, and the current economic and fiscal crisis in Connecticut is all the Democrats' fault....Absolutely.

Who needs reality when you're kicking back in journalistic Lalaland?
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2/13/09 Greenwich Post News Links

Connecticut running out of resources
... Frantz, R-36, offered some savvy ideas for remediating the catastrophic outlook. Connecticut, like the Town and nation, is on the ropes - and in this unprecedented fiscal tsunami, right choices must be ...

Brunswick squash: close but no championship trophy
... play badly. They played better." Brunswick captain Sam Haig tries for the backhand. Ironically, Brunswick knocked off Episcopal during the regular season in December 6-3. But at the High School ...

GHS' Kates emulates her role model, wins 600 meters
Kiki Kates enroute to her victory in the 600 meters at the FCIAC championships. Greenwich High sophomore Kiki Kates has said former Greenwich standout Rebecca Leeds is one person she looks to as a role model.

For Franchella, it's defense
Adam Franchella was in a Catch-22. Greenwich High's 5-foot-9 senior guard is known for his often deadly three-point shooting.

Greenwich author's view: royal road to romance often begins with sunsets
A sunset at Greenwich Point. No less than E.O. Wilson, the eminent biologist and ant man, has long professed that we humans have an innate affinity with nature, but Melissa Chamberlin, Ph.D., author and ...

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12/13/08 Greenwich ime News Links


A worker removes debris from the back of the Jeep dealership on West Putnam Avenue where a flat roof was blown off the building. (Bob Luckey/Greenwich Time photo)


More Than 200 Outages Reported By Connecticut Light And Power


"We knew there was going to be significant winds and potential impact," said Town Of Greenwich director of emergency management, Dan Warzoha,


Strong winds damage parts of Greenwich
Wind gusts that topped 50 mph downed power lines and trees, ripped off part of a roof and were even to blame for a small fire Thursday in town, officials said.

"The gusts were really high this morning, causing a lot of problems," said Police Sgt. John Slusarz, who was patroling through town Thursday morning when police received word that winds had partially ripped off the roof of the Chrysler Jeep Dodge Service Parts Center, 468 W. Putnam Ave.

Greenwich independent booksellers look to broaden customer base
Independent bookstores have become an endangered species across the country, following the advent of Internet booksellers and the proliferation of large national chains.....
.....With the Borders Books on Greenwich Avenue shuttering its doors last month, Greenwich's two remaining booksellers, both independents, say they're proud of their longevity and viewing the closure as an opportunity to broaden the loyal customer bases that have kept them in business through the years.

Diane Garrett, owner of Diane's Books, a 3,000-square-foot family bookstore just off Greenwich Avenue at 8A Grigg St., said she's sorry to see any establishment that supports reading leave town. She's ready to absorb its customers, however, taking out a recent newspaper ad welcoming Borders customers and hiring an extra salesperson.
No Town Layoofs Here:
The Fire Department Is Now Fully Staffed With 95 Full-Time Firefighters.....

Greenwich Fire recruits begin training upstate
Four new firefighter recruits have begun an intensive 14-week training course at the state's fire academy in Windsor Locks, as they prepare to officially join the force this summer.....
....The four men, who come from as far as West Cornwall in the state's Northwest Corner and as close as Greenwich, were selected out of a pool of 300 people who took the written firefighter's test in spring 2008.

Lt. Richard Funck, of the department's training division, said 45 of the highest scorers on the written test went through to preliminary interviews, and the field was narrowed to 15 for final interviews with Fire Chief Peter Siecienski and Assistant Fire Chief Robert Kick.
Will The Greenwich Police Department Accept An Application From A Cranky One Eyed Blogger From Greenwich?
Due to the high demand of the Citizens Police Academy a lottery drawing will determine the final class roster.........

Applications available for citizen police course
Greenwich residents interested in learning more about law enforcement are invited to submit applications for the 2009 Citizens Police Academy.
The 12-week program, run by the Greenwich Police Department, will begin March 26 and concludes with a graduation ceremony June 11, according to police.

The Citizen Police Academy provides residents with a first-hand overview of law enforcement and the department's community-related functions, including accident investigation, motor vehicle stops, crimes scenes, police canines and criminal investigations, police said.
The performer ducked his head just in time to avoid getting hit by a spin kick before crouching to the floor to deliver a leg sweep that his opponent dodged by cart-wheeling away from him.

Child care director to retire
Child care director to retire Children's Day School Executive Director Maryann O'Rourke is retiring from the post she has held for 21 years.
HARTFORD -- Gov. M. Jodi Rell is skeptical about part of a budget-fix proposal from minority Republicans in the General Assembly that would allow package stores to open Sundays. Full Story

Easton raccoon tests positive for rabies
EASTON -- The raccoon that attacked and bit a real estate agent and one of her clients over the weekend has tested positive for rabies.
Full Story

Children brush up on tooth skills
Chocolate may be better than sticky fruit-flavored snacks, but both can create cavities. These were the hard truths that Sabrina Romero, 6, learned at the town Health Department's "Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth" program held Wednesday at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich on Horseneck Road.
Board of Estimate and Taxation looks for savings in budget ......
"We want to see a judicious use" of consultants, said BET budget committee member Robert Stone.

Board of Ed contractors reviewed
Budget officials have asked the school district to take a closer look at how it spends money on consultants and private contractors to identify potential savings in the education budget.
The move comes as members of the town's finance board are concerned about the reliance of some departments on often-costly independent contractors when funds are expected to grow increasingly scarce.

Faced with declining revenues from conveyance taxes, building permit issuance and bank interest, the town must come up with $5 million in savings for 2009-10 -- and curtailing the use of some contractors in education and other areas may help, these officials say......
Greenwich boys hockey routs Wilton
Just in case anyone missed the special Senior Night ceremony prior to the Greenwich High School boys hockey team's game Thursday night, the seniors clearly showed it was their night once the game began.

Sweet Destiny: Local couples tell how they met
Before there was Match.com and Facebook, couples met the old-fashioned way: through friends, relatives and sometimes by happy accident.

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