For the last 17 years, 45-year-old Christopher "Chris" Corna called the small city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado home.

He owned the Slopeside Grill in the small ski resort town and everyone who knew him loved him.

On Monday May 18, when family and friends in Colorado received word that Corna had committed suicide while visiting his fiancée, Lisette Coen, in Greenwich, Connecticut, they all asked the same question, "Why, why would a successful businessman who was full of life and energy and was loved by everyone who knew him take his own life?"

A few days prior to his death, Corna had proposed to Coen, a woman he grew up with in Ohio, but lost touch with over the years.

According to close friends of Coran's in Colorado, he did not tell anyone he was planning to propose to the mother of four.

It is believed that on Sunday May 17, Coen found out the Corna had been seeing a 19-year-old woman from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and decided to break off their engagement.

According to sources close to Coen, after a fight on the night of Sunday May 17, Corna left Coen's house, and a few minutes later he sent her several text messages and allegedly, the two made up.

It is believed that before returning to Coen's house, Corna decided to make a quick stop at a grocery store in Portchester, New York, a small village next to Greenwich, to pick up some Krispy Kreme for Coen's children, a routine he had gotten used to since arriving in Greenwich in early May.

Around 4:30a.m on Monday Portchester police responding to a car accident found Corna's body, which had stab wounds to the throat and chest, in his rented Toyota car, along with the knife that was used to inflict the wounds.

In an interview with a Colorado newspaper on Tuesday, Coen said, "It's beyond words," he always told me he wanted to be my rock, and he was.  He was the type of person you want your son to be like."

On Thursday, the Westchester's medical examiner confirmed that Corna's death was a suicide, but family members and friends in the small ski town of about 9,815 people did not believe it.

On the day of the accident, Portchester police said that Corna suffered multiple stabbed wounds when they discovered the body, however, Westchester County Deputy Medical Examiner, Alexander Milovanovic, said that an autopsy revealed that Corna had one stabbed wound in his neck.

Greenwich Diva called the Portchester, New York Police Department for a comment for this story and we were told that there is still an "ongoing investigation" therefore they cannot discuss the subject.

On October 4, 2006, Lisette Coen filed for a divorce from her husband, John Coen, a powerful Hedge Fund manager, who, over the last several months allegedly turned to drinking for comfort.

In October 2008, he was arrested for "inappropriately touching" a female patronage at a Greenwich restaurant, and on April 14, he was arrested, again, at the Ginger Man restaurant also in Greenwich.

Friends of  Lisette's said ever since she told John she was leaving Greenwich and moving to Colorado to be with Chris, they fought every day.

Greenwich Diva has a few questions for the Portchester Police Department:

1-   If this was ruled as a suicide by the medical examiner, why is the case still open?

2-   Why did the initial report say that Corna had multiple stab wounds, yet the medical examiner said stab wound, is this based on sloppy police work or a cover-up?

3-   Initial reports said Corna was also stabbed in the chest, yet the medical examiner did not address this?

4-   Why would a very successful businessman, who did not drink, or do drugs, was not on medication and was not depressed, take his own life?

Was this really suicide, was it a hit, or was it a random act of violence?