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Saturday, September 24, 2011

09/24/11 Greenwich Roundup's Criticisms Of Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber's Job At The Greenwich Time Has Apparently Driven Him To Drink

Driving Under The Influence - Or "Deuce" In Cop Jargon - Editor Of The Money Losing Greenwich Time Is Busted....

This Just In ....

Hearst Corporation Editor Charged With DUI

No Byline - Just Some Reporter At The Stamford Advocate

Published 12:35 p.m., Saturday, September 24, 2011

David McCumber, editor of The Advocate and Greenwich Time and editorial director of the Hearst Connecticut Media Group, was charged with driving under the influence in Wilton early Saturday morning.

McCumber, 59, of 436 Hurlbutt St., Wilton, also was charged with failure to drive in the proper lane after he was pulled over at 1:30 a.m. on Seeley Road.

The Hearst Connecticut Media Group also includes the Connecticut Post, Danbury News-Times and seven weekly newspapers.

He is to appear at state Superior Court in Norwalk Oct. 4....

To Mr. McCumber's Credit, He Didn't Try To Cover It Up That He Was Driving The Wrong Way Down The Road ....

Details of the incident were obtained from the citation provided by McCumber. Wilton police said they could not provide a copy of the incident report since their records office is closed weekends.

Read more:



At One Time, Before He Was Sent To The Hearst Newspaper Backwater, Known As The Greenwich Time, David McCumber Was The High Flying San Framsico Examiner Assistant Managing Editor That Was Responsible For Editing Hunter Thompson's Column.

Yes, drunk as a skunk McCumber wanted to fire Hunter S. Thompson, the creator of Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories.

Clueless Editor David McCumber constantly bitched and moaned about the
journalist and author who wrote The Rum Diary (1998), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 (1973).

Thompson started writing about pornography and wrote an article on a San Francisco strip club.

As part of his research, in the spring of 1985 he spent evenings at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater striptease club in San Francisco and his experience there eventually evolved into a full-length novel tentatively titled The Night Manager. Neither the novel nor the article has been published.

Thompson was a writer for the San Francisco Examiner from the mid-1980s until the end of that decade.

Thompson's editor at the Examiner, was dim witted Hearst Editor David McCumber, who would eventually steal Thompson's idea and make a mint writing a Mitchell brothers, while it he was stabbing Thompson in the back, reportedly telling Hearst Corporation executives that he was "deeply disappointed" in the quality of Thompson's Examiner columns.

No wonder Hunter Thompson ended his life with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

You've got a no talent bum like editor David McCumber, whining about your work and then turning around a using what he has learned to write a book and get promoted as editor of
Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Just like at the Greenwich Time, McCumber proceeded to run the
Post-Intelligencer, into the ground.

In 2006 the P-I became the subject of a complaint to the Washington News Council for its reporting. The media watch-dog group ruled against the P-I.

David McCumber and the P-I chickened out and declined to participate in the proceedings, and opted instead to give a very long one sided reply on its website.

P-I editor David McCumber, often took on the holy task of praising his own paper to the skies.

Witness an "Editor's Addendum" from him, explaining just how great their Gang story is, on the off-chance someone didn't grasp how truly "ground-breaking" it is for a wanna be gonzo reporter to hang out with gang-members and record them saying things like "You do what you got to do."

(This was almost as good as the quote in McCumber's column from the reporter's editors: "Get inside, get as much of this as you can get," they told Rowe. You can almost hear the music swelling.)

Please just shoot me in the head, and put me out of my misery as clueless McCumber tries to remanufacture the very gonzo reporting he criticized when delivered by Hunter S. Thompson.

This is just like the hype, in McCumber's mindless Greenwich Time Sunday exclusives, that are "only in print" till 9 pm Sunday night.

Well, on January 9, 2009, the Hearst Corporation announced that it was closing the iconic P-I after losing money every single year that David McCumber was editor.

March 17, 2009, the P-I cease to publish and Hearst sent David McCumber to Connecticut to destroy what was left of the money losing Greenwich Time.

Since then David McCumber, has proceeded to run the Greenwich Time so far int0 the ground, that it will soon be the Hearst Corporation's first newspaper in China.


All This Time Greenwich Roundup Thought Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Wasn't Asleep At The Switch....

Now We Learn That....

The Greenwich Time Head Honcho
Was Apparently Asleep At A Bar Stool !!!!


09/22/11 THE NEWS LEADER: When Greenwich Roundup Types The Greenwich Time And Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Listens



09/10/11 Teri Buhl Used To Report At The Greenwich Time Until Hearst Editor David McCumber Got Nervous After A Call From Charlie "Gasbag" Gasparino

09/09/11 The Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Just Got Scooped Again: Anonymous Tip Leads To Pot Bust On Valleywood Road Drug Factory (Updated)


Three Greenwich Men Arrested On Drug Charges; One Charged With Operating A Drug Factory...

09/06/11 Can You Please Tell The Greenwich Time When Your Power Was Restored So They Will Stop Re Posting The Same Dumb Article Over And Over And Over


04/12/10 Where Is Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber And His Greenwich Time Reporters? - Supreme Court To Release Skakel Ruling (Updated 7 Times)

03/29/10 The Latest News About Incompetent Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber"

02/10/10 Greenwich Bloggers Continue To Grow At Double Digit Rates As The Greenwich Time Web Traffic Slows To A Crawl

In The Mean Time Hearst News Paper Editor David McCumber Is Pissed Off At Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas .......

David McCumber Took Over The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America And Has Since Been Bounced Of ABC's List Of Top Newspaper Print And Online Gainers .

Maybe McCumber Should Fire Susie Costaregni AKA The Dish And Hire Chris Fountain.

02/04/10 Greenwich Roundup Sets A New All Time Record And GT Editor David McCumber Wants To Know,"What The Hell, Just Happened To The Greenwich Time"

Greenwich Roundup Woke Up This Morning And Started Doing One Of His Crazy Dances That He Does After He Looks At His Previous Days Web Stats.

Today's Dance Was Called The Michael Metter - WGCH Dance , Because The Story About The Local Radio Station Owner Sent Greenwich Roundup 4,901 Unique Web Visitors Yesterday.

That's Right, Read Our Web Stats And Weep Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber.

Last Year And Earlier This Year Greenwich Roundup Sent A Great Deal Of Web Traffic To The Greenwich Time.

Whenever There Was A Hearst Newspaper Story About Greenwich Over 90% Of Greenwich Roundup's Links And Web Traffic Went To The Greenwich Time.

In Fact, Greenwich Roundup Sent So Much Traffic To The Greenwich Time, That The Greenwich Time Jumped On To The Audit Bureau Of Circulation's List Of TheTop 25 U.S. Daily Newspapers With Print and Online Gains.

As The Greenwich Roundup's Web Traffic Grew At Double Digits, The Greenwich Time's Web Traffic Also Grew At Double Digit Rates.

The Greenwich Time Grew So Much That For Two ABC Reporting Periods It Was One Of The 25 The Fastest Growing Newspapers In America.

In The Fall Of 2008, The Greenwich Time Grew An Incredible 22.13 Percent And Was The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America For The First Time In It's Publishing History.

The Greenwich Time Print Circulation Had Once Again Declined In 2008 , But The Online Traffic Grew So Much The Paper Became The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America

Then In The Spring Of 2009 The Greenwich Time Shocked The Newspaper Industry Once Again By Remaining The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America With An Eye Pooping 30.74% Percent Gain.

The Same Old Story Occurred Again, The Greenwich Time Print Circulation Had Once Again Declined In 2009 , But The Online Traffic Grew So Much The Paper Remained The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America For A Second Six Month Reporting Period.


  • The Greenwich Time had the biggest gain in audience when taking print and online readership into account. The paper was ranked by net combined audience (past seven days in print and 30 days online), according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations in joint effort with Scarborough Research and the Newspaper Association of America. The data is for the six months ending March 2009 compared to the same period in March 2008.
    The Birmingham (Ala.) News and the Times-Picayune of New Orleans came in second and third.Year after year the Birmingham (Ala.) News and the Times-Picayune of New Orleans have experienced double digit growth as the newspapers have regained the readers lost after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the area.
    GREENWICH (CONN.) TIME -- 111,824 --
    THE BIRMINGHAM (ALA.) NEWS -- 781,047 -- 11.85%
    THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, NEW ORLEANS -- 820,374 -- 11.72%

  • ABC reports newspaper circulation drop
    ....The New York Times reported losing 3.58 percent of its daily readers to 1,000,665 and the Los Angeles Times dropped 5.2 percent to 739,147.
    Five of the top 25 newspapers reported double-digit losses: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shed 13.62 percent; the Houston Chronicle lost 11.66 percent; the Boston Globe lost 10.18 percent; the Star-Ledger, in Newark, N.J. shed 10.4 percent; and the Philadelphia Inquirer lost 11.06 percent.....
    ....The Top 25 participating U.S. newspapers reported varying figures, with the Houston Chronicle gaining 4.33 percent in combined print and online figures, and the Dallas Morning News reporting a 21.91 percent downturn from the September 2007 Audience Fax release.
    Connecticut dailies the Greenwich Times and The Stamford Advocate had the highest combined print and online gains, reporting increases of 22.13 percent and 20.01 percent, respectively.....
But In The Early Summer Of 2009, Greenwich Roundup Started To Get Upset With Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber And Greenwich Time Reporters Like Niel Vidgor.

Greenwich Roundup Also Got A Little Fed Up With Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas.

So Greenwich Roundup Took Action And Cut Back On The Web Traffic He Sent To The Greenwich Time.

Previously, When Ever There Was A Hearst Newspaper Story About Greenwich Over 90% Of The Links And Web Traffic Went To The Greenwich Time.

But Then Greenwich Roundup Started Sending 90% Links To Other Hearst Newspapers Who Printed The Same Story, Or To Local Blogs Who Commented On A Greenwich Time Story.

Then Guess What Happened?

The Greenwich Time Fell Off ABC'S List Of The Top 25 U.S. Daily Newspaper Print and Online Gainers.

Sad But True The Greenwich Time Was No Longer The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America, Because Greenwich Roundup Had Stopped Sending Almost All Of It's Web Traffic To The Local Ungrateful Rag.

Greenwich Roundup Is Told That Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Went Balistic When He Read This Report Showing That The Greenwich Time Fell Of The ABC List Of The Top 25 U.S. Daily Newspaper Print and Online Gainers

ABC Releases Top 25 U.S. Daily Newspaper Print and Online Gainers And The Greenwich Time Drops Completely Off The List

An ABC analysis of the just released September FAS-FAX report lists the 25 newspapers with the largest increases in print and online readership. The Audience FAX data is for based on past seven days in print/30 days online net combined audience for designated market areas. In each case the data is provided by Scarborough Research on behalf of the Audit Bureau of Circulations and is based upon the most recent data compared to the same period a year ago.

Hearst Newspaper Insiders Tell Greenwich Roundup That Tings Got So Bad That Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Began To Fear That He Might Lose His Job.

Recently, Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Took Down The Old Greenwich Time Web Site And Put Up A Totally Redesigned Web Site.

But. Greenwich Roundup Hears That Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas' Web Traffic Numbers Are Not That Impressive.

Yesterday, WGCH And SpongeTech Executive Micheal Metter Helped Greenwich Roundup Score 4,901 Unique Web Visitors, But Hardly Any Of That Traffic Went To The Greenwich Time.

On The Micheal Metter Story Greenwich Roundup Linked To ......

Greenwich Diva

For What It's Worth - Chris Fountain

Greenwich Topix Message Board - CONN POST

Business Talk Radio

Roddy Boyd

Slate - The Big Money


New York Times



There Were A Few Other Links, But Not One Link Sent Greenwich Time Web Visitors To The Greenwich Time.

Hearst Newspaper's Did Get A Link From Greenwich Roundup's Buddy Robo Blogger At The Greenwich Topix Message Board That Link Went To The Connecticut Post .

As Greenwich Roundup Set A New All Time Web Traffic Record Of 4,901 Unque Web Visitors On The Michael Metter Story, Not One Link To The Greenwich Time Was Used In The Greenwich Roundup Post.

In The Old Days Before David McCumber, Niel Vidgor And Jonathan Lucas Upset Greenwich Roundup The Greenwich Time Would Have Been The First And Main Link.

Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz Couldn't Believe What A Wonder Kid Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Was.

In March, Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Will Once Again Not Be The Webmaster Of The Fastest Growing Newspaper In America.

In Fact, You Read It Here First, Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Will Not Even Make The ABC List Of The Top 25 U.S. Daily Newspaper Print and Online Gainers.

Because Greenwich Roundup Will Continue His Practice Of First Taking Hearst Newspaper Stories About Greenwich FromThe Advocate , Connecticut Post , The News-Times Or From The Hearst Weekly Newspapers Such As The Greenwich Citizen , Fairfield Citizen , Westport News And The Darien News .

All Of The Greenwich News Stories Written By Hearst Are Published In Multiple Connecticut Newspapers.

However, Everyday Greenwich Roundup Will Throw Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas A Couple Of Bones By Providing A Couple Of Links To The Greenwich Time.

However, The Days Of Greenwich Roundup Linking To All Of The Hearst Newspaper Reports At The Greenwich Time Will Continue To Be Long Gone.

Greenwich Time Web editor Jonathan Lucas' Only Hope Is To Wine, Dine And Pocket Line Greenwich Roundup As He Says, "Mr. Roundup, I Love My Job At The Greenwich Time And I Am Sooooooo Sorry I Upset You. Please, Pretty Please, Send Me Thousands Of Your Website Visitors Everyday."

Let's See How Well Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Does In The Next ABC Report Due This March.
That's Right Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Has Twenty Some Freak'n Days To Get His Numbers Up

For The Record, Greenwich Roundup Will Match His Web Stat Traffic Growth Against Jonathan Lucas' Traffic Any Day Of The Weak.

One Day Greenwich Roundup Just Might Report On The Dirty Circulation Secret At The Greenwich Time.

Greenwich Roundup Has Three Readers Who Report That Years Ago They Filled Out The Card To Get 13 Weeks Of The Greenwich Time For $2.00 Per Week And Never Paid A Damn Dime.

The Greenwich Time Has Been Coming Free To These Families For Years.
Hearst Newspapers Refuses To Cancel These Non Paying Subscriptions, Because The Greenwich Time Print Circulation Numbers Would Fall Even Faster Than They Are Falling Now.

That's Right Only A Fool Pays For Greenwich Time Home Delivery

In Fact, Realtors That Are Selling Empty Greenwich Houses Often Have To Go And Collect All Of The Unread Greenwich Time News Papers That Collect In Front Of Their Listings.

The Good News Is That Greenwich Realtors Can Tell Prospective Buyers That The Home Comes With A Lifetime Subscription To The Greenwich Time.

Let's Hope That Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Doesn't Follow The Example Of The Print Side And Start Cooking The Books And Playing With The Numbers On The Web Side

09/27/09 Goodbye Topix: Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber Is Sick And Tired Of Hearing From Greenwich Time Readers

Even More Info:

09/05/11 Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Celebrates Another Holiday By Putting Up Old News And AP Reports On The Greenwich Time Website


Greenwich Board Of Education President Steve Anderson, Greenwich Town Attorney John Wayne Fox, Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber And Greenwich Time Reporter Neil Vigdor Forced To Take Action ....

09/02/11 BIll Effros: Please Change Public Forum Location


Please change the location of the upcoming "Public Information Forum on the Environmental Impact at Greenwich High School" scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at Greenwich High School.

As an abutting neighbor, I clearly have a direct interest in the information disseminated.

The Town of Greenwich Police have stated I will be arrested if I so much as set foot on the High School property.

The MISA Building Committee and the PTA are aware of this, and it has been confirmed by the Chief of Police, the First Selectman, the Board of Education, and the Legal Department.

I have a right to participate in the planned public forum.

Please change this public meeting location so I can attend.

Bill Effros
GHS Abutting Property Owner


09/01/11 Shame, Shame, Shame On Greenwich Board Of Education President Steve Anderson For Not Helping This Greenwich Taxpayer


08/30/11 QUESTIONS: Where's The Transparancy? - Why Is It So Hard For A Taxpayer To Get Access To Public Documents? - Where Is The Greenwich Time?


08/27/11 ONCE AGAIN THE GREENWICH TIME IS MIA: Greenwich Taxpayer Wants Information From The BOE: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan - FOIA Request


08/22/11 If This Report Has Been Filed, It Changes, Forever, The Town's Ability To Grant Itself Permissions And Waivers For Use Of The GHS Site


Here Is A Question The Greenwich Time Wont Ask - What Is Greenwich Board Of Education President Steven Anderson Hiding From This Taxpayer And Greenwich High School Parents?



GHS grants access to neighbor banned from campus for meeting

Public forum on soil contamination: GHS allows homeowner charged in '09 trespassing incident to attend meeting

By Neil Vigdor, Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

The owner of a residential property abutting Greenwich High School who was banned from campus two years ago after he was arrested for trespassing there will be allowed back on the grounds for an upcoming public forum on soil contamination discovered at the site.

Bill Effros appealed to school board members by e-mail Friday to allow him to attend the information session, scheduled for 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 7 in the GHS auditorium.

His property at 41 Old Church Road is adjacent to the school's athletic fields, all but one of which remain closed as a safety precaution after toxins were found this summer during initial construction of a new campus auditorium.

Town Attorney John Wayne Fox sent Effros a reply Friday afternoon telling him the town would temporarily lift the ban, which he said stemmed from the 2009 trespassing incident.

"He is a neighbor," Fox told Greenwich Time. "He has a right to be informed of the process that we are pursuing."

Effros called on the school board to change the meeting location.
"As an abutting neighbor, I clearly have a direct interest in the information disseminated," Effros wrote. "The Town of Greenwich Police have stated I will be arrested if I so much as set foot on the High School property."

Effros was charged with first-degree trespass and breach of peace June 23, 2009, after he refused to leave the high school property on orders of police who found him taking photos and video of construction work there, according to an arrest report.

He still contends that it was his legal right to be at the high school to gather evidence for separate contempt-of-court rulings that he planned to file against the town.....


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09/22/11 L'SHANA TOVAH: Greenwich's Wildest And Craziest Orthodox Jew And His Ex-Buddhist Wife And Headed Up To The Fastest Growing Church In Town !!!

Greenwich Roundup Is Signing Off And Headed Up On King Street To Harvest Time Church To Watch The Service On The Big Screen TV In The Coffee Bar.

The Services Are So Inspiring Greenwich Roundup Will Also Be Watching Three More Services On The Coffee Bar's Big Screen TV At The Miracle On King Street Starting At 8;30 AM.

The Best Kept Secret In Greenwich Is Right Where Bedford Road Meets King Street. Just North Of The Westchester County Airport.

All Are Welcome To Come Watch This Dynamic Church Break Ground On The New 1,000 Seat Sanctuary That Will Be The Biggest Auditorium In The Town Of Greenwich.

please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

09/24/11 The Auditorium And PCB Remediation Are NOT Separate Issues, Because Board Of Education Insiders Cover Up Mistakes And Reward Failure

PHOTO: Joe Ross, chairman of the Greenwich High School MISA building committee

The cost to remediate the PCB Contaminated soil at Greenwich High School is going to grow exponentially as town taxpayer take another BOE building committee beating.

The Representative Town Meeting did the right thing Monday in voting for an initial $1.2 million for remediation and more testing and giving a big chunk of that money to the MISA building committee.

The appropriation, that sticks the entire cost to town homeowners, insures that town and BOE officials will cover up building committee negligence, because remediation funds will not come from the budget of the high school's auditorium project, known as MISA.

This, too, is the wrong way to go in Greenwich.

Joe Ross, was heavily involved in the building committee, where millions of cost over runs and screw ups at Hamilton Avenue School that Greenwich taxpayers are paying for with an increased mill rate.

Now Joe Ross, a Tishman Construction Corporation of New York executive vice president is now Chairman of yet another failed Greenwich Board of Education building committee.

The auditorium project is was responsible for testing for contaminated soil, and failed to get the extensive tests that were needed.

When Joe Ross and his construction buddies working the auditorium project discovered the PCB's they did not immediately step back and let local. state and federal officials take over the brown fields at Greenwich High School.

A Greenwich third grader, could make the argument that Joe Ross and BOE officials should have tested the soil before MISA funding was approved.

If the discovery of the PCB contamination came before the town officials had voted to approve roughly $29 million for MISA over two years?

Then Greenwich High School students and teachers would have never been exposed to PCBs.

The town should learn from this and dismiss insiders like Joe Ross who fail, fail and fail the town again and again.

Joe Ross's construction buddies are laughing all the way to the bank as Greenwich homeowners are once again forced to pat through the nose.

Five will get you ten that very highly paid Greenwich Public School administrators have not presented the board with a formal policy that the public schools must test during the planning phases of all projects going forward.

This is because there are no consequences in Greenwich negligence is covered up and failure is repeatedly rewarded.

For once Greenwich should do the right thing and let the costly soil remediation kill the MISA, so that parents learn that supporting very highly paid and incompetent school administrators, as well as, BOE insiders like Joe Ross hurts their children in the long run.

The money approved for MISA should pay for remediation.

Joe Ross, the failed school administrators and the Board of Education members don't even have a handle on how much remediation will cost, yet tey still want to moving forward on blowing over 29 million bucks of hard earned taxpayer dollars.

When more of those GHS test borings come up positive, then the price for remediation climbs exponentially.

It looks like the price could climb into the tens of millions.

Which is going to delay other vital Greenwich projects like the central fire station project for years and years unless Joe Ross's construction buddy screw up pushes up the mill rate once again.

Contaminated soil is no small problem.

Northwest Greenwich residents will be lucky to see their long promised fire station towards the end of this decade.

It is time to clean house at the Greenwich Board of Education and its incompetent building committee. Greenwich deserves better than this.

Greenwich can no longer afford all of these insiders that are sending homeowners to the poor house.

Until we get new people elected to the board of education, the heads of very highly paid school administrators are safe and will not be rolled out of our schools that can't pass the no child left behind standards.


09/07/11 Joe Ross The Head Of The MISA Building Committee: Our plan is to continue what we started, and try to get quickly back on track"

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09/24/11 Gerald Pollack: Bill Grad Is Also A Likeable Family Man

On Election Day, we will again face a choice between Republican and Democratic candidates for tax collector. Two years ago, upon the retirement of the longtime popular incumbent, Lou Caravella, Republican candidate Tod Laudonia was elected over his opponent, Democrat Bill Grad. We now have two years of service as a basis for appraising his performance.

Viewing Mr. Laudonia's tenure, we observe that he was nearly a month late in sending out tax bills last year, something that had never happened before, and then initially insisted that taxpayers meet the now-compressed schedule for payment. Subsequently, after sending in their payments, many taxpayers found that their checks remained outstanding, undeposited. It would seem that this record of performance would merit the rating of "Unsatisfactory."

On the positive side, Mr. Laudonia is a likeable family man.

In the impending rematch, Mr. Laudonia is again opposed by Bill Grad, who is also a likeable family man.

In addition, Mr. Grad has outstanding credentials. He is a graduate of Princeton University with an MBA from Stamford. He is a former entrepreneur and corporate executive, has had senior management positions, executive fiduciary positions, and personnel supervision experience. Moreover, rather than wait upon the possible outcome of the election, he has prepared himself for the position of tax collector by completing two of the four courses offered by the Connecticut Tax Collectors Association.

The performance of the current tax collector has not been such as to merit re-election. This, in itself, is an argument in favor of electing Bill Grad. But in addition to this negative point, there is the positive case, that Bill Grad brings strong qualifications in his bid for office, that his educational, managerial, and supervisory experience makes him an outstanding candidate for the position. The choice in this contest should not be difficult.

Gerald A. Pollack
Old Greenwich

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09/24/11 Diane Pignataro: Vote For Anna Saras Povinelli And Help Greenwich Bring Back The "Town Jewel", The Greenwich Public Schools

The Greenwich Board of Education is facing many challenges. The district's perpetually declining test scores indicate that the board must focus on improving student achievement. This obvious goal was somehow lost in the shuffle of superintendents and other board distractions. It is time to return the focus to student achievement.

Unlike previous elections, this November voters will have a choice of candidates on the Republican BOE ticket. These candidates will be elected to serve the taxpayers, but more importantly, the students of our public school system.

Anna Saras Povinelli is the candidate who the students and taxpayers of Greenwich deserve to have represent them on the BOE. Mrs. Povinelli has four children currently enrolled in the Greenwich Public Schools at all three levels of education -- elementary, middle and high school. She knows first hand what is happening at the schools and in the classroom. She has been an outspoken advocate for student performance and BOE accountability.

Mrs. Povinelli will ask the tough questions that most parents are concerned about, and will follow up on results. She believes children deserve a solid foundation in the basics of education, especially in the early years. She believes in challenging our highest achieving students, supporting struggling students and helping those children in the middle achieve to their academic potential.

Whether or not you have children in the system, please become informed about the candidates and issues, and help Greenwich bring back the "town jewel," the Greenwich Public Schools.

Diane Pignataro

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09/24/11 Coworker Supports Drew Marzullo For Selectman

I have known Drew Marzullo since I was 14 years old: first as my mentor, then as my colleague, and currently as a selectman and a close friend.

I started volunteering at Greenwich Emergency Medical Services (GEMS) during my freshman year of high school. Before doing my first "ride-along" with one of the crews, I asked my supervisor who he thought would be the best person to work with. It was Drew.

Although Drew had over a decade of service committed to GEMS as a successful paramedic, he immediately treated me as an equal and began teaching me my way around the ambulance. When the shift started at 6:15 that morning, he took the time to walk me through the entire vehicle and made me feel comfortable in a new and intimidating environment.

During my years as a volunteer, and eventually as his colleague, his passion for our patients and his job were remarkable. Throughout high school and college he continued to push me to achieve at the highest level possible and has been instrumental in my decision to pursue a career in medicine.

His passion and personality shine through everything he does. Anyone who has met Drew knows that he has a natural ability to engage others and make them feel welcome. To this day Drew makes a point of meeting the new volunteers at GEMS and extending them an invitation to ride with him on the ambulance. Over the years I have been able to see Drew develop an immediate and supportive connection with patients, volunteers, coworkers and, of course, his constituency.

One day while I was staffing the ambulance for a triathlon, a woman came up to me with a bag full of cold water bottles and a few snacks for the crew. When I asked her what the occasion was, she proudly told me that Drew had done so much for her and she wanted to bring something over for his coworkers.

As a friend, Drew has known my family and me for over a decade and has always been a warm and welcome guest at birthdays and holidays.

I could not be more thankful for the positive influence that Drew has had on this town and me. He pursues everything he does with a dogged optimism and I fully support him as a friend, a coworker, and a voter.

Jason Clain


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09/24/11 Coochie Coochie Coo !!!!!!! Greenwich Man Charged In Prostitution Bust

Greenwich Patsy Was A Patsy In Stamford

A Greenwich man was arrested Thursday after Stamford Narcotics and Organized Crime officers broke up an alleged prostitution ring working out of a massage parlor, where police said they caught one woman and man in a "sexual act."

A total of four people were arrested, four of them women allegedly involved in prostitution. All four women were from Brooklyn, N.Y,, including Natalia Cataraso, 41, who police called the madam of the prostitution ring.

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers ....

Patsy Calvello, Jr., 67, couldn't get his pants up quick enough and caught in the act and issued summons for patronizing a prostitute. Miguel Triay, 40, of Darien, was also caught in the act.

The massage parlor, called La Rue Estetique Spa, is at 2700 Summer Street.

An investigation into activities there began six weeks ago after police received several complaints about the massage parlor.

The police department's Narcotics and Organized Crime officers executed a search warrant at the parlor around 3 p.m. Thursday, forcing open two second-floor doors into two different rooms. Inside the first room, officers saw a woman on top of a man in the middle of a sexual act. In the second room, officers saw a woman clad only in a bra next to nude man laying on a massage table.


Officers seized a computer, a credit card data processor, an interior surveillance system with three cameras, body oils and several condoms concealed in fake cans. Police also seized a 2003 Lexus model GX 470 from the location.

Ms. Cataraso faces charges of second-degree promoting prostitution and operating a massage parlor without a license. Police called Cataraso to come to the massage parlor after the sting operation, during which they arrested three women working there.

Rano Rakimova, 24; Maryna Rogozhyna, 29; and Alla Gindin, 39; were all charged prostitution and operating a massage parlor without a license.

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09/24/11 Cocktail reception for First Selectman Candidate John Blankley

Hello friends,

Please join Ned Lamont, Alonso Martinez and myself on Tuesday October 11, from 6-8 for a cocktail reception for First Selectman Candidate John Blankley.

If you think you already know who you are voting for on November 8, I still encourage you to come and hear the plans that John has for Greenwich.

John, who is a former CFO for a major public company, is a two term RTM member in district 10 and serves on the Finance and Claims committees.

The suggested donation is $250.00, but please keep in mind that this is a suggested dollar amount. We will be happy to take whatever you are comfortable contributing, whether it's at lot less, a little lower or more.
Please see attachment for reception information. If you would like to make a donation but will not be able to join you, please use the attached form to mail in your contribution.

If you plan to attend please EMAIL ME DIRECTLY.

Hope to see you on November 8.


Claudette Rothman

Greenwich Secrets....
A fictional story about sex and murder in 'tony' Greenwich, Connecticut.



Ned Lamont

invites you to join him at a cocktail reception for

Greenwich First Selectman Candidate

John Blankley

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

6:00pm to 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by:

Alonso Martinez and Claudette Rothman

54 Hillcrest Park Road

Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Suggested contribution $250

RSVP: Christopher Smith at(516) 445-3715 or csdcstrategies@gmail.com

Contribution form is below


  • Yes, I/we will attend the October 11th reception. Enclosed is my/our contribution of:

___ $250

___ $_____________ (other amount)

I cannot attend the reception, but I have enclosed my contribution of:

___ $250

___ $_____________ (other amount)


Individual Contributor Certification Form

Blankley for First Selectman

C/O Michael Sandifer

340 Riversville Road

Greenwich, CT 06831

NAME OF INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR:_________________________________________

CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT:_____________________________________________________


RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________

CITY:________________ STATE:_________ ZIP CODE:__________ PHONE:____________

Are you 18 or older? ____ Yes _____ No If you are not 18 or older, please list your age: _____


PRINCIPAL OCCUPATION:______________________________________________________

Please answer each of the following:

Yes ______ No _______ Are you a lobbyist?

Yes ______ No _______ Are you the spouse or dependent child of a lobbyist?

Yes ______ No _______ Do you or a business with which you are associated have a contract with the Town of Greenwich that is valued at more than five thousand dollars?


I hereby certify and state that all of the information disclosed by me and set forth above on this contributor card is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I certify that I am either a United States citizen or a foreign national with permanent resident status in the United States.

I certify that this contribution is being made from my personal funds, is not being reimbursed in any manner, is not being made as a loan, and is not an otherwise prohibited contribution.

_____________________________________________ __________________________


09/24/11 Greenwich Topix News Message Board - (14 stories) - FIRST STORY: $500,000 spent for mosquito research

Topix Greenwich

Just Look At All The News The Greenwich Time Missed On September 24, 2011

$500,000 spent for mosquito research
The population of mosquitoes has gone way up, and today the State Bonding Commission approved funding for a new research facility in Eastern Connecticut to find out more about one of the most deadly viruses carried by the bugs....

... of that mosquito larvae was washed away. The population of mosquitos has gone way up in the area from New Haven to Greenwich. Today, the Governor and the State Bonding Commission approved borrowing $500,000 for a field research station in Griswold ...

Greenwich Songwriter Stays Connected to Community
(The Daily Greenwich)
GREENWICH, Conn. - If you shop at the Old Greenwich Farmers' Market, you may have seen songwriter and Greenwich native Jesse Terry strumming his guitar and singing.

Greenwich Group Serves Up Autumn Harvest Supper
(The Daily Greenwich)
This year's casual indoor/outdoor soiree, scheduled for Oct. 14, features communal tables throughout "the Barn," where guests can enjoy great company, music, food and drink together.

Greenwich to host fundraiser for CT House speaker's congressional bid
Greenwich to host fundraiser for CT House speaker's congressional bid
(News Times)
Connecticut's Democratic House Speaker Chris Donovan, viewed by a number of people in his party as the heir apparent to Chris Murphy in the 5th Congressional District, is programming Greenwich into his fundraising GPS.

Get Out This Weekend
Rest up, because this weekend is so action-packed you may not have time to sleep! Greenwich Library's Friends Friday Films: " GET LOW," - Cole Auditorium at Greenwich Library, 101 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT.

Letter: Greenwich Clerk Candidate Touts Tech
(The Daily Greenwich)
I am the Democratic candidate for town clerk. I reside in Cos Cob and I am a member of the Representative Town Meeting....

... I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and moved to Greenwich at the age of 13 as my parents highly valued the prospect of greater educational opportunities. I am a 2003 graduate of ...

Breast Cancer Month Kicks Off in Greenwich
(The Daily Greenwich)
A pink flag will fly above Town Hall on Monday, Oct. 3, to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hosted by the Greenwich-based Breast Cancer Alliance.

Kissinger To Speak at Greenwich Luncheon
(The Daily Norwalk)
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will share his perspectives on the global impact of China's emerging economy and discuss his latest book at the Family Centers luncheon on Nov.

Greenwich Struggles to Meet NCLB Requirements
"Solving this problem is doable - it is manageable, " said Interim Superintendent of Schools Roger Lulow at Thursday night's Board of Education meeting.

Learn Self-Defense From Greenwich Police
(The Daily Greenwich)
Have you always wanted to learn self-defense? The Greenwich Police Department is sponsoring a free class for women as part of the Special Victims Section proactive approach in helping Greenwich residents reduce their chance of being the victim of a violent crime.

Greenwich Local Sports

Brunswick football preview (Greenwich Citizen)
Key players for the Bruins Head Coach: Jarrett Shine QB: Todd Stafford RB: Kevin Nathanson FB: Carsen Winn WR/DB: Donqutae Robinson TE/LB: Addison Pierce OL/DL: Will Rosato, Bradley Seaton, Justin Cedeno, Sean Forester This season the Bruins will be looking to a more balanced attack as they attempt to navigate the treacherous waters of the Erickson ... (more)

Greenwich Local Business

NYC Investor Jones Recalls Memphis Roots
(The Daily News)
Decades before he worked his way to the top of the financial world as a billionaire hedge fund manager and influential market guru, Paul Tudor Jones had an early affinity for the newspaper business...

.. of that very nurturing environment with the secular environment in which my children are being brought up in Greenwich, Connecticut. Hopefully I can fill in as a parent where many of the institutions have failed in my children's lives. "Like anyone ...

Darien building welcomes Lanphier Salon and Day Spa
(Darien News-Review)
Photo: Contributed Photo / CT The owners of a vacant commercial building in downtown Darien have received a boost in their efforts to reposition the structure with the arrival of Lanphier Salon and Day Spa...

... to occupy Lanphier's space at Goodwives Plaza when the salon's lease expires Dec. 1, Wing Biddle , president of Greenwich-based Urstadt Biddle, owner of the complex, said, declining to elaborate. The owners of a vacant commercial building in ...

S&P Capital IQ Names The Cook & Bynum Fund as a Finalist for its U.S. Mutual Fund Excellence Awards
(Business Wire)
S&P Capital IQ announced this week that The Cook & Bynum Fund is a finalist for its annual U.S. Mutual Fund Excellence Awards....

... Prior to forming Cook & Bynum Capital Management in 2001, Mr. Cook worked for Tudor Investment Corporation in Greenwich, Connecticut following his graduation from Hampden-Sydney College. J. Dowe Bynum Mr. J. Dowe Bynum is co-portfolio manager of the ...

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