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Monday, September 29, 2008

09/29/08 The Greenwich Oilice Blotter Via The Greenwich Post

The following are Sept. 29’s released arrests:


A 17-year-old Greenwich boy was arrested Sept. 25 and charged with intent to sell a controlled substance, possession of marijuana under four ounces, possession of drug paraphernalia and having weapons in a motor vehicle. The police department’s narcotics division had been investigating numerous complaints about the boy selling marijuana since February. According to police reports, the boy had been placed under surveillance and officers saw him get into a car and drive to Port Chester, N.Y. where narcotics are known to be sold. Police said he gave someone something and took something back in return. Police believed this was a drug transaction and pulled the boy’s car over. Officers said they found 7.2 grams of marijuana in the car in small plastic bags, a smoking pipe and a drug grinder with residue in it. Police also reported finding a throwing knife and a lock blade knife in the open position in the vehicle’s center console. The boy was released on a $1,000 cash bond into the custody of his father and is due in court Oct. 8.


Police arrested three teenage boys, one 17-year-old and two 16-year-olds, Sept. 27 and charged them with third degree criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit third degree criminal mischief. Police believe the three damaged a mailbox on Fairview Terrace. They were released on promises to appear in court Oct. 8 and were released into the custody of their parents.


A 16-year-old Greenwich boy was arrested Sept. 27 and charged with disorderly conduct. Police had received a report of a boyfriend and girlfriend fighting. Police said the boy allegedly put his hand on her neck. He was released on a $1,000 surety bond and was due in court Sept. 29.


Bogumil Mosiej, 26, of 6 Bedford Road was arrested Sept. 28 and charged with driving under the influence. Police had been sent to Barcelona Restaurant on West Putnam Avenue on the report of a disorderly group there. Mosiej was one of the ones at the scene and police reportedly saw him get into his car and try to leave. In an attempt to interview him, police pulled the vehicle over, after he first reportedly tried to drive away after the flashing lights were activated, and alleged that Mosiej had red, glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. He then reportedly failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested and additionally charged with failure to obey an officer’s signal. Mosiej was released on a $500 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 13.


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09/29/08 More Love For The Ex-Greenwich Time Editor From Greenwich Roundup Readers --- The GAP (Go Away Pisani)

To the Editor:

Here we go.....

On the Darien Times: I have read my share of brown nose editorials and columns. Joe Pisani's newest column about the owner of Hersham Acorn, highlighting Joe and his Dicken's like "stroll through the streets of New Canaan" tops the list of those which caused my gag reflex to activate. But I wasn't surprised.

I did wonder, however, why he would credit another LIVING journalist, based on Joe's self-imposed literary entitlement. Joe has always likened himself among the greatest" like Thoreau, Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Frost, Homor, Tolstoy, and Emerson. Of course, the pedestal is large enough to hold so much talent....and my guess is any one of those notable writers, if LIVING, would be chopping at the bit to push little Joe.....off.

Truth be known, as Joe's idyllic imagination kicks in, fantasizing of wading in the real Walden Pond, these great writers must be turning over in their graves. "Chilblains" ???? Joe admits he needed a dictionary for that? Even I, in my daily struggle for the "right" words, didn't need a dictionary for that word. I have to think, if Mr. Yudain's prose is so eloquent,and he is so despondent over the moral deprivation of society.....why is he allowing such contrariety? AKA, "Did I say that" and "The Dish, too" AKA used-to-be-Advocateees????

That's just plain insane. And dumb.

But Joe's writing reminds me of my own writing when I was just a wee-freshman english major. I can't say I always needed a dictionary. If I can't think of the right word, I'll make one up. My weakness was hyper-referencing the thesaurus. The tool I needed to impress my English teacher, or so I thought. I don't like to admit it, but I was so wrapped up in finding a literary persona and getting noticed, I often mixed up adjectives and adverbs, threw in a noun when it wasn't necessary, and my papers often came back with the proverbial "C+". I have since learned to writer without the slightest hint of stealing from the grandiose styles of anyone. If anything, I just want to make sure my style is not Pisani-istic (complete, self-inflated, faux- intellectual, CRAP). I am what I am....like it or not.....my writing is mine. I don't live in a fantasy land. I'm married, faithful, and I sometimes sneak a peek, while my wife is looking LOL at my immature antics.

But, for whatever reason, the focus last week was on Joe's inept writing,his obsession with a gossip columnist, and the need to stay PUBLIC and VISIBLE deep in the throats of Greenwich. My question is WHY? If you want to donate your time, why not work the Stamford Soup Kitchen? I remember once Joe Pisani had the nerve to show up and work a Fairfield County charitable event....as if he were a daily volunteer. Did he ever handle a soup ladle? Did he ever get spit on by an emotionally challenged homeless man? No way. He was a "celebrity guest". And we were all trying to find a way to break the news gently to Joe. That he was far from celebrity status, and his presence was just plain, IN YOUR FACE, annoying.

So, just like in Poltergeist, "he'ssssssssss backkkkkkkk". Why? Who invited him? Today, I have my eye on the stock market, not eagles. I'm thinking about the election, not the latest dish from Joe's personal assistant or adopted daughter. Far be it from me to add fuel to these "relationship" speculations, which is all over Greenwich, slowly seeping north like raw sewage.

I would like to point out when I was younger, I read Joe's editorials, and thought I'd better hurry to Confession. Or, is human nature something we all struggle with, the only exception being Mr. Pisani? Or I'd better apologize to so and so, or gosh "is Joe an example of what a perfect man SHOULD BE?" I have since grown up. Slightly. If he wants to throw rocks at houses, he better not have any windows in his own house. Because people are starting their wind-up....

Almost forgot: I have a friend who has a 18 yr. old beautiful daughter who is on the verge of failing senior high school English. Does anyone have Joe Pisani's number?


GAP (we're the undecided party-except we decided on one thing- Go Away Pisani (and take baby Susie with you)


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09/29/08 Hearst Media In In The House - Greenwich Residents Are Once Again Shocked As The Greenwich Citizen Is Updated Again. Way To Go Hearst !!!!!

Sacred Heart economics professor Lucjan Orlowski, Ph.D., foresees a "long-lasting mild recession."

Shays: Halt Golden Parachutes

By Erin E. Harrison

First it was Bear Stearns, then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then came Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and American International Group Inc.

It's unclear how the latest meltdowns on Wall Street will afflict the local economy in the long term, but two significant impacts stemming from these latest major financial crises - employment and tax revenue - are already shaking Greenwich and the entire region.

"Thousands of jobs in New York have been lost and the impacts of that will obviously be felt in Fairfield County and Connecticut," said Lisa Mercurio, director, Fairfield County Information Exchange at the Business Council of Fairfield County.

"This is a major financial crisis, with impacts on employment and on the ability to buy things such as real estate, retail, etc. As companies are bought and merged into others, there will be redundancies and jobs losses." .....

....Mary Ann Morrison, president and CEO of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, said that although Greenwich businesses have already been hit by the weakened economy, it's too premature to predict how the latest financial breakdowns will impact the town in the long term.

"I see Greenwich businesses being very prudent, very cautious and very observant for what has happened through all of this year," Morrison said. "They are seeing fewer people come through the door, the cash register not ringing as much and maybe not as many zeros behind the sale." Morrison added, "Most business owners see this as a dip in the economy; some places have closed the doors, but there were lot of factors involved, not just one." ....

... U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, senior member of the Financial Services Committee, earlier this week called for executive compensation limits for companies that will be assisted by the Department of Treasury proposal, which is requesting from Congress the authority to purchase troubled assets from financial institutions in order to promote market stability, and help protect American families and the U.S. economy.

"There needs to be accountability for the investment managers and executives who made poor management decisions," Shays said. "Preventing golden parachutes and limiting executive compensation packages at firms that choose to participate seems like a good place to start. This package is about protecting taxpayers' retirement funds, pension plans, college savings and other investments by ensuring continued liquidity in the marketplace, not about bailouts for the people who got us into this mess." ....

...."There will be a significant need to retrain and upgrade their skills," he said. "This has widened from merely a subprime mortgage crisis to a broad, systemic credit crisis."

Although the breakdown of Wall Street has spawned an onset of panic in the region, Morrison said the next few months will dictate how the local economy will be directly affected.

"I think this has got to play out a little bit more. The Christmas holiday sales will be a key indicator in how bonuses will impact shopping. By year-end, the state of Connecticut could be impacted gravely."

Their hearts and minds on victory Nov. 4, Greenwich Democrats - the faithful and candidates - vowed Sunday to knock out GOP candidates in the November election.

The victory strategy was the meat and potatoes on the political menu as over 200 gathered in Cos Cob during the traditional Democratic Town Committee (DTC) picnic held at the Town's Garden Education Center.

The weather was perfect. The same for the groaning board laden with corn on the cob, cole slaw, salads, baked beans, hot dogs, hamburgers, pickles, onions, relishes and taste bud-tickling desserts varied enough to please even finicky palates.

Greenwich's Jim Himes, hoping to eject Congressman Christopher Shays from the 4th Congressional District seat he has occupied .....

....Himes views the election as the most important "in our lifetime." He implored the Democrats to turn the tide in the 4th Congressional District - away from Republicans to a clean sweep by .....


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09/29/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Moday

Facebook Stealing Googlers At An Alarming Rate

Facebook has already claimed Youtube CFO Gideon Yu, eCommerce Product lead Benjamin Ling and GDrive developer Justin Rosenstein.

Facebook hires general counsel with fat resume, Harvard degree

CNET News.com

... as general counsel for AOL Time Warner Europe out of the company's London office and then general counsel for the Greenwich, Conn.-based ESL Investments, the billion-dollar hedge fund founded by Edward Lampert. Between 2003 and 2005, Ullyot occupied ...

Hedge Fund Artist Amanda Putty Exposes More Insidious Sexist Behavior ...

PR Newswire

GREENWICH, Conn., - Artist Amanda Putty, whose photorealistic artwork has raised awareness of sexist behavior in the hedge fund industry, has recently completed a new series of paintings ...

Westport's star resident was cool


... had a bohemian flavor and artistic tradition distinguishing it from other wealthy towns on Long Island Sound, like Greenwich and Darien. When Newman chose it, especially, it was a close-knit community where actors, writers, blue bloods, Wall Street ...

Body found in Quechee Gorge

Rutland Herald

... a man found Saturday at the bottom of Quechee Gorge. Police said they recovered the body of a 59-year old man from Greenwich, Conn., but withheld the man's name until they first notify his family. Police asked anyone who witnessed the incident to ...

Dim, doom, downturn

Free Republic

... is the city today. Or it was." Was? Is New York over already? Apparently. The Times rolls out Wolfe, who declared Greenwich, Conn., "the new Wall Street" because of its hedge fund density. "I hate to use the phrase 'masters of the universe,' but ...

Despite the chaos, start-ups may have reason for optimism

The Boston Globe

... bubble, in many cases engaging in frauds of various kinds, were rewarded handsomely and are now relaxing in their Greenwich, Connecticut mansions deciding whether to take out the yacht or the private jet. Wall Street firms did not retain their ...

More consumers are turning to super discount stores to save money

Palm Beach Post

... and trade down into the dollar store space," said Patrick McKeever, a senior analyst with MKM Partners in Greenwich, Conn. "Inflation is making the single price-point store all that much more attractive to consumers. Here, prices don't go up, and ...

Financial Firms' Ads: 'Don't Blame Us'

Hollywood Reporter

... as via e-mail messages from the CEO, its Web site and in meetings. Still another spot, from Interactive Brokers, Greenwich, Conn., this week introduced a new print ad citing "deteriorating credit markets, broker failures, rumors of hedge fund ...

Who's endorsing Wall Street welfare now?

Arizona Daily Sun

... to be known as the nation's "Money Czar," he must imagine God as a celestial Realtor with lots of listings in Greenwich, Conn., where Wall Street tycoons erect competing palaces. A recent New Yorker article by Nick Paumgarten limned the scene. Uncle ...

Butterflies get help at Conn. museum

Telegram & Gazette

GREENWICH, Conn.- Traipsing through the butterfly garden at Greenwich Point, Pavel Bure, 12, armed with a net, was hot on the trail of a monarch butterfly.

Shake-up in financials hits firms with big NYC realty holdings


... reminiscent of the 1988-to-1992 period, when you had a lot of bank failures," said Louis Taylor, an analyst in the Greenwich, Conn., office of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. of New York. The main difference, he said, is that the turmoil was spread ...

Maine candidate wants funds returned

The Citizen

... Press Herald says the money includes contributions from his colleagues at Paloma Partners, a hedge fund based in Greenwich, Conn. Pingree declined Summers' challenge and says she'll keep working for campaign finance reform and tighter regulation of ...

So where are the Masters of the Universe now?

Memex 1.1

... investment banking, the entire industry, sank without a trace in the last few days. So where have they gone? To Greenwich, Connecticut, apparently, where is where the hedge funds hang out. And they left some time ago, it seems. The hottest, ...

Wall Street Welfare

Williamson Daily News Online

... to be known as the nation's "Money Czar," he must imagine God as a celestial Realtor with lots of listings in Greenwich, Conn., where Wall Street tycoons erect competing palaces. A recent New Yorker article by Nick Paumgarten limned the scene. Uncle ...

Darien tops Ridgefield


... Darien, riding the momentum of last week's 31-25 victory over two-time defending Class LL and FCIAC champion Greenwich, opened the game with a 9-play, 70-yard march. Fullback James Patton's 4-yard touchdown run made it 7-0. Junior halfback Drew ...

Danbury struggles against New Canaan

News Times

... 70 yards) went through a huge hole for the clinching score. Danbury's schedule does not get an easier. It hosts Greenwich next week and travels to Staples the following week. "I'm pleased with the fact we hung in there today and gave ourselves a ...

09/29/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Monday (updated)

Above: Juliette Rolnick, 10, and other members of the
Chabad Hebrew School try out their new shofars that they made.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)

Below: Rabbi Schneur Wilhelm plays the shofar.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)



Dateline: 5769 - Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Starts this Evening

Children At The Hebrew School at Chabad of Greenwich Take Home New Shofars For The New Year

Happy New Year: Greenwich Jews celebrate 'birth of the world' with Rosh Hashana


It is important that the horn is curved, because it represents the individual's willingness to bend to God's will, Rabbi Schneur Wilhelm said.

"It's not that hard, you just have to do it for a long time," Daniel Rosenblatt said while sanding it down, "and it's really fun to blow it."

"It was really hard to cut through," Jordyn Young said. "It just shows you how much work goes into making this."

"I thought it was great," Chani Feldman Director Of The Chabad Hebrew School " The kids were able to answer questions and it showed that they have learned a lot this week."
The Story:

While helping to make a shofar out of a ram's horn Sunday, Daniel Rosenblatt, 10, was confident that it was something he could do every year....

...In preparation of the Jewish new year Rosh Hashana, the Hebrew School at Chabad of Greenwich made the traditional horn used so that God can hear all Jewish people ask for forgiveness for their sins during the holiday, said Rabbi Schneur Wilhelm, who conducted the program.

Wilhelm set up a work table with a sander, hand saw and drills to demonstrate what goes into making the shofar....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

What The Greenwich Time Should Have Told You About The Holiday:

First: There are four different kinds of shofar blasts, and combinations. including “tekiah gadola,” a two-note sound that’s held as long as possible.

You want hear a good blast of the shofaron the second note. An experienced player will go about 30 seconds or more for a really good "wake up" blast. Basically the player wants the congregation to think he is going to pass out. You want the congregation to be very impressed. That’s what you’re going for.

Second: Today, Greenwich synagogues will echo with the blast of the shofar, a ram’s horn transformed into a kind of trumpet in a tradition with roots millennia deep.

The horn is blown on Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year and beginning of the Jewish calendar’s holiest period, a 10-day period concluding with Yom Kippur. The holiday begins at sundown.

Rosh Hashanah means the “head of the year,” marking the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve.

It’s the day we accept God as our kind, our sovereign, the one who will guide our lives for the rest of the year. It’s also a day of judgment, when God looks at how we achieved that goal in the past year.

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally a season of taking stock.

It’s commemorating the birth of the world, so it’s a time for us to recognize achievements and shortcomings in the year past, and get ready for the year to come.

As part of the traditional rituals, Jews eat apples and honey, to start the year sweet as part of holiday dinners. But the shofar’s sound is the peak of the liturgical day, usually blown by an experienced player.

The shofar’s sound is meant to be “a cry of the hearts, from the depth of the soul.

It’s a sound of hearts crying to God to ask for a good year.

In another way, it’s meant to be a symbolic “wake-up call to remind us that it’s the new year, and to reconnect with god.

And in these troubled and fearful times perhaps we need to hear that symbolic wake up call and reconnect with god in a more genuine and powerful way.

If you hear the shofar tonight think of the first man who ever blew a shofar.

Some time after the birth of Isaac, Abraham was commanded by God to offer his son up as a sacrifice in the land of Moriah. The Abraham traveled three days until he came to the mount that God taught him. He commanded the servant to remain while he and Isaac proceeded alone to the mountain, Isaac carrying the wood upon which he would be sacrificed. Along the way, Isaac repeatedly asked Abraham where the animal for the burnt offering was.

On New Years Day, Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, he was prevented by an angel, and given on that spot a ram caught in the thicket (Gen. 22:13) which he sacrificed in place of his dear son.

It was said that Abraham was the first to fashion and play a shofar on that day.

Can you even hope to possibly imagine how strong and powerfully long that first ever blast of the shofar was on that day.

It is new beginning.

It is a new day.

A precious anointing can come your way.

May God Bless You and Your Family And May You Have A Happy, Healthy And Peaceful New Year.

During this period of reflection and introspection, let us take time to review our actions this past year and consider how we can improve ourselves and the world in which we live. Let us have a humble prayer that this year that we will work for justice.

Let us rededicate ourselves to ending poverty and bringing peace to the world.

As we consider the economic challenges facing our nation, let's not forget those who are struggling to feed, clothe, and shelter their families. Let us think of those threatened by oppression and genocide, Let us think of our young brave men and women in uniform who have selflessly volunteered to stand in har,s way in order to protect us, and please Lord let us think of the ways each of us can bring an end to all wars and conflict.

They finished work on the CR just before Rosh Hashana, and they hope to complete work on that $700 billion bank bailout bill by midweek, which should get ...

More From The Greenwich Time:

Faulty valve stem woes trigger probe

An untold number of motorists across the region may be hitting the road with a defective car component that could put them at risk of rapid tire deflation and vehicle control problems while traveling at high speeds, safety advocates say.

The rain held out as more than a thousand people descended upon the Greenwich Polo Fields to go wild and raise money for land preservation.

Stamford's top Democrat is ticked off at fellow party leaders in neighboring Greenwich, who she said have been tepid in their support for 36th District state Senate candidate Mark Diamond and even tried to force him to step aside earlier in the campaign so one of their own could run.

Though the town was forced to open its beaches to outsiders for the exercise of their free speech rights, its legal advisers say there is ample precedent to support maintaining a pool for residents only.

The new year becomes a hands-on experience

Helen Neafsey/Staff photoWhile helping to make a shofar out of a ram's horn Sunday, Daniel Rosenblatt, 10, was confident that it was something he could do every year.

Eagle Hill School will host a two-day symposium on special education, with the theme "Best Practices and New Perspectives in the Field of Learning Disabilities," featuring a slate of experts on children with learning disabilities.

The staff of First Church Preschool in Old Greenwich unveiled the preschool's newly renovated playground at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept.

GREENWICH - For nearly 60 years Margaret Brassler Kane was a neighbor of The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich and its historic Bush-Holley Site in Cos Cob.

September 30 Rosh Hashanah - Public schools closed.

October 1 "Jazz for Uganda" show, 7:15 p.m., Convent of the Sacred Heart.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart soccer team continued its recent surge, defeating host Canterbury 2-1 in New Milford Saturday.

The financial gyrations of recent weeks drives home the importance of understanding investing, whether in a company-sponsored 401(k) or a portfolio of individual stocks, bonds and other vehicles.

To the editor:

This Byram Pool idea is an ill-timed, inappropriate and narrow-focused chowder-headed, pea-brained additional cost element in the town's already overburdened capital improvement plan budget!
If anything, the selectmen should be reducing the budget - not adding to it!

I suggest that residents e-mail CIP2009Comments@greenwichct.org indicating opposition to one more unnecessary spending item.

If the town were flush with excess funds, then by all means build the pool. But going into a period when revenues will undoubtedly be decreased, charitable contributions are already being reduced by contributors and we will probably be facing post-presidential-election austerity measures, we should not be spending for any new initiatives that are not absolutely essential. Let's take care of our infrastructure before we spend for superstructures!

Finally, even if this pool is to be financed by private donations, there would be ongoing town costs such as maintenance, personnel and similar charges.

Bad idea for now. Perhaps for the future.

Roger H. Lourie

The writer is a Representative Town Meeting member from District 7.


To the editor:

This independent has had it with John McCain! The last straw for me was him accusing Barack Obama of responding to our current financial crisis with "me first, country second" politics.

This is merely a cute transposition of his "country first, me second" mantra. At one time, his mantra sounded believable. But when he picked Sarah Palin as a running mate in an attempt to convince right-wing extremists not to stay home on Election Day, his hypocrisy became readily apparent. Country first, my foot! He wants to win and will do anything to get that done.

Choosing Palin puts winning the election first, and the good of the country last - and heaven help this country if McCain doesn't make it through the next four years. We'd be in for meaningless pronouncements (like "I look out my window and I see Russia, and so therefore I know something about Russia"), constant repetition of the big lie (Like, "Thanks, but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere"), and, based on her pre-campaign history, attempts to ban books and teach creationism.

To quote David Brooks, "like President Bush, she seems to compensate for her lack of experience with brashness and excessive decisiveness."

With respect to foreign affairs, nobody has said it better than Republican Senator Chuck Hagel: "In a world that is so complicated, so interconnected and so combustible, you really got to have some people in charge that have some sense of the bigger scope of the world." Palin is light years away from having that sense, even with the help of experienced foreign-affairs professionals. With her at the helm, other countries would respect us even less than with Bush.

If McCain wins, we'd better pray for his health every morning.

Philip J. Feuer

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