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Monday, April 21, 2008

04/21/08 - Reader Submitted Comments: Nightmare On Pemberwick Road

"Hell" o From Pemberwick Road

"need to do a story about what a nice street pemberwick road used to before till about a year ago when slum lords turned it into a sec 8 ghetto with drugs, crime ,garbage ,drug sales, drug busts, and people that just dont work or give a dam about the quality of life that all of us home owners that ether have lived here for 40 plus years or people that spent a lot of money to live here and actually get up and go to work to pay bills not tax the system and drink ,smoke and do drugs on the street that used to be nice pemberwick rd"

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04/09/08 - Byram Police Officers Show An LA Gang Member Who's The ...

... to be assigned to Byram to squash the gang and drug problems that are beginning to invade Greenwich High School via Byram. The Byram police officers' want to put the drug houses on Pine, Spruce and Pemberwick Road out of business, ...

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