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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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You Just Can't Trust The Corporate Owned Fox News Wanna-Be's Of Lower Fairfield County

Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber And His Reporters Ignore Greenwich Minority Families:

Almost 15% Of The Members Of Greenwich Society Are Minorities, Yet Not Even 1% Of The Voices Featured On The Pages Of The Greenwich Time Belong To The Minorities Who Reside In Our Town.

A Question For Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz:

In a town that chose Obama over McCain.

Why aren't the minority voices of Greenwich Society getting heard and quoted at the Hyper-Regional Greenwich Time?

Why Aren't 15% Of The Greenwich Times Pictures Featuring The Faces Of The Minority Members Of Greenwich Society?

Don't These Minority Members Of Greenwich Society Matter At The Hopelessly Biased Faux News Wanna-Be's Of Lower Fairfield County.

The Greenwich Time Is Not Fair Or Balanced When It's Reporters Refuse To Hear The Minority Voices Of Greenwich Society......

Intervention leads to drop in juvenile cases
HARTFORD -- Early intervention into the lives of troubled children has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in juvenile justice cases over the last four years, according to a new report that credits

Incoming 9th-graders to be required to verify town resident status
Students entering the ninth grade this fall won't have clearance to attend the high school unless their parents reverify their status as town residents over the summer, under a new rule.

Half million NYC flu cases estimated
NEW YORK -- The New York City Health Department says that hundreds of thousands of city residents may have contracted swine flu. Roughly 6.9 percent of the 1,006 residents surveyed by the Health

Note To Hearst Newspaper Web Editor Jonathan Lucas:

"Main Head" Means This Is Whwere You Are Supposed To Insert The Greenwich Time Headline.......

Main Head
Wednesday for Thursday Conn. Play 3 Day: 334 Conn. Play 4 Day: 6260 Conn. Play 3: 880 Conn. Play 4: 9559 Conn. Cash 5: 7,13,19,27,28 N.Y. Mid-Day Daily: 701 N.

Retirement incentives sweet deal
Nearly 5 percent of town employees have signed up for a retirement incentive program, a number officials say is growing by the day as cost-minded decision makers look to cut payroll.

Database: More state lawmakers making financial sacrifices
A growing number of state legislators is taking voluntary pay cuts since state unions made concessions last month to help reduce the state budget deficit.

Camillo joins fight over North Mianus cell phone tower
A state representative said he's joining neighbors in their fight against a planned 80-foot tall cell tower in his district. "It's in an area that is too densely populated.

Top Dem leaders of coup investigated
NEW YORK -- If this week's overthrow of the New York state Senate manages to stick, the person sitting a heartbeat away from Gov. David Paterson is a man battling legal troubles, election violations

Woman's statements to be used in trial for boy's dehydration death
NEW HAVEN -- A Connecticut woman accused of lacing cups with hot sauce and refusing liquids to a toddler because he wet the bed will have her statements to police used against her in her

Boy Scouts honor Malcolm Pray
A well-known businessman whose fundraising enriched the local Boy Scout program by $2 million was honored for his efforts Wednesday. Malcolm Pray, 80, former owner of Pray Automobile in Greenwich .....

Fleeing car plows into Philly crowd, killing 3 children (AP)
A car fleeing a robbery scene and being chased by police Wednesday night jumped a curb and crashed into a crowd, killing three young children in front of their home and gravely injuring a woman, authorities said. "It's a tragedy," police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said

Chimney scam keeps residents on the alert
Marilyn Sharp became suspicious recently when a man called to let her know his company had bought out the contract to clean her Cos Cob home's boiler unit, and urged her to have the work done right

Politics may imperil youth work program
Because of inaction in the state legislature, 1,000 disadvantaged kids in the region might not get access to President Barack Obama's jobs program. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment

Choose outgoing message wisely
It's June, the month that for more than 25 or 30 years my wife, Gail, and I used to spend at Martha's Vineyard. We haven't been there for six years, but we'll see the island again soon

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06/10/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Wednesday Evening Edition

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:

Greenwich voters reject sex offender ordinance
Newsday - Long Island,NY
GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) _ Voters in a Connecticut town have rejected a plan to prohibit sex offenders from loitering near schools, parks and playgrounds, ...
Greenwich Aerogroup Completes Acquisition of Banner Aerospace
AMTOnline.com - Beltsville,MD
GREENWICH, CT — Greenwich AeroGroup Inc. announces that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of Banner Aerospace Holding Company Inc. and its ...
Family Centers volunteers honored at Greenwich Volunteer Day ceremony
Stamford Plus Magazine - Stamford,CT
By Family Centers The Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County recognized seven Family Centers volunteers at the 2009 Greenwich Volunteer Day ...
Greenwich High student wins national electronic music competition
Greenwich Time
By Colin Gustafson Emily Boyle, 17, a senior at Greenwich High School, won first place in a national student music competition with a composition titled ...
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The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Mel Gibson slashes the rate of his Greenwich property to $29.75 ...
It seems that it is not just us common folks who are the only ones struggling to deal with the harsh effects of the credit crunch. One of the highest paid stars in Hollywood- Mel Gibson too is experiencing the bitter effects of the ...
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Another dull day in Greenwich « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
Another dull day in Greenwich. Jump to Comments. Nothing of interest today – lots of price reductions – hooray! but no sales, one piddling contract and a bunch of "new" listings that are mostly retreads still priced at a level that ...
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/

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06/10/09 If You Flirt With Rosemarie's Man, Then She Is Going To Send You To Greenwich Hospital

Woman accused of flirting is attacked in bar

Lower Hudson Journal news

PORT CHESTER - A Bronx couple is facing assault charges after a woman accused of flirting with the boyfriend was bashed with a bottle and kicked in the leg on Sunday, police said.

Jaime Javier, 27, and Rosemarie Ramos, 26, were charged in the attack of a 36-year-old Bronx woman at Marty's Bar at 27 Adee St.

Port Chester police Lt. Jim Ladeairous said Ramos accused the victim of flirting with Javier. Ramos is then accused of taking a bottle and hitting the victim across the forehead, opening a 2-inch wound. The victim fell down, and Javier is accused of kicking her lower right leg several times, bruising it, Ladeairous said.

The victim received 15 stitches at Greenwich (Conn.) Hospital.

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06/10/09 Doing The Hustle In Greenwich

Hustled in Bowling
Associated Content

Many years ago, a high school friend of mine, Jimmy and I were bowling at the Pickwick Lanes, Greenwich, CT. Jimmy's mother was my Latin teacher. We bowled about once a month. Neither of us were in a league. Both of us had a 160 average-not great, but not bad for kids who didn't have their own equipment. Both of us had bowled in the 200's a few times, which is hard to do, if you are not in a league and don't have your own equipment.

Jimmy and I also played golf together-both of us could break 100, which is also hard to do.

I noticed someone watching us from behind. After our first game, a guy in his early twenties approached us and asked if we wanted to bowl for money? I said "no," Jimmy said "yes."

Ten dollars was the bet. Jimmy got 10 pins and bowled 175 (165 + 10); he was beaten by a 185 (that included striking out in the 10th frame).

Bowl again? Jimmy agreed. This time, he was given 20 pins. He lost another $10 by a score of 190 (170 + 20) to 202 (including 4 strikes in a row from the 9th and 10th frames). That should have been the red flag that this guy could bowl whatever score he wanted, but Jimmy was stubborn.

Bowl again? Yup. This time, Jimmy was given 30 pins. Jimmy bowled 210 (180 + 30) and lost to a 220 (including 5 strikes in a row from the 8th through 10th frames). After taking $30 from Jimmy that was hard earned by caddying, the guy introduced himself as the nephew of a Hall of Fame bowler. My friend had been hustled. If I hadn't seen it, I would not have believed it.

Lesson: beware of bowlers who offer you pins. Most likely, he averages well over 200 and can easily make up the pins he gives you.

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06/10/09 The Future Of Greenwich News Coverage ?

Websites Battle For Woodstock's Hearts, Minds

Hartford Courant

By Rick Green

.....Out here in the sleepy "Quiet Corner," everyone, it seems, is going online with an opinion, a video or some inside dope about local schools and the referendum today that seeks to oust the board of education.

But this is no friendly chat. It's often anonymous and highly opinionated....

....Much has changed since Woodstockctcafe.com and Woodstocktruth.com began taking each other on.

"I've been here 20 years. There was nothing. Everybody got their information through the local grapevine," said Craig Powers, who in 2008 created Woodstocktruth.com, now the arch-enemy of the older and more popular Woodstockctcafe.com.

Powers jumped in after the remarkable success of Woodstockctcafe.com, a website that has anywhere from 400 to 1,000 "unique visitors" each day — impressive numbers for an all-volunteer, no-advertising website aimed at "all things Woodstock," a town of 8,000.

I stopped by to talk with John Leavitt, who along with his wife Becki, provides the energy behind the impressive Woodstockctcafe.com. A molecular biologist who moved here from Palo Alto, Calif., 13 years ago, Leavitt told me he stumbled into the blogosphere and hasn't looked back.

"When we started this nobody went to the board of education website. Nobody went to the town website," Leavitt told me. "Our website was unique. All of a sudden you could talk back."

"It's hair-raising. Anybody is free to come and attack you. We are talking about our neighbors. It's very polarizing," Leavitt said. The "big payoff," he told me, is "all of a sudden you really understand how things work here."....

....."The cafe has been a tremendous venue for all different viewpoints. This has been such a lesson in how democracy works best. The more information you can get out to people the better decision any board or commission will make."

At Woodstocktruth, Paul is viewed as part of an "empire building crusade." Powers recently wrote that his rivals are a "website commissioned by the BOE ... where dissenters are openly trashed when challenging the propaganda purveyed there under anonymous pen names."

"I back everything I say with documents and video," Powers told me. "Right now the question is who has the high ground on who has the truth in this town?"......

....."There's a phenomenon that's happening. It's in its infancy," said Steve Rosendahl, a board of education member who favors Woodstocktruth.com. The Internet has "given regular people like myself the power that we wouldn't have had five years ago.".......

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06/10/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed; Overnight Update

The Latest Greenwich Sports Report:

Greenwich High doubles team falls in Open
Greenwich Time
By David Fierro NEW HAVEN -- Greenwich High School girls tennis coach Betsy Underhill hasn't seen many doubles teams go from success at the No. ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

» Inside Mel Gibson's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion. Greenwich Diva...
By Claudette Rothman
Mel Gibson has reportedly dropped the asking price of his Tudor-style mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, by just under $10million over two years as the credit crunch bites. The soon-to-be-divorced star first put the home on the market in the summer of 2007 for .... Greenwich Diva - http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/
All quiet on the Greenwich front « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
Total activity reported today: one sale: $16.5 sold, $25 million ask; 2 contracts : land, marked down from $8.5 to $3.8, Bank owned, $499000; 11 price cuts on single family homes, ...
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/

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