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Monday, April 19, 2010

04/19/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Richard Blumenthal"

The Latest News About Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal

Legal News Line
Blumenthal examining Goldman Sachs complaint
Legal News Line
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday a state investigation may follow the allegations made Friday by the ...
OUR VIEW: Full review of tree value is necessary in Plainville
New Britain Herald
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been all but ubiquitous for the past two decades. And now that he is running for Chris Dodd's US Senate ...
Hundreds attend benefit dinner on Saturday for families of Kleen explosion victims
Middletown Press
Other dignitaries in attendance included Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, State Sen. Paul Doyle, Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele, Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, ...
Atty. Gen. Brown seeks to force Moody's to release evidence of role in housing ...
Los Angeles Times
In March, Connecticut Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal sued Moody's and Standard & Poor's, accusing the firms of knowingly assigning false ratings.
Bill Stanley, champion of Norwich history, dies
Norwich Bulletin
State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who also knew Stanley for more than three decades, remembered him as a dedicated friend and mentor as well as a ...
Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff lossesa
Boston Herald
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he's suing a Fairfield County bank and investment adviser who operated funds that helped Bernard Madoff's ...
Brief questions Bysiewicz's claim to active law practice
Danbury News Times
She hopes to fill the vacancy left by state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is running for the US Senate. Dubois, in his professional capacity with ...
Connecticut Suing To Recover $16 Million For Investors In Madoff Fraud
Hartford Courant
... ignoring clear and compelling signals that his investments were bogus," Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today, in announcing the lawsuit. ...
Notable Quotes
The Namibian
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Goldman Sachs Group Inc. with fraud for failing to ...

Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal In The Blogosphere

CT News Junkie Blumenthal Sues Westport National Bank ...
By Christine Stuart
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday that he's suing Westport National Bank and an investment advisor whose firm invested money for the banks clients' in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme. The lawsuit seeking to recover $16 ...
CT News Junkie - http://ctnewsjunkie.com/ctnj.php
WestportNow.com - Westport, Connecticut's 24-hours News and ...
By editor@westportnow.com
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said today he has sued Westport National Bank and a Westport-based money manager for "effectively aiding and abetting" a fraud by convicted Ponzi scheme operator Bernard Madoff. WestportNow.com Image ...
WestportNow - http://www.westportnow.com/index.php/v2/comments/
Westport National Bank, Wilton Money Manager, PSCC Sued In Ponzi ...
By Press Release
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today sued Westport National Bank, a Wilton money manager and his company seeking to recover $16.2 million for investors in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. The lawsuit, filed in cooperation with ...
Connecticut Watchdog - http://ctwatchdog.com/
Jewish & World News: Hartford, Conn. - AG sues Bank ...
By jewishworldnews@yahoo.com
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal filed suit against a Fairfield County bank and investment adviser, looking to recover more than $16 million that investors lost in Bernard Madoff's massive investment fraud. ...
Jewish & World News - http://worldjewishnews.blogspot.com/
Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff losses The Daily ...
Richard Blumenthal, suing on behalf of the state Department of Banking, said the lawsuit seeks to recover $16.2 million in fees investors paid to Westport National Bank, Wilton pension consultant PSCC Services Inc. and PSCC's founder ...
The Daily Caller - Breaking News,... - http://dailycaller.com/
Well gee whiz « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
harvard college 1967, no other info listed. no honors, no activities, no address, nada. but he does list himself as 'hon. richard blumenthal'. why not? anon.
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.com/
Connecticut sues Westport National Bank, investment firm in Madoff ...
By Staff
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he's suing a Fairfield County bank and investment adviser who operated funds that helped Bernard Madoff's investment fraud. Blumenthal said Monday he filed suit in state court on behalf of the ...
The Hour Headlines - http://www.thehour.com/
CT sues Westport bank, investment firm in Madoff losses Hartford ...
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he.
HartfordBusiness news - http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/
Where's Rico? Updated News
By admin
Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC asked drowsy glazed this divisive almost Friday downcast interviewing Connecticut attorney gust Richard Blumenthal (because the AIG company, headquartered encompassing his state, sold gobs of habitation default ...
Updated News - http://9-news.co.cc/
Capitol Watch Blog - Connecticut Politics, Political News and ...
By Christopher Keating
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has filed a civil lawsuit in an attempt to recover more than $16 million in the massive financial scandal involving highly touted investor Bernard Madoff. ...
Capitol Watch - http://blogs.courant.com/capitol_watch/
XE.com - UPDATE 3-California asks court to enforce Moody's subpoena
Connecticut's attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, filed suit last month against Moody's and S&P for the ratings they assigned risky bonds backed by subprime loans. (Additional reporting by Joan Gralla and Ciara Linnane in New York and ...
XE Forex News - http://www.xe.com/news/
Letters from Mr. Sunshine: Where the hell is RICO?
By Mr. Sunshine
Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC asked pretty much this question on Friday when interviewing Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal (because the AIG company, headquartered in his state, sold gobs of credit default swaps to Goldman Sachs ...
Letters from Mr. Sunshine - http://lettersfrommrsunshine.blogspot.com/
Conn AG Sues Westport National Bank, Investment Adviser
Conn AG Sues Westport National Bank, Investment Adviser Wall Street Journal NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sued Westport National Bank and a Wilton, Conn., … ...
Wall Street and Main - http://wallstreetandmain.com/blog/
FSA begins investigation into Goldman fraud claims : UK Financial ...
By admin
Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut attorney-general, said that he had begun a review of the case. "A key question is whether this is an isolated incident or part of a pattern of investment banks colluding with hedge funds to ...
UK Financial News, Advice and... - http://perspicacious.co.uk/
The Hour's News Hound » Blog Archive » AG sues Westport National Bank
By Jerrod Ferrari
Here is the full press release from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal regarding the state's lawsuit against Westport ...
The Hour's News Hound - http://blogs.thehour.com/newshound/
The 3G Problem: Goldman Sachs, Greed and Government « Searching ...
By insightadvisor
The latter is the favorite tactic of politicians—ask Elliott Spitzer or Andrew Cuomo or Richard Blumenthal. But the tactic does little to improve the markets nor does it raise our confidence in the fidelity of government. So what? ...
Searching for Insight - http://insightadvisor.wordpress.com/
Brown Accuses Moody's of 'Blowing Off' Inquiry www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
NEW YORK (AP) -- Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is suing Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's over ratings the agencies issued on certain investments.... Calif. accuses bank of more than $200M fraud ...
Bullfax.com - Market News & Analysis - http://www.bullfax.com/
iBlog West Hartford: where will you be april 30th? take a stand ...
By iBlog
Blumenthal Sues Westport National Bank For Investment Fraud - Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday that he's suing Westport National Bank and an investment advisor whose firm invested money for the banks ... 2 hours ago ...
iBlog West Hartford - http://iblogwesthartford.blogspot.com/
Conn. AG lawsuit: Bank ignored Madoff warnings Journalist Profile
By Grant McCool
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he was suing the bank and investment manager Robert L. Silverman, seeking to recover $16.2 million for investors defrauded in. Madoff's multibillion-dollar, decades-long fraud. ...
Grant McCool - http://blogs.reuters.com/grant-mccool/
Ongf And Of Course- Grandstanding Anti-Craigslist « joyceb2b
By admin
Connecticut's AG Richard Blumenthal, who has milked the bogus Craigslist story for a while, along with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who sued Craigslist earlier this year, have both come out to once again grandstand against Craigslist ...
joyceb2b - http://www.joyceb2b.com/blog/
Aussie regulator blocks NAB bid for AXA unit ScreamNews.com
By Jefferson D'Arcy
HARTFORD — The state Department of Banking and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Monday filed lawsuits aimed at recovering more than $16 million for consumers defrauded by Bernard Madoff 's massive Ponzi scam. ...
ScreamNews.com - http://screamnews.com/
Capitol Watch Blog - Connecticut Politics, Political News and b…/b ...
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has filed a civil lawsuit in an attempt to recover more than $16 million in the massive financial scandal involving highly touted investor bBernard Madoff/b. … Here is the original post: ...
Pighunters.net - http://pighunters.net/
Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff losses
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he's suing a Fairfield County bank and investment adviser who operated funds that helped Bernard Madoff's investment fraud. See the original post: Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff ...
Financial Mole - http://www.financialmole.co.uk/
Conn. sues bank, investment firm in Madoff losses – Lexington ...
By newsupdatesonline
HARTFORD, Conn. -- Connecticut's attorney general sued a Fairfield County bank and investment adviser on Monday, claiming they aided and abetted disgraced financier Bernard Madoff's massive investment fraud. Richard Blumenthal, suing on ...
News Updates Online - http://www.newsupdatesonline.com/

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Could Democrats have a liability in the performance of their candidate in the Connecticut Senate race, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal -- even ...
Yale Daily News - Media - Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's ...
... please click the thumbnail below. Blumenthal letter. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's LAW '73 letter to Yale General Counsel Dorothy Robinson. ...
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Richard Blumenthal Will Run To Replace Dodd In Senate . ... January 6, 2010 11: 56 AM Richard Blumenthal Prepares to Run for Chris Dodd's Senate Seat ... has ...
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Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR ) will pay the state $150000 to settle his lawsuit alleging a 2007 Camel ...
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Adviser, Bank Sued in Madoff Case - WSJ.com
NEW YORK—Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sued Westport National Bank and a Wilton, Conn., money manager on Monday for "effectively aiding ...
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... STATE OF CONNECTICUT Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal September 11, 2007 PUBLIC . ...
Bank ignored Madoff warnings -- Connecticut AG economy connecticut ...
economy connecticut attorney general richard blumenthal. Financial News · Submit a New Story · Bank ignored Madoff warnings -- Connecticut AG ...
Rasmussen poll has Simmons as strongest challenger to Blumenthal ...
Rob Simmons matches up strongest against Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in the race for U.S. Senate, a new poll found. ...
Westport National Bank - Bing News
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he's suing a Fairfield County bank ... Richard Blumenthal says he's filed suit against Westport National Bank and ...

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04/19/10 John Paulson, One Of The Greedy Mortal Gods Of Greenwich, Pocketed That $1 Billion And Will Pay A Lower Tax Rate Than You

Photo: Billionaire John Paulson Acquires an Alan Greenspan.

Next Paulson Is Planning On Getting A Ben Bernanke. He Already Has A Timothy Geithner

God help us to survive these unholy unions.

Here Is Why We Need Financial Reform Today

What Goldman's accused of in plain English

Today’s WSJ has a fantastic, plain English explanation of what this whole John Paulson, Goldman fraud fiasco is about. Here’s my even more plain-er English explanation of their explanation:

1. Paulson and Goldman team up with ACA to create worthless mortgage securities to sell to other investors.

2. Paulson buys worthless insurance from Goldman.

3. Goldman buys worthless insurance from ACA.

4. ACA buys worthless insurance from RBS.

5, RBS got $45 billion from UK taxpayer in bailouts of which about $1BB apparently went to ACA to give to GS to give to Paulson.

This is the exact same scenario that I’ve long been railing about- the US taxpayer gave AIG $160 billion of which it gave $13 billion to Goldman because Goldman still had that much worthless insurance that AIG had promised to pay on…and then Goldman, of course, had to give almost all of that money to other billionaire hedge fund investors like Paulson that had bought other worthless insurance on other worthless mortgage securities that Goldman had packaged and sold them.

Remember a long, long time ago, when I answered the question “Where’s my money” from all these bailouts going to and I said, “To billionaire hedge fund managers like George Soros.”

Well, John Paulson is exactly who you bailed out since he placed a levered-up bet at a corrupt casino called Goldman that was never going to be able to pay out all the bets it was taking on.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been waiting to see these cracks finally start to develop and for the tide to start to turn formally against all this bank welfare and towards bank prosecution…we’re now here. These giant Wall Street welfare banks are cracked now. I’ve got a short idea or two from that sector that I’m adding to the Revolution Investing model portfolio in tomorrow’s edition.

Ex- Greenwich Time Investigative Business

Reporter Teri Buhl Filed This Report

Maria Bartiromo: Forget About The Fraud Charges, Is Goldman Morally Bankrupt?

Maria Bartiromo wants to know if Lloyd Blankfien, CEO of Goldman Sachs (GS), is the head of a bank guilt of fraud, or merely one that's morally bankrupt.

Yesterday in front of a packed room of New Canaanites, Bartiromo, who was there to pump her new book The 10 Laws of Enduring Success, instead was forced to first answer questions about what she thought of the fraud charges the SEC brought against Goldman Sachs on Friday.

Bartiromo told the Connecticut crowd, that smelled a little of old money privilege that, “This case is a very big deal and will open a can of worms.” The wide-eyed silent crowd then listened to her extol a simplified version of the case where she lays out it’s important to remember this is all alleged “right now it’s a he said she said set of accusations”. Then she gives them that glistening smile and says, “The question is where’s the fraud? On the face of the case I don’t see it yet.”

Henry Blodget, Editor In Chief of Business Insider, posed a similar argument, detailing the legal merits of how the tainted CDO transaction was set up and reminds the reader that much of what Goldman did by allowing a hedgie to help build a CDO he thought would fail and then sending him off to work with a third party marketer to create the CDO while misleading the marketer about the hedgie’s role in it – isn’t really illegal – yet.

I asked Maria during the Q&A of her book talk, if she were interviewing Blankfien right now and had only one question she could ask him, what the most important thing she wants to know is. Bartiromo said, “Let’s just take out the fraud allegations because they haven’t been proven yet. I’d ask if he thought what he allowed his firm to do was appropriate behavior towards their investor clients and was it morally ethical?”

The crowd gave a cheer from that response. [And Lloyd if your reading it’s a question many observers also want to know so please we welcome your comments here.]

Bartiromo also told this reporter after the talk “I’m also questioning the timing of the SEC announcing fraud charges against Goldman. Why did they do this during market hours, which would of course dictate trading and market activity- so the entire industry gets tainted?”

Good Question. It’s clear the new SEC, run by Mary Shapiro, is trying to regain investor confidence and acting harsher than we’ve seen in the last decade. Some might call it actually doing their job. But as Blodget wrote today, there might not be harsh enough securities laws created yet to get a hefty settlement from Goldman. This leaves us with the question how will the public court of opinion react. Will pension funds allow their managers to buy financial products from a bank they don’t know if they can trust what they’re putting into them? Will endowment funds choose not to invest with Goldman because they’ve now seen behavior they consider morally bankrupt? We don’t know yet, but it sure is going to be interesting to watch.

Bartiromo left her New Canaan audience with this thought, “This case is going to be critical to perception of our markets. Main Street already thinks Wall Street and business is the villain in our economic crisis. So what comes out of these charges will be very important to how they think and buy financial products.”

The SEC might not win this case but they sure look like they’ve made a huge dent one banks reputation. And as we’ve seen before reputational risk can cost a lot to rebuild.


Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

04/19/10 Greenwich Based Urstadt Biddle Properties Acquires Interest In Two Properties

Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. (NYSE: UBA and UBP) announced today that last week it acquired two properties in its core marketplace. On April 16, 2010, the Company, through a wholly owned subsidiary, acquired a 66.67% equity interest in the Putnam Plaza Shopping Center; a 193,000 square foot grocery anchored shopping center in Carmel, New York, located in Putnam County for $6.2 million, inclusive of closing costs. At closing the joint venture borrowed $21.0 million secured by a first mortgage on the property. The mortgage has an initial term of five years at a fixed interest rate of 6.2% with a five year extension right. The Company's investment was funded with borrowings on its unsecured line of credit. Located on the heavily traveled Route 6 corridor, the property is the dominant shopping center in Carmel, New York and is anchored by a 62,000 square foot Hannaford Brothers Supermarket. Other tenants in the shopping center include: NY Sports Club, Rite-Aid, Radio Shack, Starbucks Coffee and Dress Barn. Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. will be the exclusive leasing and management agent for the property.

On April 14, 2010, the Company, through a wholly owned subsidiary, purchased three contiguous mixed use neighborhood retail and office properties totaling 32,000 square feet in the affluent Hamlet of Katonah, New York located in the Town of Bedford, Westchester County, for $8.6 million, inclusive of closing costs. The properties were acquired with available cash and borrowings under the Company's unsecured line of credit. There are no mortgages on the properties. The Katonah properties are located in the main shopping thoroughfare in downtown Katonah, walking distance from the Metro North Commuter Railroad station and in close proximity to Interstate 684, a major commuter highway. They contain a mix of quality local retailers, including a Mrs. Green's Natural Food Market. In addition there is 14,000 square feet of upscale office space on the second floor of the properties.

Willing Biddle, president of Urstadt Biddle Properties, said, "We are pleased to be able to complete these two acquisitions in this very competitive acquisition market in our core marketplace. The addition of the Carmel property gives the Company a majority ownership of the most dominant grocery anchored shopping center in Carmel, and when coupled with our ownership of the Shop Rite anchored center in Carmel, gives the Company the ownership of a majority of the grocery anchored shopping center space in Carmel."

Mr. Biddle continued, "The Katonah acquisition represents the largest group of buildings under common ownership in Katonah, New York, one of Westchester County's more affluent communities. Katonah draws retail traffic from surrounding communities and is a Hamlet of Bedford, New York, which has one of the nation's highest average household incomes. The properties were developed in 1985 by a local architect, are of high quality construction, and are within walking distance from the train station."

Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. is a self-administered equity real estate investment trust providing investors with a means of participating in ownership of income-producing properties with the liquidity of a publicly traded company. UBP owns or has interests in 48 properties containing approximately 4.2 million square feet of space. UBP has paid 161 consecutive quarters of uninterrupted dividends to its shareholders since its inception in 1969.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

04/19/10 Greenwich Time Readers Are Always The Last To Know About Important Town Issues - Greenwich Roundup Readers Knew About This Lawsuit Last Month

Photo: Barry Montgomery stands near the train tracks on the site of the former Cos Cob power plant. Montgomery has launched a lawsuit against the town on its plans to proceed to put a park on the site.
Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Finaly Wakes Up From His Self Induced Coma And Send Out Greenwich Time Reporter Frank "Better Late Than Never" MacEachern

The Clock Is Ticking On The Town Of Greenwich, Which Has Just A little Over A month To Answer The Cos Cob Power Plant Lawsuit

Frank MacEachern, Staff Writer
Published Online: 02:43 p.m., Monday, April 19, 2010

A town man is hoping to pull the plug on a plan to turn the site of the former Cos Cob power plant into a sports and recreation area.

Barry Montgomery has filed a lawsuit in state Superior Court in Stamford seeking to overturn last month's Planning and Zoning Commission approval of turning the approximately 9.7-acre site into a park.

"I want to stop this. This is too dangerous for kids here,"...

.....Amy Siebert, commissioner of Public Works, doesn't know if the lawsuit will delay plans to develop the park.

"I don't know what this will do; it's a bit of an unknown," said Siebert, whose department prepared the planned park's site plan and is the lead town agency in the project. Siebert said she could not comment further due to the lawsuit.

However, town lawyer John Wayne Fox is confident that the next step in the plan -- remediating the site -- can proceed even with the lawsuit.....

....Montgomery, whose brother Dean, a Greenwich-based lawyer, helped file the lawsuit, also dislikes the design of the water's edge on Cos Cob Harbor, where a retaining wall, or "seawall," is planned. The seawall would be too steep and would not offer enough protection for children who could fall into the water, he said.

Public works officials have said the seawall, which would act as a support since much of the site is composed of fly ash that settled in over the decades....

First Selectman Peter Tesei Says The Cos Cob Power Plant Is Not Safe

To House Families, But It Is Save For Children To Play On

In 1989, the town bought the site from the state for $1. In return, the state required the town to build 24 affordable-housing units on the site. However, in 1997, the two sides agreed the location wasn't suitable for affordable housing because of the contamination from toxins and the proximity of the abutting Metro-North Railroad.

The town and the state haven't settled the issue of where the units will go.


Chairman Steve Walko Can't Find Money

For A High School Auditorium,

But He Can Find 10 Million Bucks To Build

A Soccer Field On Top Of A Hazardous Waste Dump

$4.9 million has been approved for this brown field site remediation to ensure coal-burning by-product doesn't pose a health risk,

That work is planned to be done this year, but no bids have been put out yet.

Another $5.5 million will be needed to complete the park, including installing parking, a soccer field and a walking route.

One Again The Greenwich Republican Party

Is Getting The Town Involved In Another

Expensive Lawsuit So That Insiders Can Cash In

Town Attorney John Wayne Fox Has

To Respond To The Lawsuit By May 25

John Wayne Fox is telling town leaders that the next step in the plan -- the 10 Million dollar brown field remediation -- can proceed even with this lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Greenwich High School Musicians Are Singing The Blues

About The Fraud Waste And Abuse At Town Hall

You Wont Read This At The Greenwich Time:

Greenwich Real Estate Developer And Broker Barry Montgomery Has Given Notice That He Is Filing A Lawsuit Against The "Killing Field" Known As The Cos Power Plant.

Mr. Montgomery calls the Cos Cob Power Plant a !0 Million Dollar Boondoggle and says the proposed park is dangerous for children a pregnant soccer moms, because of the high tension power lines over head that are giving off emf radiation.

Greenwich mothers who are against cell towers, being next to schools and playgrounds would be shocked to learn that two cell towers are located next to the proposed Cos Cob Power Plant soccer field.

Mr. Montgomery also notes that children could fall off of the unprotected vertical sea wall that will border the Cos Cob Power Plant Park.

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei has received copies of this Cos Cob Power Plant lawsuit.

Interested Greenwich Residents can reach Barry Montgomery at:

(203) 622-1781 Office
(203) 518-2918 Cell

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

04/19/10 Greenwich Resident Tom Foley Who Is Running For CT Governor Announces New Endorsements

Tom Foley for Governor

April 19, 2010
Press Contact: Liz Osborn
(203) 998-0773

Tom Foley for Governor Announces New Endorsements

Stamford, Conn., -- Gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley released his latest round of endorsements today. Thirteen new prominent Republican activists are supporting his campaign.

"Tom is a problem-solver, a fixer" said Cromwell RTC Vice-Chair Christie Carpino. "He is exactly what Connecticut needs right now - someone with the skill set to analyze an issue and take decisive action to solve problems."

Carl Gundlach, Chair of the Norfolk RTC said "I wholeheartedly endorse Tom Foley for governor. We need someone who is not afraid to make the tough choices to jump start our state's economy and get our residents back to work. I think Tom is the best choice this election year."

Granby First Selectman John Adams added he was pleased with Tom's Plan to bring jobs back to Connecticut, "I'm impressed by Tom's pro-jobs platform and proven ability to create jobs. I'm looking forward to working with him as our next governor of Connecticut."

Tom has been a staunch proponent of reducing the size and cost of state government. "While all of us across the state are tightening our belts to make ends meet the state government keeps spending," stated Harwinton Selectman Mike Criss. "Tom supports making government smaller and putting Connecticut back to work. It is time for career politicians to step aside and let common sense make decisions to fix this beautiful state."

Greenwich RTC Chair Jim Campbell touted Tom's business acumen. "With Tom Foley's proven track record as a business leader I am confident that as governor he will reduce spending and restore fiscal sanity to Hartford."

The latest round of endorsements includes:
  • John Adams, Granby First Selectman
  • Scot Gilmartin, Suffield RTC Chair and State Central Committee Member
  • Jim Campbell, Greenwich RTC Chair
  • Carl Gundlach, Norfolk RTC Chair
  • Hal Cummings, Vernon RTC Chair
  • Peter Martin, West Hartford RTC Chair
  • Cathy Durdan, Avon Board of Finance Member
  • Christie Carpino, Cromwell RTC Vice-Chair
  • Mike Criss, Harwinton Selectman
  • Bob Smith, Former Middlebury RTC Chair
  • Judy Anderson, Former Naugatuck RTC Chair
  • Leon Davidoff, West Hartford Councilman
  • Diane Mudge, West Hartford Board of Education
Tom Foley for Governor's full list of public endorsements to date can be found here.

Tom Foley for Governor

04/19/10 Mom tried to nix Greenwich boy's nups with 'lies' and lawsuits

Greenwich Man Sues Mother For "Terroristic Binge" Over Wife

Photo: Denis Joseph and Diana David endured harassment from his mother.

Enraged Mom Lia Joseph Goes On 'Terroristic Binge' To Ruin Her Son Who Lives In Greenwich

  • Mom annoyed when son marries "gold digging" fiance

  • Goes on campaign to ruin his real estate and business interests

  • Tried to get her Greenwich son's wife fired from her job at TriOptima

A woman was so convinced her son's fiancee was a no-good gold digger that she did everything she could to break the couple up, even harassing the fiancee's ailing father in Ohio and trying to get her fired from her job.

The New York Post reported Lia Joseph, 61, was enraged when her real-estate-developer son Denis, 34, and his betrothed, Diana David, 28, tied the knot last October anyway - without the prenuptial agreement Lia had demanded.

In response, Lia allegedly did what she could to make sure her son had no money for his bride to take, and went on a campaign to ruin her son's business interests in Brooklyn and Connecticut, Denis claims.

"It seems to be some sort of twisted Freudian thing," a source close to the family said.

After Denis' mother filed two lawsuits against him claiming to be the owner of his property, Denis had enough: He filed his own suit against Lia last week in Manhattan Supreme Court, accusing her of going on a "terroristic binge."

"Fresh from a 9.5-year divorce case from Denis Joseph's father, Lia Joseph turned her full maniacal rage against her son, his fiancee and (Diana's) family," he claims in court papers.

Lia repeatedly called Diana's office at the finance firm TriOptima, asking for references so it seemed like Diana was looking for another job, the lawsuit alleges.

At Passover dinner last year, she threatened to sue Diana's family, and just days before the wedding she called Diana's father, who needed heart-bypass surgery, to tell him his daughter was a gold digger, Denis claims.

In an email sent to Diana, Lia blasted the young woman as "self-centered and truly dangerous" and warned her she had no rights to "our family properties" - a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion in Greenwich and a property in Brooklyn that Denis leased to a car wash.

"HE IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY," Lia wrote about her son.

"In her twisted mind, Ms Joseph viewed the Greenwich property and the Brooklyn property as 'family' property, even though there is no dispute that Denis Joseph is the sole owner," Denis wrote in court papers.

Lia wasn't invited to the wedding, and the day after her son got hitched, she filed a lawsuit in Connecticut, claiming she was a co-owner of the Greenwich property, but has postponed the case each time the court asked her to prove the claim, her son said in his lawsuit.

In December, she filed suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court seeking to divide the property in Brooklyn . Then she called the owner of the car wash, told him she was the real landlord, and convinced him to stop paying rent, Denis claims.

Lia also allegedly talked trash about Diana to her dad.

"She called me a number of times, directly at work, spending an hour or more on the phone with me and saying all kinds of things that were very disconcerting," Frank David told The Post.

Lia claimed "that Diana was a gold digger and that she was influencing Denis in a nasty way, none of which is the situation," Frank said. "We know Diana, and we know what kind of person she is."

Diana, a Stony Brook University graduate who earned a 3.9 GPA, was awarded the prestigious Churchill Scholarship from the University of Cambridge in 2004 along with other academic honors, her father said.

"It's inconceivable to us," he said of Lia's claims.

Denis declined to comment. Lia could not be reached and her lawyer declined comment.



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04/19/10 Volcanic ash strands Greenwich students in Greece

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Greenwich News - April 19, 2010
Volcanic ash strands Greenwich students in Greece (NewsTimesLive)
Dozens of Greenwich High School students are waiting for takeoff from Greece as ash thrown up by a volcanic eruption in Iceland continues to wreak havoc on air travel.
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