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Saturday, June 26, 2010

06/26/10 Susan Bysiewicz: At Least 44 State and Federal Primaries on Connecticut Ballot in 2010 - Many Are From Greenwich

From a Press Release:

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz today officially notified town clerks across Connecticut that at least 44 primaries will be held on August 10th, 2010. Primaries ware taking place for Republican and Democratic voters for statewide offices such as Governor, U.S. Senator, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Secretary of the State, as well as Congressional seats, General Assembly, and Judge of Probate. Some communities will also have primaries for Registrar of Voters. When arriving at the polls, Republicans will be able to cast ballots in 21 primaries, while Democrats can vote in 23 primaries. A list of all primaries on the ballot for August 10, 2010 can be found below, which does not include local primaries for offices such as Registrar of Voters or General Assembly districts within one town.

“Now that the petitioning process is complete, I want to make sure voters and local elections officials are fully aware of all the primaries taking place on August 10th,” said Secretary Bysiewicz. “Across the state, numerous primaries will be held on both sides of the aisle. Critical issues such as the economy, the environment and our state budget need to be addressed, so I am urging voters to show up at their polling places and cast ballots in the August 10th primaries to choose the general election candidates for November. Our nearly 900,000 unaffiliated voters in Connecticut should also know that they too can have their voices heard in the primaries by enrolling with the Democratic or Republican party.”

Secretary Bysiewicz is reminding Connecticut citizens that the deadline to register to vote by mail in August 5, 2010. Voting age citizens and 17 year-olds who will turn 18 by the general election can also register in-person at town offices until Monday, August 9that 12:00 p.m. Unaffiliated voters face those same deadlines if they wish to enroll with a party in order to vote in the primaries. Polls will be open on Primary Day August 10th from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.




GovernorRepublican*Tom Foley
Michael Fedele
Oz Griebel
Democratic*Dan Malloy
Ned Lamont
LieutenantRepublican*Mark D. Boughton
GovernorLisa Wilson-Foley
Democratic*Nancy Wyman
Mary Messina Glassman
United States SenatorRepublican*Linda E. McMahon
Peter David Schiff
Rob Simmons
Representative in Congress – 1Republican*Ann Brickley
Mark Zydanowicz
Representative in Congress – 2Republican*Daria Novak
Doug Dubitsky
Janet Peckinpaugh
Representative in Congress – 4Republican*Dan Debicella
Rob Merkle
Rick Torres
Representative in Congress – 5Republican*Sam S.F. Caligiuri
Justin Bernier
Mark Greenberg
State Senate – 1Democratic*John W. Fonfara
Ed Vargas
State Senate – 20RepublicanVacancy
Daniel Docker
State Senate – 22Republican*Elaine Hammers
David R. Pia

State Senate – 24


*Alice M. Hutchinson

Paul Rotello
Assembly District – 1Democratic*Matthew Ritter
Kenneth P. Green
Assembly District – 15Democratic*David Baram
Leo Canty
James Michel
Assembly District – 19Democratic*Brian Becker
Terry Schmitt
Assembly District – 32Republican*Christie Carpino
Carl Chudzik
Assembly District – 35Republican*David L. Denvir
John Samperi
Democratic*James Crawford
Denise Evarts
Assembly District – 45Republican*Helmut J. Reinholtz
Michael Zelasky
Assembly District – 51Democratic*Daniel S. Rovero
Brian Lynch
Assembly District – 60Democratic*Milo ‘Rusty’ Peck
Peggy Sayers
Assembly District – 80Democratic*Robert C. Sampson
Alan M. Giacomi
Assembly District – 96Democratic*Roland J. Lemar
Debra Hauser
John J. Morrison
Assembly District – 104Republican*Mary E. Porter
Brad Waslenko
Secretary of the StateDemocratic*Denise Merrill
Gerry Garcia



*Kevin Lembo

Michael J. Jarjura
Attorney GeneralRepublican*Martha Dean
Ross Garber
Probate District Region- 4Democratic*Brian Griffin
Marianne Lassman Fisher
Probate District North Central-11Democratic*Mark J. Maniscallo
Susan L. Warner
Probate District Greater Manchester – 13Democratic*Michael Darby
Elaine N. Camposeo
Paul L. Rubin
Probate District Region – 14Democratic*Kenneth Barber
Stephen E. Kinsella
Probate District Cheshire – Southington 18Republican*Peter C. Bowman
Matt Jalowiec
Probate District Region – 22Republican*Domenick N. Calabrese
Thomas M. Sutnik
Probate District Northeast – 26Republican*Stephen J. Adams
Mary Ann Champney
Democratic*Leah Schad
Kathleen J. Murphy
Probate District Plainfield – Killingly – 27Republican*Neil Dupont
Carol Anne Rowe
Democratic*David A. Griffiths
Kathleen Sendley Barry
Probate District Windham – Colchester 28Democratic*John J. McGrath, Jr.
Jodi Thomas
Probate District Norwich – 29Democratic*Kathryn D. Guinan
George Kennedy
Probate District Saybrook – 33Democratic*Terrance D. Lomme
Raymond J. Rigat
Probate District Housatonic – 44Republican*William P. DeFeo
Marty Landgrebe
Probate District Northern Fairfield – 45RepublicanNo Party Endorsement
Joseph A. Egan, Jr.
Daniel W. O’Grady
Moira B. Rodgers
Probate District Darien – New Canaan – 52RepublicanNo Party Endorsement
Michael P. Murray
William P. Osterndorf
John J. Ryan

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