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Thursday, March 5, 2009

03/05/09 News Release: Rockin' Water of Old Greenwich helping kids in Appalachia

Dear Greenwich Roundup – attached is a news release on a local Old Greenwich company, ROCKIN’ WATER, and its efforts to take Rockin’ Water to the children in need in the Appalachian area of Kentucky. In addition to this start-up company taking the initiative to help children that could really benefit from nutritional education and healthy beverage choices, by taking ROCKIN’ WATER to directly to the kids, the company is also collecting donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste and school supplies, which ROCKIN’ WATER will take to Kentucky in addition to the truckload of water.

Amy Guerrieri, founder of Rockin’ Water, is a long-standing Old Greenwich resident and business owner — she and her husband Rob also own The Upper Crust Bagel Company, LexZee Catering and are part owners in Arcadia Café, all in Old Greenwich, and the Upper Crust Bagel Company in Rye, N.Y. Amy would be happy to speak to you about this initiative. She is very passionate about helping children here in the United States and is very strong in her commitment to bring health and education to kids.

Amy was inspired to take ROCKIN’ WATER to the children of Appalachian Kentucky from watching the recent ABC “20/20” show on the plight of people in Appalachia. You can view the segment here – it is quite moving:
http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=6845926 (SCROLL DOWN TO THE “WATCH CHILDREN OF THE MOUNTAINS FULL SHOW” LINK)

Let me know if you have any questions or require additional information. Thanks!


Prepared by: ROCKIN’ WATER™
187 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Contact: Jenifer Howard For Immediate Release

ROCKIN’ WATER™ TO ROCK the Appalachian area of Kentucky to Help Kids in Need
Old Greenwich’s Own ROCKIN’ WATER™ heading to Kentucky the week of March 23 to donate ROCKIN’ WATER and provide nutritional information to kids and their families

(OLD GREENWICH, Conn., March 5, 2009) – ROCKIN’ WATER™, the revolutionary new vitamin enhanced flavored water for kids, is pulling out all the stops and bringing ROCKIN’ WATER directly to kids in the United States that could benefit the most from ROCKIN’ WATER’S vitamin and mineral infused flavors – the Appalachian area of Kentucky. During the week of March 23, 2009, ROCKIN’ WATER and a group of ROCKIN’ WATER employees and volunteers, will travel to Kentucky to visit several schools and health clinics in the rural Appalachian areas to hand out bottles of ROCKIN’ WATER and educate children and their families in the area about healthy nutritional choices, including beverages. In addition to the truckload of ROCKIN’ WATER being taken to Kentucky, volunteers are also collecting much needed personal hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste and school supplies to take to the children in Kentucky. Donation boxes will be located at Arcadia Café and The Upper Crust Bagel Company in Old Greenwich, Conn, and Rye, N.Y., from now until March 20, 2009. For more information, visit http://www.rockin-water.com/.

“Making a difference in children’s lives is one of the main reasons we created ROCKIN’ WATER,” said Amy Guierrieri, founder of ROCKIN’ WATER and ROCKIN’ WATER PRODUCTS, LLC., based in Old Greenwich. “We are all well aware of the poverty and nutritional issues effecting children in other countries, such as Africa, but what Americans tend to forget is that there are children right here in the U.S. that need help – learning about good nutritional choices and being given the accessibility to healthy products. ROCKIN’ WATER is just one option and we would like to help educate the children and their families and make a difference in their lives.”

ROCKIN’ WATER will visit schools and health clinics in Kentucky, working with the local public school districts, the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), The David School, and Eula Hall’s Mud Creek Health Clinic to reach out to children and their families to provide them with fun nutritional information and free ROCKIN’ WATER bottles for the kids to take home. Excel transportation Services, Inc., of Chalfont, Penn., is donating its services to bring ROCKIN’ WATER to Kentucky. The plight of the Appalachian area children was recently illustrated on the ABC TV show “20/20” with Diane Sawyer and demonstrated the immediate need to help children and families in the area. Individuals interested in helping organizations working in Appalachia Kentucky can make donations directly to the following:

Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) – 1-866-270-4CAP or
The David School – 606-226-9911 or http://www.davidschool.org/Donations.htm
The Mud Creek Clinic – 606-587-2200

ROCKIN’ WATER™ is a revolutionary new water product that is “made by Moms who love their kids.” ROCKIN’ WATER is a naturally flavored enhanced water beverage that kids love, and is packed with Moms’ favorites – 11 vitamins and minerals, fiber, and an antioxidant ORAC rating of 500 – like a full serving of fruit or vegetable in every bottle! ROCKIN’ WATER is the inspiration of Amy Guerrieri, a mother of four young children and a serial entrepreneur, who got sick and tired of all of the unhealthy kid-targeted food and drink options and needed to figure out a way to get her children the nutrition they need. So Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and make a healthy, nutritious flavored water drink for kids. With the help of Karen Newman, M.S., R.D., a clinical nutritionist and certified childhood and adolescent weight management counselor, ROCKIN’ WATER was born. ROCKIN’ WATER is a unique product and fills a void in the kids’ healthy drink market. ROCKIN’ WATER is available in four delicious flavors – Apple, Cherry, Grape & Orange. To learn more about ROCKIN’ WATER, visit http://www.rockin-water.com/.

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03/05/09 Officer finds 80-year-old woman was suffering from dementia and depression

Officer honored for saving elderly woman from cold - Greenwich Time

Police Officer Robert Hansen has been selected as February's Officer of the Month for his part in rescuing an elderly woman who wandered from home into a frigid January night in only a T-shirt and shorts, police said.

Police received a call at 5 a.m. Jan. 1 from a passing motorist who noticed a woman in the Bruce Park area walking around alone. She was not wearing suitable clothing for the cold temperatures, and police decided she should be found quickly, before she came to any harm.

Hansen was sent to the area, where he found the woman walking about 35 feet from the road in the snow behind some bushes, police said......

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Exposing Stamford's underbelly: not if, but when .....

This Reader Seems To Have A lot Of Information On The Players And Hangers On In The Corrupt Power Structure That Borders Our Quaint Little Town

To the Editor:

Was I the only person NOT SURPRISED by today's Stamford Advocate headline?

I doubt it.

Did the Greenwich Round Up give this Greenwich resident the scoop on DAN MALLOY and his loser son, before it was in print?

Damn right it did!!!!

Did anyone else notice it was DARIEN POLICE who arrested Ben Malloy, and not Stamford's Police?

Really? Gosh, that's almost unbelievable.

ALMOST, being the operative word, folks.

See, the Stamford Police have been in Dan's pocket, as have the former senior editor of the Stamford Advocate-Greenwich Time, professional-sleaze ball, JOE PISANI.

So, the public never knew how much damage the MAYOR'S son was doing.

Joe didn't print it. Joe was too busy playing footsie with his EXECTUTIVE-ASSISTANT-BIMBO-EX STUDENT-GOSSIP-GURU SUSIE C.to print real news. (by the way, I can't keep track of that previous inner Advocate scene, nor do I even want to try)

Was Joe too far up the Mayor's butt, or was Dan up Joe's?

Does it matter? I mean who has time to compare these two losers who repeatedly lied to the public?

So, the police gave Ben Malloy run of the city to sell drugs, make death threats, damage property, wreck cars while drunk,...ECT...while they looked the other way. Yes, he had some MINOR ARRESTS. Or was it minor slaps on the wrist? Or was it some very stern father-type looks?

You know THOSE LOOKS!!!!

The "you make another death threat against a straight "A", NON-Caucasian girl, Ben, and I'm gonna get really mad youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!"

Yeah, this is how it works.

Now, hey I'm all confused!!! Who would want to smear the reputation of the next (haha) GOVENOR of CT???? What else has been hidden or lied about?

Where's Joe Pisani for the dubious (this never happened) alibi?

Where's the man they call Dan?

Does Dan really know Joe or is like an imaginary friend thing?

What's up with the Mayor of Stamford having sort of a pre-party-fund raiser with the Pisani guy? In Greenwich? Paid for by Stamford and with Ferguson Library administrators doing the grunt work? What?

There's a penny for your thoughts folks..

Gee, isn't it nice to know the real news, on the actual day it occurred, and not have to leave the house? The Greenwich Round Up has hit the nail on the head again!!

TaDa, from Greenwich, CT.
What is this about death threats?
When you say....
"you make another death threat against a straight "A", NON-Caucasian girl, Ben, and I'm gonna get really mad youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!"
It sounds like Dan Malloy's son was arrested for this.
Could you please tell us more about this?
Was this covered extensively in the local newspapers?
Did Any Of The Ex-Stamford Advocate / Greenwich Time Employees At The Malloy Loving Blog Called "Our Greenwich" Have The Guts To Report The Truth And Let The Chips Fall Where They May?
Or Did They Only Write Mind Numbing Nonsense Like This When They Were Employed At The Stamford Advocate / Greenwich Time....
In About Ninety Days The Residents Of Stamford Will Mark The First Year Anniversary That Mayor Dan Malloy Has Not Had Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe "The Censor" Pisani To Cover His Rear End.
It Sure Was Easy To Be The Longest Serving Mayor Of Stamford With Pisani Not Telling Advocate Readers The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.
Who Knows Maybe Pisani Can Persuade His Acolyte And Recently Rehired Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter To Provide Mayor Malloy With Just Enough Cover To Get Him Elected Governor.
Malloy Just Has To Convince His 21 Year Old Son To Only Commit His Felonies With In Stamford's Borders.

If Malloy Were To Become Greenwich's Next Governor Will The State Police Have To Look The Other Way As His 21 Year Old Son Continues His Never Ending Crime Wave?


03/05/09 It Is Starting To Look Like Malloy Will Not Be The Next Governor Representing Greenwich

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03/05/09 First Selectman to ask BET to keep money for King Street design in budget

Tesei looks to restore fire station funds

By Neil Vigdor
Staff Writer

In a role reversal from when he was chairman of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, First Selectman Peter Tesei is calling on his former colleagues to reinstate funding in the budget for the design of a new King Street fire station.

The BET Budget Committee took the controversial step last week of recommending cutting $175,000 in architectural and engineering funds for the facility from the proposed 2009-10 budget, saying it wanted to see a comprehensive deployment plan from the Fire Department before the town commits to additional staffing.

Tesei, who served as BET chairman from 2001-07, is now seeking to undo that recommendation when the full finance board deliberates on the proposed budget on March 19.

"In terms of overall priority, public safety ranks No. 1," Tesei said. "This is about providing adequate fire protection to an area that is currently not being serviced."......

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03/05/09 Why Did The Greenwich Police Department Violate A Drunken And Bloody Man Who Just Killed Some One Leave Without Being Arrested?


INCOMPLETE REPORTING AT HEARST NEWSPAPERS: Why Is Greenwich Time Rookie Reporter Debra Friedman Afraid To Report That Greenwich Police Officers Violated Police Procedures And Let A Killer Go Free And Refused To Release His Name For Over One Month?


By Debra Friedman

The 24-year-old town man charged with manslaughter with a motor vehicle for an accident that left another young man dead had a blood alcohol content more than two times the legal limit the night of the crash, prosecutors said in court documents......

.....According to the warrant, police believe the impact of the crash propelled Borselio onto the hood of Moore's car, causing his head to break through the windshield as the car carried him 279 feet down Sheephill Road before his body fell off onto the side of the road......

.... According to the warrant, after Borselio's body came off the car, Moore drove erratically in different directions as evidenced by a path of antifreeze that was dripping down from the vehicle. At one point, the warrant alleges, Moore stopped his SUV near Borselio's body, and then turned and drove away before hitting a utility pole.....

.....In the aftermath of the crash, the warrant depicts a disoriented and upset Moore who was covered in blood and possibly in shock. An emergency responder on the scene told police Moore repeatedly asked if he had hit something, according to the warrant....

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03/05/09 Stanwich students had to pass through "testing stations" where teachers, acting as government immigration officials, interrogated them.

Ellis Island imprints on Stanwich students

By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer

Coming to America is no easy task. Just take it from Stanwich School fourth-graders. On Wednesday, they donned the traditional attire of their ancestors in a re-enactment of what new immigrants experienced when they arrived at New York's Ellis Island in the early 1900s.

About 50 youngsters participated in the annual event, designed to enhance their understanding of immigrants' roles in American history.

Students prepared for the event by completing a three-week "ancestor detector" assignment during which they interviewed their relatives about their heritage, came up with an immigrant character to portray and finally made a costume to wear during the simulation.

For the simulation, they had to pass through "testing stations" where teachers, acting as government immigration officials......

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03/05/09 It Is Starting To Look Like Malloy Will Not Be The Next Governor Representing Greenwich


Son Continues Campaign To Keep Dad From Being Governor

Mayors Son Arrested In Attempted Robbery


"We worked on this a little faster than normal. There was a lot of fear in the community with three armed men running around doing home invasions." said Darien Lt. Ronald Bussell

"We have worked very hard as parents to support our son and get him the help he needs to combat his emotional illness," said Stamford's longest-serving Mayor, Dan Malloy, in a statement


Ben Malloy, 21, turns himself in after family home searched

By Jeff Morganteen

Staff Writer

DARIEN -- Ben Malloy, the 21-year-old son of Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, turned himself in to Darien police Wednesday evening after learning they had a warrant for his arrest in connection with an attempted robbery over drugs.

It was his second arrest in 16 months.

Ben Malloy and two other suspects are charged with trying to rob marijuana early Tuesday from a 19-year-old Darien man at his home on Old King's Highway North. Two of the suspects, it is not clear which, were armed with a pellet gun and a .22-caliber handgun that fired only blanks, Darien Lt. Ronald Bussell said.

Tuesday evening, police searched the mayor's home at 277 Ocean Drive East, where Ben Malloy lives, and found "circumstantial evidence" linking him to the incident, Bussell said. Police did not find drugs or weapons in the mayor's home, he said....


Hartford Courant
7:39 AM EST, February 2, 2009


Richard Blumenthal said today he is running for a sixth term as attorney general in 2010, ending the quadrennial speculation about whether he will run for governor. "We'll put out a statement later today," he said.

Blumenthal, who turns 63 on Feb. 13, has the highest name-recognition of the potential Democratic candidates, but he has never hungered for the governor's office. He has been stymied from running for the only office besides attorney general that interests him, a U.S. Senate seat, by Connecticut's two long-serving senators, Christopher J. Dodd and Jospeph I. Lieberman.

Blumenthal's decision leaves at least a three-way race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination -- with still others considering entering the contest.

James A. Amann of Milford, the former House speaker, formed a candidate committee in December and will announce his candidacy on Feb. 11.

Stamford Mayor Dannel P. Malloy, who lost a close Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2006, and Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz say they intend to form exploratory committees soon......


Since Failed Hearst Newspaper Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Responsible For Bothe The Greenwich Time And The Stamford Advocate You Would Think That He Would Have Governor Wanna Be Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy's Reaction To Greenwich Resident Dick Blumenthal's Statement That He Is Not Going To Run Against Govorner Rell.

But Bruce Hunter And His Pitiful Greenwich Time / Stamford Advocate News Team Is Once Again A Sleep At The Switch.

If You Want To Get Stamford Mayor Malloy's Reaction To A Greenwich Residents Decision Not To Run For Mayor You Had Better Forget About Looking On The Bruce Hunter's Greenwich Time Web Site Or The Stamford Advocate Website
WSTC/WNLK Newsroom @ February 2, 2009 10:50 AM

Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy has commented on the news that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is seeking re-election and will not seek, at least in 2010, the democratic nomination for Governor of Connecticut.

In a prepared statement issued this morning, Mayor Malloy lauded Blumenthal as a friend and as someone who has "made Connecticut a safer place to live". Malloy has stated in the past that he was interested in running for Governor but would only consider it only if Blumenthal said no for next year. Now that has happened, Stamford's chief manager went to to say in his statement that "the only other job I'd be interested in pursuing is Governor." Malloy says he will be speaking again on the topic tomorrow......

STAMFORD -- Following Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's announcement this morning that he will not be pursuing the governor seat in 2010, Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy had a political announcement of his own.....

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03/05/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed - This Just In .....

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:


Man faces double homicide charges

By Daniel Tepfer

Staff writer

BRIDGEPORT -- For months, Sheldon Reynolds stalked his former girlfriend, going so far as breaking into the Greenwich home where she worked as a caretaker for an elderly resident, police said.

But last Dec. 7, police said the Bronx, N.Y., resident took a final step in his fatal attraction to Debbie Brown when he killed her and a friend, Desmond McFarland, 41, of Bridgeport, as they sat in a car outside Brown's home on Ash Street in Bridgeport.

On Wednesday, Reynolds, 46, also known as Donald Davis, was charged with two counts of murder by police Detectives Heitor Teixeira and Chris Borona......



12/02/08 Murder victim worked as a nanny during the week in Greenwich for a Lake Avenue family

Back To The Raw Greenwich News Feed.....

Greenwich Academy, Brunswick sweep Shakespeare competition
Greenwich Time
Eleven high school students from public and private schools in Greenwich and Stamford took to the Cole Auditorium stage at Greenwich Library, ...


Congrats To Greenwich Academy And Brunswick

"No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en. In brief, sir, study what you most effect." - The Taming of the Shrew

Greenwich Ballet Academy Auditions
Greenwich, CT - The Greenwich Ballet Academy is pleased to announce open auditions for its 2009 Summer Intensive Program. Auditions for students applying to ...


Greenwich firm accused of Ponzi scheme
Greenwich Post
The owners of a Greenwich-based investment firm are free on $7-million bonds and have had their assets frozen, following their arrest last Wednesday, Feb. ...


A Story That Greenwich Roundup Brought To You First.....

2/13/09 PRESS RELEASE: Emergency Action Taken Against Greenwich Traders Paul Greenwood & Stephen Walsh- Questions About "Hundreds Of Millions Dollars"

02/21/09 National Futures Association Suspends Greenwich Traders Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh

02/25/09 Greenwich Fraudsters Busted By The FBI ......More On The Greenwich Ponzi Scheme That Hearst Newspapers Is Failing To Cover

02/25/09 Greenwich Fraudsters Also Wasted Money On The New York Islanders

02/25/09 Where Is Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter? The Greenwich Fraud Scheme That Hearst Newspapers Is Not Covering Just Hit $1.3 Billion

02/25/09 Didn't Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Or Hearst Newspaper Business Editor Jim Zebora Get The Department Of Justice Press Release

02/25/09 Wall Street Journal: Bearly Legal? Investment Managers Charged with Fraud

More On The Multi-Million Dollar Greenwich Ponzi Scheme

That The Clueless Greenwich Time Fails To Cover .....

Wall Street scam may cost Sacramento County pension system $52 million - Wall Street Journal

....The Sacramento County Employees Retirement System, or SCERS, had invested $90 million with the men and their companies in June, said Richard Stensrud, SCERS' chief executive officer.

The recession had "whittled down" that investment to about $57 million when SCERS officials first learned there might be a problem

02/25/09 Greenwich Scam Artists Spend Sacramento Retirees Money On Thousand-Dollar Teddy Bears!!!!!

02/27/09 This Just In .....

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:

Poky Police Late Yet Again on Ponzis, Thieves

Bloomberg - USAHere we go again. The latest burst of regulatory rigor in response to a horse that’s already left the barn comes in the case of Poky Police versus WG Trading Investors LP of Greenwich, Connecticut,

The Two Greenwich Fraudsters
Also Stole From Iowa Retireees Hard Earned Pensions:

2 investment managers linked to frozen IPERS assets are arrested


Court documents identified Greenwood and Walsh as owners of WG Trading Co. LP of Greenwich, Conn., and Westridge Capital Management Inc., based in ...

02/28/08 University of Buffalo Shocked that alum was charged in $500M Greenwich fraud case

Back To The Raw Greenwich News Feed....

Greenwich Academy hockey wins in OT to reach New England semis
Greenwich Time
One week ago the Greenwich Academy hockey team was on the losing end of an overtime thriller against the Southfield School that GA coach Moe Tarrant feared ...

Trinity hockey team eliminated by Greenwich
Stamford Advocate
The Greenwich and Darien high school teams followed that literally as they each did indeed march forth into the championship game of the Fairfield County ...
Greenwich Schools to conduct substance survey
Greenwich Time
By Meredith Blake Greenwich Public School officials have agreed to administer an in-depth anonymous drug and alcohol survey to the public school students so ...
Greenwich Library up to "No Good"
Greenwich Time
From 2 to 4 pm Saturday, the Greenwich Library, 101 W. Putnam Ave., will host the musical play "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, ...


For What It's Worth By Riverside Blogger Chris Fountain
Havemeyer Park - Here’s a nice house that was reduced today from its May starting price of $925,000 (bad) to $760,000 (not bad at all). It may still not be affordable to so...
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Perrot Newsletter - The Winter/Spring 2009 edition of Perrot's newsletter, *Précis*, is now available. Watch for your copy in the mail, or read it online (in PDF format).

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Vivapop Community Events
Middle School Dance: March 13

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