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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12?24/08 1.4 Billion Madoff Victim Commits Suicide (Updated: Dead Links Removed New Links Added)

Dr. Seuss’s New Suicide Book For Bernard Madoff Victims

Do you like

To cut your wrists?

I sometimes like to.

I am Chris.

I sometimes like

To cut my wrists.

Would you wipe the blood up

with a cloth?

Would you wear black

with a goth?

I like to cut them

With a knife

I like to cut them.

I hate my life.

I like to cut them

here or there.

I like to cut them


I sometimes like to cut my wrists.

I sometimes cut them I am Chris.

Would you cut them

in a glade ?

Would you cut them

with a blade ?

In a glade

With a blade

With a cloth

With a goth

I would cut them here or there

I would cut them anywhere

I would like to cut my wrists

I sometimes cut them I am Chris.

Would you ?

Could you ?

In a car ?

Cut them !

Cut them !

See my scar!


An Aristocratic French Executive And Yachts man who hobnobbed with Royalty Committed suicide after losing $1.4 Billion to Walter Noels buddy Bernie Madoff.

Jan 2, 2009
By Alex Berenson and Matthew Saltmarsh NEW YORK: In the days after Bernard Madoff was arrested and accused of orchestrating a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, ...International Herald Tribune - 10 related articles »


New York Daily News, NY - Dec 27, 2008


The day before a French aristocrat killed himself in despair over the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, he was preparing to part with some ...

Video: Madoff Victim Commits Suicide




Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Clients Had Dreams Too.

News that a hedge fund manager slammed in the Madoff scandal committed suicide did not come as a shock to some of Fairfield Greenwich's clients.

Greenwich Roundup had already predicted that what Bernnie Madoff did was so outrageous that it would have ramifications like this.

Please See:


This Isn't Only Money. This Is Peoples Lives.

Some Greenwich Fairfield Investors Had Planed To Live Off Their Nest Egg And Then Pass On The Remainder To Their Children.

Now They Don't Know How They Will Pay For Their Kids Private School Or Pay Their Mortgage.

Walter Noel Handing Billions Over To Madoff Has Dramatically affected The Lives Of Greenwich Fairfield Investors. Some of Noel's Clients Are Having To Look For Work In A Shrinking Economy.

These Victims Are Just Beaten Up By The Whole Thing And The Future Looks Dismal Right Now.

Everyone One Is Sad To Hear About The Suicide.

It Has Been Rumored That Greenwich's Trust Fund Babies Have Been Unable To Get Up Enough Energy To Go Out On The Golf Coarse Since The Scandal Broke.

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Failure To Perform Due Diligence On Madoff Has Destroyed Lives And People Don't Know Where To Turn To.

Walter Noel's Investors Feel Degraded.

Adding Insult To Injury To Fairfield Greenwich Investors Is That Madoff Is Spending His Days In A Luxury Penthouse Apartment In Manhattan.

God Only Knows Why Madoff Is Not Sitting In Jail Awaiting Trial.

Another Insult To Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Clients Is That They Are Paying For Madoff's 24 Hour Guard.

That's Fairfield Greenwich Investor's Money That Madoff Is Paying With.

If Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Best Buddy Bernie Is Starting To Push You Over The Edge Don't Pick Up A Razor Blade. Seek Out Some Help.

If You Are Too Embarrassed To Call The Suicide Hotline, I Can Tell You That Many People In And Around Greenwich Find Help Here:

Harvest Time Church is a Spirit-filled church in Greenwich, Connecticut serving the communities of Lower Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

One Last Word:

Listen Living With Out Millions Of Dollars In The Bank Is Not So Hard.

Trust Me, I Have Done It All My Life.

You Will Get Used To It After A Bit Of Time

Also, Please Don't Send Me Emails Telling Me I Am Going To Hell For The Above Fake Dr. Seuss Poem. I Have Already Started Packing My Bags.


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

12/24/08 The Daddy Of Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassiddy Is Very Upset With Greenwich Round Up.

Martin Had Better Jump Before He Is Pushed
George Cassidy Is Not Happy That His Son Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin "Nervous In The Service" Cassidy Has Been Told A Voluntary Resignation Might Be A Good Idea.

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

I have been reading your account of the Sheephill Road death of a cyclist several months ago and your problems with it. You prominently proclaim the incident to be a “hit-and-run” death.

This was no hit-and-run. The driver stopped and waited for, then cooperated with, police. Moreover, all the articles you quote in that issue of the blog seem to be consistent in term of times and events related.

Maybe you had better sit down and take your pill with a big glass of water.

Not incidentally, that’s my son Martin whose integrity you’re questioning.


George Cassidy


Dear George,

You Are Delusional If You Think That The High As A Kite Killer Of Joey Stopped And Waited For Greenwich Police Officers.

Joey's Killer Carried Him Quite A Distance On The Hood Of His White SUV, Before Depositing His Body In Sheephill Road Resident's Driveway.

Joey's High As A Kite Killer Never Stopped. He Crashed Into A Telephone Pole Way Down Sheephill Road.

Perhaps, Your Son Martin Who Is Very Anxious And Has An Obvious Nervous Twitch Should Sit Down And Take A Pill With A Big Glass Of Water.

As For Your Offspring's Integrity. He Is The One Who Chose To Manipulated The Time Of His Reports.

Perhaps, That Is Why The Greenwich Time Turned Over The "Hit And Run" Story To Another Greenwich Time Reporter And Started Having Martin Work Out Of The Stamford Advocate Newsroom.

Dear George Please Read:

10/06/08 Breaking News (Updated): Greenwich Bike Rider Killed At 11:30 Last Night. ----- Or THE GREENWICH TIME CAN'T KEEP TIME

10/07/08 Hearst Newspapers Makes A Change: Debra Friedman Replaces "Martin "What Time Is It' Cassidy (Updated)

Dear George,

Please Also See:

10/18/08 How Can Police Chief David Ridberg Read What This Mother Says And Then Continue To Protect The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Killed Joey?

10/15/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Darien/greenwich police blotter10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS:Joey's Grandfather Wants To know---Why Are The Toxicological Tests Taking So Long?

10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Grider Opines On Police Favoritism And The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Intimidates The Greenwich Police Dept.

10/11/08 The Greenwich Citizen Is The Only Newspaper That Let's Us See The Young Man That Was Killed In Greenwich By A Mystery Driver

10/10/08 Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg Has Things Screwed Up While The Stamford Police Chief Is Operating A Profeesional Department

10/09/08 Maybe No Charges Will Be Filled Against The Driver That Mowed Down Joey, Dumped His Dead Body In A Driveway And Crashed Into A Utility Pole

10/09/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Driver who hit bike rider Or Where is the police report?

10/08/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Should The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Be Charged With Leaving The Scene?

10/08/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Why Can't Debra Friedman Find Who The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Is That Killed Joseph And Crashed Down The Road

Wait George, There Is Much More:

11/17/08 Breaking News: Mystery Driver That Killed Joey Should Of Been Arrested On 10/04/08 Is Now Finlay Under Arrest In Greenwich (Updated)

11/18/08 More Readers Submitted Comments About Joey Borselio

11/19/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Killer impaired ?????

11/24/08 Greenwich Time News Links --- Top Story: DUI Killer That Greenwich Police Let Go Free Is Brought Before A Judge To Stand For Joey's Death

11/24/08 Riverside man arraigned in fatal accident - Greenwich Time

11/24/08 BEHIND THE TIME: Greenwich Post Reports On DUI Killer Five Hours After Debra Friedman At The Greenwich Time

11/24/08 No plea in bicyclist’s death - Greenwich Post



Dear George Please Fell Free To Send Any More Delusional Comments That You Might Have About Joey Borselio Not Being Killed By A Hit A Run Driver Who Was Higher Tan A Kite to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

By The Way George If You Were Not So Delusional Maybe Martin Would Not Be So Anxious And Need To Sit Down With A Pill And A Big Glass Of Water.

No Wonder Martin Walks Around With A Nervous Twitch When He Has A Father Unable To Feel For Joey's Poor Mother. George Why Can't You Understand Her Dear Son Was Left For Dead On Sheephill Road By A Hit And Run Driver Who Was Higher Than A Kite.

George Just For One Minute Try And Imagine How You Would Feel, If, God Forbid, Martin Had Been Run Over And Carried On The Hood Of An SUV.

George How Would You Feel If Martin Was Left For Dead In Someones Drive Way Before The Higher Than A Kite Driver Sped Away To Crash Into A Telephone Pole.

George, I Am Sorry That Your Son's Reporting Job Is In Jeopardy, But It Is His Own Fault. Martin Was Just Too Afraid To Report The Facts And Let The Chips Fall Where They May.

All To Often Martin Was Intimidated By The Greenwich Police Department And Clowns Like Illegally Appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz.

12/24/08 A NEW CT RECORD?: 2006 The wife of Howard Sosin, founder of AIG Financial Services, collected $24 million from Sosin's $168 million fortune

The Problems Of The Rich:

The Countess Needs $53K -- A Week?!
How Can They Be So Greedy When So Many Are Starving In Africa?

Thomas B. Scheffey

If George A. L. David thought a postnuptial agreement would simplify his marriage -- or divorce -- that has not been the case so far.

David, who stepped down as CEO of United Technologies Corp. eight months ago, spent last week in a Hartford, Conn., divorce court trying to stop his former wife, a 36-year-old unemployed Swedish countess, from getting any pendente lite alimony to tide her over until the scheduled March divorce trial.

David didn't have to write a new check. Instead, Superior Court Judge Stephen Frazzini approved the parties' compromise, in which Marie Douglas-David borrows $968,000 from existing prenuptial funds.

During arguments, it became apparent why Marie Douglas-David wanted the money. Her lawyers disclosed papers showing she was spending $53,000 a week in New York, Connecticut and Sweden, and had debts of $5.6 million -- $2.8 million of which was notes to husband George -- and assets of only $4.4 million.

Marie Douglas-David is represented by veteran Hartford divorce lawyer Bruce Louden, local counsel to New York lawyers William S. Beslow and Robert Stephan Cohen, both of whom are experienced in multimillion-dollar divorces.

George David is represented by former Appellate Judge Anne C. Dranginis and Carlo Forzani, who attempted to persuade the judge that, under a 2005 postnuptial agreement, he should not have to pay his wife any more until the case is concluded. Already, they said, he is paying $22,552 a week for Marie's credit cards, cash, medical, travel, storage, domestic help and dry cleaning. He's also spending $1,304 a week to care for her horse; she lists $1,570 a week in expenses for the same horse.


As part of the proceedings, financial affidavits were unsealed that showed David to be worth $290 million, with a weekly income from investments of $187,592. His expenses totaled $190,000, including $95,943 a week to maintain his world-class racing yacht, Rambler.....

... There are no rules of thumb when you're talking about $300 million in assets," said Ferro, who is not connected with the David matter in any way. "If in small cases of $100,000 you start off at 50-50, that rule does not apply in a case of this magnitude."

The 2005 postnuptial agreement stated that Douglas-David was to receive $43 million in the event of divorce. The couple was married in Greenwich, Conn., on May 16, 2002, and have no children, although the agreement records her desire to do so.

In a financial affidavit filed by Douglas-David, she states that she was a vice president at Lazard Investment banking, and that she and David agreed she should quit that job in 2003....


You Wont Read This Online At The Greenwich Time

Love Me, Spender
Monday Dec 22 New York Post

... Swedish countess, spends. Douglas-David signed a $43 million postnup after she and her husband were married in Greenwich, Conn., in 2002. It would seem that $43 million would satisfy the ordinary mortal, but Douglas-David wants more. The reason is ...


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 All Of Western Greenwich Applauds As First Selectman Peter Tesei Joins Greenwich Roundup In Calling For Frank Mazza's Removal From Glenville

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!!! ...
Three cheers and a round of applause for the First Seltman Peter Tesei's call for Frank Mazza's resignation from the Glenville School Building Project.

Tesei calls for Mazza's removal

By Greenwich Time Cub Reporter
Colin "King Of The BOE Press Release" Gustafson

With the Hamilton Avenue School project mired in a new delay, the town's first selectman is calling on the committee overseeing another school reconstruction project, Glenville School, to consider a shake-up in leadership.

First Selectman Peter Tesei said Tuesday that Glenville School's building committee should consider appointing somebody new to its top-ranking position of "chair," which is currently held by Frank Mazza.....

....the beleaguered Hamilton Avenue School project. That project has gone more than $6 million over budget and spanned more than three years, despite initial promises of an 18 month timeline.

The Chickahominy project, which has missed numerous deadlines since work began in spring 2005, appeared to be on the verge of completion late last week, only to get delayed once again on Monday because of a problem with the school's boiler system......

..... Tesei said he believes it might be prudent for that school's building committee to consider a "changing of the guard.".....

....Mazza declined to comment on Tesei's remarks, saying he would rather talk directly to the first selectman before speaking publicly about the future of either of his building committee chairmanships.

The first selectman's comments came amid expressions of confusion and outrage from parents and town leaders over the latest delays in the project.

"This marks a failure in leadership," said Rep. Lile Gibbons. "There's plenty of blame to go around ... for everybody connected with this project. It's appalling."

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 Who Remembers When You Could Buy A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle In Greenwich

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine
News and updates

... He soon realized that working on boats wasn't nearly as fun as working on motorcycles, so in 1962 he went to work for Jim Ransom's Harley-Davidsondealership in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The motorcycle mechanic trade has never been what you'd you call lucrative, and it was even less so in the and it was even less so in the early '60s, so Bill supplemented his income by working for a small custom shop called RB Cycles. Somewhat unusually for the time, the owner of RB, Robert Blackson, was African-American, ...
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 A Class Action Suit Has Been Filed Against Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Troubles Grow
Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Is Filed Against Greenwich Resident

Times Online, London England
Investors who have lost their money in what is alleged to be the world’s biggest financial fraud may also be made to repay any profits that they made to US liquidators. Under a new bankruptcy ruling, any investors who withdrew cash from the hedge fund run by Bernard Madoff before the $50 billion (£34 billion) fraud was discovered could be forced to return their original investment and any profits.

The ruling, which was made in October, will come as a devastating development to Walter Noel, 78, the billionaire whose own investment firm — Fairfield Greenwich — lost $7.3 billion in Mr Madoff’s scheme.
As the victims began a batch of lawsuits against him, one financier who had invested his own clients’ money with Mr Madoff committed suicide yesterday. Thierry de la Villehuchet, 65, the co-founder of Access International Advisors, a fund management company, killed himself in his Madison Avenue office after losing as much as $1.4 billion.
As the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission began to construct the world’s biggest fraud case against Mr Madoff, a second class-action lawsuit was filed against Mr Noel and Fairfield Greenwich.
The plaintiffs accuse Mr Noel of failing to vet Mr Madoff adequately. The Fairfield Greenwich founder had invested $7.3 billion of his own, his family and investors’ money. Mr Noel’s role as a financier who introduced new clients to Mr Madoff — through “feeder funds” such as Fairfield — is also under scrutiny by federal investigators.
While the financial cost to Mr Noel is already public, the personal cost to the Manhattan socialite and his wife, Monica, has yet to emerge.
The couple and their five daughters were well known on the New York and Connecticut party circuits, regularly hosting social events at their Park Avenue apartment in the Upper East Side of New York and at their home in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was through these parties that Mr Noel and four of his sons-in-law, who worked for the family firm, were able to attract new investors drawn from America’s financial elite.
According to David Patrick Columbia, of New York Social Diary, the website chronicling the city’s monied social scene, Mr Noel and his wife had made a concerted effort over the past five years to be part of the wealthy New York set.
He said: “He is a kind of Jimmy Stewart figure with a craggy face and has five beautiful daughters. They were very attractive, very rich and very successful — that gets you into that set.”
Speaking to The Times on Monday evening, Monica Noel seemed unruffled by the scandal. Believing that she had been connected to another party, she chatted about arrangements for a wedding reception in Mexico.
The family divide their time between the flat in New York — 11 blocks from where Mr Madoff is under 24-hour house arrest — the house in Connecticut and a villa in Florida. It is also believed that the Noels have a home on the Caribbean island of Mustique.
Two weeks ago Mr Madoff shocked the world’s financial community when he allegedly confessed to his two sons — Mark and Andrew, who worked for him — that his business was “basically, a giant Ponzi [pyramid] scheme” and that “it’s all just one big lie”. He also told his sons he believed that he had defrauded about $50 billion from his investors.
Mr Madoff is said to have told his sons that he would disburse the remaining $300 million in his business to staff, family and friends and then turn himself in, but they informed the FBI before he had chance to do so.
Mr Madoff is charged with one count of fraud and, having failed to secure a remaining $3 million to meet bail conditions, has been electronically tagged. His wife, Ruth, has been ordered by a New York court to hire and pay for security guards to protect her husband from irate investors and to prevent him from fleeing.
Lawyers are preparing class actions on behalf of investors against Mr Madoff, his business, and the feeder funds that supplied him with fresh capital.
They are expected to use a precedent set by a landmark case seeking the return of cash from the Bayou Hedge Fund Group, which defrauded investors of an estimated $450 million.
A US judge said that investors who withdrew money they had made from Bayou before it collapsed must return the cash so that it could be shared among those who had lost money. The only way this could be avoided was if investors could prove that they withdrew the money “in good faith”.
Carole Neville, a partner at Sonnenschein representing investors in the Bayou case, said of Mr Noel: “He lived high on the hog and was very visible so I’d expect people to go for him. Anything they’ve redeemed from the Madoff fund is vulnerable for clawback.”
Some investors are appealing against the Bayou ruling.
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12/24/08 Greenwich Hospital President and chief executive Frank A. Corvino Causes A Hissy Fit At The Business Council of Westchester

Chief Executives Behaving Badly

Jon Schandler Ends His Hissy Fit Over Frank Corvino

Journal News

White Plains Hospital Center has resumed its membership in the Business Council of Westchester after the head of a competing hospital in Connecticut agreed not to seek a seat on the council's board of directors.

Marsha Gordon, the president and chief executive of the business council, said today that White Plains Hospital rescinded its Dec. 16 resignation from the council. That followed a "mutual decision" by the council and Greenwich Hospital President and chief executive Frank A. Corvino that Corvino would not be a candidate for a seat on the board, she said.

Jon B. Schandler, the president and chief executive of White Plains Hospital, had said in his letter notifying the council of his hospital's resignation that his hospital believes the council should be "advocates for businesses in Westchester County."

"Clearly, your board of (directors) has a different idea of the council," he wrote.

Greenwich Hospital is in Greenwich, Conn. and competes with White Plains Hospital for patients.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 Reader Submitted Comments:Thanks From Hamilton Avenue Parents!


You do a wonderful job of reporting. We cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for the kids of Hamilton Avenue School. You have given a voice to our families and called a spade a spade. You have made people pay attention and have been a true influence on so many different levels.

We wish the you and your family the Merriest Christmas ever!

Although we are sure that we will email you before the New Year, we wanted to wish you an excellent 2009!

With gratitude always,

Very Concerned HAS Families

Please See:

12/24/08 Bill Clark Reports: Greenwich Time Might Not Be Around To Report If Hamilton Avenue School Opens On April Fools Day

12/23/08 Failed School Administrators And Officials At Work: "Since the TCO wasn't received, some questions".. Does Anyone Know Whats Going To Happen?

12/23/08 Principal Damaris Rau Response Causes Confusion

12/23/08 A Hamilton Avenue School Parent Response To Principal Rau's Clueless Email

12/23/08 BOE Chairwoman Nancy Weissler Response Is That I Just Told The Greenwich Time - Forget About April - We Have To Listen What Mazza Wants To Do

12/23/08 Failed School Superintendent Betty Sternberg's Response Is: Hey I Am Clueless Too. I Haven't A Clue When Hamilton Avenue School Will Open.

12/16/08 100 Days After Remediation HAS Modulars Are Unfit For Glenville Students To Habituate

12/18/08 Betty Sternberg Says Screw The Greenwich Building Department And It's Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy. HAS Starts Packing !!!!

12/17/08 SPECIAL DELIVERY TO GREENWICH TIME CUB REPORTER COLIN G. ---- Rau Letter re: Hamilton Avenue School Modular Leaks

12/15/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Why Aren't You Following Up On Hamilton Avenue School

12/11/08 THE FIX IS IN: "Officially", HAS PTA just received word that the district is going forward with moving us in over Christmas break

12/10/08 Hamilton Avenue School Update: The Modulars Are Once Again Leaking And Causing Electrical Problems. Has Mold Returned To The HAS Modulars ?

12/10/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Modular indecentcy

12/10/08 Air Flow Problems Persist In The New 30 Million Dollar Hamilton Avenue School. No Wonder Mold Was Discovered In The Basement Two Months Ago.

12/09/08 Budget Cut Update - Hamilton Avenue School Parents Organizing Via Email To Protect Their Children

12/08/08 GREENWICH TIME NEWS LINKS: Will Glenville School Be Opened At The Same Time As Hamilton Avenue School?

12/07/08 More Bad News For Hamilton Avenue School: Ham Ave Budget Cuts Get No Input From The Parents.

12/06/08 Greenwich School Children Are Being Sacrificed On The Altar Of Board Of Education Incompetence

12/03/08 25 Full Time School Staff Positions To Be Eliminated, Because Of The Millions Of School Dollars Wasted By Frank Mazza And His Band Of Idiots

12/03/08 Reader Submitted Comments: Cos Cob School Insider Reports That Ham Ave Kids Might Be Around For A While

Please Also See:

02/07/08 - School Parents Are Having To Suffer Incompetent School Administration Fools

02/14/08 - Which High Paid School Administrator Is Responsible For Maintaing The Temporary Classrooms At Western Middle School?

02/27/08 - School Board Coverup? - Are Displaced Hamilton Avenue Students Getting Rained On?

03/02/08 - Another Administrative Screw Up - "They let it happen again. Shame on them. They should be fired," said Laura Dibella past PTA president.

You May Also Want Read:

When Glenville Parents came to the Zorba crew with pictures and stories about the conditions inside thier school the Zorba crew could not be bothered with such trivial matters.

07/11/08 You Wont See This In The Greenwich Time - Failed Board Of Educaion Gives Our Children Facilities like this - Glenville School Bathroom Pics

When the "New And Improved" Hamilton Avenue Modulars were leaking AGAIN, the Greenwich Time could not be bothered.

Please See:

09/14/08 You Wont Read This At The Greenwich Time, But You Will Read It On The Ham Ave PTA Website, HEY, TONY BYRNE, THE MODULARS ARE LEAKING .....

When a Greenwich parent got pictures of three heavily damaged classrooms in the "NEW" 30 Million Dollar Ham Ave School the Greenwich Time was not interested and still has not fully reported whats going on inside that building.

Please See:







Hamilton Avenue School Parents Understand When Greenwich Roundup Calls Greenwich Time Colin Gustafoson A Cub Reporter......

08/29/08 Is Michael Bodson Parading Colin Gustafson Around With A Nose Ring?

More Information:

10/09/08 Frank Mazza Doesn't Know An Ass From A Hole In The Ground. It Wasn't Green Paint It's Green Mold

12/10/08 Air Flow Problems Persist In The New 30 Million Dollar Hamilton Avenue School. No Wonder Mold Was Discovered In The Basement Two Months Ago.


10/23/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Frank Mazza's Screwups Cost Town Employees Their Jobs

10/09/08 In case You Missed It Here Is Frank Mazza Starring On Cablevision News 12

Play The Frank Mazza Video


10/10/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time: GREENWICH PTA"S HAD UP TO $75,000.00 STOLEN FROM THEM !!!!!

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 Madoff's Greenwich Fraud Victims Who Invested With Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Might Be Interested In This Article

Gimme my Money Back Now!

A New York woman who says she lost most of her savings investing with accused swindler Bernard Madoff is seeking $1.7 million in damages from the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to detect his fraud for more than a decade.

Phyllis Molchatsky, 61, of upstate New City, has filed an administrative claim against the SEC, accusing the regulator of "negligent conduct." The 13-page document says she invested $2 million in 2001 with American Masters Broad Market Fund LP, a hedge fund associated with Madoff.Before his Dec. 11 arrest, Madoff confessed to employees that he was running a "giant Ponzi scheme" that may have lost as much as $50 billion.

SEC chairman Christopher Cox has said the agency failed to act on "credible and specific allegations" of wrongdoing by Madoff dating back to at least 1999."It's unprecedented for the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to go public and admit multiple failures," said Howard Elisofon, an attorney who is representing Molchatsky. "On that basis, we think they should step up to the plate." .....

....Elisofon said he's interviewing other Madoff investors who are considering taking action against the SEC.

Federal law restricts individuals from suing the government. Elisofon said he will argue that while the government can't be sued for creating an agency to protect investors, it can face litigation when it's negligent in carrying out that mission.

SEC spokesman John Nester declined to comment.....

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Was Aware

That The SEC Investigated His Buddy Madoff

In Fact, The SEC Had Cited Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel For Not Fully Disclosing That His Investors Funds Were Being Sent To And Managed By Bernard Madoff.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/24/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed

The Raw Christmas Eve Blog Feed Edition
Merry Christmas To All Of The Hard Working Citizen Journalists Of Greenwich Who Help Keep Us Informed About What Is Going On

Bloggers Who Are From, Work In Or Used To Live In Greenwich.....

Greenwich Diva
World’s wealthiest woman Liliane Bettencourt lost money in Madoff Ponzi scheme - By Saijel Kishan and Katherine Burton Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) — Liliane Bettencourt, the world’s wealthiest woman, entrusted part of her $22.9 billion fortune ...


Facebook, operator of the world's largest social-networking site, removed a page dedicated to Bernard Madoff yesterday after some users posted comments complimenting and jeering his alleged $50-billion fraud.

Facebook judges whether the content of a page is inappropriate if it gets complaints, said spokesman Larry Yu. Facebook concluded the pages may not have been authorized by Madoff or his representatives, Yu said.

One writer, identified as Samuel, applauded Madoff in French, for pulling off "the biggest hold-up of the century." A writer called Pete thanked Madoff for "leading the end of Wall Street credibility." The page, which described Madoff's interests as "destroying wealth," claimed 1,226 fans Madoff, 70, is accused of operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history. The victims of the fraud range from hedge fund Fairfield Greenwich Group to the owner of the Mets. ....

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12/24/08 Bill Clark Reports: Greenwich Time Might Not Be Around To Report If Hamilton Avenue School Opens On April Fools Day

Greenwich Time Reporters And Editors Are Shocked To Learn What Greenwich Bloggers Have Known All Along

Well, perhaps "life" is a bit of an overstatement, considering that the Local Rag, aka *Yellowwich Time*, has been on life-support for well nigh a year or more. And of course, its yellow brand of journalism always did give it a rather jaundiced look.

Word from the Hearst Corporation is that "The current economic downturn has exacerbated an already challenging year for our newspapers and our industry, forcing us to eliminate duplication of work across the Connecticut Media Group. As a result, there will be a reduction in staff in the first quarter of 2009."

The Word, delivered in a letter last Friday, continued on to say that the few remaining Yellowwich Time employees will be offered a buyout. If they choose not to take it, the alternative is clear: "A job reduction program, if necessary, will follow the voluntary buyout offer and will be completed by April 1, 2009."

A "job reduction program?" What a curious euphemism. It sounds to your scribe as though it means "mass firings of anyone dumb enough not to take our paltry offer and leave now," but their three words are oh! so much more concise. One can imagine the glee among the wordsmiths who were charged with writing this lovely letter when one of them hit upon this felicitous phrase.

Not to mention the lovely irony of the date: April 1, 2009. Do you think you will still have a job then, you pathetic Yellowwich Time staffer? April Fool!

What does this mean in practical terms for the rest of us, dear reader? It means we can finally bid farewell to the noxious non-newspaper that has plagued our Town for lo! these many years. Illiterate articles, slanted stories, cover-ups of scandals that eventually get reported anyway - all these and more will not be missed, one hopes, by any others than the ones who perpetrated them on us for all those years: Bill Rowe, Joe Pisani, Mike Sweeney, and the rest of their scurvy, congenitally mendacious, and by and large illiterate crew.

By happenstance, your scribe walked by the former offices of the LR on Friday, as yet unaware of the Hearst letter, and glanced nostalgically at the office where he and Joe Pisani used to have their shouting matches about the newspaper's refusal to publish the truth of what goes on in our fair Town. All was silence. The place was empty as a tomb. Not even a ghost. Oh, wait - was that the ghost of the truth wandering around inside, vainly trying to right the wrongs of decades of falsehoods and lies? It may have been, dear reader; when it saw your scribe outside the window, it turned and gave him a spectral thumbs-up.

So for the next three months, you can be pretty sure that whenever you pick up a copy of the Local Rag you are looking at a dead paper walking - or tottering, or stumbling, or whatever. Our ridiculed, unesteemed Yellowwich Time, the newspaper we've loved to hate for decades, has been weighed in the balance, and found wanting. Judgment has been passed. On April 1, 2009, we will be delivered from its tyranny, it seems; and the haunted ghost of the truth will be allowed to rest in peace at last.

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12/24/08 The Greenwich Citizen Finally Catches Up With The Greenwich Post, Greenwich Time, Greenwich Roundup And Other Greenwich Bloggers

An artist s rendering of the revitalized Havemeyer Building housing the Greenwich Center for the Arts.


Updated: 12/24/2008 01:26:56 PM EST

A $30 million dream plan to transform the clunky Havemeyer Building into a shining Greenwich Center for the Arts officially was declared dead Dec. 11 in a statement adopted by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) at Town Hall.

Read by First Selectman Peter Tesei, the statement oozed with regrets that a five-year campaign by the Greenwich Center for the Arts (GCA) to lease the Havemeyer for $1-a-year had fizzled - due largely to the eight-member Board of Education (BOE) dragging its feet.

BOE, cognizant of the fact that the GCA board had set an "end of December" deadline on its plan to pin down a lease, declared weeks ago that it would not decide on staying in the Havemeyer or moving out until January 2009. The date, of course, was past the "end of December" deadline set by the GCA. Finally

Under the awkward circumstances, the Town had its hands tied. That stems from the fact that, as Tesei noted, at this point the BOE legally controls the Havemeyer.

Resistance to the GCA proposed dollar-a-year lease has been cropping up among some GCA critics in the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), which threw cold water on the GCA play.

The RTM would have to approve the proposed lease before the GCA could "put a shovel in the ground" - a term marking the beginning of the construction project to transform the Havemeyer into a 21st century arts facility to benefit Greenwich citizens of all ages......


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10/24/08 Bernie Yudain Is Once Again Trying To Revise History


Lacing into modern news commentators

Bernie Yudain

Back in my early days on Greenwich Time, the paper won quite a few awards from our peers. But there was one honor we cherished more than any certificate or dinky loving cup.

There was this gentleman named George Cornish, who was the esteemed city editor of the New York Herald-Tribune, a veritable lion in the world of journalism. It was the advice he regularly gave to young job-seekers we at Greenwich Time wore with pride.

Several of these aspirants who came to us to seek employment with us said they had been interviewed by Mr. Cornish, and his advice to them was to go up to Greenwich Time and try to get a reporting job there.

If they were fortunate enough to join the Greenwich Time staff, he told them, and if they worked hard and learned the craft at this suburban place for a few years, they should then come back to him and he would consider hiring them at the Trib.


Apparently, Bernie Yudain Fails To Realize That George Cornish Was Joking When He Suggested That Wet Behind The Ear Cub Reporters Should Go Work For The Laughing Stock Of New York Metropolitan Journalism Also Know As The Greenwich Time.

Can Bernie Yudain Recall On Greenwich Time Reporter That Went To Work For The Great New York Herald-Tribune City Editor Mr. Cornish?

Can Bernie Yudain Recall One Greenwich Time Reporter That Became A Great Editor After Working For Joe Pisani Or Himself?

Can Bernie Yudain Recall One Greenwich Time Reporter That Worked For Him Or Joe Pisani That Won A Pulitzer?

Let's Take A Look At Great Reporting:

2007 Pulitzer Prizes:

Breaking News Reporting
Staff of The Oregonian, Portland


Investigative Reporting
Brett Blackledge of The Birmingham (AL) News


Local Reporting
Debbie Cenziper of The Miami Herald

July 23, 2006
House of Lie$ (1)

July 24, 2006
House of Lie$ (2)

July 25, 2006
House of Lie$ (3)

July 26, 2006
House of Lie$ (4)

August 26, 2006
House of Lie$ (5)


Cynthia Tucker of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

April 5, 2006
Cynthia McKinney

February 1, 2006
Coretta Scott King


Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly

February 22, 2006
The Devil's Own Steak House

February 7, 2006
Out of the Flames

March 15, 2006
The Great White Duck

July 26, 2006
Cool Hunting

August 30, 2006
L.A. Simonized

September 6, 2006
Claws and Effect

September 27, 2006
Bring the Funk

December 6, 2006
Flesh and Bone


Feature Photography
Renée C. Byer of The Sacramento Bee

When In The Last Thirty Years Did Greenwich Residents Ever Get Reporting And Commentary That Even Came Close To This?

In fact, in the nearly 100 years that the Pulitzer Prize has been handed out the Greenwich Time has never even been considered.

And it is not like it would be hard for a Greenwich Time reporter or editor to get noticed by the Pulitzer Prize Committee.

The Prizes Are Administered By The Columbia University School Of Journalism In New York City.

Pulitzer prizes are decided by the Pulitzer board. As of May 1, 2008, the current board New York City based members are:

Amanda Bennett, Executive Editor/Enterprise, Bloomberg News
Lee Bollinger, President, Columbia University
Kathleen Carroll, Executive Editor, Associated Press
Thomas Friedman, Columnist, The New York Times
Paul Gigot, Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Sig Gissler, Administrator, School of Journalism, Columbia University
Nicholas Lemann, Dean, Columbia University School of Journalism

Even The Greenwich Times Former Corporate Parent

Is Represented On The Pulitzer Prize Board:

Ann Marie Lipinski, former Senior Vice President and Editor (2001-2008), Chicago Tribune

As Well As The Flagship Newspaper Of MediaOne

Which Was Managing The Greenwich Time For Hearst Newspapers
Up Until Six Months Ago:

Gregory Moore, Editor, The Denver Post

All Of These Pulitzer Prize Board Members Are All Very Aware Of The Greenwich Time.

In Fact, Many Past Pulitzer Prize Board Members Lived Right Here In Greenwich And Were More Than Aware Of The Reporting In The Greenwich Time.
The Point Is That It Would Not Be Very Hard For A Good Greenwich Time Reporter To Get Noticed By The Pulitzer Prize Committee.

It Sure Is A lot Easier For A Greenwich Time Reporter To Get Noticed, Than Say A Reporter From The Springfield Missouri News And Leader.

And We Are Not Saying That It Impossible To Move Up From The Greenwich Time .....

Michael Dinan a Greenwich Time writer who has found his tenure with the paper most rewarding. He now tends bar in Stamford.

Nor Are We Saying That A Pulitzer Prize For News Reporting
Will Never Ever Come To The Town Of Greenwich......

Editor And Publisher

Dec 8, 2008

NEW YORK For the first time, the Pulitzer Prizes will accept submissions from online-only news outlets, but require that they be "text-based" submissions from news organizations that are updated at least weekly and include original reporting.

Pulitzer Administrator Sig Gissler told E&P that "we are expanding the Pulitzers to include many text-based newspapers and news organizations that publish only on the Internet." At the same time, they are "stressing" that all entered material should come from news outlets that publish material at least weekly, "are primarily dedicated to original news reporting, are dedicated to coverage of ongoing stories and that adhere to the highest journalistic principles."

Gissler said the change, to take effect with the upcoming 2009 prizes, is occurring as part of the prizes' effort to "keep up with the changing media landscape."

Asked, for example, if a news outlet such as Huffington Post -- which is a mix of personal blogs, link aggregation and original reporting -- would be eligible, he declined to comment saying he did not want to discuss any individual outlet.

Gissler stressed that Web sites of magazines and broadcast and cable outlets will not be eligible because they are primarily part of news outlets that are not connected to newspapers. Also, sites that call themselves online "magazines" would be ineligible (this might pertain to Slate and Salon).

In a Q & A provided by Gissler, there is this exchange:

"Q: If one or two people call their Web site a “text-based newspaper” would it be eligible?

"A. Possibly, if all the other criteria are satisfied. But to competeeffectively, an entry would have to demonstrate a high level of originalnews reporting."

Also from the Q & A:

"Q: Can you give examples of online-only newspapers that would qualify?

"A. A growing number of sites, such as MinnPost, Voice of San Diego, St.Louis Beacon and Washington Independent, do original reporting. But it is premature to discuss eligibility before an entry has actually beensubmitted."

"Q: What should be in a cover letter?"

"A. The Pulitzer Board is looking for a description of the journalisticmission of an online-only organization and ample evidence of its primary devotion to original news reporting. The letter should also summarize theentry."

Maybe Chris Fountain or Rob Adams have a shot at bringing a Pulitzer Prize to Greenwich.
Or maybe, Bill Clarke, could bring us a Pulitzer if he starts writing his columns on a weekly basis. Mr. Clarke Could Display It In The Greenwich Library Lobby.
But, I would Personally Count Out Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani And His Crew Of Failed Heast Newspaper Reporters Who Hang Out At "Our Greenwich"

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