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Saturday, March 29, 2008

03/29/08 - "It's ridiculous to think this type of guy would have the backbone to kill himself for his children or that he would do so in such a ......

Police Chief David Ridberg, with a battery of detectives behind him Monday in Town Hall, provides details about the two arrests in the 2006 slaying of real estate developer Andrew Kissel.
(GREENWICH CITIZEN photo / Anne W. Semmes)

Attorney Lindy Urso, said "One of their primary tactics is to pressure people - immigrants in particular. It may well be that Leonard had immigration or other legal problems that could make him likely to say what the police want to hear."


Ex-Driver, Cousin Arrested in Kissel Slaying


Anne W. Semmes


A double arrest has been made in the 2006 murder of fraudulent real estate developer Andrew Kissel, 46, in his rented BackCountry home on Dairy Road....

Ridberg cited in particular the efforts of six Greenwich police detectives, Lt. Mark Marino, Pasquale Iorvino, Pierangelo Corticelli, William Weissauer, Steve Hickey and Timothy Hilderbrand.

Their investigative trail began early on April 3, 2006 after movers discovered Andrew Kissel's body in the basement of his rented mansion. He was bound hand and foot and had been stabbed repeatedly.

Kissel, who Ridberg described as a drug user at the time of his death, was facing a jail sentence for state and federal charges for swindling and defrauding banks and financial institutions in the multi-millions. His financial crimes had put before police a hefty number of defrauded, potential suspects...

"It's ridiculous," said Urso, "to think this type of guy would have the backbone to kill himself for his children or that he would do so in such a painful, gruesome manner."...


03/27/08 - "I think what really put it over the edge was some of the knowledge that Leonard had of this case," Worcester Capt. Edward McGinn said

03/28/08 Cops: Suspect in Developer Slay Knew Crime Details

03/28/08 - Another Unfolding Millionaire Murder Mystery In Greenwich

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