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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

03/18/08 - First Selectman Peter Tesei said, "Every effort should be made to identify the culprit and prosecute the person."

Division of Criminal Justice

Office of the Chief State’s Attorney

Is The Parks Department Cover up Coming To An End?

An anonymous whistle Blower Reported A Felony To The Town The First Week Of February And His Complaint Was Ignored By The Parks Department Head Joseph Siciliano.

The anonymous whistle blower was left with no option, but to report the crime to Of The Greenwich Time.

Everyone in Greenwich wants to know why there was almost a month long delay in reporting the fake beach passes to the Greenwich Police Department.

The individual who allegedly produced the
was identified in the Binder,

Please see:

02/18/08 - The Parks Department Has Another Beach Pass Scandal. Will The Police Be Called? Will the person reponsible be punished?

Yet, Joseph Siciliano did not inform the Greenwich Police Department That A Crime Had Been Reported To Him.

Please read:

02/19/08 - Coverup? - Why Isn't This Felony Being Investigated By The Police Department?

Finally, First Selectman And Police Commissioner Peter Tesei had to ordered
Joseph Siciliano to give the binder to Greenwich Police Department and get a police investigation started.

First Selectman Peter Tesei, has told the Greenwich Media, "There needs to be a zero tolerance. That's why it needs to be handled by the police."

02/20/08 - Is The Coverup Comming To An End? - Police Commisioner Tesei Lights A Fire Under Police Chief Ridberg's Rear End.

02/21/08 - Stop The Coverup - Since When Is Joesph Siciliano A Criminal Investigator?

Neil Vigdor Of The Greenwich Time Reported today that beech cards, parking stickers and marina permits have been reported to Kevin T.
Kane's Connecticut State's Attorneys Office.

Police David Ridberg, to date has also refused to identify the individual who is accused of producing the counterfeit materials.

Worse yet, while
Joseph Siciliano was pussy footing arround with the binder of evidence, the alleged counterfeiter ran and got an attorney. Now guess who is not talking to Greenwich Police Detectives?

For The Record:

When Greenwich Roundup Is Able To Get The Binder Of Forged Governmental Instraments, We Will Display Copy's Of Everything So That The Single Family Home Owners And Taxpayer's Can See Who Is Stealing From Them.

If we have to.... We Will File A Freedom Of Information Request For The Binder Of Forged Government Documents.

The Good News Is That Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg, says that the Greenwich Police Department is seeking help from the Conneticut State's Attorney's Offiices.

Now the Single Family Home Owners And Taxpayer's will get action, because
KEVIN T. KANE, the Conneticut State's Attorney has a strong record of bringing person's who conterfiet Government Documents to justice.

Friday, March 07, 2008
Former DMV Worker Sentenced in License Scam

A former state Department of Motor Vehicles worker from Ansonia was sentenced to prison today for her role in a scheme to provide fraudulent drivers’ licenses to a half-dozen individuals.

Friday, March 07, 2008
New Fairfield Man Charged with Forging EMT License

A New Fairfield man was arrested today and charged with forging an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license and using it to obtain a position with the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department ambulance service.


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~Alfred Whitney Griswold, New York Times, 24 February 1959

03/18/08 - Greenwich Business Wire

Greenwich Business News - Financial News

Fed cuts key interest rates by 3/4 point
Reuters - USA
... they will worry about inflation later," said K. Daniel Libby, senior portfolio manager at Sands Brothers Select Access Fund in Greenwich, Connecticut. ...

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03/18/08 - Greenwich Blogwire

Greenwich Blog Posts

Greenwich considers biodiesel
By CT Energy(CT Energy)
The city of Greenwich is considering phasing in biodiesel to fuel city vehicles.
Connecticut Energy Blog - http://ctenergy.blogspot.com/

FC Saves Its Drama for Its Mamas
By Stamford Talk(Stamford Talk)
How many times have you been irritated at headlights blinding you as a car rides your ass on 95, or even a side street in Stamford or Greenwich? And how many times does that car turn out to be a Volvo station wagon driven by a woman? ...
Stamford Talk: Eat, Think, Drive, Blog! - http://stamfordtalk.blogspot.com/

Thank You Dick Burke and Trek
By Rich Kelly
Even though I lusted after those carbon tubes-bonded-to-aluminum-lug Treks that my college town shop sold (Bicycle Alley in Worcester, MA), back home at my local shop (Greenwich Bicycles in Greenwich, CT) I ended up buying another brand ...
- http://www.interbiketimes.com

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03/18/08 - Greenwich Business Wire

Up To The Minute Bussiness News

Greenwich Business News Reports

US February housing starts down 0.6 pct to 1.065 mln unit annual ...
Forbes - NY
... SXE - news - people ), chief economist at RBS Greenwich Capital. 'We look for residential construction activity to continue to slide for all of 2008. ...

Pepsico's CEO honored with library's Peterson Award
Greenwich Post - Greenwich,CT
Leaders from the corporate world convened in Greenwich on Thursday, March 6, as Indra K. Nooyi, chairman and chief executive officer of PepsiCo, ...

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03/18/08 - Hey Betty, Who In The heck Is Away Testing Anyway - Are These Guys Qualified To Do The Job.

Who Are You?

Maybe, Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Can Start Having A Fair And Open Investigation And Start Providing Everyone With Away Testing's Credentials.

Glenville And Hamilton Avenue School Parents Can't Find This Information.

I Also Have Been Unable To Find Information On This Testing Company.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Information On This So Called "Qualified Testing Company."

Who Are They?

Are They Qualified?

Why is there no listing in Connecticut, New York or New Jersey for the "company" named Away Testing or whatever the full name is?

The single family home owner's whose tax bill will increase can find no licensing information, etc.

Just exactly who is this company hired by Sternberg to "test" the modulars?
Dose This So Called "Testing" Company Have Any Conflicts?

It Is Clear That Betty's Architectural Expert John Brice Has Conflicts

Please Read...

03/17/08 - "It's not just one classroom, it's the whole school," Tom Hardman of the Modular Building Institute said, "It's a bad situation all around.

The Greenwich Board of Education officials said they are still in "investigation mode" and that they, as well as the town, intend to separately hire more independent experts to identify the problems.

Where are the Independent Experts.

FAIR WARNING TO TOWN EMPLOYEES: If there is a Town Employee that has information, instead of waiting to see the outcome of the mold investigation, he should ante it up now! If he doesn't, he is just as guilty as those already covering up this crime against the children of Hamilton Avenue.


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~Potter Stewart

03/18/08 - "It's great," Eddie Collins told the Greenwich Time about the event. "I marched in it last year."

Amelia Bruno claps in time to bagpipe music at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration yesterday at the Nathaniel Witherell.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)

Green is the theme for Witherell residents

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

Four grand marshals, a line of Irish bagpipers, cups of green ginger ale, plates of buttered Irish soda bread and plenty of twinkling eyes and smiling faces were on hand for yesterday's annual St. Patrick's Day parade at The Nathaniel Witherell.

People, wheelchairs and walkers packed both sides of the parade route as bagpipers made their way into the nursing home's social hall. In the front of the room were the grand marshals, Alice and Eddie Collins, Kathy Kavanagh and Mary McHugh, who also are the four oldest Irish residents at the nursing home....


BET cuts ties with Bear Stearns

Looking to avoid getting egg on its face, the town removed Bear Stearns Cos. yesterday from a proposed list of financial institutions authorized to manage municipal tax receipts.

Police following leads in exposure case

Police are tracking leads hoping to catch a man who reportedly exposed himself to three teenage girls Saturday afternoon on Sound Beach Avenue.

Middle ground elusive at Stanwich School

Charlie Andruss was once one of the more vocal critics of Stanwich School's proposed $100 million new campus, but now he's taking a different stance.

Safe call Civilians prepare to become dispatchers

The town hopes to begin training civilian dispatchers in the next month so firefighters can be freed up to respond to emergency calls.


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03/18/08 - Greenwich Sports Wire

Greenwich Sports News Report

Cardinal's Football - CT State Champs

Ceremony has nice ring to it: Greenwich High football team ...

Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

The Greenwich High School football team, which capped its record-setting 2007 campaign by becoming the first team in league history to win back-to-back ...

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