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Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19/09 Greenwich Democrats Regroup For 2011 After 2 to 1 Loss

Democratic Leaders Tell The Party Faithful That They Have A Lot Of Work To Do During The Next Two Years

Democratic Town Committee leaders outlined a plan to win the next Greenwich municipal elections.

The plan outlined the need to attract great candidates, get strong financial backing, to get the Democratic message out to the public and motivate Democratic Town Committee members.

The bottom line is that the Greenwich Democratic party wants no surprises in 2011.

Active Democratic Committee members were asked to recruit Greenwich volunteers with certain skill sets. The Democratic Committee needs writers, PR persons, data processing pros and website developers.

The Democratic Town Committee is going to use it's regular monthly meeting to measure progress over the next 22 months.

New Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo addressed the Democrats and thanked them for supporting his candidacy.

Mr. Marzullo said that Peter Tesei And David Theis had reached out to him.

Lynn Lavery also addressed the Democratic Town Committee e members and said that the party can't wait 22 months to hold the Republicans accountable.

Ms. Lavery said the Democrats have to be a little more forceful over the next two years.

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11/19/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont

Joe Lieberman slams public option, brushes off critics
Lieberman left the Democratic Party in 2006 after liberal Ned Lamont beat him in Connecticut's Democratic Senate primary. Lieberman defeated Lamont in the ...

The Rant The Rant Memphis Flyer
By letters@memphisflyer.com (Randy Haspel)
All this cranky noise from Lieberman is the continuation of a pattern of revenge against the party for backing the legitimate winner of the Connecticut senatorial primary in 2006, Ned Lamont. Lieberman was re-elected as an independent ...
Memphis Flyer - http://www.memphisflyer.com/

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Greenwich Round-up EXCLUSIVE.

By The Greenwich Monitor


Every time the Architectural Review Commission (ARC) meets $10,000 worth of talent and time is assembled. But, the Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z) has conspicuously demoted this decades old august institution to the approval and guidance of the mere trivial trifles of signage, it's lighting and the HVAC screening on rooftops.

Architectural approval and guidance on the big ticket items, the
very Architecture of the building, that gives Greenwich Ave. its
dynamics and vibrancy the P & Z delegates to the amateurs of the
Historic District Commission (HDC). The building's architecture is
the force that brings the big money shoppers to the doors of the of
exciting, cutting edge design. Encouragement by the professional
volunteers of the ARC goes for naught. Nothing, no use of the pro-bona
talent because they don't even get a whiff of the project till the lights over the door need approving. The HDC has usurped the vital role of the professional architects. Their involvement a little late
in the game.

By giving the sole approval to the HDC, the P & Z demonstrates their
desire to hobble growth and re-vitalization of the lower half of the
Avenue, long regarded as the low rent, low class end of the Avenue,
clandestinely trying to create an authorized Historic District,
cheating the property owners of deserved wealth. And the Town of a few
bucks of taxes from the appreciated Taxable value.

The P & Z wants to turn back the clock to the architecture of
corrupt old days of
Tammany Hall cronies and their run down buildings of
insignificant design.

What's up? The study of the secret minutes of the HDC, hidden by
HDC, reveals its desire to create a faux history fabricated to an
imaginary history.

Who wants to shop in storefronts of yesteryear? The monied
kids of today, the movers and shakers of tomorrow, want relevance,
truth, vision. Think Apple Store. The HDC wants sleepy yesterday, and on the Avenue no less. Rents of $100 a square foot aren't justified by buggy whip
sales. Or, store fronts of the bygone era.

Greenwich is the most concentrated town of wealth, taste and
style in the world. But the P & Z's marginalization of the ARC
architects, giving exclusive control and custody to the HDC amateurs,
cheats the building owners, the store owners, the loyal customers of
wealth and thrill derived from significant and dynamic buildings that
the HRC talent could stimulate.

Speculation of the possible cause of the calamity inflicted by
the ill advised P & Z connivance with the HDC? The schism of the
Greenwich Republican Party (RTC),
too big to fail, may be the power
play behind the diminution of the ARC's brilliance in favor of the
HDC's rear view mirror vision.


10/13/09 HDC Is Stealing ARC's Cookies With P&Z's Blessing?

10/15/09 Reader Submitted Comments: Historic District Commission


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11/19/09 Greenwich Resident Barry Sternlicht's Starwood Hotels Books Room In Stamford

Starwood Hotels to move to Stamford

Breaking news Posted 9:40 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009

Gov. M. Jodi Rell said this afternoon that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., founded by Greenwich resident Barry Sternlicht, will relocate its global corporate headquarters to Stamford, bringing millions of dollars in investments and 800 jobs to the state.

“For months I have worked with Starwood executives and my economic development team to make this deal – and the jobs and investments it brings – a reality for the people of our state,” Ms. Rell said.

“I am thrilled to see a company of Starwood’s stature make the business decision to move here and invest here. It is a triumph for Connecticut – and it speaks volumes about what our state has to offer businesses.

“This project exemplifies the economic development philosophies I have championed,” the governor said. “Not only does it add to the state’s employment base, it is a responsible and environmentally sensitive use of an existing structure in the heart of a downtown district with access to Interstate 95 and the Metro-North commuter rail line. New jobs, open space preservation, transit-oriented development, ‘green buildings’ – all of these goals are embodied in this one project.”......

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11/18/09 BOE MEDIA ALERT: Invitation to Glenville Ribbon Cutting

The first day in the new building for staff and students is Tuesday,
December 1, 2009.

There will be a brief welcome ceremony in the gymnasium/auditorium that
will run from about 8:30am-8:50am

Students will then be escorted to their classrooms by their teachers,
there will be a brief simultaneous reception sponsored by the PTA in the

Parents and others will be asked to leave the classrooms by 9:15a and the
school by 9:30am in order for the staff to begin to acclimate the students
to their new building with lunch waves, fire drill review, and dismissal

Media is welcome to attend the first morning as well.

Thanks!! Hope you can join us, it is a beautiful building!

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail:
Fax: 203-869-8003


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11/19/09 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time. The Greenwich Post Once Again Scoops Our Daily Rag

Is There A Schism In The Greenwich Republican Party?

After decisive election results that settled any doubts about whether Greenwich is still a Republican town, Republican Town Committee Chairman John Raben officially announced Wednesday night that he will be stepping down after four years at the helm.

The announcement was made at last Wednesday’s meeting of the RTC where the party faithful got the chance to do a victory lap after First Selectman Peter Tesei handily won re-election. Not only was Mr. Tesei re-elected to a second term by a far greater margin than most expected, but also new Republican Selectman David Theis and new Republican Tax Collector Tod Laudonia also performed above expectations in their first races for town office. With a clean sweep for Republicans on election night, Mr. Raben said it gives him the chance to leave on a “high note.”

Mr. Raben said his decision wasn’t made by the victories. Rather it was something he had come to months ago and held off announcing because he didn’t want anything to distract from the campaigns.

Mr. Raben will remain as chairman until his term expires in March. While he’s not leaving town politics behind, he said he won’t miss leading the long meetings and he’s happy to take a few deep breaths. In fact, Mr. Raben has not decided if he will remain on the RTC for another term, where he is one of District 5’s representatives. He said he wants to make sure there’s some distance between himself and the new party leadership. He said he does not want whomever is elected the new chairman to feel as though he is lurking over anyone’s shoulder......
....“You have to maintain a sense of humor,” Mr. Raben said. “You have to make sure that you keep in mind that the job is sometimes more important than the person. Don’t take things personally in this job.”......
Eight Hours Later The Greenwich Time Reports .....
In the afterglow of a dominating performance by the Republicans in this month's town election, party boss John Raben is preparing to hand over the leadership reins.

Raben, 64, notified GOP leaders Wednesday night that he will not seek re-election as Republican Town Committee chairman when his current two-year term ends in March.

"I do believe we need new blood in the town committee," Raben said in an interview Thursday. "Turnover is healthy for any organization."

A former Democrat who coordinated the GOP's political efforts during the 2000 and 2001 campaigns, Raben succeeded current state Rep. Alfred Camillo, R-151st District, in March 2006 as the head of the town's majority party......
......One person who is expected to vie for the chairman's gavel is Campbell, a former member of the Republican State Central Committee.

Campbell had little to say about his aspirations to lead the party, calling it premature to speculate on the position.......
Republican party insiders tell Greenwich Roundup that Raben was pushed out.
They say he was too abrasive and saw problems where none existed.
Raben was accused of causing a great deal of infighting by disgruntled Republicans.
Other party insiders spoke of Mr. Raben's family issues that just did not live up to good ole Republican values.
Could this be the begining of a Republican schism on the heals of a great town victory?
Some say the Republican party in Greenwich is not too big fail.


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11/19/09 The Raw Greenwich Roundup

Girls Swimming: Cheshire's Depth Stops Greenwich
Hartford Courant
After winning a state championship every season from 1982 to 2004, Cheshire placed second behind Greenwich in the past four Class LL and State Open meets. ...
Field Hockey: Greenwich Ends Farmington's Run
Hartford Courant
That's why when her team lost to Greenwich 1-0 Wednesday night in a Class L semifinal at Danbury High, she wasn't completely down and out. ...
Apple, Lauren to boost traffic in Greenwich
Connecticut Post
By Richard Lee Apple Inc. is in its final countdown for the opening of its Greenwich Avenue store Saturday, keying what some observers say will be a ...
Defense for Greenwich lacrosse coach questions alcohol test at trial
Greenwich Time
By Debra Friedman STAMFORD -- The timing and accuracy of a blood alcohol test taken from a Greenwich High School teacher and lacrosse coach in 2008 came ...
Greenwich Historical Society presents Antiquarius and The Greenwich Antiques ...
Connecticut Plus
... series of antiques and art events known as Antiquarius — will take place at the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, 90 Harding Road in Old Greenwich, CT. ...
Eye on Greenwich - How did that get there? Manhole cover unearthed at town beach
Greenwich Time
Beach-goers recently encountered a rather odd sight at Greenwich Point -- a sewer manhole cover smack dab in the middle of the sand. ...

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11/19/09 The Raw Greeenwich News Feed: Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon

WWE News: How much are Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon worth?
By Jason Powell Nov 19, 2009 - 11:47 AM The wealth of Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon was revealed by the Connecticut Post, which took the information from ...
Waterbury Republican American
Connecticut's answer to Sarah Palin?
Waterbury Republican American
But let the left's Palining of Sarah, and this from the Chris Dodd propaganda machine, serve as a warning to Linda McMahon. This front-page article talks ...
See all stories on this topic
2010: KBH to air first big ad
Chris Dodd's seat, but "has been lagging far behind in the money-raising race against the top-tier, big-money Republican candidates" including Linda McMahon ...

Superstar Billy Graham Targets Linda McMahon's Senate Campaign ...
By owillis@gmail.com (Oliver Willis)
Whoops Graham is furious about having no pension and no continuing health care from his wrestling career, an anger that fuels his campaign against McMahon's.
Oliver Willis - http://www.oliverwillis.com/
Swing State Project: SSP Daily Digest: 11/18
By Crisitunity
Linda McMahon has picked up a major critic in her Senate run: one of her former employees, in the form of 66-year-old former pro wrestler Superstar Billy Graham. Graham is a physical wreck from his days in the WWF, ...
Swing State Project - http://www.swingstateproject.com/
Superstar Billy Graham Rips On Linda McMahon - OWW Genesis
By Shockage
"Superstar" Billy Graham lashed out at Linda McMahon and her run for senate during an interview with the Hartford Courant. "She may look like a Sunday school teacher," Graham said. "Linda McMahon's hands are as bloody as her husband's ...
OWW Genesis - http://live.onlineworldofwrestling.com/forums/member.php?u=446
WWE Fighters - News and Information » Superstar Billy Graham On ...
Superstar Billy Graham On Linda McMahon, WWE, and His Pioneering Role In … Hartford Courant Now 66, he is speaking out against the woman whom he says made millions from condoning the violence, sex, and excesses of professional wrestling ...
WWE Fighters - News and Information - http://www.wwe-fighters.com/

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11/19/09 Greenwich Post: Lamont for Governor?

Pledging that a decision about officially running for governor will likely be made by “early next year,” Greenwich resident Ned Lamont is already laying out a platform based around economics and giving every indication he will be part of a now wide open race.

Earlier this month, Mr. Lamont, who stunned the political world in 2006 by defeating Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) in the Democratic primary before losing to him in a three-way race, announced he is considering throwing his hat in the ring for governor in 2010 and had formed an exploratory committee.

And just after news of Mr. Lamont’s possible entry had settled, Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced last week that she would not be running again for another term. While Ms. Rell’s popularity had slipped recently, she continues to have strong approval numbers and the announcement was seen as a surprise. The decision now leaves a wide open field for both parties to try and take advantage.

Mr. Lamont spoke to the Post last Thursday and said he wouldn’t take long to decide whether to turn his exploration into an official run for governor. Putting “early next year” as his timeline for a decision, Mr. Lamont said he feels he has to get involved to try and turn the state around.

“I feel very strongly that Connecticut needs a strong governor to shake up the status quo in Hartford and get the state going again in creating new jobs,” Mr. Lamont said.

Mr. Lamont said he has been out talking to people in the state and that he would continue to do so before making any decision. He said he is effectively reintroducing himself to voters after his 2006 run for the Senate and showing voters his goals in that campaign were not just to speak out in opposition to the Iraq War, which was a major focus of his primary victory over Mr. Lieberman. Mr. Lamont opposed the war and Mr. Lieberman strongly supported it.

“Three years ago this was more than just a one-issue campaign,” Mr. Lamont said. “I ran because I felt that our government was not being governed well. That’s how I feel about the state now. Three years ago, we wanted to challenge the idea of politics as usual, and to get Connecticut moving in the right direction we need to do it again.”

Mr. Lamont criticized the recently passed state budget, saying it is loaded with debt and that the state put itself in deficit before the document was signed. Mr. Lamont praised Ms. Rell for her years of service in a statement released after her announcement, but added, “Too many of our state’s families are hurting, too many of our problems are left unsolved and now is the time for a fresh start.”

Cast of candidates

If he does choose to run, Mr. Lamont could join a field of candidates that would include outgoing Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, who did not run for a new term this year, and Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, both Democrats. Neither have officially launched a campaign. Milford resident James Amann, a former speaker of the state House, is the only Democrat officially in the race.

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi has also shown interest in the race and could seek the Democratic nomination.

On the Republican side, Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele has already said he will seek his party’s nomination and State Rep. Lawrence Cafero (R-142), who serves as the state House minority leader, formed an exploratory committee before Ms. Rell’s announcement.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal, also a Greenwich resident, said last week he would not run for governor and would instead run for another term as state attorney general.

A Quinnipiac University poll released on Nov. 10 found Ms. Bysiewicz leading Mr. Lamont 26% to 23%, a deficit within the poll’s margin of error, and Mr. Malloy polling at 9%. Mr. Amann was at 3% in the poll, which showed a large number of voters left undecided.

The poll was taken before Ms. Rell’s announcement dramatically shifted the race. Despite her own popularity slipping recently, Ms. Rell was still polled as the likely victor in races against Mr. Lamont, Mr. Malloy and Ms. Bysiewicz, with Ms. Bysiewicz having the best numbers against her, but still trailing by six points.

Mr. Lamont told the Post that Ms. Rell’s decision not to run again will have no impact on his own choice about entering the race. He said he only wanted to make his own interest clear before she made an announcement on her own political future. The founder and owner of Campus Televideo as well as a former member of Greenwich’s Board of Selectmen and Board of Estimate and Taxation, Mr. Lamont said he felt his qualifications in the business world would allow him to stand out from the other candidates if he ran.

“I’m the only one who can say they’ve created a job,” Mr. Lamont said. “I’ve started a business in a state that’s dead last in creating new jobs and starting new businesses. That’s why we’re fighting over smaller and smaller pieces of the economic pie in Connecticut. That’s where we need to institute change and I believe I can bring a different perspective to the table.”

Mr. Lieberman’s recent vow to filibuster any health care reform bill that includes a public option has put him out of favor with progressive Democratic voters. A Research 2000 poll commissioned by the liberal site DailyKos.com showed 68% of likely voters favor the public option. Among Democrats, supporters were polled at 83% in favor, 8% against; among independents those figures were 73% to 15%; and among Republicans, 33% polled in favor and 55% against.

Backing those statistics, an article on the Quinnipiac University Web site quotes poll director Doug Schwartz as saying “a plurality of Connecticut voters like President Obama’s health care plan and by a wide margin trust Obama more than the Republicans to handle the issue.”

While Mr. Lieberman’s sentiment toward the public option could potentially make him ripe for defeat in 2012 if he runs for another term, Mr. Lamont said he is not considering a rematch. He said his attention is squarely focused on the state.

“I’ve always been a hands-on executive and the opportunity to take a leadership position in the state of Connecticut when it is in a crisis right now is something that I want to explore very carefully,” Mr. Lamont said. “I think there will be plenty of Democrats wanting to take on Joe Lieberman in three years. That’s not my life’s ambition.”

by Ken Borsuk

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11/19/09 Photographer Koren Reyes Opens Studio on Greenwich Avenue


Photographer Koren Reyes opened her new boutique studio on Greenwich Avenue, November 14th. I have attached her bio and formal press release with images for you to review. Her bio will give you a sneak peak as to what Koren is all about. She has really become “THE” maternity photographer in the tri-state area, and her technique, style, and delivery are flawless. The service she provides and the passion she has for this special niche is contagious and allows you to see the maternity photographer on a much different light.

Her story and style is interesting and unique. What sets her apart from other photographers is all in the details and how delicately she portrays the mothers to be. Perhaps her story would be of interest for Greenwich Round Up. Would love to set up a time for you to come to the new studio and meet with Koren or perhaps a phone interview. Would love your thoughts!

I’ve also included her website for your convenience: http://www.korenreyes.com/

Look forward to hearing from you!



Tathiana Rosado

Images & Details, Inc.

71 Elm Street

Suite Three

New Canaan, CT 06840

T: 203.966.8203

F: 203.966.9383



P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

11/19/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

Lamont for governor? Greenwich's own says jobs prompt consideration
Greenwich Post
Pledging that a decision about officially running for governor will likely be made by "early next year," Greenwich resident Ned Lamont is already laying out ...
Wednesday's Scholastic Boxscores
Stamford Advocate
Jones, Shannon, Greenwich, 2:12.01. 50 Yard Freestyle: 1. Grindall, Dana, Amity Regional, 24.58; 2. Neuhaus, Helene, Staples, 24.59; 3. ...
Greenwich upbeat after finishing second at LL meet
Greenwich Time
By David Fierro NEW HAVEN -- Greenwich High School girls swimming coach Dick Hawks just couldn't stop smiling after Thursday night's Class LL Swimming ...
College Notes: Reed, Millard earn Academic football honors
Stamford Advocate
Jennifer Klein (Greenwich Academy) had four saves in goal as Princeton defeated Syracuse, 7-3, to advance to the NCAA Division I field hockey Final Four. ...
Greenwich High field hockey team reaches state final
Greenwich Time
By Jesse Quinlan DANBURY -- Be it injuries, illness or just another higher seed, there is seemingly no obstacle the Greenwich High School field hockey team ...

Field hockey: Greenwich beats Farmington 1-0 in Class L semifinal
Hartford Courant
By Lori Riley Greenwich is headed back to the Class L final for the first time ...
Consumer prices up 0.3%, led by higher car prices
Michelle Girard, senior economist at RBS Greenwich Capital, talks to Kelsey Hubbard about inflation trends and the economy. Prices for new cars rose 1.6%, ...

» Was Robert Franz set up by Jeffrey Hall's wife, So-Hee Lee ...
By Claudette Rothman
On Friday November 6, Lee allegedly called Franz and asked him to meet her at the Ginger Man restaurant on Greenwich Ave. Lee, however, failed to tell Franz that his wife and her husband would be joining them for dinner. ...
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Ladies and gentlemen, the Elite 8 - SPB's High School Football ...
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7 are the snake-bit Greenwich Cardinals and, finally, making a return to the Eight after a three-week absence, the No. 8 St. Joseph Cadets/Hogs. Th-th, th-th, that's all folks! Bookmark and Share. Posted in High School Football, ...
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Linda McMahon's list of supporters. Print, clip and save for ...
By Brian Lockhart
Kay Maxwell, a past president of the League of Women Voters of the United States and, like McMahon, a Greenwich resident. 6. Kenneth Gammill, an attorney with Stamford-based Robinson & Cole, a very prominent state law firm which ...
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