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Thursday, April 24, 2008

04/24/08 - John Thygerson: “We never had a case that had gone through three separate sales attempts.”

This home on Hettiefred Road in Greenwich, Conn., came close to being auctioned off three times as a result of foreclosure actions. But each time, its owner managed to come up with enough cash to rescue his position.

Foreclosure Hits Even Connecticut's Wealthy

New York Times

GREENWICH, Conn. — This wooded town of roughly 60,000 on Long Island Sound — home to dozens of hedge funds, many millionaires and more than a few billionaires — is one of the wealthiest enclaves in the country. But even Greenwich is not immune to the wave of home foreclosures sweeping the nation.

On Hettiefred Road, for example, the owner of a 2,720-square-foot, four-bedroom colonial featuring a luxury kitchen, swimming pool and tennis court, has been threatened with foreclosure for months. On Stanwich Road, another house worth $2.6 million is close to going on the block. Several dozen others have received foreclosure notices this year.

But there is a difference from most other communities. Auctioning off such homes is a far greater challenge here than elsewhere, as affluent but cash-squeezed owners often find ways to delay losing their home, sometimes by coming up with just enough to make last-minute payments, avoiding a final sale — for a while, anyway.

Just ask John Thygerson, who parked his Jeep sport utility vehicle in front of the empty house on Hettiefred Road on the flawless spring day last Saturday. As a foreclosure auctioneer, he was scheduled — for the third time since January — to sell the house. But the owner, a construction business owner who has fallen on hard times, made a last-minute mortgage payment and the foreclosure was postponed yet again.

So Mr. Thygerson was there to shoo prospective buyers off the property, nod at inquisitive neighbors and stake out a new spot for a fourth set of foreclosure signs after the first three had been mysteriously torn down....

....In Greenwich, foreclosure filings were made against 100 homes last year, according to RealtyTrac. That translates into less than half of 1 percent of Greenwich’s 24,511 households, compared with a rate over 1 percent nationwide.

Already one of the richest cities in the country in 2000, when the Census Bureau recorded a median household income of $99,086 — more than double the national average — the town has become far wealthier in recent years, with the exponential growth of many of the hedge funds that have set up business here. A new generation of wealthy Wall Street executives has moved in as well. By 2007, the Connecticut Economic Resources Center reported, the median household income had risen to $122,849, with many homeowners earning far more.

The tearing down of existing homes to make room for new ones has continued despite the mortgage crisis that began last summer. And while prices and sales volume are dropping, Greenwich is not suffering as badly as nearby towns.

Through April 23 this year, 160 co-ops, condos and single-family homes sold, for $290,000 to $30 million. That compares with 240 sales,...

...Similarly, Eileen Pate, a Greenwich lawyer, recently helped one client avoid foreclosure by arranging a short sale with his bank, which agreed to accept payment over time for the difference between the outstanding mortgage and the price the house fetched.

As for the four-bedroom colonial that just avoided going on the block, Zbigniew Skwarek, the 41-year-old owner, came up with his own money to postpone the auction. Court records show he stopped paying on his $1,557,617.77 mortgage on Feb. 1, 2007. But three days before the scheduled auction, he said, he gave his lender, Countrywide Financial, a check for $50,000.

Mr. Skwarek may not live in one of Greenwich’s most coveted neighborhoods. But like many residents here, he owns other properties, including an apartment in Greenwich and a home in Florida, and he can tap into that equity.

“I don’t want to lose this house,” Mr. Skwarek said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Skwarek rented out the house after he divorced his wife, Renata, in 2004, because, he said, it felt too big to live in alone. But last year, he said, his renters, John and Arline Josephberg, stopped paying their monthly rent of $10,000.

While living there, Mr. Josephberg — who previously ran the financial firm Josephberg Grosz & Company — was put on trial, accused of not paying his taxes for 29 years. He was sentenced to 50 months in prison. By the time the couple moved out in January, they owed Mr. Skwarek $90,000. Calls made to Mrs. Josephberg and to the couple’s daughter were not returned....

...A few of Mr. Skwarek’s neighbors can relate to his financial troubles. Two other homes on the same road have appeared in preforeclosure filings in the past year.

Vincent Scorese, who owns a house next door and also faces the risk of foreclosure, moved out and rented out his home after he went through a divorce. He said that as a builder he became overextended and found it difficult to make his mortgage payments on the five properties he owns in the area. So he has put them all up for sale.

“I feel bad for him,” Mr. Scorese said. “So many guys are in trouble, even guys you wouldn’t expect.”...


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04/24/08 - Mo murder Mo murder — Cain is willing and able. The blood started flowing till it wetted up the ground, the ground started moaning so .....

Holy Hip Hop


t’s Saturday night in Jerusalem’s Talbieh neighborhood, and a crowd of 50 is gathered to hear Matt Bar rap about the Bible. The lanky Iowa City native has achieved a kind of celebrity among young Anglos in Jerusalem with his Bible Raps project, a phenomenon he’s hoping to repeat this summer when he travels to Jewish summer camps across America...

... ' his particular blend of folk music and rap - ' Bar paid the bills by teaching sixth graders at Temple Sholom in Greenwich, Conn. If his students behaved, he'd freestyle about the Bible during the last five minutes of class. "Every other Sunday, ...

...Life in Israel is markedly different from life in New York. But it’s a change Bar embraces.

“I like Israel, man. I like talking about Judaism,” he said with a laugh. “And there’s a lot more people to do that with here than in the company I usually keep.”

And he continues to revel in writing raps.

“It’s nice to write on behalf of something a little bigger than yourself, that you believe in, you know? It’s a good thing.”


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04/24/08 - Calling All Greenwich Web Site Owners

Recluse SEO Guru Finally Tells All in Rare Free TeleSeminar

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Charlie Cook, marketing expert and owner of Marketing for Success,www.marketingforsuccess.com, has finally persuaded SEO guru Stephen Mahaney to tell all in this exclusive free TeleSeminar. Stephen Mahaney is the CEO and owner of Planet Ocean Communications, a company that shows webmasters how to effectively use search engine optimization to market their products and websites more effectively.

He has written an award-winning book titled Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars, which is updated monthly to ensure the information remains current. Mahaney's company is responsible for www.SearchEngineNews.com, which has been providing inside information revealing the best search engine optimization strategies for bringing websites to the top of the page of search results since 1997....

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04/22/08 - Lt. Pamela Gustovich: "Whether it is a dispute or a gun call, there are so many different tools all the way up to deadly force."

Detective Chris Girard handles a modified Glock handgun, which fires...
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)


"We do a lot of firearms training, but we really do much more working on their decision-making and judgment," says Lt. Pamela Gustovich Greenwich Police Training Division


Each year, the Greenwich Police Firearms Training Unit conducts review training for all Greenwich officers for the standard issue Glock 40 mm handguns at its Steamboat Road firing range


Officers practice scenarios at firearms training

Officers Robert Smurlo and Frank DiPietro aimed their Glock handguns at two men pointing weapons at each other in the stairwell of a synagogue where gunfire has been reported...

State police regulations mandate at least 3 hours of firearms training each year, which covers laws governing the proper use of force, shooting decisions, dealing with the effects of stress during firearm confrontations and other areas...

...Girard said the fact that the use of firearms by police is generally uncommon makes it even more challenging to make the correct split-second decision to protect themselves or others.

During training sessions, Girard and Hall will chew out officers when they botch the shooting scenarios, in hope that it might help them make the right choice whether to use their guns.

"If somebody is going to make a bad decision, we much rather they do it here where we can critique it and fix the problem," Girard said.

Full Story


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04/24/08 - Greenwich Police Blotter


Stamford resident Paris Andino, 25, was arrested April 18 and charged with illegal use of a credit card, credit card theft, receipt of a credit card, third degree identity theft, fifth degree larceny and criminal impersonation. Andino was arrested while appearing at Stamford Superior Court on an unrelated matter. He had allegedly stolen a credit card from a local restaurant and then used it. Andino was being held in lieu of a $100,000 cash bond and was presented in court April 18.


Jennifer Conway, 23, of Cortland Manor, N.Y., was arrested April 18 and charged with third degree forgery, sixth degree larceny and criminal attempt at fifth degree larceny. Conway turned herself in on an outstanding warrant. She had allegedly stolen checks from a male acquaintance. Conway was released on a $500 cash bond and is due in court April 25.


Kimberly King, 46, of 23-11 Armstrong Court was arrested April 20 and charged with driving under the influence. She was arrested on a warrant stemming from a March 21 incident where she allegedly left the scene of an accident at the intersection at North Water Street and Byram Road. She was later detained on Frontage Road because officers said she was under the influence of alcohol. King was released on a $500 surety bond and is due in court May 5.


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04/24/08 - Spring's cherry blossoms (Via The Greenwich Post)

Despite cool, overcast weather Sunday afternoon, Julie Kitahara still managed to get a picture of her daughters, Jasminie and Summer, under the cherry blossoms before the start of Sunday's Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese School of Greenwich.

(David Ames photo)


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04/24/08 - Disgraced Hamilton Avenue School Committee Member Steve "Low Blow" Loparco Says Joan Caldwell Is "Repugnant"

Anyone who gets in the way of
Steve "Low Blow" Loparco
getting on that
25 Million Dollar Auditorium Building Project
had better look out

Steve "Low Blow" Loparco Is Armed And Ready To Attack Any Sweet Little Old Ladies, Who Might Question His Involvement In The Failed Hamilton Avenue Construction Project



"I think we can help understand what went wrong there so it doesn't happen again," said Joseph Ross, who is part of the proposed slate and is vice chairman of the Hamilton Avenue oversight panel, said he has learned valuable lessons about contracting and expectations from working on that project.


RTM Members Are Dissatisfied With The Makeup Of The Proposed Building Committee Picked To Oversee The Project, Saying They Want More People With Expertise In Acoustics And Fewer People With Ties To The Often Criticized Construction Disaster Known As The Hamilton Avenue School Renovation.


GHS auditorium opposition grows

By Neil Vigdor Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

Before the curtain ever rises on the renovation of the Greenwich High School auditorium, the project is facing multiple threats from some members of the Representative Town Meeting.

A number of members of the legislative body are balking at the estimated $22 million cost of the project, which includes the renovation of the adjoining music instruction spaces....

...Steve LoParco, who served on the Hamilton Avenue committee while a school board member, called Caldwell's remarks "repugnant."

"It is my belief that Ms. Caldwell is using the makeup of the GHS Auditorium Committee as an excuse to further delay the project, a project that she would rather not have the town undertake," LoParco said.

...First Selectman Peter Tesei, who supports the auditorium renovation, said the prospective committee members were chosen based on the recommendations of school officials and presented to the RTM for vetting well in advance of the project....

Full Story

Please see:

04/13/08 - Would Someone Please Call Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Because This Is Unbelievable (Updated)

04/15/08 - Greenwich RTM Report - RTM Member's Postpone High School Building Committee Appointments, Because Of Heavy Opposition (Updated)

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04/24/08 - News Headlines From The Greenwich Post

Where can all the seniors grow?

Seniors have spoken about what they want as far as their senior center goes. The question remains what exactly to do with the information.

Drugs and kids: Town official proposes a survey

A lack of data and a general apathy toward involvement from students make it difficult for the town to get the kind of read it needs to respond to youth substance abuse issues, Stephanie Paulmeno, the town’s Community Health Planner, told the Board of Health Monday night.

Stanwich School: State OKs new site for leaching field

Plans for the Stanwich School will see another round at the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency (IWWA) as the relocation of the proposed leaching field has been approved by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Where will Glenville School go? Board decision tonight

After close to two months of discussion, the school board will vote tonight on where Glenville School students will spend the next two years.

A renovation of Glenville School, which is projected to keep students out of the building for up to two years, is on track to begin in July.

The Board of Education will decide between two options for Glenville at its 7 p.m. meeting at Riverside School.

The first option is to remediate existing modular classrooms at Western Middle School, which two experts have said can be done. Mold was found in them in February, leading the students of Hamilton Avenue School, who were occupying them, to be dispersed throughout the district for the rest of the year.

According to district findings, the mold did not contaminate any of the areas students used, and last week, Steven Susca, a project engineer with Hoffman Architects, told the board that removing the modulars’ soffits, where the mold was discovered, would “solve 95% of our issues.”...

That's such a reassurring statement from Steve "I Am On The School Payroll" Susca Who Had Better Not Upset Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg

Please see:

04/12/08 - Greenwich Spotlight: Greenwich School District's Facilities Director Anthony "Tony Two Face" Byrne And The Ham Ave School Coverup (Updated)

03/20/08 - Why Won't Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg Let Hamilton Avenue Parents Independently Test The Contaminated Modular Classrooms?


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04/24/04 - Bryan Finkel: "Let's talk about finding a safe place for our kids and not putting them into a toxic dump like these modulars"

Teachers Should Get Ready To Return To The Contaminated Modular Classrooms


"So you guys can stay at the modular and do your thing," Hamilton Avenue School parent Mina Bibeault said.


Parents opposed to sending students back into the modular classrooms tell Greenwich Board Of Education that students should switch buildings with incompetent town employees at Town Hall and with the high paid school administration failures at the Havemeyer Building.


Frustrations bubbled up at last night's meeting with Glenville School parents as Board of Education officials outlined two possible relocation options for students.

One possibility was to remediate the mold at the Hamilton Avenue School modular building so that it could be reused for Glenville School students. But that option appeared to grate on some parents....

....The second option, which would be to rip up parts of the Western Greenwich Civic Center property to create a place for trailers, parking spaces and bus drop-off and pick-up zones, also met with skepticism. One problem is that the plans would turn a playing field into a drainage basin for the new paved areas, consultants said.

"The field does get compromised in this plan," said Rob Brunetti, a construction consultant...

...the school district is facing timing issues, with no room for any delays for school to start on time.

"There's a lot of risk in this plan," said Brunetti, adding that in the most optimistic case, the civic center would be ready for Aug. 20.

In the case of remediating the modular, the school district's experts outlined a plan that would have the project take at least four months, including six weeks to develop detailed plans and put them out to bid. In that scenario, rough cost estimates place the project at $1 million, compared with the $2 million cost of re-tooling the civic center...

Where is the investigative Reporting?

Where are the Freedom Of Information requests from hard nosed reporters?

Why is the Greenwich press affraid of Betty and the BOE?

How many parents and single family home owners of Greenwich remember this news headline.....

03/12/08 No mold hazard found at Ham Ave. modulars (Greenwich Time)

Why can't Greenwich newspaper reporters be fearless when confronting the Board Of Education?

Jackie Steinman was not scared of the Big Bad BOE and the powers that be.....

A Very Brave Fourth-Grade Glenville School Student Jackie Steinman Got Up And Made A Fine Appearance As She Spoke Out Against Greenwich School Officials.

"I think we should have a voice in this decision," proclaimed the admirable Jackie Steinman.

They should put this brave little fourth grade girl on the Board Of Education's New Advisory Committee On Facilities.

Courageous Jackie Steinman doesn't want her and her school mates to be put in contaminated modular classrooms, nor does she want her school split up all over town.

Fearless Jackie Steinman probably doesn't want to see Glenville School children suffer from headaches, prolonged sinus infections in the contaminated temporary modular classrooms.

Surely, the daring Jackie Stienman doesn't want to see her Glenville School teachers complaining of about headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems.

If Gutsy Jackie Steinman was on the Board Of Education's New Advisory Committee On Facilities, she just might be fearless enough to ask school officials...

03/13/08 - Just How Much Are The Taxpayers Of Greenwich Paying Superintendent Betty Sternberg And Her Failed Administrators To Lie To The Public?

And about ...

03/09/08 - Town Employees: Sternberg's Crew Knew - Mold Covered Tiles Replaced Over One Year Ago.

Please see:

04/18/07 - "There's no way that my children will ever go back to that building ever again," said Laura DiBella, a Ham Ave School parent (Updated)

04/16/08 - Frank wants to step back and learn from mistakes made in the past. He says the contaminated Hamilton Avenue Modulars are not an ideal site

04/04/08 - (Update) Breaking News - The Chemical Spill At Western Middle School

04/04/08 - “If you’re a journalist and you don’t have an agenda, you don’t have a pulse.”

04/03/08 - Independent? - Word Is That Fairfield Based Architect John Brice Recommended Navigant Consulting, formerly known as The Metzler Group

04/01/08 - Greenwich Gossip: Now if only the Board of Education could learn a lesson or two from the Whitby board....

04/01/08 - Things Are So Bright. We Are Going To Start Wearing Sunglasses

03/29/08 - Good News! - Since When Is A Tax Increase Good News For The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich?

03/28/08 - MABS - Mad Mothers Against Betty Sternberg

03/26/08 - Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmm?"

03/19/08 - May God Bless The Children Of Hamilton Avenue School Who Never Get To Compete On A Level Playing Field.

03/14/08 - More testing is needed to determine the safety of the classrooms before architects and engineers will go in to investigate the mold

03/14/08 - Sternberg Received A Report On Air Quality Of The Modular Classrooms That Showed A Higher Level Of Mold Spores Than Previosly Released

03/13/08 - Former PTA president Laura DiBella said parents had reported that their children having frequent headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, and ......

03/07/08 - Delayed - The Harris Survey, a bi-annual satisfaction survey of parents, teachers and students, which was to be sent out this month.

03/05/08 - The Joke Of The Day - "I'll hold the staff accountable," Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg promised. - Yeah Right.

03/03/08 - Parents Bring Protest To The "Oldie Moldie" School Administrators

03/02/08 - Another Administrative Screw Up - "They let it happen again. Shame on them. They should be fired," said Laura Dibella past PTA president.

02/27/08 - School Board Coverup? - Are Displaced Hamilton Avenue Students Getting Rained On?

02/14/08 - Which High Paid School Administrator Is Responsible For Maintaing The Temporary Classrooms At Western Middle School?

02/07/08 - School Parents Are Having To Suffer Incompetent School Administration Fools


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04/24/08 - performing from coast to coast and internationally. Poppy Fields has been doing stand-up comedy for close to 13 years now

Poppy Fields got her name from one of the characters in her act. When the character became so popular she started getting checks in her name, she legally changed it so she could cash the checks.

Greenwich comedienne draws from her own life for laughs

Most women wouldn’t use years of competing on the beauty pageant circuit as a chance to break into stand-up comedy. But, as anyone would quickly find out, Greenwich resident Poppy Fields isn’t like the others.

Saying she once was a shy girl who was always taken advantage of, Ms. Fields has put that behind her to embrace a career in comedy. Her skits tell about everything from dating misadventures to a botched Botox job to a life that saw her start out as a ring card girl at boxing matches while still in her teens and from working for MC Hammer to finding success making people laugh.

Being in beauty contests didn’t suit Ms. Fields, who said she developed a lifelong aversion to competitions because of them. When she began throwing up before every pageant, she knew she it was time to get out, Ms. Fields joked. Since her talent was always telling jokes and she liked connecting with an audience, she knew exactly in which direction she wanted to take her career.

“I always liked being able to jump up on stage and do my jokes,” said Ms. Fields, who cites Roseanne Barr, Phyllis Diller and Richard Pryor as some of her biggest influences.....

Ms. Fields was recently a contestant in Treehouse Comedy Productions and Xtreme Comedy’s Funniest Comic in Connecticut contest, which holds its finals Saturday at Trinity on Main in New Britain. But though she’s been in contests her whole life, Ms. Fields isn’t a big fan of having comics compete against each other.

“I actually hate it,” Ms. Fields said. “Being in a contest for comedy just isn’t my idea of comedy. I like comedy as something I enjoy doing. When you put it in a contest setting it’s like you’re fighting for something other than being yourself. I don’t like contests, period.”

Ms. Fields also is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, with numerous credits, including appearances on The Sopranos, The Chris Rock Show, and Late Night With Conan O’Brien and a recurring role on As the World Turns. She said acting is similar to stand-up in some ways.

“You have to be able to give it up,” Ms. Fields said. “You can’t go up there and be afraid.”

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04/24/08 - The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Thursday

  1. Cornelia Jahncke Dies; Was Planned Parenthood Figure

    Hartford Courant

    Cornelia Dickerman Jahncke, a stalwart figure in Planned Parenthood for much of her life, died in her sleep in Greenwich on April 10.

  2. Yale: 'Abortion' art won't be displayed without disclaimer

    Hartford Courant

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Yale University said Monday it will not install an art project by a student who claims to have filmed herself inducing repeated abortions unless she includes a disclaimer saying it is a work ...

  3. Making Stuy Town hip

    The Real Deal

    ... extension of the perennially hip East Village. The first line that pops up on the Web site reads, "Closer to Greenwich Village than to Greenwich, Conn." One promo photo for Stuy Town, used in a recent series of print ads in daily newspapers, depicts ...

  4. New Cme Group may be indirectly feeling the effect of the credit...

    Pensions & Investments

    ... trade on a shorter timeframe nowadays," said analyst Diego Perfumo at the consultancy Equity Research Desk in Greenwich, Conn. "There is no direct correlation between trading volumes and open interest. Drawing any conclusion out of that is taking a ...

  5. Tribune Sells Stamford, Greenwich Buildings And Land

    Hartford Courant

    ... sold the buildings to Summit Development LLC, based in Norwalk. Tribune once operated The Advocate of Stamford and Greenwich TimeGreenwich closed Tuesday. A Summit spokesman said ... newspapers at the sites. The sale of the properties in Stamford and

  6. Newspapers Aren't General Interest on the Web

    Rebuilding Media

    ... Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its ...

  7. Tribune Co. sells Connecticut real estate for $30 million

    Chicago Tribune

    Tribune Co. has sold real estate it owned in Stamford and Greenwich, Conn., for $30 million, it was disclosed Wednesday.

  8. Report: Resigned Former Westport Priest Back in Church

    Westport Now

    ... Basil College. The eparchy was warned repeatedly by the Bridgeport Diocese about McGoldrick, who was a priest in Greenwich when he resigned in 2002, a Bridgeport diocese spokesman said, according to the report. (See WestportNow Oct. 16, 2003) ...

  9. Aldagen, Argos, Play Hard and more

    Tech Confidential Blog

    ... Intersouth Partners and Aurora Funds, all of Durham, participated in the round, as did Tullis-Dickerson & Co. of Greenwich, Conn. Aldagen said in September 2007 that it had added $9 million to A round, bringing the total raised to $23 million, and ...

  10. adv26-27


    ... Spezzano is in the kitchen testing new recipes and baking up a storm. 'I find it very relaxing,' said the Greenwich High School senior. 'I turn on my iPod and take my time.' The 18-year-old, who is fresh from placing second in a statewide team ...

  11. Frontier cancels Republic contract

    The Indianapolis Star

    ... million stock- buyback program. And during the year, the profitable carrier's biggest owner, Wexford Capital of Greenwich, Conn., sold its final 1.5 million shares in the airline. Wexford's capital injections kept the airline flying in the 1990s. ...
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04/24/08 News Links From The Greenwich Time

Greenwich Time RSS Feed

New Leb planning proceeds smoothly

While nearby western Greenwich schools are consumed in building woes, New Lebanon School remains on track to become the district's fourth magnet school, officials said.
Full Story

Fear of identity theft has deterred elderly drivers from volunteering at the Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross, officials of the organization say. Full Story

Tribune Co. sells Greenwich/Stamford real estate for $30 million

Staff and wire reports

Tribune Co. has completed the sale of the Greenwich Time building at 20 E. Elm St.

Full Story

HARTFORD -- Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele did not suggest that his boss, Gov. M. Jodi Rell, pick Joseph Marie of Arizona to run Connecticut's Department of Transportation.
Full Story
Amann opposes raising film credits to beat New York

HARTFORD -- House Speaker James Amann, D-Milford, an architect of the state's film tax credits, said he is preparing a response to New York's decision to match Connecticut's program.
Full Story

A new foe is looming for all those soccer moms and lacrosse dads who want the town to build more athletic fields -- the saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow.
Full Story
STD rate in youth increases

Reported cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea more than doubled in one year among Greenwich residents 15 to 24 years old, according to statistics from the state Department of Public Health.
Full Story

Greenwich Library suffers from poor employee morale, a lack of opportunities for advancement and general dissatisfaction with management, according to those surveyed in a consultant's report on the institution.
Full Story
GHS auditorium opposition grows

By Neil Vigdor

Staff Writer

Before the curtain ever rises on the renovation of the Greenwich High School auditorium, the project is facing multiple threats from some members of the Representative Town Meeting.
Full Story

From Mikhail Gorbachev to Queen Elizabeth II, Joseph Verner Reed has rubbed the elbows with some of the world's most influential figures during his career, so much so that the novelty of greeting a visiting pope might be rather ho-hum for the Greenwich diplomat.
Full Story
Limited options for Glenville, Ham Ave.

Frustrations bubbled up at last night's meeting with Glenville School parents as Board of Education officials outlined two possible relocation options for students.
Full Story


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