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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

09/22/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed Evening Edition

Greenwich Catholic gets national honor
Greenwich Post
The United States Department of Education has named Greenwich Catholic School a "Blue Ribbon School," as it is one of five Catholic elementary schools ...
"If These Walls Could Talk" interactive exhibit at Greenwich ...
Stamford Plus Magazine
By Greenwich Historical Society COS COB, CT – "If These Walls Could Talk: An Introduction to Bush-Holley House and Historic Site," is happening from ...
Suspects held in jewelry theft
The Hour
While the investigation continues into the break-in shortly after 1 am on Sunday at David Harvey Jewelers, police in Greenwich are busy with a similar case ...

Police searching for grocery store burglars Greenwich Time
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Observer says.....

These major commercial thefts make the paper. We are hearing privately that there are numerous residential break-ins that never become public knowledge.

Two points:

1) The police department must publicize all residential break-ins so we can appreciate the danger and take steps to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

2) Time to install video cameras to view public spaces in Town.

Fed up taxpayer says....

Yeah, and they said crime was down in town. I don't think so. I've got cameras up on my house, not taking chances. .....

Dan says....

My prediction - the Riverside one will be solved but not the jewelery heist. Also, it is not up to the police to "publicize" anything. It's the job of the press, which as full access to police activities via the freedom of information act. If anything is being white washed (and I'm not saying it is), it would fall on the media and not the police.

andiesroonie says....

where are we with the Margolies murder case?

Can anyone in the GPD explain?

Thank you in advance

Republicano says .....

1.) The Police do not "publicize" anything. The media (newspapers) are given the opportunity to review the incidents that are FOIable...it is up to THEM to publicize the information. The last time I looked, there were no printing presses in the basement of HQ.

2.)No, the Police Dept. should NOT give out all of their information for on-going investigations to the public. They SHOULD NOT share all of the confidential facts regarding the incident as it may hurt the investigation. All of the small details that could make or break a criminal case are NOT your buisness. AND, the Town of Greenwich has a unit called Community Impact Officers. They are Officers who, among other things, meet with nieghborhood reps and citizens and advise them of crimes occurring in their nieghborhoods and how to avoid being a victim. This unit, previously called Nieghborhood Resource Officers, has been around for several years doing this.

Assuming you are an adult, you should already know how to better protect your property...lock your doors, alarm systems, stop mail delivery when away, ask nieghbors to watch your home when away, etc.

These are basic things that require little thought.What you are now doing here is basically BLAMING the Police for the crimes. Greenwich is a very safe place to live considering its wedged between Stamford and Port Chester and has the biggest drug trafficking avenue (I-95) in the US running right through it.

Stop blaming the Cops and take some responsibilty for your own safety.

Would you blame the Fire Department if you had faulty wiring and you're house burned to the ground? Would you blame the Ambulance service if you ate a high fat diet your whole life and had a heart attack?

former res (Broomall, PA) says .....

Does the GPD release the fact that there were burglaries, car thefts, vandalism etc in certain neighborhoods?(Without giving details?)

Around here, the paper publishes the addresses of all such crimes - ASAP. I like to know what's going on in my my neighborhood. I don't need details - just the fact that it happened. And where and when.

republicano says .....

Of course they do.

The procedure is...the report is taken by responding patrol officers, then the Detectives do their report detailing their initial investigation...then they submit follow up reports as the investigation progresses.

Normally, the next buisness day after the major crime/investigation, the media, in this case, the Greenwich Times, come into HQ, sit down and review the initial reports.(GPD also has a POI, Public Information Officer that acts as a liaison between the PD and the media)

If the investigation is on-going, juveniles are involved or there is sensitive information that could jeopardize the investigation, this information may be omitted.

former res (Broomall, PA ) says ......

Isn't EVERY case that is fresh and unsolved considered "ongoing?" I would think so.

I still see a difference between here and there. Here, if a house is broken into, a car is stolen etc - we hear about it right away. There, if I read your response correctly, the police will withhold that information - as it is an ongoing investigation (not yet solved). Because it just happened.

The Police Blotter in the Greenwich Time seems to include only solved crimes (with names of the actors)- unless I'm mistaken. I'd want to know about ALL crime in my neighborhood, in a timely way.(Which would mean BEFORE the cases are solved.)

Republicano says .....

Fresh?..yes, It is considered on-going...unless it is a non-violent "minor" offense.

Sometimes in that case, the investigation may be "shelved" (not closed) in favor of higher priority Investigations.

There are so many factors that a lay person does not know about regarding criminal investigations. Lets say for example a town has a rash of robberies in which the bad guys are known to use cell phones during its commision. The Police department may not want that information published, because this would be an excellent way for the Police to identify the perps. Bad guys read the papers too, so what will they do? Forgo the phone use next time they do it. Thats just one example of certain types of information that the public should not be privleged to.

I understand that residents want to know whats going on around them...I'm a home owner also and I keep up on happenings in my area. The public SHOULD know that burglaries are occurring, not only so they can take precautions to safeguard their homes, but the added vigilance can deter crime and aid the Police. It's many of the details that should be kept under wraps.

former res (Broomall, PA ) says ......

I agree.

And as a homeowner I don't care if the thieves are using cell phones.

I just want to know if homes in my neighborhood are being hit. Or if cars are being vandalized or stolen.

Does the GPD release this information immediately to the media regardless of whether the case is solved?

This is what I'm getting at, because I don't recall seeing this type of information in the GT. Only solved crimes.

In my area we know about property crime going on in the area - solved or not.

I would think the GT would publish the information if it were available to them. And also that the public would want to know in a timely manner - about crimes in their neighborhoods - solved or otherwise. It may be in the print verson, but I don't recall ever seeing it.

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09/22/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Afternoon Edition

Slideshow - Split decision: Stamford, Greenwich settle for tie
Greenwich Time
By Jesse Quinlan Ignacio Assalini, left, of Greenwich High School and Dieguo Charles, of Stamford High School, go up for a header during Monday's 1-1 tie. ...
Greenwich volleyball team spikes Wilton, runs record to 3-0
Greenwich Time
By David Fierro The Greenwich High School volleyball team has surged to a 3-0 start and has yet to lose a single game. Yet coach Steve Lapham knows his ...
Greenwich's new Flotilla 7-8 helps protect local waters
Greenwich Citizen
By Julie Ruth Local residents Dr. Chester Lowe (center) and John Hartwright taking command of Flotilla 7-8 last November at the Greenwich Water Club. ...
Greenwich Republicans prepare for fall campaign
Greenwich Time
In what organizers said was one of the strongest showings in years, more than 200 party supporters gathered at Greenwich Point on Sunday for the 78th Annual ...
Suncor: Canadian Oil Sands Production Up More Than 25% In 2009
Wall Street Journal
Speaking at a conference in Greenwich, Conn., Rogers said production from Suncor's core Canadian oil sands business would increase to about 300000 barrels ...

The Blonde Excuse: Out in Greenwich
By lauren
Out in Greenwich. On Friday night, Ali came home from Canada (where she is going to vet school) to see everyone. We all went out on Greenwich Ave. to Sundown Saloon and The Ginger Man. Kristina, Molly, Ali, Cathy, Nicole, ...
The Blonde Excuse - http://blondeexcuse.pixxiestails.com/
Greenwich Hawkwatch Festival « Under Clear Skies
By underclearskies
Greenwich Hawkwatch Festival. 21 09 2009. « Sunrise Bird Walk – Saturday Sept 19. Actions. rss Comments RSS · Trackback. Information. Date : September 21, 2009; Categories : Uncategorized. Leave a comment. Click here to cancel reply. ...
Under Clear Skies - http://underclearskies.wordpress.com/

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09/22/09 Thank you for your help


I wanted to thank you for all of your help this past year spreading the word about The Fresh Air Fund. We had nearly 8,000 children enjoying their best summers yet. All of the wonderful folks who blogged, posted banners, tweeted, and joined our Facebook Page and Cause have just been amazing. We put together a video montage of images from the summer and some other fun stuff here to thank you:


If you'd like to share this wonderful news with your readers or followers that would be fantastic. If you haven't become a fan or our Facebook Page, please do - facebook.com/freshairfund and our twitter handle is @freshairfund. Please shoot me back the link if you are able to post so I can share it with the rest of the team.

Again, thank you so very much

Sara Wilson, Fresh Air Fund


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09/22/09 Important Update: News Release for WOW Walk on Water Event Oct 2-4

Clear Group WOW
NOTE: Following is an UPDATED news release with all of the latest developments on the WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009, being held the weekend of October 2-4. Please use the following version of the news release as it has all of the exciting details on this fabulous and inspirational event. We have a lot of terrific photos available upon request. Thank you.

Prepared by: WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009
Greenwich, CT

Media Contacts: Nancy Moon, 917-533-8933

Jenifer Howard, 203-273-4246
Experience Extraordinary Luxury Yachts, Cars and Exhibitors and Amazingly Accomplished Disabled Individuals!
All to benefit Spinal Research and Shake-A-Leg
Be Inspired - Get Onboard! Oct 2-4 at the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich

(Greenwich, Conn., September 21, 2009) -- The third annual Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase will be held the weekend of October 2 - 4, 2009, at the beautiful Delamar Hotel in Greenwich, Conn., voted "one of the best new hotels in the world" by Condé Nast Traveler. This 2-1/2 day event kicks off with the WOW! Walk On Water 2009 Friday evening benefit with special guest, comedian Robert Klein. It is sure to be one of the most inspirational events of the season where attendees can mingle with celebrity guests, Gold Medalist Paralympic sailors, acclaimed musicians and spinal research industry experts. This evening of luxury and caring features yachts, exotic cars, silent and live auctions, music, dancing, hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, "yacht hop" and preview party. Other special guests include Paul Callahan, CEO of Shake-A-Leg, the #1 ranked disabled sailor in the USA, Gold medalist and prominent sailing figure in and around Greenwich, Newport, New York and the world; NGO, the "most Googled black model and actor" and two-time Golden Globes Champion (2008 & 2009); Liona Boyd, internationally recognized classical guitarist, singer and songwriter; Maureen McKinnon-Tucker, gold medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and member of the U.S. Paralympic Sailing Team; and Gregory Harrington, internationally renowned violinist. All proceeds benefit Spinal Research whose focus is to find a cure for paralysis and Shake-A-Leg's adaptive sailing program for the disabled.

The WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 is a proud addition to the third annual Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase. With WOW's involvement, this event has been has transformed into one of the premiere fundraising benefits in the Connecticut and New York metropolitan areas. It is truly a night to "experience the extraordinary" as attendees will not only get to enjoy the opulence of a luxury venue, but will also get to meet incredibly accomplished disabled individuals who set amazing examples of courage, determination and shear willpower.

Live auction items include "once-in-a-life-time experiences" such as private in-home performances by world renowned violinist, Gregory Harrington, or the "first lady of classical guitar,"Liona Boyd; a personal training and/or boxing session with NGO, two-time Golden Gloves Champion; a fabulous 5-night package in South Africa including three nights at the incredible One & Only Cape Town and two nights at the stunning Le Quartier Francais with private transfers and touring; and a half-day boat trip/inventing Bootcamp with famous inventor Dr. Robert Yonover of SEE/RESCUE Corporation in Honolulu. Tickets to the VIP Benefit and Preview Party, Friday, October 2, from 5:30 - 10:00 PM are $125 and can be reserved in advance by calling 203-682-0262

"Why is this event so incredibly important to attend?" asks Joyce Clear, chairperson and president of ClearGroup International. "What if one day you had an accident that rendered you a quadriplegic or a paraplegic? What if one day you were told you had a neurological disorder that would limit you to a wheelchair for the rest of your life? Now what if, under these unimaginable circumstances, you became an Olympic Gold medalist or a famous physicist or climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, or accomplished sailor? Individuals with disabilities perform amazing feats everyday -- big and small -- feats that require courage, tenacity, creativity, character and determination. They are true inspirations in our lives as we meet our own unique challenges, whatever they may be. So please, join us at WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 and be truly inspired. You will meet amazing individuals who will impact your life in ways you never dreamed."

The Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase features some of the most premiere yachts and automobiles in the world. Exhibitors include: Hinckley, Sunseeker, Bassett, Morris Yachts, Friendship, Catalano & Sons, CW Hood Prestige Yachts, Barton & Gray, Petzolds, Harborside, Marine Max, Beacon Point, JRYS, Osprey Club, Miller Motor Cars and Mercedes-Benz.

WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 Weekend Schedule of Events:
The Delamar Hotel · 500 Steamboat Road · Greenwich, CT
Exclusive VIP Benefit & Preview Party - Fri., October 2, 5:30 - 10:00 PM; Tickets $125 per person, space limited; call 203-682-0262 to reserve tickets in advance
  • Private VIP Tent Experience
  • Celebrities, Sports Icons, Paralympic Athletes and Medalists
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres, Liqueurs & Desserts
  • Music & Dancing
  • "Yacht Hop"
Also preview the Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase. Honored guests include: Robert Klein (comedian), Paul Callahan (CEO Shake-A-Leg), NGO (2-time Heavyweight Golden Gloves Champion '08 & '09), Liona Boyd (guitarist), Maureen McKinnon-Tucker (2008 Paralympic Sailing Team Member competed in Beijing), Alexa Dectis (16 year-old singer & songwriter), and many more. All proceeds benefit Spinal Research and Shake-A-Leg.

Greenwich Harbor Yacht & Car Showcase - FREE to the general public! Saturday, October 3, and Sunday, October 4, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Enjoy luxury yachts, exotic cars, sea trials, inspirational speakers, celebrities, Olympians, Paralympians, sailing and more!
  • VIP International Ports-of-Call Tent @ $35 per person. An international experience! Enjoy chef tastings, wine tastings, fine art and music from Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, Rome and Paris; Book singing
  • "World of Wonder" Kids Tent: FREE
  • VIP "Soundwaters" Celebrity Cocktail Sunset Cruise, 5:00 - 7:00 PM @ $150 per person. Sail aboard the 80-foot, three-masted schooner; Hors d'oeuvres, wine, champagne, non-alcoholic beverages
Some of the many committee members responsible for organizing the WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 include: Joyce Clear of Weston; Tom Graves (www.graves-marine-art.com and www.team-bad-dog.com) of Stamford; Heidi Holzer (www.cleargroupintl.com and Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative) of Redding; Mari Hunt (David D. Zadick, DDS) of Westport; Kelly Morrisey (www.abetterlifeafterdivorce.com) of Fairfield; Jay Petrow (www.petrowgardens.com) of Westport; Brian Robison (www.purocleanct.com) of Westport; Amy Scarella (Bark Camp and Carlisle Collection) of Westport; Sue Stebbins (www.successwaves.com) of Norwalk; Jeff Titus (www.titusbuilt.com) of Wilton; Rob Tricarico (RNT Wealth Management LLC) of Darien; Isabella Trimper (www.cleargroupintl.com and Art Services International) of Westport; Roger Wolfe (RNT Wealth Management LLC) of Westport; and John Young (www.cleargroupintl.com) of Ridgefield.

WOW! Walk on Water's goal is to raise awareness and funds for Shake-A-Leg. Shake-A-Leg focuses on adaptive sailing programs for individuals in wheelchairs so they can experience the joy and excitement of sailing as well as the therapeutic benefits sailing offers the soul. Spinal Research aims to find a cure for paralysis. Come help those with spinal cord injuries walk on water. WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 is sponsored by Clear Group International (authentic luxury yacht & residential interiors), The Delamar Hotel (voted "one of the best new hotels in the world" by Condé Nast Traveler), Moffly Media (Publishers of Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan/Darien, Stamford and athome in Fairfield County Magazines), and RNT Wealth Management LLC of Westport, Conn.

# # #

Wow Committee (see photo caption)
PHOTO CAPTION (l to r): A few of the many WOW! Walk on Water committee members during a recent planning meeting at The Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel, where the WOW! Walk on Water event will be held October 2-4. Pictured are: Braeden Ziegler of Shelton; Robert and Kathleen Whitby of Greenwich; Paul Callahan, CEO of Shake-A-Leg of Newport, R.I.; Alex Egan, vice president of Shake-A-Leg, Newport, R.I.; Karen Friedman of Westport; Joyce Clear, WOW! Chair and president of ClearGroup International of Weston; Mark Robertson of The Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel; and Amy Scarella of Westport.

WOW! Walk on Water Benefit 2009 The Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel 500 Steamboat Road Greenwich CT 06830

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