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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

07/22/08 Blog Spotlight - Rock Star Diary - Out Of Towners Say They Took Control Of BBQ Grills And They Are Comming Baaaaack!!!!

A day at the beach!

by jocelyn

Alice, Darren & I went to Island Beach out in Greenwich, CT on Saturday. We BBQed and sat in the sun. It was lovely. We have to remember to do this more often! View from my beach chair...

Rock Star Diary - http://www.pixxiestails.com/

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07/22/08 Reader Submitted Comments - Greenwich Police Department Resource Officers Are Hard To Reach

Greenwich Home-Owner Asks Police Department...

Can You Hear Me Now???

Please report on the difficulty in reaching GPD Community Resource Officers.

Repeated calls have been made to discuss a serious problem in my neighborhood. All of these calls have occurred during regular business hours.

Frankly, I am getting tired of leaving repeated messages on a police department answering machine.

I realize that these officers are supposed to spend many of their working hours out in the community interacting with merchants, civic groups and other organizations.

Must one belong to a neighborhood group in order to get a phone call returned?

Comment From Greenwich Roundup:

Messages left on answering machines should be answered in a timely fashion.

Perhaps, Chief Ridberg should provide these Community Resource Officers with on-duty cell phones so that home-owners can reach them with concerns.

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07/22/08 Police Chief David Ridberg said that disciplinary action and possible criminal charges may be filed if a Greenwich Police Officer is involved

Leaking a boys juvenile record over whiffle ball is so Nixonian


Police Investigate Wifflegate

Police say that juvenile court employees or the Riverside resident that reported the crime could have leaked the report.

If the Riverside resident was the source of the leak, then they would have been required to request the report through the court


"I have zero tolerance for that," First Selectman Peter Tesei said "That's outrageous. Again, someone made a very stupid and foolish decision, whoever it is. I hope we find out who it is because that really bothers me."


Leaked report causes outrage

The parent of teen Wiffle ball player expressed outrage yesterday that a police report involving his son was leaked in connection with the ball field controversy in Riverside.

uvenile cases, the father said, are shielded from the public by law. His son is under 16.

In an attempt to galvanize the opposition to the unauthorized ball field built by a group of teens on a town-owned lot on Riverside Lane, the parent said the report was circulated among neighborhood residents by mail, in envelopes without a return address.

"I'm really disappointed to think that adults would stoop to this level," said the father, who Greenwich Time agreed not to name because it would reveal the identity of the juvenile. "To take it to this level, I'm angry."

Police and town officials said they are continuing to investigate the source of the leak after some other parents complained about the situation last week...

...Police Capt. Michael Pacewicz said nothing has been ruled out in the investigation, which the department hopes to finish by the end of the week.

The parent said he and his family were advised by the police to seek legal advice regarding the civil ramifications of the report's release. The two-page report, he said, was received by many homeowners in the Riverside neighborhood where the teens built their makeshift field, along with a note stating, "Wiffle ball kids are great kids."....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story


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07/22/08 Lee Whitnum says illegal immigrants have taken jobs that would otherwise go to African-Americans

OMG !!!!

These Dirty Immigrants Stole Lee Whitnum's Software

Engineering Job And Made Her To Become

A Substitute Teacher Who Is Forced To Teach

The Children Of The Unwashed

Congressional candidate targets immigrants

Connecticut Post


BRIDGEPORT — Democratic Congressional candidate Lee Whitnum called Monday for extensive crackdowns on job-specific and illegal immigration to open up jobs for more Americans.

Whitnum, who gathered enough signatures in the 4th Congressional District to force a primary against fellow Greenwich resident Jim Himes Aug. 12, called for two dedicated police officers in every community to enforce immigration regulations, such as overstayed visas and illegal entrants. During a meeting of the editorial board at the Connecticut Post, Whitnum said that Congress has unnecessarily admitted foreigners to do work that could be done by the nation's own.

"There's no shortage of talented, educated people here," said Whitnum, a Stamford substitute teacher who said her own career as a software engineer was derailed by an influx of outsiders.

The winner of the primary will take on Republican Christopher Shays, now in his 11thterm. She said Shays is one of those responsible for the problem. "They keep giving away our jobs," she said.

Whitnum contended the shortages in some fields are caused because Americans undergo longer periods of training, making them even more qualified. In others, she said the problem is a shortage of training programs rather than of able and willing Americans...

...Whitnum said she hasn't raised any money for her run against outsiders and has put in about $9,500 of her own, which she hopes to eventually recoup somehow. She said she knows she is waging an uphill fight. "I'm doing the best I can with what I have," she said.

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07/22/08 More delays in construction of Hamilton Avenue School have thrown the prospect of a timely renovation at Glenville School into serious doubt

When the president said that no child was to be left behind he meant all the children in America, even the ones at Glenville School.


The lawsuit says that the town is denying hundreds of students their constitutional right to an equal education.


"We need the court to step in and issue a ruling immediately," Patricia Roer said. "We cannot wait while Glenville School students face the threat of yet another school year where their education is being compromised."

"When anybody takes an action like this, it's their strongest expression of frustration over the situation," First Selectman Tesei said. "My focus, and the school system's focus, is on getting all of these projects done, so that the kids can learn in the best environment.


Family requests judge speed up school suit

By Colin Gustafson Greenwich Time Staff writer

A Glenville School family is reviving its lawsuit against the Board of Education and the town for allegedly failing to address the "educationally unsound" conditions of the deteriorating school.

The legal action comes on the eve of a crucial decision next week by the Board on whether to use the aging facility during the 2008-09 school year.

In a letter sent to the town attorney's office yesterday, plaintiffs Gregory and Patricia Roer said they would urge the judge in the case to issue an expedited decision, claiming that inaction by town officials in restoring the school had led to "irreparable harm" to their child.

The suit, filed last November, names former First Selectman Jim Lash, Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg and the Board of Education as defendants.

Through its inaction, the suit argues, the town is denying the plaintiff's son, Matthew, who will enter third grade this year at Glenville School, as well as hundreds of other students their constitutional right to an equal education...

...Assistant Superintendent Susan Wallerstein declined to comment, citing the pending litigation. The town attorney's office had not responded to requests for comment by press time.


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07//22/08 The Greenwich Board Of Education Wants To Hear From Parents And Taxpayers Tonight

School board to allow public comment tonight

The Board of Education will hear public comment during a hearing at tonight's special meeting, where updates on modular mold remediation and construction at Hamilton Avenue and Glenville schools will be given.

The meeting is being held in the Greenwich High School auditorium at 7.

Also From The Greenwich Post:

Greenwich actors perform in ‘Seussical’


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07/22/08 Here We Go Again - Greenwich Board Of Education Is Creating Another School Construction Disaster


Delaying renovations at Glenville School could result in fines and reimbursement fees being paid by taxpayers

By 2010, those costs to the school system could top $160,000.


Greenwich Board Of Education Says:

"As the start date is further delayed, it will become increasingly difficult to place individuals already committed to this project. This could result in the loss of key contractors and personnel if there is not enough work."


Town weighs Ham Ave. options

By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer

What combination of Hamilton Avenue and Glenville schools and modular classrooms will be in use for the next school year is on the agenda tonight as the Board of Education meets at Greenwich High School.

The board will discuss a list of contingency options released yesterday in the event that the school reconstruction project isn't completed by the start of the school year on August 27.

The choices include:

* Shifting Hamilton Avenue students into the deteriorating Glenville School building, which has a history of leaks and maintenance problems.

* Housing Glenville students in the modulars from which Hamilton Avenue students were removed last school year after mold was discovered in the walls and ceiling panels. Those modulars are to be fully restored for this school year, officials said.

* Return Hamilton Avenue students to the modulars, while Glenville students either stay in their current building or are dispersed to other nearby schools.

However, Hamilton Avenue administrators have strongly opposed dispersing their students again this year, after being forced to temporarily assign pupils to six different schools last spring after discovery of the mold....

Also From The Greenwich Time:

Man arrested in boy's death

Police charged the president of a Stamford pool company with manslaughter Monday in the drowning death of Zachary Archer Cohn, a Greenwich boy killed last July when his arm was ensnared by the powerful suction of a drain in his backyard pool.
No trespassing signs go up at Wiffle field

The town demolished it, but they still came. Next time they'll be trespasssers. Despite being shut down on Friday, the unauthorized Wiffle ball field in Riverside drew a number of teens over the weekend for pickup games that led to neighbors calling the police.

Martha P. Franco, 44, and Stephanie F. Franco, 25, both of 28 Cos Cob Ave., were arrested early Sunday afternoon and charged with disorderly conduct stemming from an alleged domestic dispute, according to a police report.

Martha P. Franco, 44, and Stephanie F. Franco, 25, both of 28 Cos Cob Ave., were arrested early Sunday afternoon and charged with disorderly conduct stemming from an alleged domestic dispute, according to a police report.

The two women, mother and daughter, allegedly scuffled during a family argument at their residence, the report said.

Both were released on promises to appear Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford, according to the report.


Ashmore Johnson, 41, of 720 Newhall St., Hamden, was arrested by warrant the morning of July 15 and charged with two counts of second-degree forgery, third-degree identity theft, fifth-degree larceny, third-degree conspiracy to commit identity theft and fifth-degree conspiracy to commit larceny, according to a police report.

Johnson was arrested at state Superior Court, where he turned himself in on a habeus corpus warrant stemming from allegations he used bank account information of a Greenwich victim to purchase items, according to the report.

Additional details were not available yesterday.

Johnson was turned over to the state Judicial Marshals Office for arraignment that day, according to the report.


Jose Luis Estrada, 43, was arrested Saturday night outside of a New Street residence and charged with threatening and disorderly conduct, according to a police report.

Police arrived at the residence on a report of an unwanted male there and found Estrada, who had apparently been bothering

the residents of an apartment, according to the report.

Estrada had been instructed by police previously to stay away, but had threatened one of the occupants of the apartment, the report said.

He is being held on $2,000 bond, and was scheduled to appear yesterday in state Superior Court in Stamford, according to the report.

For those who immediately pooh-pooh the idea of reviving tolls on Connecticut highways, I have two words: Fung Wah.

Recognizing the value of NCC

"Norwalk Community College is so clearly a success in so many respects ..." That's what we said in this space almost five years ago about an educational institution that has continued to grow in stature since.

Expansion of domestic energy supplies is vital

To the editor:

The July 16 issue of Greenwich Time carried a letter, written by the chairman of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, regarding increased drilling for domestic oil and natural gas - which he opposes.

The letter is predictably snide and nasty in its tone. More important, however, is that it unintentionally illustrates the danger to the country from political policies and politicians driven by ideology rather than common sense. Try as it might, the left wing of the Democratic Party can not repeal the law of supply and demand; it is thus willing to repeat the failed energy policies of the Clinton administration.

The left wing (i.e., the Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Himes wing) of the Democratic Party is apparently so beholden to radical environmentalists that it will not or cannot adapt to changing economic circumstances.

Most Americans, however, want a common-sense solution to the nation's current energy problems. That solution will be found in a combination of policies: greater conservation right now and, we assume, the development of economically and environmentally viable alternative energy sources in the longer term. At the same time, it is absolutely essential, for both national security and economic reasons, that we take immediate action to increase our domestic energy resources. To pretend otherwise is to continue to live in an ideological fantasy land.

Voters should note which political party is likely to be willing and able going forward to support rational policies in the vital and rapidly changing energy sector.

John R. Raben Jr.


The writer is chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee.


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07/22/08 The Greenwich Gap Is Gone But Not Forgotten

Was this sign to protect Gap president from Greenwich Avenue employees?

How do you clean your recording studio?

by Oliver Chesler

When I was starting college I worked at The Gap in Greenwich, Connecticut. For those who don’t know The Gap is a nation (world) wide clothing store and Greenwich is one of the richest towns in the United States. he president of the entire company lived in Greenwich and would come into our store. He would show up without any warning which meant our store had to be spotless at all times. My manager would actually make me take sticky tape, get on my hands and knees and use it to pull lint and dirt out of the carpet in the dressing rooms! I also spent countless hours cleaning the glass, steel racks and folding giant walls of jeans.

I guess the intense retail store boot camp has stuck with me because I like to keep my studio ultra clean. I’m on a permanent war with those dust bunnies that collect near electric wires ...

wire to the ear - http://www.wiretotheear.com

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0721/08 Help Wanted In Greenwich

Librarian / Reading Specialist needed at Boys & Girls Club of ...
by Hannah

Degree in library science or library-media certification• Teaching experience preferred. Teaching certificate in reading remediation preferred• Knowledge of library techniques, processes, and reference sources• Ability to plan and ...

Fairfield County Jobs Blog - http://fairfieldcountyjobs.blogspot.com/

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