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Thursday, May 15, 2008

05/15/08 - Google Is Watching You And Me !!!!

People don't realize how much info is collected by Google via Google Anaytics and this can be a little freaked out at that sort of thing.

It is very easy for a new citizen journalist to get drunk on web statistics.

Maybe I should go cold turkey and not report on or look at the web statistics alone for 2 or 3 months.

It is just that when you work so hard on building a website, you become almost addicted to the independent web statistics. If the page views are going up you feel that you must be doing something right.

The blogosphere has taken journalism into uncharted waters

"The rules have changed, man. Deal with it."

I am big supporter of the blogosphere's corrective power.

I don't think that most mainstream reporters have secret agendas. But I do think that they have to work so fast and under such deadline pressure that they often cut corners and make errors of fact or judgement.

And for news consumers to have another set of people, even if they are "uncredentialed", looking over their shoulders has been the greatest thing to happen to journalism since the Vietnam War and Watergate.

Personally I think that journalism in greenwich often amounted to a conspiracy between journalists and politicians against the public. I think that "citizen journalists" are causing the whole cosy arrangement to be in danger of collapse.

And the single family home owners of Greenwich are in danger of finding out what their lords and masters really think of them.

Personally, I find it simply laughable that reporters who have been cheering on whistle-blowers for years have suddenly started to denounced citizen journalists who blow the whistle on sloppy reporting.

Thanks to bloggers, the Greenwich media has found itself faced with a much needed fact checker.

I see poorly conducted journalism by bloggers as far less dangerous to Greenwich society than the local newspaper and radio journalists who routinely toss aside their ethics and responsibility in order not to anger a key source, or violate "politically correct" points of view.

Personally, I am very grateful for the blogosphere that has allowed my own site and creativity to flourish in the short time since it was launched.

However, I received some wise feedback from a reader saying that they didn't think that "it helps your cause" to be tweaking Paul Curtis so directly.

At least we did not put up Google satellite photos up of his backyard at 8 Rex Street In Greenwich

(Opps, I did it again)

No seriously, the reader I mentioned above, doesn't want Greenwich Roundup to "come across as being mean-spirited in anyway".

Further, the reader also made a valid point by saying, "The news is one thing but you don't want it to be so personal."

Lastly, the reader went out of their way to say that they are not trying to kill the "outsider appeal" of Greenwich Roundup but wanted to make sure that the citizens of Greenwich will take the website seriously.

And this reader is 100% right.

Even though I received over a dozen comments about the fantastic growth that Greenwich Roundup has experienced, this one descenting readers comments made me take notice.

Greenwich Roundup obviously wants to be taken seriously despite the anti-establishment themes, and the appearance of the website will start to reflect this fact more so in the future.

The goal here is to make Greenwich Roundup an open source news and information portal for Greenwich. Currently, we are looking to add a Greenwich Wiki where everyone in Greenwich would be able to write, edit and publish information about Greenwich.

Also, Greenwich Roundup is also looking to make this a team blog where several citizen journalists would be able to report on what is really happening in Greenwich.

If you want to be a citizen journalist or regular columnist at Greenwich Roundup, you can use your real name or a pen name.

For example, you could be "Citizen X" and your column could be called the "X Rant". The only thing we ask is that any pen name would be family friendly.

If you have any suggestions on how to make Greenwich Roundup better, please don't hesitate to send in your ideas, because this cub reporter is slowly learning how to blog one day at a time.

Maybe, I shoud have signed up for this class

Neophytes get introduction to blogging

Since, I missed the class. I am going to have to ask you the reader to help me make Greenwich Roundup into a better news blog.

Maybe, you think we should have a smaller more readable type without all of the cantered text.

Or maybe, we should go to two columns instead of three columns.

Please let me know, what you think will make Greenwich Roundup much cleaner and easier to read.

Well this will be the last post tonight, my wife is taking me to a prayer meeting lead by former football player Paul Costa at a house in Rye Brook.

Maybe, I will say the blogger's prayer....

"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to blog about the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference."

Then I will say....

Hi, my name is Brian, and I am addicted to the statistics at Google Analytics.

Please send your ideas to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

05/15/08 - Greenwich Roundup Has Set Another Record - Greenwich Newspapers Had Better Stop Taking Their Readers For Granted.

Greenwich Roundup takes nothing for granted, especially our website visitors right to know what is really going on in Greenwich.

Greenwich readers appreciate that we bring you ALL of the blog and news links about Greenwich to them each and every day.

Greenwich readers recognize that we are marrying leading technology with old fashioned human insight - our and theirs.

Our Website visitors let us come into their lives not visa-versa.

For example, look at these individual web stats from April 14 to May 14...

Network Location: paul curtis

154 Visits

00:04:01 Avg. Time on Site

1.49 Pages/Visit

Yes it's, the Paul Curtis Server spent about ten and a half hours at Greenwich Roundup during the last month !!!!!

122 times the Paul Curtis Server came to us via Google the other 22 times was via a direct link.

The Paul Curtis Server user has used Firefox on all 154 visits this month and the also uses the macintosh operating system.

The Paul Curtis Server is using an up to date version of flash and has java support.

The Paul Curtis Server connects to use via cable.

Maybe we should ask Paul Curtis, production coordinator for Greenwich Cable TV if we could just put a news ticker at the bottom of Channel 79 screen.

Influential RTM member Paul Curtis recently coordinated with the First Selectman's office, the Town's IT Department and RTM moderator Thomas Byrne, Board of Education member Toni Tripodi and principal Dr. James Bulger at CMS to bring the RTM Meetings to the internet.

However, some in the community have complained about getting public access to the Greenwich Public Cable Channels.

Please see:

05/05/08 - More censorship In Greenwich - Reader Submitted Comments: “... a dissenting voice to shut up.”

Any way, here are Greenwich Roundups Web Stats for only May 1 to May 15th:

10,260 Visits

22,976 Page Views

6,632 Absolute Unique Visitors

Please see:

05/01/08 - The News Portal Of Greenwich Sets Another Record


04/01/08 - Things Are So Bright. We Are Going To Start Wearing Sunglasses

03/01/08 - Greenwich Roundup Influencing The Influencers.

02/01/08 - Greenwich Roundup Is Growing Like Gangbusters - Checkout January's Web Stats

By the way, Greenwich Roundup Is The Only News Website To Publish Their Web Stats.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com
"Greenwich's Most Influential News Website"

05/15/08 - You Won't Read This In The Greenwich's Daily Newspaper The "Yellowich" Time (Updated)

This Photograph Of Light Yellow Mold
Kind Of Reminds One Of
The Lack Of Investigative Reporting
At The Greenwich Time

It Looks Like The "Yellowich" Time Is Not Going To Report On The Contaminated Hamilton Avenue School Modulars Unless They Get A Press Release From
Greenwich Public Schools Superintendent
Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg

Greenwich Time Readers don't know that on Friday, May 9th, the Ham Ave parents finally were allowed to have their privately paid-for Certified Industrial Hygienist go into the modulars and do testing.

Greenwich Time Readers don't know that testing that was done was formaldehyde, two types of air quality, water saturation testing, swab testing of visible mold and testing under the modulars.

Greenwich Time Readers don't know that results won't be in until right around Memorial Day.

Greenwich Time Readers should not worry that their daily newspaper is letting them down. They can count on the daily Greenwich Roundup website to keep them posted. We are not afraid of Sternberg and her failed - high paid - school administrators.

Greenwich Roundup Is...
"A Lean Mean Truth Telling Machine"

Please see:

05/09/09 - Hey Greenwich Time - Glenville School Parents Want To Know - WHY??????

05/08/08 - Greenwich Public Schools Lied To Parents When They Tried To Blame The Hamilton Avenue Modular Contamination On The Factory


05/13/08 - RTM NOTES - Betty Sternberg And Her Failed School Administrators Get A $972,000 Bailout (Updated)

05/13/08 - Heard it Through The Grapevine - Local Newspaper Maybe Living On Borrowed Time


05/02/08 - First Amendment - Freedom Of The Press - You can not copyright a public document paid for with the tax dollars of single family home owners

04/24/04 - Bryan Finkel: "Let's talk about finding a safe place for our kids and not putting them into a toxic dump like these modulars"

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

05/15/08 - The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Thursday (Update #4)

The Three Minute Greenwich News Brief

Breaking News

Parents turn out in force to support instructional assistants

Pat Ferris and Chieny Nobunaga helped lead the charge in support of instructional assistants followed by many others, including, Yelena McRae.

Chanting “appreciate don’t denigrate” and “respect not neglect,” Greenwich parents marched Thursday morning in support of the public schools’ instructional assistants, who are at an impasse with the Board of Education in negotiations over a new contract.


Watch The News 12 Video - Greenwich parents protest school contract negotiation

About 40 Greenwich parents took part in a protest outside the board of education Thursday morning.

The parents say they're upset because school administrators are trying to renegotiate a contract that includes cuts for the school aids who deal with special-needs children.

According to the protestors, the board of education is offering school aids, known as para-professionals, a 50 cent per hour raise. They also say the district wants to double their insurance premiums, as well as cut back their sick days from 15 to five.

The para-professionals weren’t at the protest because they were all in school. However, parents say they play an important role in the education system, not only for the special-needs children, but for the rest of their class as well....

Please Note: The Greenwich Time And The Greenwich Citizen may cover this story later tonight or tomorrow. We will keep you posted.



"All the information that was developed during the police investigation indicates various people brought various types of drugs into the house in question," Ridberg said. "We carried that to what we believed was the logical conclusion but how much criminal liability should be assessed is up to the prosecutor when he signs the warrant."


Senior Assistant State's Attorney James Bernardi, Needs To Poop Or Get Of The Pot

In 2005 Greenwich Police Chief James Walters Said The Case Had Been Closed Without Making Any Arrests


Two months after police filed arrest warrant applications in the 2004 fatal overdose of John Bria III, prosecutors have not approved charges in the death of the teenager who overdosed in his Pemberwick home...

..."I'm astounded by the reluctance shown by the State Attorney's Office in this case when the reports are full of information providing probable cause," Seeger said...

...A lawsuit filed by Bria's parent in 2005 is still pending and names Katie Hanscom, Savannah Lamotte, Megan Caron, and Jason Cunningham, four youths who spent time with Bria the night of his death, and Donna Cunningham, who picked up her son the morning after the party.

Attorneys for all five defendants said their clients bear no responsibility for Bria's death.

Full Greenwich Time Story


01/04/08 - Greenwich Police Officers Sit On The Post Road Looking For Burned Out Tailights In Hopes Of Making A Drug Arrest

02/03/08 - The Stamford Police Know How To Properly Investigate A Drug Death

02/04/08 - Savannah Lamotte, would tell police about John J. Bria's Death: "Maria and Jason picked me up around 9 p.m. …

02/06/08 - Dr. Ian Rubin's Family Has Complained About The Press, But At Least The Family Got Justice.

02/13/07 - Finally: Greenwich Cops Reopen Bria Drug Death Case

03/24/08 - But, Why Isn't There A "Year Long Investgation" In The John J. Bria Drug Death?

04/01/08 - The Police Blotter - Getting Drugs Out Of Greenwich High School

05/04/07 - Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time, Has Been Fired By The Paper's New Owner


According to press reports as late as 07/31/05

Bria Family Attorney Steven Seeger said the test results will be provided to police as evidence that one or more of the youths who were with Bria the night before he died provided the drugs and should be arrested on drug charges in connection with Bria's death, Seeger said.


  1. US job market soft, factories weak

    ABS-CBN News

    ... received, which we think stresses corporate profits," said David Ader, head of government bond strategy at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. There was more news of softening inflation pressure in the industrial production report. ...

  2. CT Film Fest culminates with week of screenings, events


    ... up against 2,500 similar festivals throughout the world each year. He's also aware that festivals in Stamford and Greenwich in the not-so-distant past have failed. "I didn't think they were differentiating themselves from other ones," he says. Now ...

  3. Cartoonist Mort Walker Discusses the Long Road Leading to Huge Merged Museum

    Editor & Publisher

    ... skyscraper fell through in 2006 -- the latest in a series of bad-luck events for IMCA. After a 1974-76 stint in Greenwich, Conn., and a 1976-1992 stay in Rye Brook, N.Y., IMCA built a new structure in Boca Raton, Fla. The museum reopened its doors ...

  4. CBS Buying CNET Makes Sense?

    Rebuilding Media

    ... Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its ...

  5. Health: Schoeneweis' Pain


    Scott Schoeneweis was rushed to a Greenwich, CT hospital yesterday due to abdominal pain.

  6. Gold Lifts on Soft Economic Data


    ... ongoing softness, [but] not a "collapse" in activity," writes Michael Darda, Chief Economist at MKM Partners in Greenwich, Conn., in a recent research report. Turning to the precious metals patch, shares of Goldcorp GG and those of Yamana Gold AUY ...

  7. Neenah Paper divests Pictou pulp mill

    The Toronto Star

    ... pulp mill in Nova Scotia. Under the deal with Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corp., a creature of Atlas Holdings LLC of Greenwich, Conn., and Blue Wolf Capital Management LLC of New York, Neenah said Thursday it "expects to pay approximately $15 million ...

  8. Metastorm plans IPO to raise $86 million

    Baltimore Sun

    ... far, 30 IPOs have been priced as of May 14, compared with 89 in the corresponding period last year, according to Greenwich, Conn.-based research firm Renaissance Capital's IPOhome.com. But the IPO market is improving, said Kathleen Smith, a ...

  9. Haskell Ozer, 93

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    ... On July 6th, they would have celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary; one daughter, Trudy wife of David Selib of Greenwich, CT; a brother, Simon Ozer of Hyannis; two grandchildren, Jonathan Selib and his wife Claire of Washington, DC and Amy wife ...

  10. Mets Need More Vargas

    New York Post

    ... IN A HOSPITAL SCARE Reliever Scott Schoeneweis was taken by ambulance early this morning near his home in Greenwich, Conn., and hospitalized for seven hours after a severe case of the stomach ailment that has been going around the Mets'...

  11. Big Winners Among New Issues, But Not Many IPOs So Far In '08

    Investor's Business Daily

    ... down from last year, they're not down (by the same degree as) the level of issuance," said Kathy Smith, of the Greenwich, Conn.-based firm Renaissance Capital, which watches IPOs. "So it shows there's interest." So far this year, 30 companies have ...

  12. For Scott Schoeneweis, tough to stomach

    New York Daily News

    Scott Schoeneweis experienced severe abdominal pain at his Greenwich, Conn. , home on Tuesday night, prompting him to spend six hours in the hospital Wednesday morning with what doctors at one point feared was ...

  13. Mutual Of Omaha To Pay $1.7 Million And Adopt Reforms

    Hartford Courant

    ... premium, the settlement says. Other pension plan sponsors in Connecticut that were affected are Bank of Austria in Greenwich , New London County Mutual Insurance Co., and AAA Hartford in West Hartford , according to the attorney general's office. ...

  14. AIG Ex-Chief Greenberg's Presence Will Be Felt at Meeting He Won't Attend


    ... like they're hurting his child,'' said William Berkley , chairman of W.R. Berkley Corp. , an insurer based in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``AIG was this man's creation. It was his life's work.'' Berkley, whose predecessor , Berkley Dean & Co., was ...

  15. As we celebrate new options for finding geodata...Greenwich Stirs

    All Points Blog

    Everyone remembers Greenwich, the town in Connecticut that went through a FOIA and several lawsuits only to lose its bid refuse sharing GIS data with a consultant.

  16. Benign inflation report boosts Wall St

    Earth Times

    ... is not going to be ratcheting up rates any time soon," said Michael Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners LLC, in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 141.51 points, or 1.11 percent, to 12,973.69. The Standard & ...

  17. Down By Foie

    Chicago Magazine

    ... standout in 14 cities worldwide) would be if they opened a steak house," says Lynn Saathoff, chef/partner of the Greenwich, Connecticut - 'based cb5 Restaurant Group. Ajasteak will get its beef directly from Japan's Kobe region (courtesy of local ...

  18. We Are Paying Town Attorney John Wayne Fox $12,500 A Month To Fight A $100 Ticket That Jim Lash Got And Deserved

    "But what's worse is they feel that they can continue to skirt FOI and occasionally pay a small penalty or even no penalty."

    "I used to think that they would clean up their act after several adverse decisions, and to some degree they have made progress in making important data-sets widely available in electronic form. Now I sense they will only go through the motions and will not develop a sense of 'trustees of the public's records' until someone loses elections over legal costs or a major decision hits home."

    Greenwich officials shriek about security in illegally denying a Freedom of Information request for aerial shots of the town

  19. Restaurant exec is pumping it up

    New York Business.com

    ... accessible, flavorful food that is also good for them. A former private equity associate at Wexford Capital in Greenwich, Conn., Mr. Eskin, 27, discovered The Pump while searching for viable business ventures for Wexford. He convinced his employer ...

  20. Bill Clark At Greenwich Gossip Choses Ed To Replace "The Doll"


    On a picture-perfect May morning in 2008 a man stood next to a Greenwich Avenue building erected by his grandfather in 1925, and with his proud parents, wife, and daughter beside him, announced his plans to change history.

    Greenwich has not had a Democratic representative in Hartford since 1912. In effect, one might say, Greenwich has therefore not had a functioning representative in Hartford for 96 years. Why? Because the Democratic party has a heavy majority in the State House of Representatives, and we here in Greenwich insist on sending impotent Republicans to "represent" us anyhow. And so we are effectively unrepresented.


PRSA, Westchester Fairfield Chapter Board Meeting (Private)

When: Thursday May 15th, 2008 - 06:00 PM
Where: Greenwich Library at Meeting Room PRSA, Westchester Fairfield Chapter Board Meeting (Private)
Greenwich Library | Today's Events - http://www.greenwichlibrary.org

Longford's in Old Greenwich

I was just there and did not see them - how recently did they open?
Chowhound's Latest » Tristate Region - http://www.chowhound.com/boards/20

Art looted by Nazis goes on display in Greenwich

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Jacques Goudstikker was the Netherlands' biggest art dealer in the 1930s, influencing the tastes of collectors and museums while entertaining lavishly in his country home and castle. In 1940, he hastily left it ...
Worthington Daily Globe - Homepage - http://www.dglobe.com/rss/rss.cfm?section=homepage

Greenwich beats Staples 6-1

By Keelin Daly

Greenwich Time. Share on Facebook.
Greenwich Time Photos - http://greenwichtimephotos.com

As we celebrate new options for finding geodata...Greenwich Stirs

by Adena Schutzberg

Everyone remembers Greenwich, the town in Connecticut that went through a FOIA and several lawsuits only to lose its bid refuse sharing GIS data with a consultant. Now, even as we all ponder the goings on Google and ESRI and their ...
All Points Blog - http://apb.directionsmag.com/

Tipper Gore in Greenwich

by claudette
Last week Tipper Gore was in Greenwich for the grand opening of the ‘Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ furniture store. photos8-010new.JPG. The store actually opened its doors about a month or so ago, but this was my first time in it. ...
Greenwich Diva - http://greenwichdiva.com/


Residents should be concerned about bonding

To the editor:

Mark Pruner's opinion piece May 9 regarding town bonding and capital improvement projects should be required reading for all Greenwich residents. It certainly enlightened me as to the big picture on town indebtedness and the potential for large future tax increases...

...I am happy to pay my taxes for such a great place to live, but Mr. Pruner is right in advocating that "non-essential projects continue in the democratic process in which town bodies decide what we can afford each year." Unfortunately, as one of those "little people" who pays taxes (to quote Leona Helmsley, or was it Martha Stewart?), my resources are limited.

George Sherwin

Cos Cob


Greenwich Citizen Web Site
May Be Updated Later Today


Town budget lower than last year
High school project stays but traffic lights are out

Plans to renovate Greenwich High School’s auditorium and music classrooms can move forward in the wake of Monday’s Representative Town Meeting budget vote, but stop signs will have to do the trick along Greenwich Avenue when officers are off duty. Decreasing the town’s general fund by 4.7% from last year’s budget, the RTM voted 162 to 4, with five abstentions, to approve the $356-million budget for 2008-09. Included in that vote was the approval of $22.7 million in general obligation bonds to cover capital appropriations.

Against incumbent Shays, Himes named toughest contender

When Cos Cob resident Jim Himes was officially nominated on Monday as the Democratic candidate in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District he was given the title as the party’s best chance ever to unseat longtime Republican incumbent Rep. Christopher Shays, according to the recent nonpartisan Cook Political Report that ranks Mr. Shays at the top of its list of “2008 Politically Vulnerable Incumbents.” The report is said to be based on past election results, party registration in the district and current fund-raising totals for both opponents.

Krumeich, Camillo to face off for state rep

Republican Alfred Camillo Jr. will face off with Democrat Edward Krumeich II for the soon-to-be-vacant 151st District seat in the state legislature.

Sound experience: Greenwich residents can explore outdoors

The Shellfish Commission is working on sending a message to Greenwich residents — there are outdoor activities in Greenwich other than shopping on the avenue or participating in organized sports.

Bridge work will close Shore Road

Major construction on the Shore Road Bridge is just a few years away and preliminary work is set to begin later this month, which means Shore Road in Greenwich will have to be temporarily closed.

New Bruce Park playground promises new style of play

With the enthusiastic support of the Board of Selectmen, the Junior League of Greenwich is on its way to the Planning and Zoning Commission with its plan to renovate the Bruce Park playground.

Greenwich Time News RSS Feed

Theresa Bologna, 89, vividly remembers her wedding to Tony, 92, at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Riverside in 1938.
Full Story

Krumeich vies again to represent 151th District

Edward Krumeich Jr. is back. The Greenwich Democrat, who came within 132 votes of victory two years ago in the state's 151st House District race, announced yesterday that he will run for the same seat this fall now that its longtime occupant Claudia "Dolly" Powers is retiring.
Full Story

Nonprofits rush to follow new IRS rules

At least 16 Greenwich-based organizations have already complied with new regulations that require nonprofit groups that receive less than $25,000 to file annually with the IRS.
Full Story

Tops with spaghetti straps are out. So are short shorts. With warm weather approaching, principals of Central and Western Middle schools recently sent home reminders to parents about the dress code, requiring students' clothing to "reflect basic standards of modesty.
Full Story

Officer recovering from injuries

Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

A police rookie hospitalized with a serious head injury sustained after striking his head during a struggle with an emotionally disturbed patient has been upgraded to stable condition at Greenwich Hospital, police Lt.

Full Story

Greenwich Time Sports RSS Feed

From the moment they first stepped foot on the court this season the expectations for the Greenwich High School boys tennis team have always been the same as they were for every Cardinals' team that has come before them - championship or bust.
Full Story

Migliazza's two grand slams in one inning spell doom for Cardinals

In Bobby Migliazza's first at-bat of the second inning, he jumped all over a first-pitch fastball and deposited it beyond the 341-foot sign in right center for a grand slam.
Full Story

The Brunswick School lacrosse team didn't mind working a little overtime yesterday to put an end to its five-game losing streak.
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Lilly enjoying a rare breather - for now

Downtime is not a concept with which Kristine Lilly is entirely familiar. Oh sure, there have been pockets here and there during her 20-year run with the...
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