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Saturday, May 10, 2008

05/10/08 - Another Angry Greenwich BMW Customer With A Bad experience

BMW North America Had To Take Over The Greenwich BMW's New Service Facility In Port Chester, New York. Now another BMW dealer runs the facility in Port Chester.

Greenwich Consumer Alert for: Greenwich BMW

Greenwich BMW Service

Had my second bad experience with Greenwich BMW and will avoid them going forward... I wanted to know what can be done when the dealer damages your car, knows it, and refuses to remedy the problem(and if there is a better BMW service ...
E60 Discussion - http://forums.e60.net/index.php

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05/10/09 - Greenwich Blog Posts About Putting The Hooks In Fish And RTM Members

The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Western CT > Byram/Greenwich/Cos Cob

posted by Richard Demarte

Captain Richard DeMarte here..... I fished the rocks/shoreline of Rye, ... (Click link for full report)
- http://www.noreast.com/postedreports/list.cfm?region_ID=8

Vote 'Yes' for the new GHS auditorium
By claudette

To my fellow Greenwich residents, please contact your district RTM members http://www.greenwichct.org/RTM/RTM.asp (go to 'search RTM member list', then click on 'click here', click on the map of Greenwich, then click on your district ...
Greenwich Diva - http://greenwichdiva.com/

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05/10/08 - Why does the New York Times always have stories about Greenwich, because they sell about as many papers in Greenwich as the Greenwich Time

New York Times Greenwich News Alert:

You Can't Make This Stuff Up, or Can You?
New York Times

But in my heart, I would like for him to be a real-life counterpart of a character on my latest imaginary TV series brainchild: "The Hedges of Greenwich, ...

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05/10/08 - Government Compliant Media Operations In Greenwich

Regurgitated Town Of Greenwich And Board Of Education Press releases! Must Die! Die! Die! At The Greenwich Time

Nothing Has thwarted the Town Of Greenwich from using coercion and favoritism to manipulate a compliant press in Greenwich.

The Stakeholders Of Greenwich want a daily or at least weekly newspaper devoted to the unbiased reporting of events and developments that are significant to readers living in, or employed in Greenwich.
  • The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich School Children want a daily or at least weekly newspaper that will strive to report fairly, and objectively reliable information without favor or compromise.
  • The Parents Of Greenwich School Children want a daily or at least weekly newspaper whose first duty will be the PEOPLES RIGHT TO KNOW.
  • The Parents of Glenville and Hamilton Avenue School need a daily or at least weekly newspaper that expose the truth, without fear or hesitation, no matter where the pursuit may lead.
All Of Greenwich deserves a daily or at least weekly newspaper that will conduct itself in the finest tradition of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

The Greenwich time has repeatedly failed to cover news and events relevant to the health and safety of innocent small children, instead they focussed on immediacy of reproducing press releases in a journal format.

Audit Bureau Statistics show that the Greenwich Time year after year loses readers, because they fail to provide a comprehensive, chronological step-by step accounting of events, enlightened with analysis where appropriate.

From amongst the journalism's classic Key Words: who, what, when, where, why and how, the Greenwich Time often fails to deliver the "why and how".

The Greenwich Time does not use it's abundant time and resources to get past the initial government or school board "spin" and "damage control" which are often at the core of press releases.

The Greenwich Time repeatedly fails to reach the very heart of the matter: THE TRUTH.

The Greenwich Time often ignores the cries of the single family home owners and parents and other disenfranchised members of Greenwich society.

Greenwich Time readers are fleeing to the web, because this local kitty litter liner is unable or unwilling to take it's readers to level of understanding and insight that they want.

If the Greenwich news paper publishers can't deliver a product that carefully balances the presentation of relevant of, hard hitting news and commentary without bias then there is an army of fit and trim citizen journalists that will succeed in filling the needs of Greenwich residents and eventually advertisers.

There are blogs less than a year old that reach 10 to 15 percent of the same households that the Greenwich Time reaches.

These blogs that are focusing on the who and why are growing exponentially, while the Greenwich Time is in a downward spiral, as it reproduces Government and Board Of Education press releases.

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05/10/08 - Greenwich High School Boys Are Interested In Going To The Girls Golf Team Bra Fitting Fund Raiser

Two days ago a girl on the Greenwich Golf Team was a 32B. Today She is a 36D. She didn't have scary surgery: She had a bra fitting. And it vastly changed her high school life.

They Never Had A Fund Raiser Like This When I Was In High School. The girls just had bake sales and car wash fund raisers.

Greenwich High School News Report:

Bra fitting benefits Greenwich High School girls golf
Greenwich Post

A $10 donation will go directly to the Greenwich High School girls golf team. Refreshments will be served. The store will also contribute a portion of ...

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05/10/08 - Are These Women Golfers Going To Have A Bra Fitting Fund Raiser Too?

Greenwich Charity News Report:

Greenwich women are organizing golf event
Greenwich Post

Audrey Dornier and Helen FitzPatrick of Greenwich are among those committee members helping to organize this year's Inner-City Foundation For Charity and ...

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05/10/08 - Greenwich Library News

Greenwich Library Blog Post:

Overdrive: Downloading Digital Books

When: Saturday May 10th, 2008 - 10:00 AM

Where: Greenwich Library at Training Center Learn how to browse, select, and download best-selling audio books and Adobe eBooks in this hour program.
Greenwich Library | Today's Events - http://www.greenwichlibrary.org

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