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Sunday, December 30, 2007

12/30/07 - Numerous people called not just to report information but wanting to know what was up and if she had been found

Missing child alert sparks influx of calls

Norwalk Advocate

... later found safe resulted in a surge of calls through the week from people left hanging about the girl's fate, Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran said. 'Numerous people called not just to report information but wanting to know what was up and ...
Original Norwalk Advocate article: Missing child alert sparks influx of calls

12/30/07 - If your family has a little extra money at the end of this year, then please consider those less fortunate than you.

Norwalk Advocate

The Advocate and Greenwich Time Giving Fund provides assistance to needy families in lower Fairfield County.

12/30/07 - Business Spotlight - Antares Real Estate And Donald Trump

Plans laid for Trump tower, new housing and new look for South End

Norwalk Advocate

... Also in the South End, the board approved general plans for redevelopment of 82 acres of brownfields by Greenwich-based Antares Real Estate. Plans were presented for infrastructure changes that would allow the first phase of their project to ...

12/30/07 - Harvard: Schools should share disciplinary records

Admissions officers at Harvard College feel sabotaged by administrators at Greenwich High School and other public and private schools who rebuff queries about an applicant's behavior during high school, said ...
...The senior suspended by Capasso, Stephen Bryn, 17, was accused of making a sexually suggestive remark about a female student, and is seeking a court injunction to block the school from sharing information about the discipline with colleges where he applies.

Lindy Urso, an attorney for Bryn, said he and Bryn were told by a guidance counselor during a meeting that the alleged incident could be reported to colleges where Bryn applies.

Bryn denies making the comment, and wants the court to overturn the discipline and to be granted a more formal hearing where he can refute the allegations, his attorney said.

The judge denied an emergency injunction but scheduled arguments on the application for Feb. 11, according to Urso....
Original Norwalk Advocate article: Harvard: Schools should share disciplinary records

12/30/07 - "I think there is a lot to learn from them.They should be part of the historical record and add another layer to what life was like."

Timothy Brooks stands next to his collection of 10,000 78 rpm records in his Greenwich, Conn., home.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

GREENWICH, Conn.- After cranking up his Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph by hand, Timothy Brooks gingerly drops a needle onto the black plastic disc, bringing forth a boisterous jazz tune.

12/30/07 - A rare opportunity to switch prescription drug coverage draws to a close

Tomorrow last day to sign-up for Medicare Part D coverage

Norwalk Advocate

... paid an extra $1,000 per year if he had stayed with his current plan, according to Sam Deibler, director of the Greenwich Commission on Aging. 'We're talking about people who are already in the system, and they need to take a second look for ...

12/30/07 - State DEP says bay moorings illegal

“We're not arguing with (state DEP officials). We're just saying, 'Give us the winter and let us work on this. Let us figure out who is in there.”

State environmental officials say a pair of Greenwich boaters may need a special permit to keep their docks in a downtown harbor, a possibility that could have far-reaching implications for the larger boating community.

According to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, state law requires Greenwich boaters Ian MacMillan and Frank Rupp to obtain a permit to moor their docks in an area of Greenwich Harbor known as Horseneck Bay. The heavily silted area, where Horseneck Creek empties into the harbor, is wedged between Roger Sherman Baldwin Park and Grass Island and has dozens of moorings....

Original Stamford Advocate article: State DEP says bay moorings illegal

12/30/07 - GHS Arts Center in New BOE Budget

via Greenwich Citizen

“A small school needs a media center just as much as a larger one”

The signal was go ahead with the $125 million budget for the 2008-09 Greenwich public school year, and for the new design plan for the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center at last Thursday night's Board ...

Source URL: http://www.greenwichcitizen.com/localnews/ci_7829697

12/30/07 - Hollywood.com Updates Website Adds Matt Lauer


As the charismatic and affable co-host of NBC’s morning staple, “The Today Show” (1952- ), Matt Lauer became one of America’s favorite morning show personalities in the late 1990’s. Known for his personable manner, Lauer developed a very trusting yet direct interviewing technique which granted him a number of groundbreaking interviews with celebrity and political figures from Tom Cruise to George W. Bush. During his “Today” tenure, Lauer reported on stories from across the globe for his annual segment, “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” logging more than 146,000 travel miles and reporting from more than 25 different locations....
... with the program through 2011. Born Matthew Todd Lauer on Dec. 30, 1957 in New York City, NY, Lauer grew up in Greenwich, CT, the son of a Jewish father, Robert Lauer, and Christian mother, Marilyn Kolmer, who split when Lauer was still very young. ...

12/30/07 - Wanna Buy The Dinnertime Bandit's Website? - Is This A Hoax Or What? -

For Sale: Site, story, domain, blog, email.

This blog will chronicle the rise and fall of America's most talented jewel thief of all time, Alan William Golder, aka "The Dinnertime Bandit". It will also contain news articles on William "Bill" Mason (another independent jewel thief who stole $35 million over 35 years), and The Dinnerset Gang (Peter Salerno, Dominick Latella, and Walter Shaw), who stole over $70 million worth of jewelry in over 2,000 professional burglaries.

Supposedly by Alan Golder - Dinnertime Bandit

I have taken the decision to sell this website, and everything related to it.

What does the sale consist of? Quite literally, everything.

Full ownership of dinnertimebandit.blogspot.com Subdomain, www.blogger.com username and password, rights to pursue story.

dinnertimebandit@gmail.com email address.

www.dinnertimebandit.info Domain name (automatically redirects to http://dinnertimebandit.blogspot.com without showing the redirection), Ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN, anonymous protected registration until 10th Feb 2010.

Skype Account: username - thedinnertimebandit

All digital news articles, all cd's and dvd's I own with Alan Golder content, including digital pictures.

All paper news articles (over 15), his full Arrest Warrant from Darien and Greenwich PD (over 50 pages), his court plea-hearing documents (not guilty).

After I receive the documents from his 16th January bond-reduction hearing, and his subsequent trial, I will forward them to the buyer.

5 1/2 years worth of research (began June 2002), 3 1/2 years worth of website production. Over 4,400 profile views. Over 2,000 unique pageviews in 2007 alone.

FBI Freedom of Information Act files on Lawrence Lever murder in Old Brookville, December 1978. Possibly many more FOIA documents relating to burglaries of famous people yet to arrive. All of these will be forwarded to the buyer.

All Visitor logs from IP2MAP and full access and ownership of associated Google Analytics account.

All contact information for contacts I've built up over 5 1/2 years worth of research and study. Law Enforcement contacts, civilians, authors, writers, family, friends, ex school-friends, acquiantances, of Alan Golder.

Access to highly confidential Blowfish-encrypted files.

European Criminal Intelligence Analysis data from Interpol and informants.

Help with providing translated version of the site in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.

My continued support and any research that needs done.

If you wish to make me a reasonable and genuine offer please contact me here

The Dinnertime Bandit - http://dinnertimebandit.blogspot.com/

Additional Information:

Alan William Golder aka "Robert Muller"

12/30/07 - The diversity of the work she did - the sketches,the murals, the mosaics, the windows, the decorative art - is unique to her,

Work by Art Deco muralist to be displayed in Greenwich

Art Deco muralist and mosaicist Hildreth Mei re was once recognized as a contemporary of modernists Georgia O'Keefe and Isabel Bishop....

Beginning Jan. 7, studies from Dunn's private collection and photographs of Meire's work around the country will be shown at Cora E. McLaughlin Art Gallery at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich....

The Advocate - In The Community - http://www.norwalkadvocate.com/features/lifestyle/inthecommunit...

12/30/07 - Greenwich Business News


... ``Factory demand recovered a little bit, at least in the Chicago region,'' said Omair Sharif, an economist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``Slow-but-steady is probably the best way to characterize factory growth right now.''

12/30/07 - Greenwich Sports Report

Norwalk Advocate

... goaltender Kenny Eger made 18 saves. Colin Morrissey scored for St. Joseph (1-4). Notre Dame-West Haven 5, Greenwich 3 - Notre Dame-West Haven scored two unanswered goals to snap a 3-3 tie, the final one being an empty-netter. Michael ...

12/30/07 - A rich state - Connecticut is beset by persistent problems with people who can't find a home, can't keep a home or are in danger of .......

CT-04: (D) Jim Himes, (R) John McKinney, Greenwich Time, and Honesty

by goldrick

Greenwich Time/Stamford Advocate's editorial last week, "Lawmaker right to target homelessness", praises Republican state senator John McKinney for setting "his sights on effectively ending homelessness in Connecticut." ...

... Great. The problem is that the paper’s paean to Republican McKinney completely fails to make any mention of Democratic congressional candidate Jim Himes, a Greenwich resident running against Republican chickenhawk Chris Shays, who has spent the past four years of his life working full-time to solve precisely the housing problems that the newspaper says need to be addressed.

Himes is national vice president of Enterprise Foundation and director of its Northeast operations. Enterprise is a leading non-profit organization whose purpose is to fight the problems of a lack of affordable housing throughout the United States. Himes left a lucrative career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs to tackle the housing crisis in this region....

Daily Kos - http://www.dailykos.com/section/Diary

12/30/07 - I just couldn't see myself waiting around a firehouse for an alarm bell to ring, As a police officer there was always a case I could work.

Connecticut Post, CT
BRIDGEPORT — If Edward Zack, the newest inspector for the state's attorney, has a fault, it's that he always has to keep busy.
It was that personal drive that led him to join the Greenwich Police Department, where he served on the SWAT team, helped found the computer-crime and ...

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