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Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/28/08 Greenwich Area Legal Eagles Are Expecting A Big Payday In The Walter "Feeder Fund" Noels Scandal

Under No Circumstances Should You Use The Above Lawyer

To Go After Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel And His Greenwich Fairfield Operation.

You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time:

Greenwich Lawyers Are Finding A Silver Lining In The

Greenwich Fairfield $7.5 Billion Dollar Disaster.

Walter Noel Rescues Greenwich Area Attorneys

From The Slowing Economy And Credit Crunch

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Involvement in the $50 Billion Dollar Madoff Ponzie Scheme Is Breathing New Life In The Area Legal Profession.

Since Walter Noel announced on December 12th that Fairfield Greenwich was involved with the Madoff Fraudulent Investment Vehicle, his investors lawsuits have been swirling. The initial string of legal complaints suggests that the targets will be just as varied as the number of investors that were suckered by Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel.

The most obvious target will be hedge fund middle man Walter Noel himself. But other who could get sucked into the litigation rush include Noel's five son in laws, as well as other relatives that were involved in running Fairfield Greenwich. And everyone wants a piece of Bernard Madoff and his brother Peter's hide.

Suckered Greenwich Fairfield investors are not buying the story that Madoff's sons Andrew and Mark knew nothing about the massive fraud operation.

Fairfield Greenwich investors want the 300 Million a year that was paid to Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel operation for recruiting and giving investors access to the supposedly closed Madoff Fund.

This Legal Brouhaha Might Be So So Rich That Reformed Greenwich Lawyer Chris Fountain Might Be Tempted To Reenter The Legal Profession In Order To Cash In On The Legal Mess That Hedge Fund Middle Man Walter Noel Has Created.

This Madoff and related hedge fund middleman cases, like the ones currently targeting Walter Noel could turn out to be bigger that Enron and World Com combined.

However there is one little problem.

Despite the wide range of potential targets involved with Fairfield Greenwich, there is some doubt about weather Walter Noel's burned investors can get their mega bucks back. Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel and his family members are crying poverty and saying that they were wiped out.

Incredible as it may seem, the Mandoff Hedge Fund Middle Man who was paid $300 Million A Year From The Ponzie Scheme actually has the balls to tell everyone that he is a victim.

The lack of money is creating a huge litigation black-hole, that may just suck up more of Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's investors money.

This lack of big bucks targets will probably turn off a reformed Greenwich Lawyer like Chris Fountain, because wiped out investors may only want to pay if a lawyer wins and recovers money.

A realist like Chris Fountain will probably tell Walter Noel's victims that the there is little or no recover ability for their hard earned dollars.

On the other hand there is still 6.5 Billion remaining in Fairfield Greenwich and a good part of that is supposedly claimed by Walter Noel's son in laws and other family members.
Bernie Madoff was brought down by Obama (!) because Madoff was financing a massive U.S. spy ring of Mossad. Or so says Al-Jazeerah, and they wouldn’t be every...
Bernie Madoff must reveal all his assets to a federal judge by this Wednesday. Even if the man’s Ponzi scheme was a simple one, capable of fooling only the most naive and unsuspecting investors (plus some greed-blinded fund of fund managers) surely he was sophisticated enough to transfer his assets ......
Bernie Madoff is going to jail for the rest of his life, Walt Noel may avoid that fate but will certainly be stripped naked by rapacious creditors and his own attorneys, but Washington Mutual, fraudulent lender to every deadbeat in the country, escapes all censure. The bank itself went down, of course, wiping out its shareholders but its principals are even now eyeing Walt’s Villa Mustique and private jet collection, wondering how little they’ll have to pay for them......
With a tip of the hat to New York Social Diary, photos of Walter and Monica having a blast in Florida (note attache case stuffed with cash under pink flowers, background)......

My old criminal law professor, Loftus Becker, used to challenge the class by posing “hypos” - a hypothetical set of facts from which we were to determine whether a crime had been committed.
He’d have liked this one:

Suppose you run a “fund of funds”, collecting $200 million per year to select other hedge fund managers for your clients’ money and then monitoring that manager’s performance.
Suppose that an integral part of one particular manager’s trading strategy was to sell off all securities at the end of each month, park the proceeds in cash or cash equivalents and start the process anew the first day of the next month.

Suppose that, in your role of monitor, you received a monthly statement from that hedge fund manager showing that the proceeds for the preceding month had been placed in the Fidelity’s Spartan U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund.

Suppose that no such fund existed, and had not existed for at least the past three years.
Suppose that, instead of confronting that manager and demanding an explanation, you busied yourself preparing for your annual Christmas jaunt to Mustique and Monica’s trip to a Mexican wedding.

Have you engaged in such reckless neglect that your behavior has gone beyond mere civil liability and crossed the line to criminal fraud?

When Monica Noel sat in for her now infamous interview with the New York Post she insisted that the Noels were just an ordinary family whose children grew up in a normal cottage. Rich? Not the Noels.

So what does a “not rich, normal Greenwich family” wedding look like?


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In May 2006 Technorati teamed up with the PR agency Edelman. The deal earned a lot of criticism, both on principle and as a result of Edelman's 2006 fake blog scandals. Edelman and Technorati officially ended the deal in December 2006. That month, Oliver Reichenstein pointed out that the so called "State of the Blogosphere" was more of a PR-tool and money maker for Edelman and Technorati than a reliable source, explaining in particular a) why Technorati/Edelman's claim that "31% of the blogs are written in Japanese" was "bogus" and b) where the financial profit for the involved parties was in this.

In May 2007, Andrew Orlowski writing for the tech tabloid The Register criticized Technorati's May 2007 redesign. He suggests that Technorati has decided to focus more on returning image thumbnails rather than blog results. He also claims that Technorati never quite worked correctly in the past and that the alleged refocus is "a tacit admission that it's given up on its original mission".

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12/28/08 Greenwich Time News Links

Joel Ing gets some help from his son Trevor as they dispose of their Christmas tree at Greenwich Point Saturday.
(David Ames/For Greenwich Time)

Christmas heave: Residents toss trees for recycling
Cos Cob resident John Whalen brought his four-foot balsam fir Christmas tree to Bruce Park Saturday to be recycled, and will return in a few weeks to pick up the mulch it will be reduced to for use in his garden.

Town hit by increase of foreclosures
The number of foreclosure proceedings underway in Greenwich in the first 11 months of the year increased by 42 percent from the same period last year, according to a foreclosure database company.

Bush departs with legacy in question
Some will remember him as Bush the protector, the president who prevented another terrorist attack from befalling the U.

Students make their pitch with college essays
It took six weeks of brainstorming for a topic, writing and red-penning dozens of drafts before Greenwich High School senior Michael Drittel had a two-page essay that he was comfortable sending to his top choice of colleges.

Camacho brothers victorious at Danbury tourney
CAMACHO BROTHERS DOMINATE Jason and Alex Camacho of Stamford High School won their respective weight classes at the Ryan Sabbagh holiday tournament at Danbury High School.


Diversity in the orchestra, the start of a conversation
Draw a mental image of a symphony orchestra concert. Blacks and Latinos don't fit the sketch as musicians or audience members, do they?

By Julie "I Report The Obvious" Jason

Since Dec. 11, when the U.S. attorney's office in the Southern District of New York filed a complaint against Bernard Madoff, people have been wondering whether they can become fraud victims.

Madoff's alleged fraud is gigantic in proportion - possibly the largest in history amounting to $50 billion.

According to the complaint, Madoff told senior employees that he "had for years been paying returns to certain investors out of the principal received from other, different investors" . . . "that the business was insolvent, and that it had been for years" . . . that it was "basically, a giant Ponzi scheme". . . and "the losses from this fraud (were) approximately $50 billion."

You have to wonder how Madoff's investors, many of whom were investment professionals such as funds-of-funds and feeder funds, could have become embroiled in his scheme.

How does this apply to you?

Madoff's investment activity was basically affinity fraud, which normally targets ethnic groups, religious or church groups, country clubs, service clubs . . . people commonly involved in charitable or civic activities.

According to press reports, Madoff's affinity groups tended to be religious, social and charitable groups in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, New York City and Europe.

It is not uncommon for fraudsters to look for victims in those kinds of social networks.
In order to accomplish a fraud of this nature, the fraudster relies upon his charm and believability

Since Dec. 11, when the U.S. attorney's office in the Southern District of New York filed a complaint against Bernard Madoff, people have been wondering whether they can become fraud victims.......

......Importantly, there is one essential element that a Ponzi scheme must allow the fraudster to do: He must somehow control the money you "invest" with him and all records pertaining to your money.

That is, he generates all paper and electronic records of your account activity. To get you to believe that your money is safe and the investments he is making for you profitable, he creates the reports that you receive in the mail. They look genuine but are not.

One way to lessen the likelihood of being victimized is to make sure that there is an independent custodian in the picture. A custodian holds your assets.

And, that is indeed the approach that Switzerland's UBP, the world's second biggest investor in hedge funds, is pursuing, according to a recent report in the Financial Times.

UBP, which invested with Madoff in its feeder funds, according to FT, instructed its managers to "put in immediate redemptions for any fund that does not have independent . . . custodians."

To avoid being victimized, don't rely solely on your social network. Do your own due diligence.

Investigate before you invest. Find out who has custody of your assets and consider whether you need or want an independent custodian.

- Julie Jason, a money manager and principal of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers Inc. of Stamford, write to her c/o The Advocate and Greenwich Time, 9 Riverbend Drive, South, Building 9A, Box 4910, Stamford, CT 06907


Something Tells Me That Bernard Madoof Or Walter Noel Would Be Able To Take Greenwich Time Columnist Julie "I Report The Obvious" Jason To The Cleaners With Ease.


A major new electrical power line that went into service this month likely will be viewed as a mixed blessing, given the tough economic times. On one hand, it should make the supply system more reliable and help meet the power demand in this region that has grown by leaps and bounds during recent years. On the other, customers here likely are going to see some of the costs of the line reflected in their electric bills in the not-too-distant future, at a time when rate hikes only add to financial strains on both residential and commercial customers.

Connecticut residents have reason to reflect on their own roles in the unfortunate confluence of events.

There was no denying this Middletown-to-Norwalk cable that was completed recently was sorely needed. It has a 345-kilovolt capacity that adds substantially to the 115-kv lines that have been sorely taxed by demand, especially during heat waves.

But there also is no denying it has been expensive - nearly $1.3 billion - and at least some of that is going to come out of the pockets of Connecticut Light & Power Co. customers.

As it now stands, according to news reports, Connecticut is responsible for 27 percent of the cost, sharing the expense with the other states that are part of the New England power grid. The amount to be levied is based on how much electricity each state uses.

However, more cost would be shifted to our state if certain expenses are deemed to benefit Connecticut only - such as placing lines underground, as demanded by some state residents, versus stringing them overhead.

On the positive side, the new line is expected to reduce by more than $100 million a year the so-called congestion charges that customers in Connecticut pay based on costs to manage electricity flow when demand strains overburdened lines. Also important is that the line helps address reliability issues that would cause businesses to consider whether they should relocate, or even stay, in Fairfield County. Thus it is an investment in the state's economy, which was welcomed by the Business Council of Fairfield County among others.
Yet this is probably one of the most unfortunate times to burden consumers with higher rates ...... BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ...... BLAH ..... BLAH ....... BLAH ........ BLAH ....... BLAH ..........

To the editor:

My husband and I want to thank the entire town of Old Greenwich for everything people did for our family.

Thomas Cerio, my son-in-law, let me spend three months with my lovely daughter, who was very ill. Our daily trek included shopping at the grocery story and bake shop. In addition, we stopped at Darlene's for ice cream. We were always greeted with friendly hello's.

The last month, my daughter was in a wheelchair, and people opened doors and stepped aside for her to pass.

On our last trip to Darlene's, the owner asked if we believed in God. After we ate our ice cream (on the house) the owner took us to a back room, where she prayed with us.

That evening I lost a filling from a tooth. My daughter's friend, Mary Jay, called her dentist. The next day Dr. Pagoda called and asked me to come to his office that very morning because he was going on vacation that afternoon. He replaced the filling at no charge.

Needless to say, I was shocked. He told me, "Just take care of your daughter."

My daughter's friends and neighbors were very generous and helpful. They provided food and all sorts of refreshment. We never ate so well.

In addition, the sanitation and yard workers who came to my daughter's home were very kind and offered to help any way they could.

The young people and children of Old Greenwich were remarkable. My grandson's friends, whose ages range from 16 to 20, asked if they could come for dinner. After dinner they visited with my daughter and shared with her stories about their summer activities and information regarding schools they were going to attend. One young man shortened his vacation in China so he could return to Greenwich to see my daughter.

The children of my daughter's neighbors and friends came to the house to sit and visit. She enjoyed their company very much. I was moved by the children's generosity in giving up their time to be with her. I know these children come from wonderful families.

The people of this little town have big hearts. Now I know why our Donna loved Old Greenwich so much. We can't wait to return for a visit.

Rosa W. Arnold
Foley, Ala.

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12/28/08 Where Does Walter Noel And Company Go To Get The Latest Information On Greenwich?

It Is Not Just The SEC And FBI That's Watching Fairfield Greenwich.

Google Analytics Is Watching them too.

When Walter Noel And Company Want To Know Whats Going On In Town They Go To Greenwich Roundup......

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This server has been a very frequent Greenwich Roundup visitor long before the Madoff Ponzie scheme was exposed. It looks like that Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel was so busy reading Greenwich Roundup he forgot to do due diligence on his buddy Bernard Madoff.

The fairfield greenwich advisrs llc server had 76 Page views and the Avg. Time on Site was 00:02:24

If Walter Noel and company is still not returning your phone calls you can send them a message via GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com
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