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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

05/19/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Remembering A Greenwich Boyscout Leader

Our condolences go out to Keith Crocco's family and friends.

May God see this family through this terrible time.


Greenwich Roundup

Please See:

Greenwichtime.com - Death Notices
KEITH CROCCO Beloved husband and father died Saturday, May 9, 2009 at Stamford Hospital. Keith was born June 9, 1959 in Greenwich Hospital to the late ...

Guest Book for Keith Crocco – Online Guest Book by ...
Sign and view the Guest Book for Keith Crocco, leave condolences, send flowers, or purchase a ... Greenwich, Connecticut. May 13, 2009. dear claire & family ...

National Jamboree 2010
For more information about the Greenwich 2010 jamboree contingent, contact Jamboree ... Keith Crocco John Fasone Jim Heavey Larry Paine Tom Pankosky ...www.greenwichbsa.com/Jamboree2010.html


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05/19/09 Reader Submitted Comments; Two Thumbs Down For The Greenwich Time

What’s a Newspaper?

Nevermind….I’ll go on the internet and look it up!

Kieth Says ....

I only buy news papers for historic things on the front page. But other than that I could care less about the Greenwich Time.

Common Sense Says.....

It's time to welcome Greenwich Time readers to the 22nd century. Print is dead- Time to learn how to read it on the web..

I’d be thrilled if the Greenwich Time was gone. Waste of paper, time , energy.

US Postal Service should go the same way… no need – use email and private carriers… and the gov can save money instead of investing in a dinosaur.

The only thing that matters to me is what I can find on my screen – get in the with the new.

Tom Says....

I think we’re at the point now where most people under age fifty get their news online, so I don’t think the loss of the Greenwich Time would have as large of an impact as we may be led to believe. I still prefer the printed newspaper though…

Riverside Mom Says....

The Greenwich Time has gone from a normal size paper to the size of a comic book and has maybe a total of 15 pages! I understand that the economy has hit everybody hard, but this is ridiculous. What you get, you can read in about 10 minutes, but I sure don’t see any reduction in subscription rates! I will cancel my subscription after 18 years and get my news solely from my computer if things don’t change!

Linda Says....

I don’t get my news from the newspaper. By the time the Greenwich Time is delivered, its already old news. Not to mention that I have to pay for old news that wastes trees and pays the wages of dishonest reporters who fail to report the truth. I’d rather get more accurate up to the minute free news on the tv or the net where its easier to weed out the lies.

M. Says......

Take away our local newspaper and the only ones to notice will be the dogs and birds. No more papers put out for the dog while the master is away. No more lining the bottom of the cage for Tweety. The Greenwich Time has been for the birds and going to the dogs for years.

Truth Teller Says....

I stopped my subscription about four years ago. I read it online every once in a while.

Paul Says.....

I routinely only read dot-com news; the Greenwich Time is not covering all the things I like to read, except for the occasional Death Notice and funeral listing or police-log crime of note.

Frank Says....

As a journalism major, the loss of the Greenwich Time would be tragic for my future profession. Not only would it pose trouble in finding a job, it would also be difficult to get internships to get a job in a profession that’s highly competitive. I seriously hope all of the hard work that I am doing right now pays off in the long haul.

Anonymous Says.....

The Greenwich Time keeps getting smaller and smaller So I am sure one of thees day ,I will go out to the Drive way and just pick up an empty plastic bag.YA Know?

If the local rag disappears it will definitely make it harder to wrap garbage and start fires but we should be able to find suitable replacements.

Neutral Observer Says .....

I barely know that a local newspaper exists. If it was to disappear I probably would only find out by reading the news online.

Townie Says.....

Since it only takes under 15 minutes to look through the overpriced Greenwich Time I won’t miss it if it goes out of business.

Mari Says .....

I no longer subscribe to a newspaper, I haven’t in a few years. We have instant access and up to the minute news via computers, and cell phones. Really, who reads the newspaper anymore? I now consider it to be obsolete. Newspapers should hop onboard the “green” train anyway, and stop wasting paper that ends up in the gutter.

Spring Flowers Says....

I would not notice if the Greenwich Time disappeared. I don't buy it. I don't even buy paper books anymore, I use ebooks. I strongly believe journalism is very important to our society. However, it is time to come out of the 19th century and join the 21st century. This is the electronic age. Newspapers need to move to an electronic medium, with established standards and editing processes to maintain a certain level of control. This would reduce some of their costs, and help the environment. There would be less paper wasted and less fingers to wash the ink off of.

Paulette Says ......

This is a generational issue. I’m an old foggie on the way out. Morning coffee without a newspaper is like Oreos without milk. But my son thinks newspapers are redundant since he gets all his information on the Internet.

After the demise of the Greenwich Time, there will also be an end o books, magazines.

Information will be transported electronically. I still miss my rotary phone, records, VCR, tape recorder and typewriter but I can’t live without my laptop!

Anthony Says.....

I’m 35 years old, and I don’t know a single person my age or younger who reads the Greenwich Time. I wish they’d just shut up and go away already and stop throwing pity parties every time Hearst orders another round of job cuts. Nobody cares.

Anonymous Says.....

Hell yes I would notice if the Greenwich Time was shut down. I’m a Hearst Newspaper employee and I’ve been watching colleagues disappear for years in what the company calls “Cost cutting”. They’re gonna cut us right onto the unemployment line. You can catch me on I-95 picking up cans any day now


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05/19/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: I get the Greenwich Time deviled to me each day… Straight to my Blackberry…Via Greenwich Roundup .....Diane

In town
Nineveh Gardens talk at the Bruce Archaeological Associates of Greenwich is scheduled to hold an academic lecture, "The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh," at 8 p.m.

Author tells students success requires hard work, attitude
Never mind raw talent. Being successful has more to do with hard work, opportunity and finding yourself in the right place at the right time, says best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.

Eastern students get view of life after school ends
For Eastern Middle School student Evan Yenor, 13, the best presentation by a parent at career day was the one that ended with dessert. "It's really, really good -- probably the best," the

In the state
House requires school heart units HARTFORD -- The Connecticut House of Representatives has given final legislative approval for a bill requiring schools to have automatic external defibrillators on

DOT considers private development of train station garage
STAMFORD -- After delaying plans to replace a rundown garage at the Stamford train station last year, the state is considering shifting commuter parking from an area next to the tracks to other

Golfers play 18 holes to help fund YWCA
It wasn't until sunlight began breaking through the clouds above Greenwich Country Club early Monday afternoon that Greenwich resident Pam Goergen began getting into the swing of things on the green.

Tax credit for seniors limited
Senior advocates were disappointed by the Board of Estimate and Taxation's decision Monday night to limit the expansion of a property tax credit program that had been hailed just months earlier.

Pedophile nanny released from prison after 13 years
A convicted sex offender who molested two young boys while working as a nanny in Greenwich and Armonk, N.Y., was released from federal prison Monday after serving nearly all of his 14-year jail

Town backs off pier sale
By Neil Vigdor Staff Writer
Greenwich appears to be bowing to pier pressure. Officials say it is now highly unlikely the town will sell a concrete pier and parking area on Steamboat Road popular

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05/19/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Late Afternoon Edition

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:

Red Cross needs drivers
Greenwich Post
... to Andrew Sindell, Director of Community Services, Greenwich Chapter, American Red Cross, 99 Indian Field Road, Greenwich, CT 06830, or faxed to 869-0192.

News from Around the Web
Advocate.com - Los Angeles
Greenwich, CT, a marriage equality hot zone: The border town's vital records registrar says that out of 122 same-sex marriages performed in Greenwich since ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Caitlin Macy Book Signing Greenwich Blog ::
By gb
Author Visit & Book Signing Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:00 PM Caitlin Macy SPOILED: STORIES Just Books 28 Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich, CT Free and Open. ... The Weather. Greenwich CT ...
Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of... - http://greenwichblog.com/
Richmond Student Shot Killed Over Weekend >>> Greenwich Diva ...
By Claudette Rothman
Greenwich Diva - http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/

#92: All the (Gay) News…

By David
Finally, who knew that Greenwich, CT – a small city of 61000 people in the southwest corner of Connecticut, where Republicans outnumber Democrats, 2 to 1 – was such a popular spot with gay people? An Associated Press report, ...
DYM SUM - http://dym-sum.com/

Check Out And Bookmark This Greenwich Website:

McArdle's Florist & Garden Center
By McArdle's
McArdle's: Make sure to visit us at 48 Arch Street Greenwich, CT 06830 McArdle's Florist and Garden Center has been "Keeping the Green in Greenwich" since 1910. Our "resident blogger" is Heather O'Gorman, who has been with McArdle's ...
McArdle's Florist & Garden Center - http://mcardlesflorist.blogspot.com/

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05/19/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Afternoon Edition

The Latest Greenwich News:

Silence At The Greenwich Time

Greenwich Resident Walter Noel Tried To Sell Off His Three Fund Of Fund, But It's Too Late......

Madoff Trustee Sues Fairfield Greenwich Funds for $3.54 Billion
Bloomberg - USA
By Erik Larson May 19 (Bloomberg) -- Three Fairfield Greenwich Group hedge funds were sued by the trustee liquidating Bernard Madoff's defunct money ...
Why Is Ex-Greenwich Time Managing Editor Jim Zebora and now Hearst Newspaper Business Reporter Ignoring This International Business Story That Has Greenwich At Ground Zero?
The Noel's Are Only "Golden In Greenwich", Because The Greenwich Time Has A Hands Off Policy On Rich Folks And Local Politicians.
The Greenwich Time Wouldn't Even Report That A Local Country Club Kicked Out The Slimy Noel Clan.

If A Working Class Book Keeper From Up State Steals Ten Thousand Bucks From Her Boss, Then It's Front Page News In The Greenwich Time, But Homegrown Millionaire Swindler Walter Noel Is Ignored By The Green Kitty Litter Liner.

If You Search The Greenwich Time Web Site For "Fairfield Greenwich Group" You Don't Even Get One News Story......



The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Madoff affiliate Fairfield Greenwich sued (Dealscape)
By Matthew Wurtzel
Madoff trustee Irving Picard files suit against Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich, a fund-of-funds that fed capital to Madoff's Ponzi scheme.
The Deal.com - http://www.thedeal.com/
Picard's Latest: A Huge Lawsuit Against Fairfield Greenwich
By Ashby Jones
And on Monday afternoon came word that Irv Picard, the Baker & Hostetler lawyer serving as trustee for Bernie's firm, had filed suit seeking $3.2 billion from Fairfield Greenwich, the Connecticut hedge fund run by Walter Noel (pictured) ...
WSJ.com: Law Blog - http://blogs.wsj.com/law/
Law And More: Ugly Underbelly - Greenwich, CT's Protrudes, AGAIN
By Jane Genova
The bucolic enclave of Greenwich, Connecticut has again become the focus of global media attention. This time it's all about alleged financial crime, which in our capitalist society is plenty more interesting than a murder of a teen ...
Law And More - http://lawandmore.typepad.com/law_and_more/

Where's The Greenwich Time?????

The Are Always Protecting Rich Backcountry Residents Like Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel

Every Major Newspaper In America Is On Top Of This Greenwich Story........

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05/19/09 Would Greenwich residents even notice if the Greenwich Time disappeared?

Greenwich Time Watch

Wait a minute, there are still newspapers in Greenwich???

Wow, I had no idea.
Gee, I thought the Greenwich Time had shut down already.

San Francisco might become the first major American city without a daily newspaper if Hearst Newspapers closes it down.. The San Francisco Chronicle is just like the Greenwich Time in that it continues to lay off staffers in an attempt just to stay in business.

The San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, was quoted as saying if the newspaper does disappear, “People under 30 won’t even notice.”

Greenwich bloggers and citizen journalists as well as the recession is threatening the survival of a very weak Greenwich Time

As the Greenwich Time see fewer advertising dollars coming in, more and more personnel including the time's lackluster reporters are getting laid off.

The Greenwich Time's fifth editor in a year is David McCumber who was previously an editor in a city that lost the print versions of a daily newspaper. His Hearst Newspaper was the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Many Greenwich residents are so disgusted with the Greenwich Time they are saying it really doesn't matter whether the local rag is killed or not. After all, technological change has destroyed lots of popular products, and Greenwich has survived and thrived.

Greenwich bloggers and citizen journalists are slowly starting to be the best source of aggressive reporting on local issues — such as the Greenwich Board Of Education. When Greenwich School Superintendent Betty Sternberg hid the school satisfaction survey from Greenwich parents and taxpayers.

Greenwich Time cub reporter Colin Gustafson was too timid to demand the report and it was Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip who had the journalistic balls to file a freedom of information request that forced the release of the report.

With in a week of Bill Clarke publishing that report Superintendent Sternberg shocked everyone by suddenly resigning.

It was Greenwich Roundup that exposed the repeated failures of Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee Charmain Frank Mazza and his band of idiots. It was Greenwich roundup that released the pictures of water pouring into the new 30 Million Dollar plus Hamilton Avenue School and causing mold in the basement.

It was Greenwich Roundup that released shocking BOE emails and documents as Greenwich Time cub reporter Gustafson regurgitated Sternberg's press releases.

When the local PTA's spent months covering up the fact that they had lost parents money to a Washington State company, and had sent a someone out on a plane to try and recover the money it was Greenwich Roundup that broke the story in Greenwich.

When parents were concerned, because the Greenwich Lacrosse coach got another drunk driving arrest they said forget about the Greenwich Time we are going to see Greenwich Roundup.

When Greenwich resident Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel ripped his investors off to the tune of $7.5 Billion. Greenwich Time editor Bruce Hunter and Hearst Corporation Business editor Jim Zebora were both a sleep at the switch as Chris Fountain at "For What It's Worth" covered the local angle of the Madoff scandal.

It was Frank Trotta who scooped the Greenwich Time with his exclusive access to the Greenwich Police Department and told everyone about the Merit Parkway burglary spree. Apparently, the Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg has given up on the Greenwich Time crime reporter and now relies on a blogger to get the news out.

I bet the wife of the Old Greenwich Beach Pass Counterfeiter wishes she has gave that binder of evidence to Claudete Rothman at "Greenwich Diva" instead of handing the binder over to Greenwich Time reporter Niel Vidgor who was too scared to publish them.

Claudete would have had the guts to publish to the beach passes and the Old Greenwich felon that was ripping off Greenwich taxpayers just might be in jail right now.

Everyday, Greenwich Citizen Journalists are becoming stronger and stronger as Hearst Newspaper's money losing Greenwich Time gasps it's last remaining breaths of air.

By the time the Greenwich Time comes comes the single family homeowners of Greenwich already scoured all of their favorite Greenwich bloggers and other news sources on-line.

A cup of coffee and reading Greenwich Roundup is starting to be a vital part of many Greenwich insiders daily routine. Many movers and shaker's in town get the NY Times on Sunday to catch the things that the Greenwich Time misses.

Most Greenwich residents would notice if I would notice if Fox News and MSNBC and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal disappeared, but would easily forget about the thin little seventy five cent a day Greenwich Time.

Actually many Greenwich home owner's will be happy when the Green Kitty Liter Liner is finally gone. They are tired of having to go to the front lawn every morning to grab the Greenwich time and then throw it in the blue recycle bin. There is no need to print the paper that Bill Clark likes to call the "Yellowich Time" any more now that we have the Internet and a growing number of citizen journalists.

While it is true that very few person's would miss the Greenwich Time, it must be noted that there are a few caged Greenwich birds that would miss being able to crap on the mindless Susie the Dish column in the Greenwich Time. But these birds should remember that Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani's volunteer column in the free Greenwich Post makes an excellent target with that silly little bow tie.

The truth is that daily Greenwich Time is barely big enough to cover the bottom of a bird cage.

A few mouse clicks can provide Greenwich readers with an overload of local information without killing countless trees to make paper that will ultimately wind up in a landfill. The Greenwich Time is destined to travel the same path as the horse and buggy as the Blog of Greenwich and Viva Pop continue covering local social events here in town.

Greenwich Roundup allows those in the know to scan multiple news sources daily – all faster and more efficiently, and with greater variety in tone and coverage than they would get from the Greenwich Time. As Greenwich Roundup points local residents and allows them to follow a number of Greenwich blogs regularly, then you will soon discover that the local rag is already dead. Everyone is just waiting for the fat lady to sing out the Greenwich Times Obituary.

The subscription rate at the Greenwich Time continues to skyrocket while both the quality and quantity of newsworthy its stories continue to dwindle. The Greenwich Time is just not as exciting as the local blogs.

Many Greenwich Seniors are starting to say they can’t afford to buy the Greenwich Time. They are starting to get their news from the local blogs, and WGCH.

Many Seniors say the learn more from listening to one hour of the Sam Romeo's Greenwich Matter's Show. than reading the a weeks worth of the Greenwich Time.

The only left for seniors is the Wednesday and Sunday ads and coupons. Now they can get that on line. There’s nothing the Greenwich time provide that you can’t get somewhere else. Now Funeral parlors have the obituaries with electronic guest books at their websites..

Some new Greenwich residents have told Greenwich Roundup that they did not know that Greenwich had a local news paper. They get their Greenwich coverage as they read the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal on the train to New York City in the morning. On the way back they use their web enabled phones to go to Greenwich Roundup for links to local blogs and other news sources.

To many other Greenwich residents, the Greenwich Time is already dead. A lot of single family homeowners quit subscribing to it, because the media bias became unbearable as the Greenwich Time tried to become the Faux News of lower Fairfield county and excluded many Greenwich voices.

One Representative Town Meeting member once told Greenwich Roundup that he I haven’t accepted home delivery of the Greenwich Time in over 20 years. Once each week, the other local newspapers mail him a free a free copy of their newspaper.

He says the Greenwich time delivery person sometimes screws up a throws a copy of the local rag in his driveway and it apparently goes goes straight to the trash.

In fact, he says he wouldn’t even wrap fish in it.

That's the pain that Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani's one sided reporting legacy has caused Hearst Newspapers.

Many residents and officials have kicked the Greenwich Time to the curb and haven’t missed it. They would rather dig through web news and local blogs for info because this Hearst Newspaper has become so bias.

Everyone knows that Greenwich has had many events take place over the last few years and that the Greenwich Time either wouldn’t cover (to protect political interests of officials involved) or covered in a very one-sided way. Greenwichites expect their local newspaper to tell them what’s going on, from all sides of the issues, and allow them to form their own opinions but the Greenwich Time no longer do that.

The entire paper has turned into one big local opinion piece.

Maybe if the Greenwich Time could just produce on big biased issue on Sunday that would be good enough. By the time the Greenwich Time gets delivered in the late morning its old news with 50% advertising. When there is more advertising on every page than news article its easy to determine its not worth the money.

Why would anyone pay seventy five cents and more for a newspaper covered in cheesy stickers?

If the Greenwich Time published on big biased Sunday edition then the driveways of the people that get the papers in many parts of town would not have anywhere up to 6 or 8 left on them.

However to be fair and balanced Greenwich Roundup should report that some Greenwich residents would miss the Greenwich Time if it disappeared.

Some local eBay sellers say "It will be harder to find stuffing for the items they sell."

But some would also point out that it's not just the Greenwich Time.

The Hartford Courant, the country’s oldest continuously running paper, has just merged with a the local Fox affiliate as they are both owned by Tribune. It is a vain attempt to stem the flow.

Maybe Hearst Newspapers can buy radio station WGCH and merge it with it's Greenwich Time, Greenwich Citizen and Fairfield County Weekly.

The Greenwich Time has such wonderful potential on the web, however they haven’t been able to keep up in the age of instant communication.

Sadly, Greenwich Roundup thinks we’re witnessing the death of the hopelessly biased Greenwich Time – if not the death of print altogether.

Over the last few years Hearst Newspapers came to Fairfield county bought all of the daily newspapers. The rumor is that Hearst Newspapers will eventually close down the Greenwich Time and the other newspapers, except for the CT Post in Bridgeport.

The plan is for the CT Post to become a countywide daily muck like Gannet's Journal News is in neighboring Westchester County or like how Newsday covers long Island.

This plan will extend the life of Hearst Newspaper's investments in Fairfield county, but local bloggers and citizen journalists will eventually win this competition without buying out anybody.

What the Greenwich time can not seem to grasp is that Internet sources offer immediate delivery. Each time a single family home owner picks up the Greenwich Time they are read yesterday's news.

They receive the Green Kitty Litter Liner every day, and it is always filled with nothing really interesting, it probably takes them only about 3 minutes to go through the entire thing before it goes into the cat box.

The Greenwich Time needs to become a news service that can provide instant coverage of important events. Once the Greenwich Time understands it just can’t beat digital media, then and only then will it have a chance to survive as web based local news organization.

Greenwich Time editors and reporters should ask themselves, "What happened to all those typewriters that once were in every newspaper office?
IBM survived and the Greenwich Time can in a totally different way, that allows insures that all of those trees will be saved.

Let's all hope the Greenwich Time wakes up and smells the reality.
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

05/18/09 The Greenwich Time is disappearing. The price has gone up, the pages are getting fewer.

Today's Greenwich Time Brings You Week Old News....

BET approves mill rate increase
The Board of Estimate and taxation last Tuesday night voted to set the mill rate for the next fiscal year at 8.32, a 3.5 percent increase over last year, despite some members arguing for a higher tax

Lawyer says state lacks jurisdiction in Greenwich murder caseThe attorney for a 36-year-old Bridgeport man charged with felony murder, kidnapping and robbery is asking the court to throw out his client's case, arguing the crime should be prosecuted in New

Flanagan takes the reins as Greenwich deputy schools superintendent
With incoming schools chief Sidney Freund taking over in just over a month, few people have been busier showing him the ropes than Ellen Flanagan. Formerly the district's director of human

Greenwich to seek public input if further budget cuts are necessaryIn the event that the town decides to lay off more workers, First Selectman Peter Tesei said his constituents will have a say in which services get cut and which programs are sparred the budgetary

Greenwich police add new officer to the ranks
Police received another addition to the force Monday morning when Officer Andres Sanchez was sworn in during a ceremony at Town Hall. Sanchez, 30, of Danbury, took an oath administered by First

Students detained by bat-wielding thieves
Police are investigating the reported mugging late Saturday night of a large group of Stamford High School students near the Stamford-Greenwich border by a group of masked bat-wielding thieves as

State confirms 3 new flu cases
The state Department of Public Health on Monday confirmed three new cases of swine flu in Connecticut, all in Fairfield County. The cases were confirmed for residents of Norwalk, Easton and Fairfield.

State testing new license security
HARTFORD -- Some Connecticut drivers will soon be getting a look at new licenses with enhanced security features. Gov. M. Jodi Rell says the Department of Motor Vehicles will begin testing newly

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05/19/09 French club sponcers film

Alliance Francaise of Greenwich plans to present the film "The Grocer's Son" at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Cole Auditorium, Greenwich Library, 101 W. Putnam Ave.

The movie will be shown in French with English subtitles.

For more information, call 629-1340.

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05/19/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

The Latest Greenwich News:

Once Again Greenwich Resident Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Is On The Front Cover Of The Wall Street Journal, As The Greenwich Time Remains Silent And Clueless.

WSJ: Madoff Trustee Sues Fairfield Greenwich Funds, Seeks $3.5B
Wall Street Journal
By Amir Efrati Of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The trustee of Bernard Madoff's defunct firm on Monday sued investment funds run by Fairfield Greenwich Group for ...


Greenwich Roundup Exclusively Reported Back In January That Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Would Close Fairfield Greenwich Group By The Summer.....

1/31/09 EXCLUSIVE: You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time - End Maybe Near For Madoff "Victim" Fairfield Greenwich (Updated)

Local Greenwich Sources Tell Greenwich Roundup ....
Hedge fund firm Fairfield Greenwich, which lost more than half of its assets to scummier Bernard Madoff, is in the process of or preparing to winding down operations and could shutter its doors by summer.

The fund, which is headed by Greenwich Resident Walter Noel has been rumored to have cut its staff by 30 - 50% Greenwich Roundup has learned and people familiar with the situation have said that some remaining Fairfield Greenwich employees have been told that they may be let go by late July. Generous severance packages are being offered to keep key staff members on board and quite.

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel lost a who headed the Fairield Sentry Fund "invested" a whopping $7.5 Billion with his chum Bernard Madoff. Fairfield Greenwich Investors have been lead to believe that there was an additional $6,5 Billion left to pay investors back. This might not be entirely accurate.

While Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel has suspended seeking new investors and has said ,"it retains the staff necessary to seek and recover any available Madoff assets."

The formerly high flying Fairfield Greenwich Group had $7.5 Billion out of $14 Billion in assets invested with Walter Noel chum Bernie Madoff through the firms fund of hedge funds, known as Fairfield Sentry.

Walter Noel who long ago suspended investor redemption requests for non-family members and is now apparently working toward selling off the firms surviving assets held in offshore tax havens.

Also wounded by the Madoff scandal is hedge fund firm Tremont Group run by Mass Mutual . The Rye New York fund also lost more than half of its assets ($3.1 Billion) to Madoff. Press reports last week said that Tremont was in the process of shutting down operations.


2/09/09 : FAIRFIELD GREENWICH GROUP: The Fire Sale Begins Fairfield Founders Begin Selling Assets At Soon To Be Closed Hedge Fund


Blogger Greenwich Diva Is The First

To Report On Madoff In Greenwich

12/11/08 The Raw Greenwich Bog And RSS Feed For Thursday

Greenwich Diva
Bernard “Bernie” Madoff arrested and charged with securities fraud- ponzi scheme - Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) — Bernard Madoff, president of Bernard Madoff Investment Securities, a market maker for hedge funds and banks, was charged with securit...

IF Greenwich Residents Wanted To Learn About The Madoff Ponzi Scheme And How It Was Related To Greenwich, Then They Had To Ignore The Local Mainstream Media And Go To The Local Bloggers, Because None Of The Newspaper Websites Had Anything On Madoff.

But For Those Who Only Trust Newspaper Reports They Had Two Choices, Wait For The Greenwich Time And Other Local Newspapers To Get Up To Speed

Or You Can Read:

All 29,840 Google Newspapers Articles From Around The World

Not One Of These Newspaper Article Links

Are From The Greenwich Time


12/17/08 To Read About LOCAL Greenwich News Stories About Big Loser Walter Noel You Have To Buy The New York Times - Where Is The Greenwich Time ?????

Chris Fountains News And Real Estate Blog "For What It's Worth" Is All Over The Madoff Scandal While His Former Employer The Greenwich Post Has Not Published One Article"

12/17/08 In Massive Madoff Fraud Case, Greenwich Middleman Walter Noel Is Now In The Spotlight


12/12/08 PRESS RELEASE: Thanks A Lot Bernnie - Fairfeild Greenwich Group Is Out $7.5 Billion - That's Billion With A Big Fat "B".

12/13/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS feed: Bloggers Who Are From, Work In Or Used To Live In Greenwich


12/15/08 Greenwich resident Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group Sent Madoff $7.3 BILLION As Funds Earned Fees (Updated)

12/16/08 GREENWICH HEDGE FUND UNLIKELY TO SURVIVE: Greenwich Resident Walter M. Noel will likely be singing the blues this Christmas.

12/18/08 Victims Of Greenwich Resident And Bernie Madoff Middle Man Walter Noel Are Contacting High Powered Lawyers.

12/19/08 Madoff Middle Man Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Goes To Court And Loses. Appeals And Loses Again

12/24/08 Madoff's Greenwich Fraud Victims Who Invested With Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Might Be Interested In This Article

12/24/08 A Class Action Suit Has Been Filed Against Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel

12/26/08 Chris Fountain Continues Reporting On Greenwich Resident Walter Noel

12/27/08 SEC Investigators Are Focusing On Greenwich Resident Walter “Feeder Fund” Noels. The Feds Are Digging For Clues At Greenwich Fairfield

12/29/09 The Wall Street Journal Puts The Focus On Colombian born Andrés Piedrahita, a son-in-law of Walter Noel, founder of the Fairfield Greenwich

12/29/08 Fairfield Greenwich Investors Seek Out Walter Noel's Offshore Accounts

12/29/08 Berfore The Madoff Scandal: Fairfield Greenwich founder Walter Noel was known as the owner of the loins from which sprung five total babes!!!

12/29/08 Let's Take A Little Peek At Some Of Walter Noel's Greenwich Fairfield Documents

12/30/08 PRESS RELEASE:New York Law Firm Zwerling, Schachter & Zwerling, LLP Investigating “Feeder Funds” in Madoff Fraud Case

12/31/08 Where Did The Fairfield Greenwich Money Go? Well Walter Noel's Partner Sent A Big Fat Wad Up To The Saratoga New York Area.

12/30/08 It Will Cost 28 Million To Liquidate Madoff Fund. How Much Will It Cost To Liquidate Walter "Feeder Fund" Noels Fairfield Greenwich Group?

1/3/08 Walter Noel Roundup: A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted - Fairfield Greenwich Group charge 1.5% annual management fees plus 20% of profits ?

1/4/09 The main Madoff-related vehicles for Fairfield Greenwich Group, a major Madoff feeder fund, are registered in the British Virgin Islands.

1/07/09 Some Of Bernard Madoff's Greenwich Investors: Oh Vey !!! The Greenwich Jewish Community Gets Taken To The Cleaners

1/7/09 Here Is Another Report That Greenwich Resident "Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Ignored Warnings About Bernard Madoff's Ponzie Scheme

1/9/09 An Update On The Lawsuit Against Walter Noel And Fairfield Greenwich Group

1/13/09 VIDEO: New Restrictions on Madoff, but No Jail, But Walter Noel Runs Around Free As Can Be

1/14/08 Feeder fund mogul Walter Noel was part of the conspiracy of silence

1/15/09 More Fallout From Greenwich Resident Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel: Spanish Bonds Go On Rattings Watch

1/16/09 Now The British Are Going After Greenwich Resident Walter Noel


01/21/09 Another Victim Of Greenwich Resident Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Comes Forward

1/23/09 Whacky Judge Refuses To Freeze The Fees Paid To Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group

1/24/09 GREENWICH REPUBLICAN VALUES IN ACTION: Walter Noels Daughter - In - Laws Kiss And Make Up

01/24/09 Unemployed Frairfied Greenwich Executive Tried To Sell His Town House For $36 Million. Brokers Say He Might Get $30 Million

2/2/09 Many Of Fairfield Greenwich's Victims Have Wanted To Slap The Judge Responsible For Liquidating Maddoff's Firm, But His Wife Beat Them To It...

03/30/09 The Noel's are not like you and me -- Or -- The greedy will always be with us. ...

04/01/09 Madoff paid fees to Greenwich resident Walter Noel that were far above normal and demanded an unusual amount of secrecy

04/02/09 'This Conversation Never Took Place,' Bernie Madoff Told One Fairfield Executive, Per Court Documents

04/03/09 Why aren’t these guys in jail? The Noel clan including the son in law’s are involved in all sorts of chicanery

Finally Bruce Hunter Comes Out Of His Self Induced Comma:

04/09/09 Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter Starts To Cover Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel With A Wire Report. Now Maybe He Will Finally Asign A Reporter


01/21/08 Is Bruce "Low Tech" Hunter Letting His Hard Disk Go Floppy? Hearst Newspapers Should Delete A Managing Editor Who Ignores Online Readers



Town mocks managing editor as computer illiterate

""Things have changed in the last 26 years, but Bruce Hunter hasn't."

Give Hunter an out-of-style suit, a disco ball, a clunky phone, an outdated computer and a Rubik's Cube and he he is a happy camper.

Our economy wouldn't survive without the Internet, and the cyber-world continues to represent the only hope of saving the Greenwich Time from becoming extinct

The Raw Greenwich News Feed Continues.......

Greenwich High School baseball blanked by Ridgefield's ace
Stamford Advocate
Zarnik, a junior, delivered both with his arm and his bat Monday afternoon as Ridgefield blanked the Greenwich High School baseball team 7-0, ...
Greenwich Academy tops Sacred Heart to reach FAA finals
Greenwich Time
By Christopher Falvo It was difficult to tell who won by the postgame reactions, but the calm and collected Greenwich Academy lacrosse team is again headed ...

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While The Lamestreet Mewspapers And Blogoshere Is Full Of News About Greenwich Resident Walter "Feeeder Fund" Noel, Hearst Newspaper Business Editor Jim Zebora Is A Sleep At The Switch

Madoff Trustee Sues Fairfield Greenwich Funds - DealBook Blog ...
By By DealBook
None of the individual partners in Fairfield Greenwich were named in the lawsuit, which was filed by Irving H. Picard of Baker Hostetler, the court-appointed trustee managing the liquidation of the Madoff brokerage firm for the benefit ...
DealBook - http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/
Madoff Trustee Sues Fairfield Greenwich Group For $3.2 Billion
By Henry Blodget
"The funds account records showed prices for 280 stock trades that did not match the actual price range for those stocks when the trades supposedly occurred. Some trades were shown as occurring on days that were actually holidays or ...
Clusterstock - http://www.businessinsider.com/clusterstock
Fairfield Greenwich Guilty Of Criminal Conspiracy And Obstruction ...
By Henry Blodget
An exchange in the latest lawsuit against FGG suggests that the firm conspired with Bernie Madoff to deceive the SEC.
The Business Insider - http://www.businessinsider.com/google

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If You Go To The Greenwich Time And Search For "Walter Noel" You Nothing Zip, Nada, Goose Egg ......



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