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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08/04/10 The Raw Ned Lamont News Feed: Top Story Greenwich Roundup Poll Says Ned Lamont's Lead Over Dan Malloy Has Vanished.

NEW POLL: Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont's Has No Local Lead Over Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy In The Upcoming Democratic Primary On Tuesday

Since Monday Greenwich Roundup has informally interviewed 22 Greenwich Democrats and was shocked to learn that only 3 said that they were voting for Ned Lamont.

Nine Greenwich Democrats seemed unaware that that the Democratic primary was to be held in just six days.

Of the 22 Greenwich Democrats interviewed only six said that they were voting in the primary and all of these Democrats said they are voting for Stamford resident Dan Malloy.

Greenwich Roundup did not find any Greenwich Democrats who were unsure or sitting on the fence when it came to Ned Lamont or Dan Malloy.

The Greenwich Roundup poll has found that Greenwich Democratic voters are strongly committed to sticking with the party nominee.

It appears that Ned Lamont's only hope of squeaking out a win is in other more liberal metropolitan areas like Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford.

Even though the the Greenwich Roundup poll probably has error margin of plus or minus 98% due to it's small size.

However this reporter / slash pollster was shocked that there was virtually no support for Ned Lamont in his own hometown of Greenwich.

The front runner in previous polls was Greenwich businessman, Ned Lamont who has a largely self-funding his campaign. Mr. Lamont has promised to use his business experience to fix
Connecticut's stagnant economy and a projected deficit next year of $3.4 billion.

Dan Malloy who is a Stamford resident and an experienced elected official, is casting himself as ready to the do the job.

Dan Malloy was mayor of Stamford for 14 years and just received $2.5 million in public financing and has used that money to quickly close in on and possibly overtake the wealthy Ned Lamont.

Ned Lamont is probably anticipating that a new
Quinnipiac University poll being made public Thursday will disclose what he has most likely been seeing in private polling

Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy is coming on fast and hard in the last days of this
primary election.

This has happened before. Ned Lamont spent $17 Million on his Senate campaign against
Joseph Lieberman only to come out a loser in 2006.

The big question now is....

Will History repeat itself?

Political insiders are saying that Ned Lamont has probably spent 7 to 9 Million an a primary election that he just may lose in six days.

Maybe Ned Lamont still has a chance.

In the the final gubernatorial primary poll in 2006, when Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy was running against New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, Dan Malloy was down by 7 percentage points and then days later, Dan Malloy lost by 1.5 percentage points.

It looks like we will know if Ned Lamont wasted another 9 Million bucks on Tuesday night.

All told is looks like Ned Lamont will have spent well over 25 Million on two self funded Connecticut political campaigns.

That is an awful lot of money could have been used to feed a lot of hungry children or provided educational opportunities to the disadvantaged.

Anyway, Here Is The Latest News About Greenwich Newsmaker Ned Lamont ....

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Malloy and his opponent, Greenwich cable TV entrepreneur Ned Lamont, have been locked in a particularly nasty battle with television commercials filled with ...
Maybe the Race Goes to Those Not Running
New York Times
It's going to be
Ned Lamont saying Dan Malloy is a liar, or Malloy saying Lamont is a liar, or Michael Fedele saying Tom Foley is a liar. ...
Lamont to answer questions from Connecticut families tonight
Tonight, August 5, businessman and Democratic candidate for governor
Ned Lamont will hold a Town Forum in West Hartford, and a Telephone Town Hall with ...
LETTER: State Rep. Sharkey supports Lamont/Glassman in Democratic primary
My answer has been consistent — I
'm supporting Ned Lamont and Mary Glassman. When I'm asked why, I explain that it's primarily because of Mary Glassman. ...
Lamont and Malloy keep mellow tone during debate
By Ted Mann Rocky Hill -
Just days ago, Dan Malloy was taunting fellow Democrat Ned Lamont for ducking out of a gubernatorial debate in New London. ...
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More News About The Lamont / Malloy Campaign Battle:
Did Malloy abuse his city car or has Lamont been driven to ...
By Brian Lockhart
This week Democrat
Ned Lamont's campaign is tossing out another issue it hopes will steer primary voters away from backing Malloy at the polls Tuesday – Malloy's alleged abuse in 2009 of his city vehicle during his final year as mayor ...
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Letter 2 America for August 4, 2010: Addendum - letters2america
By Michael Wolf
That caused me to look at the other PBS stations in Connecticut, and sure enough, on the third one I found
Ned Lamont debating Dan Malloy, which I had no idea was occurring. The catalog of my errors stunned me, though they shouldn't ...
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My Left Nutmeg:: The Nightmare Scenario
By Russell's 10
I am assuming Ned Lamont is still leading, but I haven't seen any valid polls lately, so I have a hard time assessing changes in the race as the election approaches. Dan Malloy could very well pull out a late rally win. And if he does, ...
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Controlling Campaign Brands in New Media | White House ...
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At least that's the consensus of the New York Times piece portraying Thomas C. Foley (R) and
Ned Lamont (D) as simple folk eating in diners with children instead of being Harvard educated or whose net worth is more money than the ...
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Oscar's Chat - WestportNow.com - Westport, Connecticut's 24-hours ...
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Malloy later told a small crowd outside that despite being heavily outspent by challenger Ned Lamont, he is confident of a primary victory. ( ...
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08/04/10 BREAKING NEWS: Live Video Of Shooting Victim Memorial

Live Video Of Shooting Victim Memorial

Watch live coverage via CTnow.com of the memorial service for Manchester shooting victim

Watch Live At CTnow.com

08/04/10 Tea Party Movement Volunteers Are Starting To Unload On Rob Merkle Via Emailation of Endorsement from Star Parker

In Connecticut's Forth Congressional District There Is A Merkle Melt Down In Progress

Here Is An Email Re ponding To Al Alper Who Is The Campaign Manager For Self Proclaimed Tea Party Candidate Rob "I Got High And Forgot To Vote" Merkle

You tell me which of the two emails provides for comic relief.

These guys are scary. I'm sorry, I play rough too, but I do try and use correct information whenever possible.

This clown is just making it up as he goes.

Is it any wonder that the average voter is turned off by the political process?

I will say this though, Al Alpert's creativity teacher in high school must be very proud.

He wins on this piece of political propaganda because now the campaign is forced to counter, yet again.

Do you remember back in early days of the Iraq war they had guy they called "Baghdad Bob " and " Comical Ali " ?

The guy was hysterical.

Same situation here.

His campaign is on it's deathbed and now all the crazy attacks come out from the woodwork.

Oh well, I'm off for a little round of golf, I'll catch you later.


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Al Alper@merkleforcongress.com
To: Efty Gregos@ricktorres2010.com
Wed, August 4, 2010 1:15:51 AM
Subject: FW: Merkle Smears Dismissed-Confirmation of Endorsement from Star Parker


We have remained above the fray while Rick, and the Torres camp has waged a
campaign of personal attacks on Rob Merkle and his deceased father – passing
video's to the press and saying his father got him off; video's too
professional for a campaign with little financial resources such as Rick's,
leaving unanswered questions about Rick and Debicella having conspired
together on this.

Several weeks ago we got wind of information that Rick Torres had not
received an endorsement by Star Parker.

Star not only hadn't been endorsing
any candidate, but her 501c3 (CURE) charter was being exposed as a result of
Rick posting a false endorsement by Star.

This seemed to be supported by
the fact that the "Press Release" issued by Rick in May didn't have a single
quote from Star – I encourage everyone to see it here
http://ricktorres2010.com/news/star-parker-endorses-rick-torres .

Since we don't traffic in hearsay, we set about finding out if there was any
truth to this through many channels. Following nearly two weeks of
investigation, on August 2nd @ 2:24pm EST, I personally called Telly
Lovelace, Star's Campaign Manager and spoke to him. He told me, and I
quote, "Star has not endorsed any candidates" – I encourage anyone to call
Telly themselves to verify this.

Frankly, the Torres campaign has been so beyond the pale that I don't even
believe the quote in the email below came from Star – even her name isn't
there but is instead masked with wingding font - "Congressional District. I
wish Rick the best and hope to serve with him in the 112th Congress." Star
Parker,, Candidate for Congress (CA-37)"

Even if Star did send it, and all indications so far say she has not, Rick
Torres is not a credible candidate.

Rick's litany of endorsements, if they in fact are true, proves he is a
career politician supported and endorsed by career politicians.

To imply that "Merkle Smears Dismissed-Confirmation of Endorsement from Star
Parker" is typical of a campaign going down in flames; desperate for any

Here Is Another Email Response To Al Alpert's Conspiracy Email.....

Mr. Al,
I noticed that this email was sent at 1:16AM. With all due respect, the guiding principle of written communcation has been and continues to be that, when composing any kind of emotionally charged text, one is advised to "sleep on it," read it again in the morning and then consider discarding.
Campaigns make for long days and sleepless night and I hope that with some rest you will be less inclined to hit the send button so hastily.
Beverlee Dacey

Al Alper Responds....

Thank you for the advise Beverlee, but I don’t require sleep to response to disinformation. I’d encourage you to check my facts – they’re beyond dispute – and then consider Rick’s wavering principles as presented in his actions. The Merkle campaign will welcome converts openly.

Beverly Dacey
Shoots Back An Email With A Few Corrections For Merkle's Campgain Manager, Who Is Clearly In Over His Head. ....

Thank you for the advise (advice) Beverlee, but I don’t require sleep to response(d) to disinformation (misinformation). I’d encourage you to check my (the) facts – they’re beyond dispute – and then consider Rick’s wavering principles as presented (displayed) in (through) his actions. The Merkle campaign will welcome (openly welcomes) converts (.) openly. (Are you sureyou are not tired?)

Tea Party Movement Leader Cathy Grippi Is So Impressed She Asks Who Is
Beverlee Dacey And Further Comments ....

Who are you Amedexink@aol? Your ability to edit is extraordinary.

May I send things to you in the future as I am not as good at seeing the possibilities in expressing myself even in the middle of the day?

In all seriousness,

Cathy Grippi


Merkle Campaign Manager Al Alpert Responds To Both Ms. Grippi And Ms. Dacey.....

Thanks to you both. In my haste to get to a meeting, I hit send when I should have saved the draft. Great catch/good eyes Beverlee, thank you. We can always use new volunteers to add to the 150+ we already have on the team – that’s how we collected approximately 3200 signatures in 2 weeks ;)

When Rob wins on Tuesday, we’d welcome you to our staff for copy editing. Or, we’ll be happy to consider you sooner ;)

Beverly Dacey once again responds to Al Alper ....

Mr. Al,
Those with political savvy recognize that the 2 parties run the show, particularly here in the northeast (where our educated, elite liberals are prominent). Any hope for success with a conservative candidate is, in my estimation, unlikely with 2 candidates splitting the vote. If you want to convince yourself otherwise, that is your choice. My decision to support Rick Torres came from careful, thorough research and objectively listening to numerous speeches and the Wilton debate. None of the candidates were known to me prior to this spring.
My greatest fear for our nation is this current movement toward socialism with an emerging political elite that governs from self-interest and protecting their power. Only those Americans who have lived under communism or socialism recognize the current threat to our republic. My experience was living in Romania in 1982 as a Fulbrighter. Tyranny truly is a horror and one can never understand the concept of freedom until living in a world where it does not exist. I promised myself when I returned to America to live the rest of my life fighting to preserve our freedoms and a constitutionally-based government.
Rick is the ONLY candidate in all of the CT races who shares my experience living in a socialist society and has proven to have the courage and fortitude to stand firm against party politics to protect our rights. He affirmed these virtues by not courting the party establishment for convention votes and his extensive endorsements.
I respect your choice to support Rob and would appreciate your respecting my choice. Dissent and the ability to pursue public office are among the rights we strive to protect. Your invitation to join Rob's team next week is flattering, but must be declined. There is a manufacturing company I own waiting for me to get refocused.

Rick Torress's Campgain Manager Efty Gregos Joined The Conversation And Sent A Message to Al Alper, Cathy Grippi and
Beverly Dacey ....

If Rob hates party politics then why did he try and get 40 votes at the convention? More importantly, why is his Campaign Manager an RTC Chairman.

It sounds like Rob is as close to the GOP as Dan Debicella. Especially given the fact that he was working with Dick Foley on the campaign (former State GOP Chairman).

Look familiar? That candidate worked with Dick Foley, just like Rob Merkle.

What Made Rob Merkle's Campaign Manager Al Alper
Flip Out
With His Crazy Conspiracy Email Response?

Here Is The Original Email That Greenwich Roundup
Posted And Commented On ....

08/03/10 Rob Merkle Has A Real Integrity Problem. If He Is Not Getting High And Forgetting To Vote, Then He Is Lying To Local Tea Party Movement Folks

Will Rob Merkle Forget To Vote For Himself In The Republican Primary?

Are All Florida Pot Heads Pathological Liars?

ROB MERKLE'S SMEARS DISMISSED: Here Is Confirmation Of The Endorsement From Star Parker

To all,

Today Star Parker and her campaign confirmed her previous endorsement of Rick Torres dispelling the repugnant charges from the remnants of the Merkle campaign.

Rob Merkle ran a spirited race but with the endorsement today of T.R. Rowe it is clear that Rick is the Conservative choice. I hope that we can all come together now around Rick Torres, the only Republican Candidate with more than 5 national Conservative endorsements.

Rick cordially invites any and all Rob Merkle supporters to his home this Thursday for his weekly BBQ where they will have the opportunity to learn for themselves how Rick intends to advocate for Conservative values.

The full text of the email from the Star Parker Campaign is below.

Eftychis John Gregos-Mourginakis
Campaign Manager
Rick Torres for Congress 2010


"It is unfortunate that my support of Rick Torres has evolved into an issue questioning the integrity of his campaign. Rick and I agree on many of the social and economic issues impacting communities from Connecticut to California. I support Rick in his race to represent the people of Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District. I wish Rick the best and hope to serve with him in the 112th Congress." - Star Parker

Telly Lovelace

Campaign Manager & Director of Communications

Star Parker for Congress 2010 (CA-37)

Long Beach | Carson | Compton


Campaign HQ (562) 989-STAR (7827)


Please Also See A Follow Up Email From

Beverlee Dacey:


08/05/10 Rick Torres' Endorsements

To All,

I am taking this opportunity to list Rick's impressive endorsements and most recent videos. I certainly welcome the Merkle Campaign to do the same for Rob.

We invite and encourage all tea party members to help us get the conservative vote on Tuesday for Rick by visiting his website, viewing his videos and participating in PHONE BANK FOR RICK. It's easy, quick and fun to use. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Norwalk rally where we encourage tea party members to support Rick.


Beverlee Dacey

Rick Torres vs. Dan Debicella: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZkm2WtbqOI

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  2. The Conservative Party
  3. The Independence Caucus
  4. The Republican Liberty Caucus
  5. Change the Congress 2010
  6. The 9-11 Families Foundation
  7. Star Parker
  8. Peter Schiff
  9. Mark Greenberg
  10. Jeff Cheney
  11. T.R.Rowe
  12. RON PAUL

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