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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10/08/08 Yom Kippur to started at sundown In Greenwich

יוֹם כִּפּוּר
The most profound of the Jewish High Holy Days begins at sundown today in Greenwich.

It was the start of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

Yom Kippur, also called by many "the sabbath of sabbaths," and lasts until sundown Tommorrow. It is a universally solemn day of fasting, introspection and prayer. Food, drink and work are strictly forbidden.

Yom Kippur culminates through reflection the ten "Days of Awe" that began last week with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, now 5769.

The observation of Yom Kippur is so significant to Jews that Israel is practically shut down for the day. When the Day of Atonement comes the atmosphere in Jerusalem changes completely. The Airport Is even shut down. Everything is extremely somber and quiet. There is no transportation. Nothing is open and the synagogues are full. People are truly trying to understand their sins.

I have heard that Galveston Jews who were devistated by Hurricane Ike, will have a service outdoors this year.
Yom Kippur is such a holy Jewish holiday, its observance is held even among the majority of secular Jews who may not observe other holidays. Many secular Jews will fast and attend synagogue on Yom Kippur, where the number of worshippers attending is often double or triple the normal attendance.

According to Jewish religious tradition, it is believed that God judges and writes the fate of each person into the Book of Life on Rosh Hashanah, and seals and closes it on Yom Kippur.

During this time, one owes up to sins, seeking forgiveness from God and other people. Those who repent during the 10 days of awe hope to be granted a good new year.

Now everyone knows why I have had some very ruff years in the past.

In addition to verbally apologizing for your sins via prayer, Greenwich Jews will fast for 24 hours on Yom Kippur to further atone for the less-than-savory things they’ve done during the past year.

Fasting began at sundown, during which Greenwich Jews attend a service called Kol Nidre, and it will end at sundown tommorrow (if you can last that long…it’s much harder than it seems).

I think we would do well to do what the Jewish people of Greenwich do through out the night and through the day tommorrow, to take a day aside to just search our hearts before God and let the Holy Spirit really look inside us and not doing our own introspection but being open to God's inspection.

I admit That I am not a certified financial expert. But I can't help but think about the effects of the struggling economy durring this sabbath of sabbaths. A recession or possible depression is not a bad time to re-evaluate how we spend our time and our resources.

If you think about it, in many ways, a recession is a lot like a fast. When we are in such a state of deprivation that we can most productively look into ourselves.

In this time of forclusures and home auctions in Greenwich maybe we should start to increase our Home Values.

Maybe we should focus on the moral and spiritual values inside their homes, not market values.

If you are hurting, go and speak with your spiritual advisor, if you don't have a spiritual advisor to speak to then I would like to invite you to come visit my church up on King Street. I have seen so many hurting families made whole in that church over the past year.

While I am the least worthy of Harvest Time Church congregants to represent the very good works that are going on in this church. However, I would like to say that with this economic tsunami, so many people in Greenwich are talking about the need to find comfort.
Please do not fall into self-doubt and self-loathing.

Perhaps, there are some in Greenwich who are becomming angry at God.

It's OK to be angry at God.

God is big enough to take it.

But we here in Greenwichg should be grateful for the good that we do have and try to have some perspective.

You can do a lot of praying, and a lot of actions, but it's important to put meaning behind it, to put your emotions and heart into it.
The creator made you in his image and he loves you very dearly.
So if you are facing tough times here in Greenwich and do not have a spiritual advisor to go to then I would invite you to to come to the church that I attend with my wife and turn things around by developing a fresh new and close relationship with your God.


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"On this day, Americans are reminded of the great blessings of religious freedom," said Former Greenwich Resident George W. Bush, "and the unalienable rights bestowed upon all people by the Creator of life."

10/08/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Should The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Be Charged With Leaving The Scene?

I pretty much share your dim view of our local daily but I'm giving them a pass on this one.
It's customary for the police not to release the name of the driver in cases like this unless and until he's charged. I think that's a good idea, at least while the investigation, because the nut jobs around love to rush in long before the facts are known. Remember that poor guy who accidentally ran over a goose at Tod's (or maybe Bruce Park, who remembers)? It was an accident, for Crissake, but his name was released and he later reported receiving hate mail, vicious phone calls, death threats, etc. from the PETA folks. That's unfair, I think.

So its your blog and you are of course free to go after whomever you want but I won't nail them for this in mine. Give me a crummy editorial, however, and I'm there.



Dear Chris,

I Will Defer To You If You Say That This 20 Year Old Mystery Drivers Name Should Not Be Released. You Are An Attorney And I Am Not.

However, Something Doesn't Seem Kosher To Me.

The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Mows Down This Poor Guy On A Bike.

The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Carries The Dead Biker Rider On His Hood For A Quite A Distance According To A Police Sargent.

The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Travels Way Down The Road And Hits A Telephone Pole.

The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Travels So Far Down The Road That Persons Gathered Around The Dead Body Know Nothing Of The White SUV Hitting The Telephone Pole Way Down The Street.

A Cablevision News Crew Films The Accident Scene And The Police Do Not Made Them Aware Of The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver, Causing Them To Report That A Hit And Run Driver Killed Some Poor Guy On A Bike.

The Woman Who Stopped Her Car When She Saw A Dead Body In The Road And Ran To A house To Call 911 Was Unaware That The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Had Crashed Way Down The Road.

The The Greenwich Police Department Did Not Give The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver A Field Sobriety Test.

Then The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Was Sent To An Out Of Town Hospital And Soon Released.

Twelve Hours After The Guy On The Bike Is Killed The Greenwich Police Department Isn't Talking.

In Fact, The Greenwich Police Department First Started Saying That The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver "Remained On The Scene", But That Did Not Jive With Witness Accounts And The Cablevision News Video.

So Then The Police Said They Found The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver "Parked Against A Utility Pole".

When The Police Were Asked If Speed Could Have Been A Factor In Causing The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver To Kill The Guy On The Bike. The Greenwich Police Department Refused To Answer The Question.

Even Though The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Mowed The Poor Biker Down In A 25 MPH Speed Zone And Then Carried Him A Fair Distance Before Depositing Him In Someones Driveway And Then Continued Driving Way Down The Road A Crashing Into A Telephone Pole.

While I Agree That The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver's Name Should Not Be Released Unless He Is Charged,
I Do Not Agree That The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Should Not Have Been Charged Two Nights Ago.

At The Very Least The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Should Have Been Charged With Leaving A Scene Of A Vehicular Death That He Was Personally Involved In.

The Only One Who Stopped That Night Was A Good Samaritan That Saw A Body In The Road And Ran To A House To Call 911.

This Wasn't A Little Fender Bender Or A Knocked Over Mailbox.

Joey Was Mowed Down And Left To Die In Someones Driveway.

Think About If It Was Your Child Or Grandchild Left To Die On The Side Of The Road.

Something About This Whole Greenwich Police Department Investigation Just Doesn't Pass The Smell Test Ever Since I Heard The The 20 Year Old Mystery Hit And Run Driver Suposedly "Remained At The Scene" And Nobody Saw Him.

If The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Had Immediately stopped And Called 911, Then Maybe Joey Could Have Been Saved.

But We Will Never Know Because The Heartless Cold Blooded 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Kept On Flying Down The Road Until He Hit A Telephone Pole.


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10/08/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Wednesday

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10/08/08 Is Jim Himes Going To Screw Things Up ????

During the House Oversight Committee'sreview of Lehman Brothers, Chris Shays (CT-04) took exception to not being able to deliver opening remarks.

Poll puts Shays in front of Himes: But nearly a third surveyed are undecided

Norwalk Advocate

Christopher Shays is well ahead of his Democratic challenger, Jim Himes of Greenwich, in the 4th Congressional District race, according to a Sacred Heart University poll.

But a large number of those surveyed were still undecided, which some said could be a factor.
The poll, conducted Sept. 22 to 25 by the SHU Polling Institute and WSHU Public Radio, surveyed 400 likely voters in the district.

If the election were held at the time of the poll, 40.5 percent of voters would have voted for Shays and 30.5 percent for Himes. But of those surveyed, 29 percent were undecided.

SHU politics professor Gary Rose said the large number of undecided respondents is interesting, though not unexpected. Last week, a week after the poll was conducted, Congress rejected then passed an expensive financial bailout package. Even before that, voters were concerned about the shaky economy, and Rose said many people still don't know whom to trust......

....One reason might be name recognition. Of those surveyed, about 65 percent of respondents knew who Shays was; 47 percent said the same about Himes. Also, 55.5 percent of those surveyed recalled seeing or hearing Shays campaign ads, compared with 42 percent for Himes....


Not looking good for Himes, conversely looking good for Shays.

Diane Farrell polled ahead (Reuters/Zogby) of Shays and lost. Twice.


09/10/08 Greenwich Time News

  • Revolving Door At Himes Campaign During Close Election Against Christophers Shays.
  • Insiders Say Internal Himes Campaign Polls Prompted The Sudden And Drastic Change
  • Jim Himes Is Going To Need More Than $2.1 Million For His Challenge Against Christopher Shays.
  • Can New Campagin Manager Dana Houle Get Back The Momentum That The Static Jim Himes Effort Once Had
  • "I think it's a good move", said Frank Farricker, a former state Senate candidate who served with Himes on the Democratic Town Committee of Greenwich."I welcome it, personally,"
  • "This was a way to take us to the next level where we need to be for the next two months," said Michael Sachse of the Himes campaign. "Maura has done an amazing job, and it's no accident that, thanks to her work, thatthis is a targeted race and Jim is viewed as one of the top Democratic challengers in the country."
  • "You don't normally shake up a campaign unless it's in trouble," said Gary Rose, professor of politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. "I think it does raise some questions of probably some divisiveness within the campaign organization, and that's probably not such a great sign this late in the game."
  • "If it's a static campaign, it's probably a losing campaign," said George Jepsen, a former state Democratic chairman who is honorary political chairman of Himes' congressional bid. "Modern campaigns are multimillion-dollar efforts. They're very complex and they need certain experience and expertise."

08/26/08 Maybe This s Why The Himes Campgian Was So Sensitive To Greenwich Roundup's Broadcasting Press Advisories And Releases Yesterday

08/25/08 Rookie blogger didn't know that Himes press releases shouldn't be posted on the internet. Undecided voters should not have access to releases

08/24/08 Himes Statement on Obama Announcement of Biden as Running Mate


Energized Dems open Election HQ

by Sarah Darer Littman

The gathered Democrats seemed ready for the fight. Perhaps, because, as Lex Paulson, Fairfield County organizer for the Obama campaign observed, “There’s no-one who fights harder against prevailing winds than Democrats in Greenwich.”

And Please Look At This Other Post:

10/07/08 "Our economy is fundamentally strong," the Jim Himes ineffective ad quotes Shays as saying. "No one can disagree with that."
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10/08/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Why Can't Debra Friedman Find Who The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Is That Killed Joseph And Crashed Down The Road

The 20 Year Old Driver Of The White Jeep Cherokee Is

Greenwich Police Chief' David Ridberg's Man Of Mystery

Friends recall man killed on bicycle

By Debra Friedman

Staff Writer

Article Launched: 10/08/2008 02:29:26 AM EDT

Flowers and candles mark the spot where 20-year-old Joseph Borselio died late Sunday night after he was hit by a sport utility vehicle while riding his bicycle on Sheephill Road, police said.

Yesterday, a co-worker and friend of Borselio, recalled an easy-going guy who was always looking to have fun.

"We always worked the same shifts and we had a lot of fun together," said Mickey Goberdhan, 21, who is a front end manager at the Shop Rite on West Main Street in Stamford.

"It's really sad to see him go," said Goberdhan, who noted that Borselio had worked at the store for nearly two years and always rode his bike to and from the store. "It was never a problem for him before," he said.

Family members described "Joey," in an obituary submitted to Greenwich Time, as a life-long resident of the town who graduated from high school in 2005 through the BOCES program. The family said he loved riding his bike, learning about computers and listening to music. He also taught himself how to play the drums. .....


  • It Is painfully obvious that Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Debra Friedman doesn't have the journalistic investigative skills or the confidential Police Department contacts to find out who was the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Killed Joey.


  • 10/07/08 Hearst Newspapers Makes A Change: Debra Friedman Replaces "Martin "What Time Is It' Cassidy (Updated)


  • For Some Odd, Strange And Unknown Reason The Greenwich Police Department Releases They Name Of The Poor Hard Working Victim, But Does Not Release The Name Of The Driver Of The White Jeep Cherokee That Killed Him.

  • Hey, Greenwich Protects Drivers. What's Up With That ?????

  • Weird But True: According to Greenwich Police the unarmed mystery driver was found way down the road from the victim, next to a telephone utility pole he had struck.

  • Did the unarmed mystery driver remain way down the road of his own free will or was he stuck because his SUV was immobilized by a telephone pole?


  • "He rode on the car for some distance," said Sgt. Timothy Berry.

  • "She was frantic and I called 911," Catherine Wells, of Sheephill Road said.

  • "All I heard is a big boom - it sounded like an explosion," said Margaret Depoli, "That's such a shame what happened,"

Powers recalled by family

By Debra Friedman

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/08/2008 02:29:35 AM EDT

Those who knew Stephen Powers say he was the nicest guy anyone could ever hope to meet. Golfing, skiing and traveling were just some of his many passions, but what he loved most in life was his family.

Yesterday, his wife Christina Powers, of Greenwich, spoke about her high school sweetheart who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident Sunday night in North White Plains, N.Y.

"He was fun, adventurous, and he loved life to the max," said Christina Powers, his wife of 18 years. Stephen and Christina Powers met while they were students at Scarsdale High School in New York in 1981. "I was a sophomore and he was a junior," said Christina Powers, reminiscing about the inscription he left on her school yearbook which read, "I will always love you."

"He was a such great guy," said Powers. They married in 1990 and went on to have two daughters, Alexis, 16, and Sydney, 13. The family moved to Greenwich nearly 10 years ago. .....

....While friends and family are reeling over the loss of a great father, husband and friend, loved ones took comfort in remembering his greatest qualities, such as how supportive he was to everyone he knew, and the great lengths he went to in order to make sure everyone in his circle always felt included and loved, his wife said.

The family will hold a wake at the Leo P. Gallagher & Sons Funeral Home on Arch Street today and tomorrow from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m.A funeral Mass will be held at St. Paul Church, 84 Sherwood Ave., on Friday at 10 a.m.

School's costs soar

By Colin "WOW Maybe Something Really Is Wrong At Ham Ave" Gustafson

Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/08/2008 02:29:56 AM EDT

The ballooning cost of the Hamilton Avenue School's reconstruction has led officials in the Connecticut Department of Education to reconsider how much money the state can legally send the town as reimbursement for the project.

Town officials have been banking on receiving those reimbursements to help offset mounting costs on the project, which has stretched from an estimated 18-month work period to more than three years, with the pricetag swelling from $24 million to more than $30 million.

"We count on that money and have worked it into our plans," said Stephen Walko, chairman of the Board of Estimate and Taxation. "When there is a question about whether we're going to receive a good chunk ... it's obviously a concern."

Since the school reconstruction effort began in 2005, the state's Department of Education has reimbursed the district for more than $2.7 million in project costs based on the assumption that the project qualified as a "renovation," which made it eligible for the money.

But state officials reversed course last month, saying the the project's costs had exceeded the allowable limit for a "renovation."

Since then, state education officials have temporarily suspended payments

  • Comment:

  • Hamilton Avenue School's building committee chair, Frank Mazza, says forget about the shortfall in state funding my out of control spending and mis-management is covered by the full faith and credit of the Greenwich Taxpayers. Right now I am ordering turkeys for the planned Thanksgiving opening of Ham Ave. I am also ordering a Big Christmas Tree just in case.

  • More Great Reporting From Colin "I Don't Talk To Taxpayers" Gustafson

  • 08/16/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Saturday

  • No C.O. for Ham Ave.: Mid-October new target for school opening

  • By Colin Gustafson (colin.gustafson@scni.com or at (203) 625-4428)

  • The Hamilton Avenue School project missed another crucial deadline yesterday when the building failed to win approval for occupancy because of lingering facility-related issues.

Police blotter Via The Greenwich Time

Frank Gould, of 81 South Woodridge Drive, Stamford, was arrested and charged with interfering with a police officer, second-degree forgery and third-degree larceny Monday night after police executed two warrants for his arrest, police said.

Police responded to LA Fitness gym in Stamford where they located Gould, according to a police report. At that time, Gould told police his twin brother was responsible for the crimes the warrants were issued for, police said. After determining that Gould did not have a twin brother, he was taken into custody, police said.

Gould was unable to post a $50,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court yesterday, police said.

Eduardo Andrade, 35, of 114 Grove St., Stamford, was arrested and charged with violation of a protective order and disorderly conduct Monday after he turned himself in to Greenwich police, police said.

He was free on a $1,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford yesterday, police said.

Democrats kick-off campaign

Returning to theme of change trumpeted by Barack Obama, Greenwich Democrats celebrated the opening of their campaign headquarters last night with a call for new leadership from top to bottom, from Hartford to Washington

...."If we pull this off, we are going to make history," said Krumeich, a Greenwich attorney who is the senior-most member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation.....

Senior Health Fair looks to get people healthy

Between Carol Atkinson, 75, and her two friends, the trio has battled cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

"Anything you can get, I think we've had," she said.

So the 14th annual Senior Health Fair, held yesterday at the Greenwich Civic Center, was a good place to be, with hundreds of pamphlets of information, blood-pressure screenings and flu shots, she said.

Brunswick's Royal out for the season

Staff file photoSenior Kevin Royal was Mr. Versatility for the Brunswick School football team. The 6-foot-4, 205-pound Royal displayed his talent as a wide receiver, running back, safety, linebacker and kickoff returner for the Bruins the past three years.

Now Here's Today's Hard Hitting Greenwich Time Editorial:

Criminal database is a positive step

There was a lot of fallout from the brutal triple-homicide in Cheshire last year, some of it counterproductive - such as demands for severe punishment at the expense of potential rehabilitation - but a lot constructive.

Dangerous 'interpretation' of traffic laws

To the editor:

When walking around neighborhoods in Greenwich that do not have sidewalks you are taking a great risk to your health and well-being.

True or false?

1. If the speed limit is posted at 25 mph, that means you can legally go double the speed limit, or 50 mph, since a posted speed limit means the speed limit times two.

2. The word "Yield" means that you can ignore other cars and keep driving.

3. "State law - you must stop for pedestrians" means that pedestrians must stop for oncoming cars since they are slower than the cars.

4. "No right on red" means that you can turn right on red when no one is looking.

5. Private and public school buses can go way over the speed limit, especially before they pick up students, because they are yellow and everyone can see them coming.

6. Garbage trucks can go at least double the speed limit because they are on the road early in the morning, and so what if a person is in the way.

7. Teenagers who drive to and from school get extra credit points on their homework for driving fast and narrowly missing people walking their dogs.

8. In traffic circles, you do not have to pay attention to the "Stop" sign or "Yield" sign because the other person will avoid you if you do not stop.

9. Cars that exit underground parking lots from buildings should drive right to the street over the sidewalk because the person walking on the sidewalk is responsible for stopping.

10. A "Stop" sign does not really mean "Stop" it really means you should just drive through.

The town has "traffic-calming studies" and "sidewalk advisers," yet people keep on speeding or otherwise ignoring the traffic laws.

Perhaps a simple solution is to have the Police Department increase traffic enforcement in all areas of town. It might be one way to increase town revenues in the coming year, and it could save a life.

Karen Fassuliotis


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/08/08 Greenwich Post News Links Or Only The Greenwich Post Is Covering Local LWV Debates Where Is The Greenwich Citizen And The Greenwich Time?????

Edward Krumeich II and Alfred Camillo shake hands after the League of Women Voters debate.

(Ken Borsuk Greenwich Post Photo)

Health care proved to be the major issue of contention between state legislature candidates Republican Alfred Camillo Jr. and Democrat Edward Krumeich II at Wednesday’s League of Women Voters debate.“I’m a parent, I can tell you there’s a health care crisis,” Mr. Krumeich said. “I pay medical bills for my children. I pay medical bills for my spouse. I deal with insurance companies all the time. We have a broken system here.”

Mr. Krumeich said the state’s Charter Oak Program doesn’t do enough because it takes only those who were uninsured and makes them underinsured with high deductibles and limited coverage. He said not only are patients having decisions made for them by insurance companies instead of doctors, but doctors are finding it difficult to practice because of low reimbursement rates.

The economy and the state’s gloomy forecast for the budget year ahead was a key issue at last Wednesday’s debate between state Senate candidates Republican Scott Frantz and Democrat Mark Diamond.

The two, who are running to replace retiring Republican incumbent Sen. William Nickerson in the 36th District, faced off in Town Hall for the League of Women Voters debate covering a number of topics. But many times, the discussion turned to the economy and what can be done to help it.

Residents opposing the expansion of The Stanwich School in Greenwich are appealing a decision by the town’s Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals to allow the new school to be built.


Frank Gould, 24, of Stamford was arrested Oct. 6 and charged with interfering with an officer, third degree forgery and third degree larceny. Police held active warrants for Gould’s arrest on the forgery and larceny charges and went to the LA Fitness Gym in Stamford to speak to him. According to police, Gould initially denied he was responsible for the alleged crimes and that it was his twin brother who was responsible. Police said they discovered discrepancies in this story and Gould then admitted he had lied about his identity. He told police he was, in fact, the twin brother and was trying to protect his brother. However, police determined Gould did not have a twin brother and had, in the past, used several aliases including a foster brother to commit other crimes. Gould was held in lieu of two $25,000 cash bonds and is due in court Oct. 14.


A 43-year-old Stamford man was arrested Oct. 6 and charged with violation of a protective order and disorderly conduct. Police had been called to a local address on the report of an unwanted man. According to police, the man had come to his ex-wife’s home without an invitation to give a birthday cake to his son; then began arguing with his wife. The woman produced a valid order of protection saying the man is not allowed to be at the property and can visit his children every other Sunday. The man was released on a $1,000 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 7.

Jo Deen Blaine Davis, director of music ministries at the Congregational Church of New Canaan, will play the organ Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Christ Church, Greenwich. The recital will be followed by a reception in the Family Room.

Ms. Davis will perform Moto ostinato from Sunday Music by Petr Eben; variations on Est-ce-Mars by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck; Prelude and Fugue in D Major, BWV 532 by Johann Sebastian Bach; variations on America by Charles Ives; With Highest Praise by J. Todd Frazier; and Sixth Symphony, Opus 42, First Movement by Charles Marie Widor.

The Greenwich Newcomers and Neighbors Club is playing host to a Halloween party aimed at children 7 years old and younger and their caregivers from 3:45 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 30. The event includes a magic show, which starts at 4.

For 28 years, Gordon Ball took informal photographs of poet Allen Ginsberg and other members of the Beat Generation, the literary and cultural phenomenon that has had a worldwide impact since its inception in the mid-1950s. Mr. Ball will present photos and read from his books, ’66 Frames, Dark Music and Scenes From East Hill Farm, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. in the Greenwich Library meeting room.


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10/07/08 "Our economy is fundamentally strong," the ineffective Jim Himes ad quotes Shays as saying. "No one can disagree with that."

Mike Francesa and Chris Russo read Jim Himes Bio on air and offer a Shays play by play before ripping Chris Shays to shreds

Sizing up Shays, Himes campaign ads

Connecticut Post

Himes, a Greenwich resident and former Wall Street banker turned affordable-housing advocate, is using a tactic similar to many Democrats this year.

Democratic challenger Jim Himes is basing his advertising campaign on a nationwide strategy that hopes voters dislike President Bush enough to throw Shays out of office after 21 years.

Shays, a Bridgeport resident who for the last two years has been New England's lone Republican House member, is accentuating his positives in an attempt to survive what political analysts predict is imminent presidential victory for Democrat Barack Obama in Connecticut.

"The hopefulness of Obama," his print and broadcast ads said, next to a photo of the Democrat.
"The straight talk of McCain," it said adjacent to a picture of the Republican.

Dave Wasserman, House editor for the Cook Political Report -- a nationally known on-line newsletter that analyzes Congress and presidential races -- said this week that it's typical of Shays' re-election style.

"That has always been his approach to campaigns," Wasserman said in a phone interview from Washington. "I think it is a very smart approach this year." Shays is essentially hedging his bets and taking the best-known parts of each presidential candidate......


Jim Himes had better go after Chris Shays hard and fast and expose him as a political goofball, or Chris Shays is going to squeak by one more time.

Please Also See:

Shays Leads Himes by 10

by Genghis Conn

A new poll shows Chris Shays with a double-digit lead over Jim Himes: 40.5%-30.5%. 29% are undecided. The poll of 400 likely voters was conducted by Sacred Heart and WSHU, and was done September 26-29. The margin of error is +/- 5%. ...

Poll: Shays A Solid Favorite In The Fourth District Congressional Race

Sacred Heart Press Release

A new poll of likely Fairfield County voters puts veteran United States Congressman Christopher Shays well ahead of his Democratic challenger, Jim Himes. And almost two-thirds of those responding (64.3%) saw the economy as the dominant ...

Shays Up By 10, With 29 Percent Undecided

by Mark Pazniokas

Christopher Shays, R-4th, with a 10-point lead over Democrat Jim Himes late last month. The poll is a mixed bag. They were out in the field Sept. 22 to 26, meaning that the numbers are a little stale. For instance, this doesn't measure ...

Poll: Shays Leads Himes By 10 Percentage-Points


US Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4th District, had a 10 percentage-point lead over Democrat Jim Himes last month, according to a poll released Tuesday by Sacred Heart University.

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10/08/08 Glenville Shell Gas Station Acquired by Tenant

CoStar Group,

Glenville Shell acquired the service station at 222 Glenville Road in Greenwich, CT, from Jouret Realty LLC for $3.3 million. The 1327-square-foot property .

The 1,327-square-foot property was built in 1974. At the time of sale, the buyer was leasing it from the seller. The buyer reported he was motivated to buy because he thought this is a good piece of property and it was priced under market value. There was no reported representation used by either party in this transaction.
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