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Monday, February 4, 2008

02/04/08 - Savannah Lamotte, would tell police about John J. Bria's Death: "Maria and Jason picked me up around 9 p.m. …

Savannah Lamotte Says:

"Maria and Jason picked me up around 9 p.m. … We went to Shell and got some cigarettes, and then we went somewhere to shoot some heroin. We then went to get some cocaine …We went back to Shell and got some other stuff, and we went to shoot up some more heroin somewhere. The we went to John's house. When we got to John's house, Katie, Megan and John were all there.

Katie Hanscom, Megan Caron and Jason Cunningham were high school friends of Bria. Maria Scinto, also in the group, is from nearby Port Chester, N.Y.

Jason Cunningham would tell police that during the day, John Bria "was feeling really high from the pills that Megan
Caron had given him."

As the night wore on, most of the group left.

Jason Cunningham stayed behind, calling his mother,
Donna Cunningham about 4 a.m.

Ms. Cunningham arrived to pick him up about 8:30 a.m. Bria had been dead for several hours by that time.

Jason Cunningham told Bria's father that his son was still sleeping.

NO ONE CALLED 911 !!!!

Instead they
worked to cover up the drug party rather than notify John Bria's parents.

No one called the police, paramedics or anyone who could render John Bria medical assistance.

They just let him die, to save themselves.

Worse yet the Greenwich Police Department assisted these evil doers by just closing the case on the dead Byram boy.

Maybe if 19 year old John J. Bria had been killed in Stamford his family would have gotten justice.

Arrest made in connection with body found in Greenwich
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT,USA
By Martin B. Cassidy GREENWICH - Police have charged a Bridgeport man with plotting to kill a 49-year-old Bronx, NY, resident found shot to death on a ...

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