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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 Letters from Greenwich Time Readers - Trial by tabloid

To the editor:

I can see no merit whatsoever in making Coach Burke's DUI trial a front-page five-column story (Nov. 18). The man has paid his dues with the school, his players and their parents. He now faces a judge in a courtroom and does not deserve the Trial by Tabloid being foisted off on your readers.

This is one of a series of recent front-page articles designed to, I assume, titillate your subscribers. It has the opposite effect on this reader.

It is sad to watch our community newspaper sink to this low form of journalism. It is sure to cost you subscribers.

Pat Nunan


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11/18/09 Letters from Greenwich Time Readers - Exploitation

To the editor:

Dr. Ben Ramaley has been our doctor for decades. He delivered our children and we found his work outstanding -- he demonstrated the highest level of medical care combined with empathy and dignity. It was therefore with great sadness and anger that we read Greenwich Time's portrayal of Dr. Ramaley on Nov. 12. A sensationalist story and photograph splashed across two pages served not only to disseminate allegations but also to damage Dr. Ramaley's reputation as a fine and well-respected physician.

While mistakes were made and admitted to, and this is certainly very unfortunate for the family involved, unsubstantiated allegations should not be published. As the article lacked journalistic integrity befitting a respectable newspaper, we can only suppose this story intended to shock and grab readers' attention, perhaps solely to increase your sales. What you actually did was spread accusations that not only harm a good man's reputation but also endanger his livelihood and cause Dr. Ramaley and his family unnecessary grief.

While this kind of reporting may be commonplace for a tabloid, we are disgusted and disappointed by this unashamed display of exploitation. To debase the standards of the newspaper is bad enough, but to discredit a good doctor, without regard to the accomplishments of his long career, is reprehensible.

Jackie Cabrera


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11/18/09 Letters from Greenwich Time Readers - Sensationalism

To the editor:

Where is the integrity of the Greenwich Time? I would like to know how sensationalizing Dr. Ramaley's court settlement, which was closed by the courts, is "serving the community" as your paper has claimed to be doing since 1877.

Is circulation of the paper so poor that you need to attempt to create scandal to sell papers? For the past 27 years, I have trusted Dr. Ramaley as my doctor and appreciated his professionalism and integrity. Your sensationalism can't undo the complete confidence I have had in him through the years, nor can it lead me to believe he hasn't conducted his practice with anything but the highest of standards. In this case, who are you serving, the community, or yourself?

Susan Tyrrell

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11/18/09 Letters from Greenwich Time Readers - Journalistic integrity?

Journalistic integrity?
To the editor:

It has been most disconcerting lately to see the once vaulted Greenwich Time resort to sensationalism in an apparent attempt to boost its readership. The preoccupation with salacious material for the front page of the Time has dark and serious implications. That these two most recent tabloid stories involving local doctors appeared on the front page and dragged on with repetition ad nauseam puts into question the editorial staffs' perception of good journalism. These stories went well beyond the presumption of bringing pertinent information to the public. When a Time staff member was asked about their preoccupation for sordid stories I was advised that they were a product of the Freedom of Information Act which, I guess, puts all of us on notice that if there is a skeleton in our closet, some prying intern will make a name for him/herself, and the front page of the Greenwich Time is a likely place for that skeleton to parade its bones.

Freedom of Information does not absolve the editorial staff from exercising prudence, discretion and integrity in presenting a story in its proper context; and context does include its location and length of deliberation. The resolved but now revisited four-year-old insemination case was originally an accusation, but was presented with all the authority of fact to the readership and labored on for the unheard of length of two full pages.

The unsettling question that lingers, however, is, what is the value of any sealed, confidential or shredded court document when any reporter can get access to a resolved case and through supposition force you to be publicly haunted and relive the anguish? Journalists either revel in the stir they have caused or bury the consequence of a story gone sour on "journalistic integrity" as though the phrase itself was both a salve and absolution ... sort of like an assassin who claimed merely to be following orders.

In the midst of Joseph McCarthy's reign of terror and character assassination I am reminded of Joseph Welch's reply to McCarthy. "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?" I wonder, has the phrase, "journalistic integrity," become an oxymoron?

Albert J. Repicci



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11/18/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed:

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11/18/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

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By webmaster@macdailynews.com
The Apple Store Pheasant Lane and Apple Store Greenwich Avenue will open to the public on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 10am EST, in Nasuah, New Hampshire and Greenwich, Connecticut, respectively. Addresses: Apple Store Pheasant Lane ...
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