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Thursday, December 24, 2009

12/24/09 Greenwich Police Department Press Release - Assault robbery in Byram

Please see attached press release.

I will be out of the office after 12 noon, so Merry Christmas and Happy
Holidays to everyone.

Lieutenant Daniel Allen
Greenwich Police Department
Public Information Officer
11Bruce Place
Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel. 203-618-8819
Fax 203-618-8852


December 24, 2009

Contact: Lt. Mark Marino
Phone: (203) 622-3395

Greenwich Police Department Incident #09-102969

On December 22, 2009 members of the Criminal Investigations Division arrested the
following subjects under the authority of arrest warrants issued by the Stamford Superior
Court for the charges listed:

Kevin Ashford B/M, Age 28, DOB-6/30/1981
136 Pearl Street
Port Chester, NY

CGS 53a-134 Robbery 1st Degree
CGS 53a-135 Robbery 2nd Degree
CGS 53a-60 Assault 2nd Degree
CGS 53a-125b Larceny 6th Degree
CGS 53a-62 Threatening 2nd Degree
CGS 53a-181 Breach of Peace

Ashford was held in custody in lieu of a court-set $100,000 Cash bond. Ashford will be
arraigned at the Stamford Superior Court on 12/23/2009.

Rocco Morabito W/M, Age 27, DOB- 9/16/1982
255 Glen Avenue
Port Chester, NY

CGS 53a-134 Robbery 1st Degree
CGS 53a-135 Robbery 2nd Degree
CGS 53a-60 Assault 2nd Degree
CGS 53a-125b Larceny 6th Degree
CGS 53a-181 Breach of Peace
CGS 53a-155 Tampering/Fabricating Evidence

Morabito posted a $100,000 Surety bond and was released to appear at Stamford Superior
Court on 12/29/2009.

On that December 16, 2009 at approximately 12:02 A.M., members of the Uniformed Services
Division responded to the Greenwich Lobster House restaurant at #2 S. Water Street,
Greenwich, CT. When officers arrived, they found a 31 year old male victim with serious
head injuries sitting in the parking lot.

The victim reported he had been assaulted and robbed of his cellular telephone by two
unknown males.

Members of the Criminal Investigations Division were able to identify witnesses who were
previously unknown to the victim. With the assistance of surrounding police departments,
suspects were identified and interviewed, and evidence was gathered.

The investigation revealed that the victim was speaking with a female known to Ashford in
the parking lot of the restaurant. When Ashford and Morabito appeared at that location, the
attack started almost immediately, with the victim being pushed to the ground, held down,
and beaten in the head and face with a metal flashlight. During the attack, the victim's
cellular telephone was stolen and has not been recovered.

A passerby who observed the attack overheard Ashford yelling that he was going to kill the
victim. Ashford and Morabito fled the area, along with the female.

During the course of the investigation, it was learned that Morabito had disposed of a piece of
the flashlight used in the attack.

The Greenwich Police Department would like to extend it's thanks to the Port Chester, NY
Police Department and the City of Rye, NY Police Department for their assistance which
provided essential information in locating witnesses to this incident.

12/24/09 PRESS RELEASE: Peter Schiff Says Senate Votes Are "Nightmare Before Christmas"


For Immediate Release Contact: John Hrabe
December 24, 2009 (203) 450-8818

Peter Schiff: Senate Votes Are “Nightmare Before Christmas”

(Milford, CT) Peter Schiff, Connecticut’s principled Republican candidate for US Senate, issued the following statement on the Senate’s passage of a trillion dollar health care bill and a new multi-trillion dollar federal debt ceiling.

“Thanks to the Senate’s early morning votes on health care and the national debt, Christmas Eve 2009 will be remembered as the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ Both votes continue Washington’s troubling pattern of reckless spending and represent an overbearing intrusion into our private lives.”

“It’s no coincidence that the Senate waited until Christmas Eve, when most Americans are busy preparing for the holiday, to increase the national debt to a new record of $12.4 trillion. The Senate’s actions will burden our children and grandchildren with an insurmountable burden of debt—more than $40,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. Most Connecticut families are making cutbacks during this recession, and Washington needs to match their sacrifice.”

“On health care, the Senate bill represents a frightening intrusion into our private lives. This bill forces Americans to choose between an expensive new insurance premium and a costly government fine. The government can’t handle the problems currently in front of them. We can’t trust Washington with new expanded powers over our medical decisions.”

“Connecticut Republicans don’t want another Chris Dodd dressed up in Republican clothing. We need a leader in Washington who will oppose Obama-care. We need a Senator who will fight for a real debt ceiling that Congress can’t continually raise. ”

In 2006, businessman Peter Schiff warned of a coming financial crisis. Now, Peter sees the same problems repeating themselves in Washington. As Connecticut’s Senator, he will stop Washington’s spending binges that destroy jobs and lead to higher taxes. Born in New Haven, Peter lives in Fairfield County, where he raises his seven year old son.


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