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Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 Reader Submitted Comments: "Rich Boy"?

Sounding the Alarm for Equal Justice ...

Hey Brian,
Depends how you define rich, of course (a resident of one of our housing projects would be considered rich by the average South African) but 19 Nearwater Lane is a 1952 split-level ranch owned by either the now remarried mother of the driver or by a landlord. Either way, we're not talking Round Hill Road here. The tragedy of the poor young man's death can probably do without inflammatory terms like "Rich".

In my opinion, of course. Here's a link to the tax card for the property. It's a proprietary site so it may not work. http://search.searchgreenwich.net/.searchgreenwich/sgfullbore.php?id=12-2218/S

Chris Fountain
Riverside CT
(203) 249-4394


Dear Chris,

You are right, it depends how you define rich.
I refereed to this Douglas More as rich, which is opposed to Mid Country Super "Rich" and Back Country "We Have More Money Than God" Rich.
This 24 Year Old came from a home of privilege. He never missed a meal or had to scrounge around for bus fare.

He is rich enough to sport in White SUV around high on whatever and mow down a kid who was truly struggling to better himself ridding a bike all the way from his grocery store job in Stamford.

If poor ole Joey had borrowed got drunk out of his head and borrowed somebody Else's SUV and killed Douglas Moore.

Joey would have been arrested on the spot, received a bail higher than $50,000 and probably spent a great deal of time confined in Bridgeport as his Grandparents came up with the bail.

The citizen's of Greenwich would not have had to wait over a month to learn the results of poor struggling Joey's toxicology results. We would have known almost immediately.

And by all accounts Joey was not the type of human being that would leave Douglas Moore is someones driveway grasping for his very last gasp of air.

Apparently, this 24 year old man was so bombed out of his head when the Greenwich Police Department found him crashed into a telephone pole the road, he didn't even know he killed a 19 year old kid who was struggling to get just to get by.

But, the Police and others powers that be in Greenwich knew Douglas Moore, his " now remarried mother" and father, and that's why this rich 24 year old man was allowed to leave the death scene under the influence without being charged.

Joey would have had a Perp walk and his picture would have been on the front page of the Greenwich Time as he was being escorted by police officers on his way to Bridgeport.

The fact is the Greenwich Police Department plays favorites in town.

I have been in the Glory Days diner and seen a bunch of rich kids get into a fight and trash the place. Scores of police cars show up and some of the teens are bleeding and no one gets charged or arrested.

I have been working a local building and underage teens from Old Greenwich are drinking and arguing behind the building. I called the police the rich kids flee leaving personal items like cell phones.

The police officer calls home on one of the phones and makes arrangements to return the phone. No one is arrested and I am left to clean up the mess behind the building I took care of at the time.
Next time your in the Glory Days Dinner ask one of the waiters how many times the police have had to be called on these spoiled brats from privileged households.
Of coarse you wont read about any of these Greenwich Diner disturbances in the Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post or the Greenwich Time.
Just like you wont read about Gang Violence just blocks away from Greenwich Avenue in the Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post or the Greenwich Time.
Please See:

If some poor kids from Byram were to trash the Glory Days diner or get caught having an underage drinking party behind a downtown building. They are getting arrested.
A poor kid from Byram gets arrested for an incident that involves a water balloon and he gets a $50,000 bail.
Douglas Moore is guy high in a SUV that mowed down a kid on a bike, fails to call 911, leaves him for dead on the side of the road, crashes into a telephone pole and still fails to call 911 is allowed to leave without being arrested.
Over a month later Douglas Moore Finlay is arrested for killing Joey and he is released on the same $50,000 water balloon crime bail.
It sure will be interesting to see who Douglas "I Was High" Moore called on his cell phone after he killed Joey and then crashed into the telephone pole.
It might be even more intersting to see who Douglas "I Was High" Moore cell phone call reciepiants called.
It sure to Hell wasn't the Ambulance
that could have saved Joey's life?

Sadly, there is a double standard in Greenwich
and it is all often based on income.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/17/08 Reader Submitted Comments: More Love For The Greenwich Time And Mr. Yudain?

Greenwich Roundup Reader Wants To Send Former Greenwich Time Managing Editor
To The Old Folks Home

Round Up On This:

Maybe someone would give Bernie Yudain some lessons on why some words MAGICALLY CHANGE spelling, depending
on who is writing. Though some spelling differences are due to etymology,far more words are correctly spelled
more than one way.

Does Mr. Yudain prefer the American version :"color" or the equally correct British spelling: "colour" ?

Or maybe
Mr Yudain could come up with a Yudainian version and claim his spelling is the correct one, AT ALL TIMES.

Maybe Mr Yudain could be persuaded to lose his Ole' timer's Greenwich attitude, and be gracious The Greenwich Times gives him space to write, period.

And then tell Mr. Yudain, no one reads it because it sucks..

Maybe Bernie Yudain should lay off the Manishevitz, and pick up a post World War 2 version of Websters Dictionary

Finally, Maybe Mr. Yudain should be ushered out quietly to a senior group home, where his thoughts would be better appreciated via an old-fashioned hearing horn!!!

Mister YU Driving Us Nuts!!!!!


Let my people go!!!



Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/17/08 Breaking News: Mystery Driver That Killed Joey Should Of Been Arrested On 10/04/08 Is Now Finialy Under Arrest In Greenwich (Updated)

Rich Boy Is Not Above The Law After All

The Killer Thought He Got Away When The Greenwich Police Foolishly Let Him Leave The Death Scene Under The Influence.

Greenwich man arrested in October fatal accident

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer
Article Launched: 11/17/2008 04:39:04 PM EST

GREENWICH - A 24-year-old Riverside man was charged with second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle and numerous other offenses Monday in connection with the fatal Sheephill Road accident that killed 20-year-old Joseph Borselio on Oct.5.

Douglas Moore, of 19 Nearwater Lane, turned himself into police headquarters after his attorney was notified of an active arrest warrant, police said.

Moore was also charged with operating under the influence, evading responsibility in a fatal crash, unsafe movement and failure to exercise due care to avoid a pedestrian, according to a police press release.

The charges stem from an accident that occurred at the intersection of Sheephill Road and Sound Beach Avenue Extension where Moore allegedly struck Borselio, who was riding his bicycle north on Sheephill Road.

Borselio was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver and his white Jeep Cherokee were found a short distance down the road where it had crashed into a telephone pole, according to police.

Borselio worked nearby at the Grade A ShopRite on West Main Street in Stamford.

Moore was released on a $50,000 surety bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in state Superior Court in Stamford on Nov. 24.


Arrest made in bicyclist's death
Breaking News
Posted 5:10 p.m., Monday, Nov. 17, 2008

Police have made an arrest in the drunk driving death of Greenwich resident Joseph Borselio on Sept. 4, charging a Riverside man with manslaughter.

Douglas Moore, 24, of 19 Nearwater Lane was arrested Monday and charged with second degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle, driving under the influence, evading responsibility in a fatal crash, unsafe movement and failure to exercise due care to avoid a pedestrian. Police said

Mr. Moore, accompanied by an attorney, turned himself in on Monday and he was arrested.

Police termed the investigation as “lengthy and thorough” and that the warrant was executed as soon as it was reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s Office and signed by a superior court judge. According to initial police reports, Mr. Borselio was found dead at the scene after he had been struck by a car while riding his bicycle at about 11:45 p.m. on Sept. 4. (??????)

Police said at the time Mr. Moore, who’s name was not released until his arrest, was found standing nearby and identified himself as the driver.

Mr. Moore was released on a $50,000 surety bond and is due in court Nov. 24.

For more on this story, read this Thursday’s Post.



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11/17/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: More on the ramp

To the Editor:

There is no need to build a ramp at the Greenwich YMCA. Ramps are available in all sizes, depending on the required measurements. They can be made of wood, aluminum, or metal.

The Town of Greenwich has access to temporary or portable ramps just like every other town does. It does not require an engineering degree to figure out the solution here. Just put one up!!!!!

You left out those of us who use strollers to lug our kids in and out of the YMCA. We can't use the stairs either. We need a ramp!!!!! The list of people unable to access their YMCA continues....

Greenwich Resident

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/17/08 Greenwich Time News Links (Updated)

Louis Sprio, owner of the Castle View Deli, hopes the long-awaited re-opening of the new Comley Avenue this week will bring customers back.
(Helen Neafsey/Staff photo)

Everybody is feeling the pinch of the troubled economy, but since the Comly Avenue Bridge began construction nearly a year-and-a-half ago, the Castleview Deli has lost almost a third of its business.
So with the long-awaited new bridge opening this week, owner Louis Sprio hopes that much-needed business will return back to normal.

"It was a long haul," he said.

Since the project began only westbound traffic has been allowed to use the bridge, which links Comly Avenue and Pemberwick Road. The deli is at Comly Avenue and Morgan Avenue.

Once traffic comes over the bridge, cars are detoured to the Post Road in Port Chester or through Glenville, miles from Pemberwick Road.

"With the bridge being out, it's been tough," said Sprio. "We rely on locals and it can be hard for them to get over here since then they have to go through Port Chester or Glenville to turn around."

The deli, which opened in 1993, tried to extend their hours later into the evening and to stay open Sundays, but that didn't help, he said.

Downed wires fowl morning commute
Metro-North trains are now running on or close to schedule following numerous delays during the morning commute between New Haven and Stamford.

GHS widens its safety net
Greenwich High School are targeting underprivileged underachievers with a new program designed to help teenagers of modest means and with average grades achieve their full potential.

Golder hopes recent ruling supports his appeal effort
When Alan Golder, the notorious "Dinnertime Bandit," received a 15-year prison sentence last month, his attorney said he planned an appeal in light of a recent state Supreme Court decision that introduced a new interpretation of kidnapping statutes.

GHS cheerleaders raise funds at fashion show
Instead of catching the football on the field for the Greenwich High School Cardinals, tight end and team captain Ricky Riscica was strutting his stuff on the runway.

Seniors face rise in drug plan costs
STAMFORD - Seniors could see an increase in their Medicare prescription drug plans unless they re-examine their coverage before the end of the year.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

Seniors on scam alertSTAMFORD - With changes to Medicare Part D plans, seniors should be wary of fraud. Gail Diaz, coordinator for CHOICES, which provides information on health insurance for seniors and persons with disabilities, said "seniors are a prime target, unfortunately.

11/17/08 The Story That Got Blogger Chris Fountain Fired From The Greenwich Post -- OR -- Is The Greenwich Office Of Coldwell Banker Going To Be OK???

New York Post - Nov 15, 2008


Leon Black's buyout firm Apollo Management can't seem to get a break.

Yesterday, Black's string of misses got longer when it emerged that another of Black's investments is struggling to pay its debt.

Realogy, which owns real estate companies Century 21 and Coldwell Banker, and which reported $209 million of losses in the last three quarters, is at risk of violating the terms of its bank loans, according to regulatory filings.

The Parsippany, NJ, real-estate broker is hoping to exchange about $1.1 billion of bonds at a discount for some new debt in hopes of reducing its debt by almost $600 million, thus staving off default.

It was the latest in a series of blows that private-equity mogul Black has sustained over the past few months as he watches his investments either crumble or collapse.

First, retailer Linens 'n Things went bankrupt. Then Hexion, one of his companies, got stuck in a legal battle after trying to walk away from a souring buyout deal involving a rival firm.

The string of troubles marks a dramatic turn for the buyout mogul, who started off as an investment banker for Drexel Burnham Lambert in the 1980s and who made his name and fortune buying beaten-down companies and reviving them. Black started Apollo, which manages about $16 billion, in 1990.

When Linens 'n Things filed for bankruptcy in May, it was the largest bankruptcy in the struggling retail sector at the time.

Black had only just acquired the retailer two years before in what he viewed as a turnaround project. But things only worsened as consumer spending slowed.

Also tarnishing Black's once golden reputation has been the legal snafu surrounding Hexion - an Apollo-owned chemicals company based in Ohio.

A year after striking a deal to buy Huntsman, Apollo asked the Delaware Court of Chancery to kill the transaction, worried that the combined company would be insolvent.

There was also fear that the financing banks might back away from providing $15.35 billion to complete the deal.

The courts have refused to let Apollo walk away from the deal.

Investors also have raised questions about Apollo's Harrah's Entertainment investment following a $1.3 billion writedown, and Claire's Stores, which was hit by debt downgrades over the summer amid weak earnings.


The Greenwich Coldwell Banker Office Sure Looks Foolish And Unethical Going To The Greenwich Post And Demanding Chris Fountains Head.


This house sold for $3.075 million in April 2004, renovated in 2005 and came back on the market today for $2.850. That’s a pretty good buy on a very nice, ...

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