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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

07/30/08 Reader Submitted Comments: Children Suffer As Glenville PTA Co-Presidents. Push Town To Tear Down Glenville School At All Costs

Glenville PTA leaders should have waited for a more viable option.

We are now going to have to uproot our children three times.

First dispersed throughout town(Hurry up and get on the bus),

Second into sub-par conditions at the modular buildings (Hamilton Avenue parents loved them so much they refused to go back),

Then after spending years in inadequate conditions we will get our lovely new school.

To add insult to injury, that any parent who wanted to "opt out", no longer has that choice.

The Glenville PTA Co-Presidents will be the ones to blame as our children's test scores drop as much as 30%.

Glenville's test scores are in the basement.

Because of poor PTA leadership every school surpasses Glenville at so many levels.

Now my children are going to have to be moved 3 times, 2 of which are into known bad situations.

This just keeps getting worse!

Our PTA leaders should have fought to put our children into a good situation, not a known bad one.

The education of our Children shouldn't have to suffer for even 1 year!

On top of that, the best option was to delay the Glenville project another year. People can cry all they want that it's taken 10 years.

To be done right, Glenville School needed one more year.

To have one homeless school in town is bad enough.
Two is unacceptable.

The town, it's school board and our PTA leaders has clearly not learned from their mistakes with Hamilton Avenue and now our kids have to suffer for it. It's time to start firing people.


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07/30/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Wednesday

Greenwich families help build homes

More than 150 picnickers feasted on the grounds of St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish in Darien on Sunday, July 13, at the Episcopal Bridgebuilders Family Barbecue...

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07/30/08 Steve says"It's really about the individual.It's setting a community standard. It's about good people teaching good principles to young kids"

Top Story


Old School Football Player Behaves Honorably


"They were teaching principles to a young kid that were so important," Steve Young said. "If you want to replace Joe Montana at some point in your life, you to have some hardships in your life to have over come to know that this is theoretically possible.

"Even though I don't live there anymore I'm still reminded of my roots in Greenwich and their impact in my life," Steve Young said. "Now that my kids are playing sports, I hope they are getting coaches I as good as the coaches I had. As I look back, there was a lot of surrogate parenting along the way. Especially in junior high and high school."


Young gives group $10,000

By Chris McNamee
Sports Editor

Steve Young didn't make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on talent alone.

It took a lot of heart and character to become a Super Bowl champion, and the former Greenwich High football star had his share of adversity along the way to Canton, Ohio....

....the former NFL MVP's Forever Young Foundation has partnered with the Fairfield County Sports Commission, agreeing to a multi-year commitment yesterday while donating $10,000 this year to the Commission. The gift will help with fundraising efforts in promoting fitness and an active, healthy lifestyle and personal development through sports in the county.

The Forever Young Foundation will be also be the presenting sponsor of the Chelsea Cohen Courage Award at the Commission's Sports Night awards dinner on October 20.

"This partnership is a prime example of what the Commission strives to accomplish, bringing together a native son like Steve who wants to give back to the place where he got his start with an award that recognizes inspiring athletes that have encountered a setback in their athletic career," FCSC executive director Tom Chiappetta said....


Please tell me why didn't amateurish Greenwich Time sports reporter, Chris McNamee ask Steve Young about the scandal currently facing two Riverside football captains?

Mr. Young said the former coaching staff at Greenwich High School was like surrogate parents.

If starstruck reporter McNamee knew what he was doing he would have asked Mr, Young about the current school administration and their lack of standards.

McNamee's poor reporting affects the reputation of all of the Greenwich Time Newsroom team, just like five Riverside football players have brought dishonor to all of the students at Greenwich High School.

Please Read The Rest Of Greenwich Time's Third Rate Ameturish Reporting:

Residents protest tennis dome

By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

Residents of Ridgeway and Lake Avenue condemned the proposed installation of an inflatable tennis dome last night complaining the structure would bring increased noise and flooding problems to their properties.

Byram ranks first in beach closings

By Jeff Morganteen
Staff Writer

Clean beaches and clear skies mean more business for Carlos Hernandez. The 38-year-old Stamford resident has owned a snack bar at Penfield Beach in Fairfield for the past seven years and, this summer, manages grills at Cove Island Park and Cummings Beach in Stamford.

Rat may greet Lieberman if he goes to GOP convention

By Neil Vigdor
Staff Writer

Joe Lieberman might want to pack some rodenticide if he decides to stump for John McCain at the upcoming Republican National Convention in St.

By David Fierro
Staff Writer

Kyle Gallo is in very familiar territory heading into the final round of the 74th Connecticut Open Championship.

100-year-old newspaper scored a home run

By Bernie Yudain

Often in history, great institutions are spawned by zealous crusaders or an irresistible tide of avid public demand.

But here's the story of one that arose because the small-town weekly newspaper wasn't running the box scores of the village's scrappy baseball team to the satisfaction of the team's indomitable right-fielder.

And that's how the prize-winning New Canaan Advertiser came into being 100 years ago this month. This was the newspaper that gave me my first opportunity to write news and see it appear in print, and to enjoy a close, life-long relationship with the family of that founder.

Visiting the offices of the Advertiser in New Canaan a few days ago, I had the chance to chat briefly with Marty, the fourth generation of the Hersam family I've known.....

Getting a break on electric rates

By Greenwich Time Editors

Even though this is the Gold Coast, we're very tempted these days to pick up that stray penny on the sidewalk.

So what if it only buys a 450th of a gallon of gas. It's money, and given the stock and real estate markets, a penny picked up at least is a penny not lost on a bad investment.

Thus, it seems strange to us that Connecticut residents haven't been more eager to save a few hundred pennies every month by signing up for deregulated electricity provided by a competitor to our traditional power com-panies.

Just 85,000, or 7 percent, of Connecticut Light & Power's customers, and 32,000, or 10 percent, of United Illuminating's customers have opted for the competition....

Ham Ave. gets more funding

By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer

With the long-beleaguered Hamilton Avenue reconstruction project limping toward the finish line, the school's building committee is now trying to ensure a speedier completion by sweetening the deal for the contractor.

The committee yesterday approved a plan to request an additional $320,000 in funding from the town to help the contractor, Worth Construction, complete the work necessary to ensure that the building is ready by next school year.

Worth Construction will no longer be eligible for the extra money if crews cannot complete this work by Aug. 15. That's the final deadline by which the facility must be approved for occupancy by the town Buildings Department if classes are to begin by Sept. 15, under plans to delay the school year.

There is almost no chance the project, which has been mired in delays for three years, will be finished by the Aug. 27 start of the school year -- so education officials are now hoping a one- to two-week delay in the academic calendar will give crews the time they need to wrap up the project....

....First, the contractor must agree to the building committee's stipulation that it must complete the project on time in order to be eligible for new funds.

Second, the Board of Estimate and the Representative Town Meeting must approve the funding - a decision that won't come until September.

In addition, there is still no guarantee that the contractor will finish on deadline, even after receiving the additional funds, Mazza warned. "The ball is really in the contractor's court," he said. "We can only do so much, because at the end of the day, they're the ones building the school - not us."

Worth Construction did not return calls for comment yesterday.

This latest efforts to expedite the Hamilton Avenue School project is especially critical now that the board has voted to allow work to begin on another long-delayed reconstruction project at the nearby Glenville School...

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07/23/08 Is Frank Mazza A Nut Case?

Laugh Of The Day:

PTA President Wants To Bake Cookies To Make Construction Workers Go "Faster"

"Whatever makes the Hamilton Avenue workers move faster, we'll do it," said Julie Faryniarz, president of the PTA Council. "If it takes baking cookies for the workers to go faster, I'll get started. Just get the job done."

No wonder are children are in trouble.

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07/30/08 High School To Give Budding Pigskin Tossers "Super Secret Double Probation"

Non-Practicing Lawyer Opines On If Riverside Football Captains Should Be Marched To The Center Of The Athletic Field, Tasered Three Times And Then Arrested And Held On A $50,000 Bail

...I suppose we can talk about the latest tale of wayward boys causing trouble at the high school. According to the Greenwich Time's sanitized version, five "high school football players" tossed eggs at a coach's car over the course of several nights. The coach eventually took down their license number and handed it over to the police, then resigned presumably, the GT would have us believe, out of disappointment over the actions of his players. The true story or I should say, the rumored story, is, as usual with our local paper, far more interesting.

According to rumors, and some of these originate from people who should know, the egging crew included two co-captains of the team and they all pelted the car four nights running. The coach lost his cool and lay await for them on the fourth night, then engaged them in a high speed car chase across to town to Byram or, if you prefer, across the
Tappen Zee Bridge. Either way, he called off the pursuit, turned in the license plate number and was then fired from his coaching duties because his reckless actions had endangered the lives of the kids (who cares?) and any innocent by-standers who might have wandered into his path (that I do care about).

The kids, again rumor has it, although the school denies it, were ordered to run some laps and the matter would have ended there with one fired coach and five sweaty kids. But grumbling arose over the lack of punishment - the kids will continue
playing with the team, for instance - and the perceived special treatment accorded star athletes. So yesterday our Superintendent announced a new round of punishment will be meted out, albeit without specifying what that punishment will be. I'd guess it will be a form of "super secret double probation" but I'd like to see, just to make clear that budding pigskin tossers are treated no better than chair kickers, is them marched to the center of the football field, Tasered three times and then arrested and held on $50,000 bail. Now that would send (some kind of) a message......

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