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Saturday, September 27, 2008

09/27/08 Reader Submitted Comments: Gag Pisani

Are Former Greenwich Time Failures Volunteering
At Free Newspapers All Over Fairfield County?

Dear Greenwich Roundup:

While it is perfectly fine for Joe Pisani to enlighten Greenwich with his columns, why is his mug shot suddenly appearing all over Fairfield County ? Specifically, in the New Canaan Advertiser and The Darien Times? While I'm sure he thinks he thinks he's "gracing" us with his literary presence, in reality, his association with more hometown newspapers is really adding insult to injury. Too much of a good thing happens.

He was FIRED by the new owners of the Advocate, and obviously has a sketchy reputation in the world of CT journalism. So why does Hersam Acorn find it necessary to hire him and run these columns in places he doesn't work in or live near?

Additionally, in The Darien Times, Joe Pisani said he was happy to say his "colleague" (no comment) Susie would be joining him at The Darien Times,with her column of gossip and celebrity sightings. Another mug shot. Interestingly, no one I know cares to read about "sightings" and gossip? We like the home town feeling of our home town newspapers. There is enough real life gossip to sink the Titanic, and it's kind of nice not to have "sightings" popping up all over our towns because it keeps downtown free of losers (traffic, too) trying to get a peek at the latest star ducking in Dunkin Donuts for a regular coffee.

Are Joe and Susie working for free? Is it a lame attempt at recapturing "visibility" or editorial bliss or "the good 'ole days" when Joe had hair, or is it "revenge of the writers"? Are you people in Greenwich trying to dump these two on other towns so you can rid yourselves of trashy self-absorbed or erroneously printed stories? Obviously, I'm kidding but the "did I say that?" is just too much stupidity. I'm tempted to actually answer the question Joe is asking.......and then Bill Clarke and I would become best friends.....which would be fine, I guess.

I happen to like this web site, and many of my friends are logging on to read some REAL news. But, how about a little help.... Lets start out with WHY these former Advocate employees are popping up like weeds and how can we keep our home newspapers like they were....fun to read.


FOGRUP (friend of Greenwich Roundup)


I did not know that Joe "The Censor" Pisani was also in all the Sister papers of the Greenwich Post. I guess that's why Joe has been writing all those brown nosing columns about Mr. Hersam's father and their first newspaper the New Canaan Advertiser.

I am amazed the Joe "The Censor" Pisani has found so much exposure for his former student "Susie" and nothing for Sarah Littman. There was an out cry when Sarah was fired by the Greenwich Time, but I did not hear a peep about Susie getting fired.

In fact, I don't think anyone had even noticed that Susie had been fired until Joe started heavily promoting Susie's return to his side at the Greenwich Post.

Sarah has before and is currently publishing on her own, but Ssie always seems to need Papa Pisani in order to get her silly little writings published.

Maybe the readers of the New Canaan Advertiser and The Darien Times like the low brow writings of Susie.

Maybe New Canaan residents are so pitifully bored that might actually like reading that Regis was seen eating at an Old Greenwich Restaurant.


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09/27/08 Wow, When Chris Fountain Digs His Teeth In A story He Doesn't Let Go: Take A Look At The Tax card for 7 Dwight

I Wonder What The 2.5 Million Out Of Town Buyer Thinks Of This Little PUBLIC DOCUMENT?




Parent Parcel Number

Property Address


Property Class
101 Single Family


Jurisdiction 57

Area 1

Corporation 57

District 10

Section & Plat 116

Routing Number 2310E0003

Site Description


Public Utilities:
Sewer: N
Electricity: Y
Shared Well:
Shared Septic:

Street or Road:


16 RA-4 Single Family 4 acre

Legal Acres:






Assessment Year10/31/2005
Reason for Change2005 Revised
70% Assessed/UseB910560


Assessment Year10/1/200510/1/200110/1/2001
Reason for Change2005 Reval2001 Final2001 Reval
70% Assessed/UseB191408014469701408400

More Information:
More From Chris:

09/27/08 "I hate to use the phrase 'masters of the universe,' but they're not in investment banking anymore, they're in hedge funds,"

Yvette Kantrow: Dim, Doom, Downtown: Tom Wolfe, The New York Times and the End of New York City?

The Huffington Post

Quick -- you're a journalist who needs to describe the culture of our imploding Wall Street to a largely lay audience. What are you going to do? Reach back to the '80s of course!

There's Tom Wolfe and "The Bonfire of the Vanities." Everyone read that, right? Or at least saw the movie. Kurt Andersen and Spy magazine. "American Psycho." Gordon Gekko. "Liar's Poker." And don't forget to throw in a Porsche.

All of these '80s touchstones managed to find their way into a Sept. 21 story in The New York Times about the dashed dreams of "young financiers." (Even its headline, "Dim Lights, Big City," played on '80s nostalgia.) The piece bemoans the death-of-Wall-Street-and-therefore-New-York-as-we-know-it, which has become a staple of downturn journalism, from the 1990 recession to the more recent tech bust. To give its doomsday thesis some gravitas, the Times raises Andersen: "Wall Street's highfliers helped rebrand the city in the eyes of the world, Mr. Andersen said, from a tired postindustrial necropolis to a sleek 21st-century financial dynamo. And that is the city today. Or it was."

Was? Is New York over already? Apparently. The Times rolls out Wolfe, who declared Greenwich, Conn., "the new Wall Street" because of its hedge fund density.

"I hate to use the phrase 'masters of the universe,' but they're not in investment banking anymore, they're in hedge funds," Wolfe said. It's an idea he revisited a few days later in The New York Observer: "There's nothing as second-rate as investment banks. Every smart and ambitious young man -- and forget young women because they don't play any role in this -- wants to be in a hedge fund. And I'd be surprised if the hedge funds implode, they're just smarter." That's an interesting observation from someone who less than two years ago, in a piece for Portfolio magazine, characterized the hedge fund crowd as status-seeking vulgarians with vile manners and bad taste. But we digress.

Wolfe wasn't the only one stripping bankers of their alleged status last week. There was also Holly Peterson, whose claim to fame, other than being Pete Peterson's daughter, is that she wrote "The Manny," a novel about a dreamy male nanny on the Upper East Side. She showed up on ABC News' "20/20" on Sept. 19 to declare, "The gilded age is over." .......

09/27/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Saturday

Greenwich High School s Erik Camacho hurdles a teammate as a Brien McMahon defender closes in during the Cardinals 48-7 win Friday night. Camacho scored two touchdowns on runs of 1 and 9 yards.

(Keelin Daly/Greenwich Time photo)

A severe storm hit Cardinal Stadium Friday night, only this onslaught had nothing to do with Mother Nature - instead it was raining touchdowns and tackles for loss courtesy of the emotionally-charged Greenwich High School football team

Two former sailors who were aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israeli jets and submarines in 1967 told their stories of the event Thursday night at Greenwich Library.

Parents still want officer in school

The Taser incident at Greenwich High School last spring may have caused an uproar in the school community, but not enough to convince families that the school system should do away with the School Resource Officer program, new survey results show.

Camillo, Krumeich square off for 151st

Bob Luckey/Staff photoThe two men competing for the only contested Greenwich seat in the state House of Representatives met publicly as opponents for the first time Thursday, at a forum sponsored by the Greenwich Bar Association.

After suffering a disappointing 27-12 home loss to rival Hopkins School last week, today's game against Kingswood-Oxford couldn't come soon enough for the Brunswick School football team.

Through wars, natural disasters and economic calamity, this nation has always gone about its election business.

To the editor:

The first selectman has acknowledged the need for belt-tightening. Now is a good time to reconsider the Church Street pocket park in Byram. It is intended to provide access to a waterside walkway that will run to town property further north along the Byram river.

The town is not prepared to fund the walkway or the second park at the north end because, among other reasons like cost, the town is using it to store equipment and has not developed an alternative.

The Church Street "park" would sit directly in front of (25 feet away) a three-bay working automotive service station, and it would take away 10 public parking spaces that are used every night by nearby residents.

A few years ago, the town tried to purchase nearby lot for $400,000 that would provide 20 much-needed parking spaces. It doesn't make sense now to spend $350,000 for one piece of a waterfront facility that would take away 10 parking spaces. It makes sense to wait at least until the town is prepared to go forward with the rest of the plan.

Only a small number of Byram residents even want this. Twenty people were present at the Byram Neighborhood Association's July meeting when this plan was approved. But 150 residents signed a petition saying they wanted to see school sidewalks built instead. Then-First Selectman Jim Lash, when presented with this, said in effect that building the pocket park wouldn't take away from building the sidewalks - both can be done. Well, two years later, and the sidewalks aren't built, and we can hope Greenwich has stopped saying yes to everything.
We should delay this pocket park and focus on public safety projects first. Parking alternatives should be in place before these 10 are taken for the pocket park.

John Bowman


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09/27/08 Greenwich Roundup Reader Has A Question About 7 Dewight


Anyone know who the original architect was of this house, date of construction, or anything about its history?


Gina Federico


I personally do not, but I would suggest that you check with Greenwich Roundup's Go To Guy For Real Estate News And Information to answer your questions.

I have never even been to the house and only seen pictures of the property and it's former owner.

By The Way: I did have someone tell me that there might be photos of the auction up at the above mentioned real estate blog. Apparently the photos are not of good quality, but they are supposedly humerus.

Maybe there is a picture of a a couple of dozen Realtors with their jaws dropping to the floor as the one and only out of town bidder dropped 2.5 Million on this house.

I am going to try and go take a peek at the For What It's Worth Blog later this morning.

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