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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

06/17/08 A Letter To The Greenwich Time Editor

Don't Panic If Most Out Of Town Beach Visitors Are Hispanic

How would someone from Greenwich feel if they took a visitor to new York City to see all the sights and was told Central park was only for New York City Residents.

Or if a group of Greenwich School children went to see the statue of Liberty, but they were not allowed on the ferry, because they were not accompanied by a new work city resident.

All Public Parks Belong To All The Public.

That's why they are called public parks.

You don't hear taxpayers in Nebraska complaining about their tax dollars being spent on having the Coast Guard being first responders to Greenwich Ferries and Islands.

Please read this letter to the
Editor of the Greenwich Time:

Another break for nonresidents

To the editor:

Greenwich, we did it again, Thank you, former First Selectman Jim Lash, for opening our beach islands to anyone, without any real input ("Islands open to everyone," Greenwich Time, June 15). Those of us who live here and pay taxes to maintain the islands gladly would have outsiders share for the same ferry ticket price we pay, and yes, let them take all our parking spaces, as Sam Romeo said.

As I said before to all taxpaying residents: Maybe we should all move out, and that way we can come back and enjoy all the amenities Greenwich has to offer for free.

Dodi Fallanca McCollem


The writer is a Representative Town Meeting member from 12 District.

Unfortunately, Dodi Is Fanning The Flames Of Intolerance In Greenwich

Go on to the Greenwich Time Message Board and many of the comments are beyond parody and beneath contempt.

How long do you think Greenwich can thumb thier nose at decent America before there is some type of consequences?

In n 2001 we were told you had to open the beach on reasonable terms, but instead of complying, our spineless politicians spent outrageous tax dollars catering to hateful windbags.

First Selectman Peter Teasi, should be commended for having the guts to tell residents the truth. Unfortunately, Jim Lash choose tax dollars while pandering to intolerant windbags who put hateful comments on newspaper message boards.

What are these uncivilized and intolerant windbags going to want their politicians to do next?

Maybe they will want the town attorney to argue that Greenwich owns all of the air space over the Town of Greenwich and no air planes will be able to fly over

Maybe, the uncivilized and intolerant wind bags then you can get a pandering politician like Dodi Fallanca McCollem to say that Greenwich owns the all the air in Greenwich and non-residents wont be able to breathe in town.

Maybe, Dodi McCollem can get the town to rope of the beaches, there could be a non-resident and resident sections of the beach.

We are sure that Town Attorney John Wayne Fox will get one of his sleaze bag consulting lawyer buddies to charge the town hundreds of thousands of dollars to argue that seperating the beaches is perfectly legal.

We can hear Mr. Fox now telling the newspapers how things at the beach are going to be seperate but equal.

Maybe, Dodi McCollem and John Wayne Fox should organize a KKK rally right on the beach to make their point about non-residents using the beach.

At Times, Greenwich can be become so intolerant, unwelcoming, classist, and, yes, racist?

Some of the comments on the Greenwich Time message board are showing us that a form of quiet racism and bigotry raising its ugly head in Greenwich.

Comments like this are uncalled for....

  • i hope u speak spanish says...."get ready for boom boxes playing mexican songs loud, families of 25 setting up shop for the whole day on the grills and not a word of english being heard. Welcome to Greenwich".
While other comments like this are a bit more low key....

  • Sugarmags says....." I just hope it stays clean and safe like it's always been."

What, is Sugarmags afraid of being mugged as she gets off the ferry?

Will women be raped and killed right in front of their families by criminal non-resident gangs who don't speak English?

No wonder Greenwich is once again the laughing stock of the nation as AP wire features the town's foolishness.

The taxpayers of Greenwich should stop wasting their time fighting over "cupcakes and beaches".

The single family home-owners of Greenwich need to start fighting to stop the town politicians from wasting their tax dollars on the many useless, bottomless, money pits that they pursue or support.(endless studies, excessive employee waste, useless lawsuits, bloated consultants, etc, etc, etc).

More Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor


Please send your comments and opinions to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/17/08 The Greenwich Building Inspector Had Better Not Illegally Issue A TEMPORARY Certificate Of Occupancy For Hamilton Avenue School

Greenwich Building Inspector William Marr Had Better Not Improperly Cover Frank Mazza's Rear End With An Illegal Certificate Of Occupancy Because...

There are now hundreds of parents who will be going over Hamilton Avenue School with a fine tooth comb.

Some of these parents now have their own lawyers and industrial Hygenists.
Maybe, the Greenwich Time trusts Frank Mazza.....

Hamilton Ave. gets the once-over

By Hoa Nguyen
Staff Writer

Frank Mazza needs no reminder that parents are expecting the new Hamilton Avenue School to open {safely} on Aug. 27.

"We're well aware of that," said Mazza, the head of the building committee who has been under pressure to help get the much-delayed school project completed this summer. "We'll have it finished."

The town building department is expecting to begin final inspections at the new Hamilton Avenue School today. The final inspection approval process, which involves sign-offs from several departments, including building, zoning, health, fire and engineering, could take weeks to complete, officials said.

"We're starting the certificate of occupancy process, which is not a simple process," Mazza said.

"We're going to try and get one wing approved and we'll go from there."

The project's schedule....
The Town Of Greenwich Had Better Not
Cut Corners On The Inspections,
Because Greenwich Roundup Will Not Allow
Innocent Children To Be Put At Risk

Greenwich Roundup will be filing freedom of information
requests in the future.

All building, zoning, health, fire and engineering that concern Hamilton Avenue School are public documents that can be published here at Greenwich Roundup.

All Town employees should remember that small innocent children will be using the building they are inspecting.

And the citizens of Greenwich will never forgive a public official that puts their children at risk.

Let's Give Hamilton Avenue School A Popper And A 100% Legal Inspection.


06/17/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Tuesday

Maija Baldauf, Sarah Wilbanks and Amy Wilbanks, all seniors, were recognized for achieving the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Girls get gold and silver at Scout ceremony

Three seniors at Greenwich High School received the Girl Scout Gold Award and 10 Cadette Girl Scouts received their Silver Award at the Hyatt Regency at the first annual Greenwich Girl Scouts Gold and Silver Awards Ceremony June 1

Selectman Lin Lavery was the keynote speaker for the event, which included the Girl Scouts, their friends and families, and Barbara Lawrence, a former officer of the Girl Scout Council of Southwestern Connecticut.


  • Written by Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter

    People with parking permits now have extra incentive to properly display them: a fine if they don’t.

    The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved Parking Services Director Allen Corry’s request to issue a $15 ticket for failure to display for people who don’t display their permits for handicapped spaces or for commuter spaces at town train stations. Previously when those permits weren’t displayed and the driver was ticketed for illegal parking, the fine was voided once the permit was shown to parking services. Now, the driver will still be able to get the parking ticket voided, but will be subject to a fine for not displaying in the first place....

  • Emergency services play ball

  • On June 28, the three town emergency services will hold the first annual Greenwich Police/Fire/EMS Charity Softball Game at the Old Greenwich Civic Center from 3 to sundown.

    The afternoon includes fire truck and ambulance tours, a bake sale, and special guest stars including Regis Philbin and Judge Judy Sheindlin. Donations will be accepted at the event for this year’s chosen charity, the Greenwich Department of Parks and Recreation Scholarship Fund.

    All are welcome to come as spectators and cheer on the three teams.

    For more information, call Drew Marzullo at 618-0731.

Please send your comments and news tips to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/17/08 - Greenwich Time News Links For Tuesday

Jeffrey Salamon applauds his daughter Samantha after she made a presentation in honor of her father's installation as the Cos Cob postmaster, while Bob Palmer, postmaster of Old Greenwich, introduces Salamon's youngest daughter, Alexis.
(Helen Neafsey/ Greenwich Time News photo)

School welcomes new Cos Cob postmaster
Jeffrey Salamon stood before hundreds of Cos Cob elementary school students, some 30 years after having been one himself.

Harbormaster slot attracts boatload of candidates
More than a dozen people want to become the town's new harbormaster, a post the town hopes to fill by July, officials said.

Cutting the red tape and reducing the amount of time pediatric patients must wait for an appointment is a priority for the Greenwich Hospital dental clinic, officials said.

Reverting to a policy that restricts nonresidents from riding town ferries unless they are accompanied by a resident would be impossible to justify if challenged in court, First Selectman Peter Tesei said yesterday.

Teen arrested on sex assault charge
A Byram teen was arrested Saturday on multiple felony counts for statutory rape of a teenage girl, according to police.

I'll admit it. I picked on Selectman Peter Crumbine. I was happy to see him in the room, I told members of the Northwest Greenwich Association.

Please send your comments and news tips to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/07/08 The Greenwich Post Says That The Greenwich Time And First Selectman Peter Tesei Are Wrong!!!!

Greenwich Post Web Site Continues To
Deliver Wrong Information To It's Readers

Island policy here to stay

By Neil Vigdor
Staff Writer

Reverting to a policy that restricts nonresidents from riding town ferries unless they are accompanied by a resident would be impossible to justify if challenged in court, First Selectman Peter Tesei said yesterday.

"Like I said, it's pretty straightforward. You look at all the facts that are out there on the table, I think that's a likely conclusion that most people can draw," Tesei said.

Tesei was responding to an onslaught of criticism from residents over allowing outsiders to ride the ferries to Island Beach and Great Captains Island for the first time this past weekend. About one-third of the ferry passengers were from out of town during one stretch Sunday afternoon, drawing the ire of Greenwich residents who said they pay for the upkeep of the ferries and islands.

"They come in. They take over the whole island. I don't think it's right. I think it's awful," said Mary Pellegrino....

The Greenwich Post is still reporting today.....

Jazz on the Sound begins June 22

...The next concert of the season will be on Sunday, July 13. Rain dates for all Jazz on the Sound concerts are the following Sunday. You must be a resident of Greenwich and possess a current beach card to ride the ferry.

Please see:

06/16/08 The Greenwich Post Editor Looks Like A Fool By Running Parks Depepartment Press Releases Through A Spell Checker And Then Publishing Them As News

Greenwich Media's Watchdog:

One way in which people who write blogs and people in the "mainstream media" are alike is their endless fascination with examining themselves and their colleagues/counterparts.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, if you are interested in such things, which not only media people are.

And it's just not the main stream media that needs to be examined.

Blogger's often get the story wrong plus no one ever looks into the fact that the blogosphere is an overly chummy place.

Please see this article about how sports blogs need to be held accountable....

Do you have any thoughts on why blogs are less critical of other blogs?

Blogs are suffering from the same problem as the Mainstream Media.

We think if we ignore our shortcomings, no one will notice them.

Greenwich Roundup has started to fill the void and began the process of holding blogs accountable, just as we have started to hold Greenwich Newspapers accountable.

There are some reporters who think that there is not an audience for media accountability in Greenwich, but they are wrong.

In fact, many Greenwich News readers have felt that sorry state of local reporting in Greenwich needs to be exposed.

If the local media is not accountable, then our local politician's official will not be accountable. The single family home-owners need to know what is really going on at Town Hall and the school administration offices.

Just as there is a good-old-boys network among local cable, newspapers and and radio news reporters.

There is also a good-old boys network amoung bloggers that will eventually get shaken up.

Lips will get removed from asses at some point.

Some political insiders and government officials say that the local media or bloggers should have opened a can of whip ass on Greenwich Roundup a long time ago.

We say bring it on - This is America.

We are ready, willing and able to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

  • We think we will win the argument that local Greenwich media and some bloggers do not hold the dysfunctional Board of Education and failed school administrators accountable as the waste 120 million a year.

  • And we think we will win the argument that local Greenwich media and some bloggers do not hold town officials accountable and treat the single family home-owners of Greenwich like second class citizens.

  • We also think that we will win the argument that local Greenwich media and almost every Greenwich blogger ignores members of Greenwich society who live on the west side of town.

Greenwich Roundup might be not be as pretty as the mainstream Greenwich news web sites, nor are we as slick as many of the local blog sites, but it's not about being who has the prettiest presence on the web.

Greenwich Roundup might be the the junkyard dog of Greenwich Media, but this junkyard dog intend to be a Greenwich's Media Watchdog.

It's time for the "pretty" local media outlets to wake up and remember.....

"The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

Finley Peter Dunne

This famous quote is about a hundred years old and just as true today as it was then.

Bad journalism comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted.

That is a breach of journalistic duty.

We need local journalists to step up to the plate and get at the truth and to keep watch against abuses of power.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/17/08 Greenwich Citizen Is Still SOS - Stuck On Stupid

The Greenwich Citizen News Web Site Has Not Been Updated For A Least Four Days

They Are Still Reporting About.....

...Glenville PTA co-chair, Celia Fernandez. "We know he had multiple opportunities to tell the school superiors. We don't condone the lying part."

For Fernandez, "What Betty did was appropriate. He did not get off scott free. What we can do best is to look forward." Last Thursday, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Betty Sternberg, speaking at a press conference in the Havemeyer building....


Please send your comments or ideas about how to pull the Greenwich Citizen out of it's self induced coma to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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