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Friday, January 4, 2008

01/04/08 - The Police Commisioner Tesei Once Again Interfers With Legislative Branch Of Government

Enough With The Police Department's Dirty Tricks. Lets Just Go See The Judge.

When Police Commissioner Tesei, Police Chief David Ridberg and illegally appointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz did not follow the laws of Connecticut. I was an up front and Civilized Gentleman. I went to the Connecticut Freedom Of Information Commission and requested a court hearing. Why can't Tesei, Ridberg and Pacewicz act like Civilized Gentlemen instead of thin skinned thugs?

Police Commissioner Tesei's Out Of Control Police Department Continues Retaliation Against Greenwich Legislator, Because Of Blog Comments.

For the second time in about 48 Hours Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei's Police Department Has Had A Lady Contact And Harass My Landlord.

Demanding That He Have Me Resign From My Town Of Greenwich Legislative Seat.

I got to listen to my landlord complain,

"I don't want trouble with these guys."

"You don't understand that I have a lot of property and they can make a lot of trouble for me."

"The police have more power than you in Greenwich"

"Can't you just go get a garage in Port Chester, so that they will leave me alone?"

Please Read Hear:

01/04/08 - No Checks, No Balances - We Need An Experienced Police Commissioner That We Can Trust.

I have repeatedly told my Landlord to inform Mr. Tesei and his retaliatory Police Department that I received more signatures than any RTM Candidate in the Town Of Greenwich and I made some promises to district residents about how I am going to speak out about the problems facing Byram. Byram has been neglected far too long.

I have a month to month lease in a building that is zoned residential in district 4 Byram.

If Mr. Tesei thinks that I or RTM Moderator Thomas Byrne are going to let him dominate, interfere and manipulate the Greenwich Legislative branch of government, then he has another thing coming.

It is time that Peter Tesei's Administration stopped sneaking around threatening people.

If you want to challenge the residency of a Greenwich Legislator, then act like a civilized and dignified man and go see a judge. Then I can respond to your illegal and sneaky tactics to silence a voice for the poor and working class of Greenwich.

Mr. Tesei, needs to start waking up to the fact that he is the First Selectman and Police Commissioner is the Richest Town In The Richest State Of The Richest Country In The World.

We have the Best paid police department of any Town in Connecticut.

Yet people get mugged in Byram, while a police officer sits up on Putnam Avenue looking for burned out taillights.

Almost everyday the Town buys the First Selectman and his visitors a free lunch.

While some children in Byram miss a meal every now and then.

I have been a longtime resident of Greenwich and I am going to speak out so that some of the wealth of Greenwich gets sent down to Byram.

Even if Police Commissioner and First Selectman Peter Tesei succeeds in his attempt to drive me out of my home and make me homeless, he will not succeed in keeping me from taking the legislative seat I was lawfully elected to.

As I explained to Joan Caldwell, The Representative Town Meeting Pro Tempore, I am going to sit in the Byram District 4 seat I was lawfully elected to and I am going to advocate for all of the residents and merchants of Byram.

First Selectman Peter Tesei was listening in when I spoke to Ms. Caldwell

And Ms. Caldwell said I did not have any problems if I was a resident of the Town Of Greenwich and has slept in District 4 the night before the election.

I assured her that I had and that I had even been sworn in by the Town as an election Official the day of the election.

More over I told her I had slept more than 1,000 consecutive nights in Byram District 4, unlike the Gentleman that owns and lives in a house on Clapridge Road, but is elected to District 2.

It appears that this Republican gentleman rented a motel room at the Delmar Hotel the night before the election so that he could serve on a RTM district that he does not technically reside in. He sort of visits there occasionally.

It's OK with First Selectman Peter Tesei that this Rich Republican insider manipulates the Greenwich legislature, so that he can advocate for all himself and his rich buddies in downtown Greenwich.

But Mr. Tesei has a problem when a Poor Independent who actually resides in his district wants to advocate for the downtrodden of gritty.

The poor, the seniors, the single family homeowners, the youth and everyone else.

Byram will have adequate police protection and it's fair share of Town Services when I am done.

What the hell has Byram District 4 Chairman Robert McKnight and his cronies ever done to improve Byram.

Byram has steadily went down hill under the leadership of Chairman Robert McKnight.

Things are going to change, the people of Byram are going to be heard and responded to, by the big shots at Greenwich Town Hall.

And Mr. Tessi, don't be like Mr. Lash.

Don't use tax dollars to stuff your face and the faces of your friends with free meals delivered to Town Hall.

Taxpayers can't afford to feed wealthy bigshots, while the less fortunate go hungry.

Give the money to one of the Church pastors in Byram that are always being approached by working families and Seniors in Byram that could use a little extra food to make it through the month.

01/04/08 - Greenwich Police Officers Sit On The Post Road Looking For Burned Out Tailights In Hopes Of Making A Drug Arrest

The Byram Police Officer's Sit On The Post Road Looking For Burned Out Tail Lights In Hopes Of Finding Drugs In Cars That They Pull Over.

Yet When Someone Dies Of Drugs In Byram, The Police Do Not Go After The Drug Suppliers.

For example....

The John Bria "Drug Murder" Case In Byram.

John J. Bria was a 19 year old boy who had a membership in a fitness club and some say even worked out with a personal trainer.

John's friends described him as very health conscious.

This Byram boy earned an associate's degree.

He sent out resumes while working for his father's landscaping business. He even had an internship at a recording studio.

This was a 19 year old Byram boy that was looking to have a wonderful future and many say his family was very proud of him.

John was not known to be a hard drug abuser.

But in January of 2004, lots of hard drugs
-- including Prozac, cocaine, marijuana and Clonezepam, an anti-seizure medication -- were brought to the Bria household.

After a night of drugs John's father found him dead in his room the next day.

It looked like John's room had been set up.

Credit cards were left conspicuously on a nightstand, on an armrest, on an amplifier. Several ashtrays were empty or wiped clean.

There was a small silver pipe on his pillow next to his head. There were no ashes on the pillow.

An autopsy revealed heroin and cocaine in Bria's body.

The medical examiner who conducted it resigned in disgrace after taking a bribe in another case. His findings have been challenged. Later tests found codeine in John's body.

Police found a sealed cellophane wrapper containing 19 Prozac pills and 6 Clonezepam in the Bria bedroom, along with eight glyceine bags containing drug residue.

In almost any town in America these facts could generate arrests on charges that would range from drug possession, drug sales and up to homicide.

Yet the Greenwich Police Department Just Closed The Case, no one was arrested for all of those hard drugs.

The Greenwich Police Know That
Katie Hanscom, Megan Caron, Jason Cunningham and Savannah Lamotte spent time with John the night of his death.

The Greenwich Police also know that Jason's Cunningham's mother, Donna Cunningham, picked up her son the morning after the murerous party.

The Greenwich Police have taken statements from these druggies who refused to call 911 and get John medical attention.

Could John have been saved?

It is very possible?

Should these irresponsible druggies who covered up a murder, be prosecuted for the death of John?

Most definitely.

Are the Greenwich Police intimidated because Megan Caron's father is a rich Hollywood big shot?


Let's Face the facts.
This wouldn't be the first time Greenwich cops backed off from a celebrity.

The Proof is that the Greenwich Police Department refuses to reopen the Byram Drug Murder Case.

It is not so contavercial, sitting on the Post Road looking for poor folks and minorities who have burned out tail lights.

Heroin Murder's With Rich Daddy's Are Not Held Accountable In Greenwich, because the Greenwich Police Department is looking for burned out car tail lights on Putnam Avenue.

01/04/07 - Greenwich Sports News

Greenwich Roundup Sports Report

Home sweet home: After five road games, Greenwich boys hockey ...
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA
By David Fierro

There wasn't much for Greenwich High School boys ice hockey coach Bob Russel not to like about his Cardinals performance against Westhill ...

Rosenband scores 22 in Greenwich's win
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT,USA
Greenwich 64, Norwalk 52 - Russ Rosenband poured in a game-high 22 points to lead Greenwich to its FCIAC road win over Norwalk last night. ...

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01/04/07 - Greenwich Library News

Greenwich Roundup News Brief

Friends Friday Films - Saraband
Where: Greenwich Library at Cole Auditorium SARABAND (2005-Sweden) Directed by Ingmar Bergman. With Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson. The great Swedish director was 85 when he made this and it is his “absolute last work”. ...
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