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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

05/26/08 Checks And Balances - A Greenwich Broadcator's Blog Is Watching The Bloggers Who Are Watching The Mainstream News Media (Updated)

Greenwich Board of Ed Investigated for Racism; Bloggers Collective Heads Explode

by Ron Adams Sprorts Director At WGCH

This should be a fun one to watch. The Greenwich Time has the story here, while even The Journal News (via the AP) jumped on the bandwagon with a story...

...So I'll just sit back and watch as this develops; once again leaving the hand-wringing and mud-slinging to the folks at Greenwich Gossip, Greenwich Roundup, and the other blogs from the "wealthy town."

Personally I always like it when they call Greenwich "tony." Sounds more aristocratic to me. While here in Carmel, or other non-Greenwich places, I just watch people roll their eyes at the mention of the town that I spend a great deal of time in.

Y'all just don't know....

Comment From Greenwich Roundup:

Dear Rob
at Exit 55.

The proof is in the pudding.

It is what it is. The children at Hamilton Avenue either had a computer lab like the other Greenwich school children or they didn't have a computer lab like the other Greenwich school children.

Unfortunately, it might take a Federal Judge to get the powers that be to fairly share resources with the members of Greenwich Society that live on the west side of town.

Riverside and Old Greenwich don't have these complaints.


Brian originally from the "show me state" now a
Western Greenwich Resident

Or as Harry "Give Em Hell" Truman might have said, "If Betty and the failed Greenwich Board of Education can't stand the heat maybe they should get the hell out of the kitchen."


Rob, I am a big fan of the local sports coverage that you provide to Greenwich, you are truly practising the lost art of in depth and insightful local sports coverage. I am never upset when your excellent broadcasts pre-empt Sam Romeo's show or goes into national broadcast of Craig Crossman's Computer America.

Rob you are passionate about fully utilizing the resources of WGCH to bring Greenwich residents the best sports coverage possible. However, the news department doesn't seem to have that same fire in their belly.

The folks in the news room, while very nice and hard-working, should stop reading Greenwich Time news clips and calling the same 20 town officials over and over. They need to get out on the street like you do. They need to discover that their are thousands of other voices in Greenwich.

While the news team does a good job on election nights, and provides a valuable public service with a weekly radio interviews with the folks at Greenwich Hospital and with First Selectman Peter Tesei, there are many more people and stories in town.

The WGCH news team needs to show up at some Town meetings instead of reporting about them third hand.

The WGCH news team needs to start holding very well paid school and town officials accountable to the single family home-owners of Greenwich.

WGCH news crew needs to start filling some Freedom Of Information requests and start breaking some news stories instead of reporting everything through the prism of the Greenwich Time.

News 12 is often in the field breaking news stories in Greenwich.

Most times I feel that the talents of the WGCH news team are wasted, because they play it a little too safe in the studio. It is clear that their is talent in the news crew, but it is greatly under utilized.

When was the last time that WGCH did an investigative report?

Has WGCH ever done an investigative report?

This is one of the many reasons Bill Clark at Greenwich Gossip refers to WGCH as the "World's Greatest Communication Hoax".

If WGCH wanted to they could limit sports reporting to the studio and you could read Greenwich Time sports reports over the air. You could even provide a valuable public service by having an in studio sports interview show, but things just would not be the same.

Their would not be that spark in the air. That sence of excitement that you bring out on the field at a live event.

That's why the management of WGCH needs to let the reporters go out in the field and break some stories for a change. The WGCH news department needs that same spark that the sports department has.

Rob it is nice to see that the you and the folks at WGCH enjoy Greenwich's Most Influential News Website, but I knew this already because WGCH shows up in my web stats almost every day except Saturday and Sunday.


I work in Greenwich, and I'm involved with Greenwich High School quite a bit. I like the people of Greenwich, who have been thoughtful and kind to me for over a decade now.Publish Post

Sometimes Greenwich can be quite silly (OK, quite often). Much has been made of a case last week where a GHS student was tasered on campus by a Greenwich Police Officer. In fact, there are a few other blogs that deal with Greenwich specifically, so I'll let them pontificate wihtout me adding opinions to the fire. I wasn't there.

Greenwich Roundup has been leading the charge. They describe their mission statement as:

We offer online news, multimedia, blogs and complete digest of the events and issues that effect the people of Greenwich. Our goal is to promote critical reading and evaluation of news and blog postings. We strongly encourage our readers to send feedback to reporters, webmasters and to write letters to the editor. We hope that visitors to Greenwich Roundup wiil express their views by commenting on blog posts.
In the process of their coverage, they have been bold critics of the Greenwich Time and the Greenwich Board of Ed.

Full disclosure - I saw my name on there just once, but it was part of a blog that somebody else wrote about me. Plus it was positive. So there. I have, however, seen WGCH get criticized. Whatever. Nature of the beast. I would like folks to understand that the days of 24 hour local radio are gone, but I can't go crazy. I'm just a small player in this game, as I've said before.

Criticism about WGCH has also come from Bill Clark, the humble scribe at Greenwich Gossip. Mr. Clark has own thoughts regarding the taster incident.

So read these and other blogs with regard to this story at Greenwich High School. I'm a sports reporter who fills in anchoring the news occasionally. I think I'm better served staying away from this one.

I did once host a general talk show on WGCH, and this would have been a dandy topic, but time moves on...

More Posts From Rob Adams
Excellent Blog - Exit 55


After writing about some of the latest items of note in Greenwich, I figured that it was just a matter of time before Greenwich Roundup posted the links on their site. They not only did so, but had a few thoughts regarding WGCH. There was some criticism, and also some praise. I thank them for the kind words about me and our sports coverage. It's no secret we work hard. I've also said that covering news in Greenwich is not like it used to be.

Let me put it to you this way - it's a question of the economic realities of radio in the year 2008. WGCH has a news staff of two, and they do a fine job. Not long ago, it was at least three, with the potential to freelance (that's where I would sometimes come in).

I can't offer much more than that. We're doing our best on WGCH to keep local news, sports and talk alive in a tough time for radio.

As I wrote in response, I will post links to what's going on, and some witty remarks, but will skip the opinions for two reasons. One - I often serve as a fill-in news anchor. That doesn't always keep me from saying what's on my mind in my own blog (or off the air), but the more important reason is number two:

I don't have the facts. Case closed. So I continue to be an observer.


For the record Greenwich Roundup has not only been very critical
of the Greenwich Time and WGCH. Greenwich's Most Influential
Website has also heavily criticized the Greenwich Citizen and the Greenwich Post.

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05/26/08 Why Wont The Greenwich Board Of Education Listen To The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich?

Betty must Go...
by greenwichguy

Greenwich school superintendent Betty Sternberg came to Greenwich for two reasons.

First for the money. Greenwich residents shower money on her. Between her salary, car allowance, housing allowance and bonuses, she makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000.

Second, she thinks she is here to straighten out the elitist/racist attitude that she perceives to be in Greenwich. She sees herself as a champion of the less fortunate and those who disagree with her, as a cancer. The irony is that she is least regarded among the very people she believes she is the champion of.

The BOE is now being sued by a Hamilton Ave parent who saw the light when her children were shipped off to other town schools when mold was found in their modular classrooms. According to the parent, Mina Bibeault, she discovered that other schools in Town had superior library facilities and computer labs. She is fed up with the double standard in the Greenwich school system on Ms. Sternberg's and this BOE's watch.

It is time for the BOE to stand up and stop this insanity. Ms. Sternberg has shown that she is not up to the task of running a school system. It is time for her to go.
Eye on Greenwich Connecticut - http://eyeongreenwich.blogspot.com/


US investigates complaints of disparities among whites, minorities ...

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) - Complaints of disparities in Greenwich schools serving minority and white students have prompted an investigation by the US Department of Education...
Lohud.com: Latest News - http://www.lohud.com

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05/26/08 The Shiny Apple Comments About Mina Bibeault's Fedreal Civil Rights Complaint Against The Greenwich Board Of Education

Greenwich Discrimination?

This weekend, one of the popular news stories was the complaint that Greenwich Board of Education might be discriminating against minority students using a comparison of the quality of schools in the town to support the claim. Is it still possible in this day and age that within a town, a schools systems could be purposely discriminating against a portion of the community? One would like to hope that this is not the case, but then again, if you look at Hartford, one school might not even have enough money to provide a cart to a teacher moving from room to room, while another might have state of the art SmartBoards glistening in each classroom. How is that possible? How is that fair? Did the town of Greenwich simply put the needs of this school aside, or did these problems form over time and it took the movement of students from their old world to a new for them and their parents to take a step back and see all the differences.

I wish the news story included more details about the differences. If you know some of the differences between the schools...
The Shiny Apple - http://theshinyapple.org

Please see:

05/25/08 - Hamilton Avenue School Parent Mina Bibeault Has Had Enough: She Files A Federal Civil Rights Complaint Against The Board Of Education

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05/26/08 Greenwich Concours has brought together enthusiasts and collectors for two days of friendly competition in a garden party atmosphere

Bonhams’ First Motorcar Auction at Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

Racers from McLaren & Maserati, Grand Tourers from Bugatti & Rolls-Royce, 1950s & ‘60s American Classics at Auction

World-renowned auctioneers Bonhams have amassed an exceptional collection of rare motorcars to go on auction Sunday, June 8th, at 10:30 am, as part of its first offering at the annual Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. This important sale of motorcars features rare marques with impressive racing history, classically elegant Rolls-Royce and touring cars, and American classics such as a turquoise ’54 Buick Skylark, in addition to a notable array of automobilia.

“Bonhams is delighted to be working with Bruce and Genia Wennerstrom, organizers of the Greenwich Concours, and enhancing our US auction schedule with a presence at one of the foremost events in the country,” says Rupert Banner, Bonhams V.P. of Business Development.

“The quality of this offering is excellent,” Mark Osborne Motoring Department Director, from the San Francisco gallery expounded. “A nice selection of extremely rare pre-war marques, with distinguished history and pedigree, combined with a selection of nearly 50 important motorcars, makes this a ‘must-see’ event for collectors world-wide.”

Since 1995 the Greenwich Concours has brought together enthusiasts and collectors for two days of friendly competition in a garden party atmosphere at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, overlooking Greenwich Harbor in Connecticut. In addition to being an important date in the concours circuit for more than a decade, the early summer event has become known for its collector car auction that has seen millions of dollars change hands. This year the auction is being conducted by Bonhams, the world’s largest all-encompassing auctioneer to hold scheduled sales of motorcars, motorcycles and related automobilia.

Highlights featured in this inaugural sale include:

The Ex-A.J. Lees circa 1931 Maserati Tipo 8C-2800 Two-Seat Sports/Formula Competition Car, a glorious-looking, exceptionally well-crafted replacement Maserati based upon the legendary Bologna-based family company’s original 8C-2800 model. (est. $600,000/850,000).

Racing aficionados will also be thrilled to see The ex-Ralph Salyer 'Cro-Sal' Special 1965 McLaren-Elva M1A Sports Racer, renowned for its period race history and accomplishments (est. $250,000/300,000).

The 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Double Cabriolet Stelvio, with coachwork by Gangloff, a rare example of a largely unrestored Bugatti Type 57, emblematic of the very earliest series conceived and styled by Jean Bugatti, estimated in the $250,000/350,000 range. A 1928 Vauxhall 20/60 Hurlingham Speedster, a sixty-horsepower model, formerly from the famed Abba Kogan Collection, refurbished with new paint and fresh leather interior and thorough engine detailing, an uncommon offering, and anticipated to fetch $160,000/200,000.

The first internal combustion engine automobile that performed with any degree of success, was Karl Benz’s Patent Motorwagen. Since the centenary of his invention, replicas of this historic car have been built and Bonhams offers one such car for sale. The Ex-Jacqueline de Rothschild and the late John Webb de Campi 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Convertible Sedan, with coachwork by Hibbard & Darrin, restored in 1998, with an enviable concours record including “Most Elegant Car” awards, and “Judges Choice” at several premier events, is anticipated to draw bidding in the $300,000/400,000 range.

American classics, including the 1956 Ford Thunderbird Convertible with hardtop, turquoise in color, with the 312 cubic inch Thunderbird Special engine, automatic transmission and power steering, seat and windows (est. $50,000/60,000), and the 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible, the rarest 1954 Buick, with only 836 built, estimated at $125,000/175,000 are well represented at the sale, along with a 1931 Ford Model A Roadster Pick-Up (est. $35,000/45,000), and several other examples.

Over 180 lots of Automobilia will open the sale, beginning at 10:30 EST, on June 8th, featuring vintage racing posters, sculpture, hood ornaments, books, motoring-themed movie posters, catalogs and publications. Top lots of Automobilia include: 'Le Petit Poucet' by Max Blondat, French, 1920, signed bronze, cire perdue cast by Valsuani, depicting a running boy with huge boots jumping over a ball, mounted on a turned marble base (est. $15/17,000). This rare mascot is believed to be the first example appearing at auction for 40-years. Max Blondat was a noted French sculptor, born at Crain, France on 30th November 1872. Several glass mascots by René Lalique are on offer, as well, a signed, watercolor and gouache on board, mounted, framed and glazed by artist Peter Helck (1893-1988) titled 1952 Le Mans, twenty-four hours: The Cunningham Challenge, estimated at $15/17,000.

Previews for the Greenwich sale are open to the public on Saturday, June 7th, at 10:00 am, under the great white tent, located at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, 100 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830. The illustrated catalog for the Greenwich sale is online for review and purchase at www.bonhams.com/us . Catalog purchase ($35.00) admits two to both the Concours and the auction events. For information on the Greenwich Concours event, visit:www.greenwichconcours.com. For more information on the sale, please contact Mark Osborne at 415-391-4000, or Rupert Banner in New York at 212- 461-6515.

Classic cars, Vintage Racing, Classic Rally - http://www.classicrallies.com/blog/

For more information please visit:

Greenwich Concours d ' Elegance

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05/26/08 Greenwich Developer Pulls Plug On Port Chester Project, Because He Can't Get Financing.

Condo developments stall in Port Chester

Journal News

... once envisioned two dozen condominiums priced for middle-class professionals. In late 2006, Nick DiFilippo, a Greenwich, Conn.-based real estate developer, proposed tearing down the dilapidated buildings at 417-425 and replacing them with 1,100 ...

...While DiFilippo has completely abandoned his project, other planned developments in the village have stagnated.

It's been 2 1/2 years since Starwood Capital Group bought the 14-acre site of the former New York United Hospital Medical Center on Boston Post Road.

The village is still waiting for a proposal. Bruno J. Gioffre, an attorney representing Greenwich based, Starwood, said the delay is about finding the right project for the site, which may include a hotel and condominiums....

...The Wellington Greene, a five-story complex of two-bedroom condos at 410 Westchester Ave., opened a little more than a year ago and has remained mostly vacant....

....Down the block at Brookchester Court, a large banner in front advertises the 39-unit complex, which opened its doors at the end of 2006 and offers one-, two- and three-bedroom condos that start at $276,500.

Peg Fisk, who lives next door at 360 Westchester Ave., said the building is never bustling with people and she often wonders how many people live there.

A spokeswoman for Houlihan Lawrence Project Marketing said she did not know how many units are filled...

Are these troubles going to come to Greenwich?

Was Chris Fountain fired by the Greenwich Post for telling the truth?

Here is the latest "postings" from Chris Fountain's blog.

Here is an example of one of Mr. Fountain's posts:

More Market Blues, or, Apples to Apples

1 Brookside Park in Greenwich came on the market in May 2006 asking $4,895,000 and sold in November for $4,250,000. Whether because of buyer's remorse or a change in circumstances it was returned to the market by the new buyers in February, 2007, for $4,650,000 (nothing having been added or changed), lingered for 408 days and finally sold this past May 12th for $3,800,000. Rumor has it that the owners turned down an offer that would have brought them close to break-even and then ended up sitting on the place for another year. True or not, in this market, it probably pays to keep would-be-buyers talking.

Chris also says that:

"I was in negotiations with my former publisher, Greenwich Post, about returning as a paying advertiser, rather than a paid columnist. They wanted far more (5X) what they paid me for my column and, frankly, I couldn't see why I should invest in what is essentially a dying business. I can pay a smart young college kid I know a fraction of that fee to design and maintain a website, with links, photos, etc, and make this a better column, so that's what I've decided to do. Check back in soon and see what we've done."


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05/26/08 Tuesday's News Links From The Greenwich Citizen

None, Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Zip, Zero....

Maybe the Greenwich Citizen will update it's web site later to day or tomorrow
or perhaps the next day

For information on Greenwich Citizen News coverage please see:

05/26/08 - Greenwich Citizen Marks Memorial Day By Not Covering Teenagers Exercising Their Free Speach Rights That Have Been Paid For On Battlefields

Greenwich Citizen Reporter
Laura Carlson's amateurish reporting is highlighted.

Did Greenwich Citizen Editor
Don Harrison even look at the report Laura filed?

Journalistic standards seem to be set very low at the Greenwich Citizen.

Please send your comments and news tips to

05/26/08 Tuesday's News Links From The Greenwich Post

Stephen Zak, front, Jamie Brown, back left, and Alexa Granser debate a bill.

Mock legislative session teaches students how to debate

“The foundations of democracy start here,” said Republican Westchester County Legislator Frank Pinto of the mock legislative session Greenwich Catholic School students participated in last month in Westchester.

League meeting discusses challenges of the 21st Century

Gina McCarthy, commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will be the keynote speaker at the League of Women Voters of Greenwich’s annual meeting and dinner on Thursday, June 12 at the Riverside Yacht Club, 102 Club Road. Ms. McCarthy’s topic will be “The Challenge of the 21st Century — preserving our town, state and our planet.”

I’d love to volunteer, but ...
Volunteer training session is June 11

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but then wondered if you could do it well?
Working with the elderly, those who are sick or in long-term facilities may sometimes seem particularly challenging. The workshop on Wednesday, June 11, from 10 to 10:30 a.m. at the Nathaniel Witherell is the answer.

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05/27/08 Tuesday's News Links From The Greenwich Time

Is It Really Worth It?
Town Attorney John Wayne Fox's Never Ending Beach Lawsuit Continues To Cost The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich Buckets Of And Buckets of Money.

Kempner continues battle over beach

A Stamford man whose challenge to the town's beach access policy for out-of-towners was dismissed last week will ask a federal judge to reconsider and decide whether the town's sale of beach passes at two off-site facilities is unduly restrictive, his lawyer said.

Fund request rankles RTM

A request for an additional $200,000 to complete the Hamilton Avenue School renovation is opening the door to more criticism of the over-budget and behind-schedule project by members of the Representative Town Meeting.

With only about 1 percent of all Greenwich utility customers signed up for clean and sustainable energy sources, there are some in town hoping to generate greater interest in the program.

School calendar

May 26 Memorial Day, schools closed. May 27 Hamilton Avenue School kindergarten violin concert: 9:30 ...

The sound of the gun salute could be heard booming across Long Island Sound yesterday as more than 100 people gathered outside the Indian Harbor Yacht Club to honor veterans, soldiers serving in the armed forces and especially those who have given all for their country.

Old Greenwich friends renew ties at parade

Growing up as friends in Old Greenwich, Army 2nd Lt. Samuel Kies, 22, and Air Force Senior Airman Dan Maloney, 22, would attend the Memorial Day parade every year.

The sound of the gun salute could be heard booming across Long Island Sound yesterday as more than 100 people gathered outside the Indian Harbor Yacht Club to solemnly honor veterans, soldiers serving in the armed forces and especially those who have given all for their country.

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