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Monday, January 7, 2008

01/07/08 - When Will The Harrassment And Abuse End. Three Times I Had To Call 911 Three Times And Report The GPD Abuses To The GPD

Police Critic Once Again Threatened With Arrest As Greenwich Police Department Once Again Attempt Illegal Search Of His Wives Store.

A Greenwich Police Detective who refused to give his name came to my wives store with two Connecticut Sign Inspectors.

I told the Greenwich Police Detective that because I and others in Greenwich had a police misconduct complaints that were not investigated I am not going to let any Greenwich Police Officer in my wives store without a warrant.

Upon hearing this the Greenwich Police Detective said that if I did not open the door my wife and I would be arrested.

Once again, I told the Greenwich Police Detective, who would not give out his name, that I wanted him to leave if he did not have a court order that said I had to let him into my wives store.

I even explained to the two Connecticut Sign Inspectors that I probably would have let them into my wives store if they had came alone or if they were in charge and conducting the investigation instead of the Greenwich Police Detective that refused to give his name.

I told the Connecticut sign inspectors that the police department had been contacting my employer, my landlord, was trying to order a property tax audit of the store and had been trying to prevent me from taking the Greenwich Legislative Seat I had been elected to last November, because I had criticized them in a blog and filed a police misconduct complaint against them.

I further explained to the Connecticut Sign Inspectors, that the Greenwich Police Department withdrew a ticket about my sign when I called 911 for a police supervisor about my wives store beaning illegally searched by four police officers.

I then told the Connecticut Sign Inspectors that I would appreciate it if they could get a warrant for the search and to please make an appointment so that I could have a lawyer present. This way there would be no problems with the Greenwich Police Department.

I then politely asked the Connecticut Sign Inspectors to leave my wives store front.

This caused the Greenwich Police Detective, with no name, to once again demand that I open my wives store door or I would be arrested.

I told the Greenwich Police Detective with no name that he could kick down the glass door and arrest me, but I was calling 911 to call the police.

I called 911 and explained the problem and that I wanted the gentlemen to leave, but they would not leave. I then gave the 911 operator the license plates of the two cars that the no name Greenwich Police Detective and they came in.

The Two Connecticut Sign Inspectors and the Greenwich Police Detective with no name started to go to their cars as I was calling 911 and then started to pull away.

But the the cars parked again and the Greenwich Detective got out and once again demanded that I let him in the store or that I will be arrested. Once again I called 911 for help.

I went to the back of the store.

I was told to call the non emergency number and I did.

I repeated to the operator that I wanted them to get a warrant and that I wanted them to leave.

She told me that a police officer and a Greenwich Police Lt. Heavey.

A Police Officer came and started violently banging on the store door, demanding that I open the door. Once again I called 911 to complain the 911 operator with the Greenwich Police Officer banging on the door in the background.

The 911 operator told me the officer wanted me to open the door so that he could ask me whats wrong.

I told her I wanted the Connecticut Sign Inspectors and the Greenwich Detective that has no name to get a warrant and to let me get a lawyer if possible.

I repeatedly told the 911 operator that I wanted the Greenwich Police to leave my wives store. The Greenwich Police and the Connecticut Sign Investigators eventually left the store.

I then called the Governor's Office to complain about the Connecticut Sign Inspectors who would not leave the store. I told him all of the above. He took my information and recommended that I call the commission that the Connecticut Sign Inspectors work for.

I called the commission and spoke with an officer McQuade who took down all the information and said she would report everything to her boss a Mr. Zenga. She wanted to know the names of the two inspectors and I told her I would call the Greenwich Police Department and get their names.

I then asked to leave a message in Mr. Zenga's voicemail. I explained everything and left my number.

I then called the Greenwich Police Department and asked the names of the two Connecticut Sign Inspectors were. I was told to wait in front of my wives store and someone would come see me.

I waited for almost two hours and had to call the Police Department a couple of times, but I eventually got Lt. Heavey. I told Lt. Heavey all that had happened and asked for the names of the two Connecticut Sign Inspectors that would not leave my wives store.

I told Lt. Heavey I wanted to file misconduct complaints against all those involved, because it should not take three 911 calls and 1 police non-emergency call to get the to leave after I told them that I did not consent to a search of my wives store.

Lt. Heavey said that he or the other officer that had came down to eventually chase them away did not know the names of the Greenwich Detective or the Connecticut Sign Inspectors. However, Lt. Heavey assured me that If he found out their names he would come by and tell me.

Tomorrow, I will have to file three misconduct complaints for Greenwich Detective John Doe 1, Connecticut Inspector John Doe 2 and Connecticut Inspector John Doe 3.

I am also filling a Freedom Information Request for the 911 tapes, The Police Radio Tapes and the non-emergency Phone call tapes.

Unfortunately, It appears that I am going to have to file a lawsuit against the Town Of Greenwich, The Greenwich Police Department and other agencies involved in their retaliatory pattern of civil rights violations.

Tomorrow, I am also going to file a Freedom Of Information Request for all of the persons who have filed a police misconduct complaint against the Greenwich Police Department. Each case will have the details posted at Greenwich Roundup and I will try and contact misconduct victims about a class action lawsuit, because of the Greenwich Police Departments pattern of ignoring and not investigating misconduct claims.

01/07/08 - The Raw Greenwich Sports News Feed

Greenwich Sports Report

Phys Ed classes could get technical - Andrew Shaw, Greenwich Time
By Ray(Ray)
But in the 21st century, even gym class is being aided by technology. Laptops, digital cameras, iPods, heart-rate monitors and pedometers are all being requested by the Greenwich Public Schools for the.


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01/07/08 - Help Wanted In Greenwich

Greenwich Help Wanted

Senior Windows Systems Administrator - [TheLadders.com, Greenwich ...
By TheLadders.com
Senior Windows Systems Administrator. Role: Senior Windows System Administrator. Firm: Multi-Billion Hedge Fund. Location: Greenwich CT. Type: Full Time Role. Time Frame: Immediate need. Compensation:...
ComputerJobs.com New York - E-Commerc... - http://www.computerjobs.com

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01/07/08 - Maybe Police Commissioner Tesei And The Greenwich Police Departments Vendetta Will Actually Be Good For My Wife And I

A Lady Lawyer Who Has Been A Customer In The Past Came Into My Wives Store And Told Her Not To Worry And Hoped That She Was Feeling Better.

The Attorney Then Told My Wife That If The Town Were To Evict Us From Our Home Connecticut State Law Says That The Town Has To Find Us Other Housing In Town. She Also Said The Town Would Also Be Responsible For Protecting Storing And Moving Our Possesions.

Further, she said that if the Town were to evict us, the building department would have to go after our landlord and not us.

However, she said if the landlord was to evict us a Judge could just throw us and our possessions on to the street.

She gave us her card and said to call her if the building department evicted us, she said she would see too it that the Town had to find us housing.

She then said she thought it was just awful how the Greenwich Police Department had reacted to my blog criticisms of their performance.
Maybe, it's a good thing that a weak and ineffectual Police Commissioner is allowing the Greenwich Police Department to spin out of control with thier retalitory vendetta against me.

01/07/08 - Greenwich Business News

Greenwich Businees Report

Integrity Research: The Future of the Investment Research Industry
By wrwebb
This decline is consistent with a survey done this past summer by financial services consulting firm Greenwich Associates, which revealed that almost 20% of the buy-side analysts expect their firms to either “reduce” or “significantly ...
RobWebb2k - http://blog.robwebb2k.com

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01/07/08 - The Police Department Wont Stop It's Unethical And Illegal Retailitory Practices - It's Time To Contact Victims For A Class Action Lawsuit

Not Too Many Greenwich Citizens Are Aware That About 100 Days Ago A Cos Cob Man Sued The Town Of Greenwich And It's Police Department For Four Million Dollars.

A Cos Cob man recently filed a civil rights suit in Federal Court against the Town , The Former Police Chief and four police officers stemming from an assault and a wrongful arrest.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport, states that policemen wrongfully arrested Frank A. Bertino after an officers unprovoked attack on Bertino at 322 Palmer Hill Road. The lawsuit seeks 4 Million Dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.

The Town Of Greenwich has filed a response.

According to the lawsuit, Bertino was outside of the home when trying to ask police about the arrest when Lt. James Heavey asked him to wait to be spoken to. As Mr. Bertino moved back another officer grabbed his wrist and attacked him, Screaming that Bertino was resisting arrest.

The officer then threw Mr. Bertino into a bush and then into a wall as other officers started to join in and handcuff Bertino, severely twisting his wrist arm and shoulder in the process.

The police then charged Mr. Berino with breach of peace and interfering with a police officer.

Mr. Bertino has suffered permanent and sever injuries from the incident.

Mr. Bertino's attorney Kevin Coles stated in the lawsuit that Officers Daniel Hendrie, John King and Eric Scorca, as well as, Lt. Heavey failed and refused to properly investigate the situation before arresting Mr. Bertino.

Moreover, attorney Kevin Coles says that Greenwich Police Officers lacked probable cause to make the arrest.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

The lawsuit also states that the Town Of Greenwich and the Greenwich Police Department failed to investigate a misconduct complaint Mr. Bertino filed against the officers.

Once again the Town Of Greenwich and it's Police Department is failing to provide constitutionally protected due process rights to it's citizens that make misconduct complaints about the police department.

Doesn't this sound familiar?

With in two business days of my police misconduct complaint, the illegally appointed Greenwich Police Captain Michael Pacewicz, ruled the complaint unfounded and refused to interview witnesses and myself and my wife.

Mr. Bertino's lawsuit hits the nail on the head when his attorney Kevin Cole writes...

The Town Of Greenwich and the Greenwich Police Departments failure to investigate amounts to deliberate indifference to the safety and the rights of persons.

Of coarse Town Attorney John Wayne Fox just sat on his hands as the Greenwich Police Department refused to insure a proper investigation of Mr. Bertino's police misconduct claim.

Just as Town Attorney John Wayne Fox and Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei has sat on their hands and refused to insure a proper investigation of my police misconduct claim.

The Town Of Greenwich gets burned in lawsuit after lawsuit, because Town Attorney John Wayne Fox Fiddles Away Like Nero.

I don't want to have to file a massive lawsuit against the Town Of Greenwich and the Greenwich Police Department, but I am left with no option. Town Attorney John Wayne Fox and the weak and ineffectual Police Commissioner Peter Tesei refuse to step up to the plate and insure that a fair, open and honest police misconduct investigation is performed.

Mr. Bertino has suffered permanent physical injuries including a torn rotator cuff, nerve damage and severe emotional distress from nervousness, anxiety and humiliation just because he asked about the arrest of his son.


You could be living in Old Greenwich and a policemen could wrongfully arrested your son after an officers unprovoked attack.

Your son could be outside of the Greenwich Diner trying to ask police about the arrest of a friend when the police asked him to wait to be spoken to. As your son moves back another officer grabs his wrist and attacks him, Screaming that your son was resisting arrest.

The officer then throws your son into a bush and then into a wall as other officers started to join in and handcuff your son, severely twisting his wrist arm and shoulder in the process.

The police then charged your son with breach of peace and interfering with a police officer.

Your Son now suffers permanent and sever injuries from the incident. Looks like there will be no sports scholarship for your son.

When you go to file a police misconduct complaint on behalf of your injured son who now has a police record and court date. However, the town and police fail to investigate the complaint filed against the officer who hurt your son.

Your son now suffers from sever emotional distress from nervousness, anxiety and humiliation.


Or maybe, you live deep in the back country of Greenwich and your daughter put up a picture of a Greenwich Police officer sound asleep snoozing away in his police car. She and her friends think the picture is so funny.

As she is driving home on the back roads of Greenwich four police cars pull her over. They start to illegally search your car. The look under the seats, in the glove box and in the trunk. She is terrified and quietly calls you on the phone.

You have to call 911 three times to get a police supervisor down on that dark and lonely road to stop the violations of her rights.

The police were going to write her a ticket to cover up the illegal search, but the supervisor tells the officer to withdraw the ticket.

When you go to file a police misconduct complaint some illegally appointed police captain refuses to investigate the violation of your daughters rights. It's her own damn fault for putting that funny picture of a police officer up on myspace.

One of your daughter friends is outraged at how she and her family is treated. Your daughters friend calls up the Greenwich Time to tell them about the myspace picture and the illegal search that it caused.

The Greenwich Time reporter calls you up in your back country home, and you tell the reporter about the outrage that has occurred to your family.

The police read the report and seek to discredit and humiliate your family for criticising them.

The School Police Officer is checking out her school records, the police talk to your employer and the Tax Assessor needs to inspect and reval your home.

This could happen to you because Greenwich does not have an independent civilian complaint board. The Greenwich Police Department is not held accountable to the citizens of Greenwich.

Without checks and balances keeping the police department honest then your son or your neighbors daughter and everyone else is in danger of deliberate indifference that can affect the safety and rights of you and you neighbors.

The Greenwich Police Department is made up of people. You don't give people absolute power, because absolute power corrupts.

A Civilian Complaint Review Board will protect you and your family from a police department that routinely fails to investigate citizen complaints.

01/07/08 - Greenwich News Reports

Greenwich News

TREASURIES-Bonds pull back after strong week
Reuters - USA
... the magnitude of any Fed move later this month," said David Ader, head of government bond strategy at RBS Greenwich Capital, in Greenwich, Connecticut. ...

Acting locally
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA
"I want to learn about global warming and how people can prevent it," Michelle said yesterday during an information session at Audubon Greenwich about a new ...

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01/07/08 - Greenwich News Wire

Greenwich News

Stanwich faces uphill battle for campus
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA
By Hoa Nguyen After the town denied Stanwich School's bid to build a new campus in backcountry Greenwich six years ago, Pat Young attended a packed morning ...

Officials may consider reducing swan numbers
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA
By Hoa Nguyen Although not rare -- Small inlets around Indian Harbor, Grass Island, Greenwich Point and Byram Harbor can at times play host to one or two ...

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01/07/08 - Greenwich Library News

Greenwich Library News

Wee Ones
Where: Greenwich Library at Rear Children's Room Drop-in program designed for toddlers 12-24 months with a caregiver. Program includes simple stories, songs and finger plays. For more information please call the Children's Room at ...
Greenwich Library Today's Events - http://www.greenwichlibrary.org

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01/07/08 - Greenwich Business News Wire

Greenwich Real Estate News

Buckingham Partners & Sun Homes Announce Palmer Hill: Luxury Town ...
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Palmer Hill, a private luxury condo and townhome community on the Greenwich/Stamford border, is scheduled to be completed in summer 2008. ...

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