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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/7/09 Did Madoff Send Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel A Holiday Gift For All Those Victims That The Super-Swindler Riped Off ? (Updated - Photo Added)

Madoff's Gift Mailin'
Gets Feds Railin'



New York Post, NY


The treasure trove of valuables that accused Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff secretly mailed off to relatives on Christmas Eve includes diamond watches from Cartier and Tiffany, federal prosecutors revealed today.

One package recovered by the feds held 13 timepieces, a diamond necklace and an emerald ring, with a total value that "could exceed $1 million," prosecutors said in written arguments to get Madoff's bail revoked.

Other baubles that Madoff allegedly gave away in violation of a Dec. 18 court order include four diamond brooches, a diamond bracelet, a gold watch and a jade necklace.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are still trying to track down two other packages Madoff or his wife, Ruth, mailed out to his brother and a couple in Florida

In a letter to Magistrate Judge Ronald Ellis, prosecutors Marc Litt and Lisa Baroni said Madoff's actions showed he needed to be locked up immediately to keep him from giving away any more loot stashed in his homes in Manhattan, Montauk, Florida and France.

"The continued release of the defendant presents a danger to the community of additional economic harm and further obstruction of justice," they wrote.

The 70-year-old former NASDAQ chairman - who has confessed to duping investors into a $50 billion pyramid scheme - is currently free on $10 million bond and living under house arrest in his East Side penthouse.

On Monday, defense lawyer Ira Sorkin argued in court that the items Madoff sent out were family "heirlooms" and that the entire episode was an innocent mistake.

A written defense response is due to be filed with the judge later today.

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1/7/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Condolences to the family of Lucius Tyner

I knew his son Phillip when we were teenagers. Please send my condolences

Sincerely. Dianne Mower


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1/7/09 Press Release: Greenwich Resident To Exhibit At New Gallery

Here is a press release for a new gallery show in Black Rock, attached is one of the photographs from the show. Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information.
(203) 918-2684

Greenwich Resident to Exhibit at New Gallery in Black Rock

The work of longtime Greenwich resident and photographer Annika Klein will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Gallery at Black Rock, a new art space in Bridgeport's up-and-coming Black Rock area. The show, entitled "Connecticut Eye," will be a mélange of four Connecticut photographers, each with a very different vision. Klein studied photography in London and New York City before receiving her BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007.
In her work, Klein has focused on photographing subjects from real life, using photography as both an artistic and documentary tool. Language plays a large role in Klein's photographs, which often contain writing in the form of signs and billboards. As she puts it, "I am drawn to words, and I choose text that catches my attention because of its humor and ability to complement the visual image."
Klein will exhibit black and white photographs taken while living abroad in London, in an area called New Cross. As she explains, "Although London is a major tourist destination, most visitors stay within the central zone and do not venture to more remote areas like New Cross. I found the area of New Cross to be an interesting and exciting place to photograph, due to its low profile and abundance of language in the form of graffiti and flyers."
The opening reception for "Connecticut Eye" will take place on Saturday January 24 from 6 to 9 PM. The show will run through March 7th. For additional information call 203.814.6856.
The Gallery at Black Rock
2861 Fairfield Ave.
Bridgeport, CT. 06605

1/7/09 Warren Buffet Warned Against Using Funds Like Walter"Feeder Fund" Noel's Greenwich Fairfield

Buffett's little helpers
Business Spectator, Australia

“For Monica and Walter Noel, their hilltop retreat on Mustique is all about the mix – of family, friends, great times and a sexy global design style,” declared Town & Country about the founder of the hedge fund group, Fairfield Greenwich, his Swiss-Brazilian wife and their five photogenic daughters

Three years earlier, the Noels were photographed for a Vanity Fair article called “Golden in Greenwich”. The piece marvelled at their lifestyle, with the “glamazon” daughters, having married globe-trotting financiers, living in London, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Lugano.

It was a fairy tale existence, in more ways than one. The Noels’ millions, it turns out, were largely derived from Bernie Madoff’s alleged $US50 billion Ponzi scheme. The fees to investors on Fairfield’s biggest hedge fund, the Madoff-managed Fairfield Sentry, produced two-thirds of Fairfield’s $250 million revenues, and $200 million profits, in 2007.

Those figures, disclosed by The New York Times, illustrate just what a nice business the funds-of-funds industry had become. That profit of $200 million was mostly distributed to Fairfield’s 21 partners, including four of Mr Noel’s sons-in-law.....

....Madoff-linked groups such as Fairfield Greenwich, Tremont Capital and Union Bancaire Privée clearly failed to perform their lucrative jobs well enough. That rounds off a bad year for funds of funds, which have performed even worse than hedge funds and now look ridiculous.

Warren Buffett always thought they did.

The Sage of Omaha has a thing against “helpers”, such as hedge funds, that take investors’ money in fees while performing not much better than a low-cost index fund.

That applies especially to funds of funds, which exist to carry out due diligence for investors who do not have the time or resources to do it themselves, and put their money in a selection of hedge funds. For that, they charge 1 per cent plus 10 per cent of any investment profits.....

.....Mr Noel was a whizz at marketing both his family and Mr Madoff’s supposed expertise. As the hedge fund industry has expanded rapidly in the past couple of decades, other funds of funds have also been able to make a fine living mainly by offering the promise of access

The nitty-gritty stuff turns out to be more important. Doing worse than the S&P 500 is one thing; losing all your money is another. They were great, sexy times for funds of funds but that was in another country and besides, the illusion is dead.

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1/7/09 Greenwich personal trainer Adrian Garce.is featured on a couple of diet and fitness blogs

Gym-Free Calorie Burning
Diet Blog

If you're more of a gym person than an outdoor workout type, your only real exposure to the elements fortunately only lasts for the forty-three seconds it takes to walk from your car to the gym entrance. But, there will soon be days when the roads are not plowed, the gym is closed, and taking your routine outside is just plain crazy. It's good to know that even on such crummy days, there are ways to burn some calories without ever leaving the house.

Here are some simple ways to burn at least 100 calories:

Dance like nobody is watching for 15 minutes. Pop in that CD (you know which one -- the one that you keep hidden from the rest of your CD collection because you don't want people to know that you actually own it) and dance around your living room like it's your last day on earth. The good news is that you probably have many, many more days ahead of you, and that you just burned 112 calories.

Jump rope for 10 minutes. If you own a home, this shouldn't be much of a problem. But, if you rent an apartment and it happens to be on an upper level, the people living below you may hate you. Oh well, you can't please everyone. Such are the sacrifices we make for burning 115 calories.

Mop the floors for 30 minutes. Decidedly less fun than the past two options, mopping the floor is nonetheless a more physical activity than it may seem. Proof of this is the fact that you will burn 121 calories.

Walk up and down your stairs for 30 minutes. Halfway through this exercise, you'll probably wish you had chosen to mop the floor. After a solid half an hour on the stairs, you will have burned 190 calories.

Play with your dog for 30 minutes. Aaah, now this one sounds fun. If you're snowed in, that dog of yours is likely feeling just as much cabin fever as you. The opportunity to run around, chew on its favorite toy, and play fetch (albeit, a rather confined version of the game) will not only bring your canine friend a great deal of joy, but it will also help you burn 100 calories.

While these suggestions may not be a true substitute for an actual workout, they will at least keep you active when the doldrums of winter interfere with your normal fitness schedule. Of course, if you really want to make the most of your at-home experience, but do not have any real fitness equipment to speak of, you may want to try this body weight, resistance training workout on for size, created by Greenwich, CT-based personal trainer Adrian Garce.

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1/7/09 BREAKING NEWS AT THE GREENWICH POST: Where Is The Greenwich Time And Greenwich Citizen

The Greenwich Police Officers Violated Department Proceedures And Did Not Give Douglas More A Field Sobriety Test Even Though He Was Well Over The Legal Limit.



Now The High As A Kite Mystery Driver That Killed Joey
Pleads Not Guilty ??????

By Ken Borsuk

Breaking news Posted 1:06 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009

Riverside resident Douglas Moore has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in the death of bicyclist Joseph Borselio last year.

Mr. Moore, 24, entered his plea during a short court appearance Wednesday morning. He will now face a Feb. 11 pre-trial hearing. Police said Mr. Moore was driving while intoxicated when he struck Mr. Borselio, 20, who was riding his bicycle on Sheephill Road near Sound Beach Avenue Extension about 11:45 p.m. on Oct. 5. Police say toxicology reports showed Mr. Moore’s blood alcohol content far above the legal limit and he attempted to leave the scene of the accident after his car hit Mr. Borselio, but he crashed into a utility pole a short distance away, where officers found him at the scene.

Mr. Moore has been charged with second degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle, driving under the influence, evading responsibility in a fatal crash, unsafe movement and failure to exercise due care to avoid a pedestrian.

While Mr. Moore was represented on Wednesday, and during his prior court appearance last November, by attorney James Pastore, Mr. Moore’s defense will be handled by Philip Russell, who recently returned to his Greenwich practice. Mr. Pastore had worked in Mr. Russell’s practice and will soon be leaving the firm. Mr. Russell indicated he would be representing Mr. Moore at the Feb. 11 hearing......

...Mr. Moore did not give a statement to

police regarding the events...

......Mr. Russell declined comment when asked by the Post if his client had indeed attempted to flee the scene.

At first, Stamford Superior Court Judge Barbara Brazzel-Massaro expressed concern that a Feb. 11 hearing was too far away to wait, but the prosecution and defense agreed on the date. Attorney Lindy Urso, who is representing the Borselio family’s interests during the criminal proceeding, is also expected to be in court. Originally Mr. Pastore, who was representing Mr. Moore at the proceeding, told the judge that Mr. Urso would be out of town until that date. However, Mr. Urso later indicated to the Post that this was not the case.

Mr. Urso said the family wanted to make sure its interests are represented so that Mr. Moore receives a “just punishment.”

“The family wants to make sure a punishment is set to serve as a deterrent in the future so other families don’t have to experience what they’ve gone through,” Mr. Urso said Wednesday.....


Mr. Moore Did Not Give A Statement To The Greenwich Police Department, Because Police Officers Violated Department Policy And Let His Drunk Ass Go Without Being Charged.


1/7/08 The Greenwich Post Editor Does Not Know What To Do Now That Bruce Hunter Became The Greenwich Time Managing Editor


3:03 PM

Here Comes Greenwich Time Reporter Debra Friedman

Riverside man pleads not guilty in bicyclist's death

By Debra Friedman

Staff Writer
Posted: 01/07/2009 02:12:54 PM EST

Douglas Moore, the Riverside man charged with second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle in the death of 20-year-old Joseph Borselio, today entered a not guilty plea in state Superior Court in Stamford

Attorney Philip Russell, who is representing Moore, said the plea does not necessarily mean Moore is seeking a trial.

"Procedurally, this is a necessary step in order to advance the case to the next level," said Russell. "It doesn't by any means indicate that we are seeking a trial or anything other than an amicable sensible resolution."

Moore is also charged with operating under the influence, evading responsibility in a fatal crash, unsafe movement and failure to exercise due care to a pedestrian.

Moore turned himself into Greenwich police on Nov. 17 on a warrant stemming from an investigation of the accident which occurred on Oct. 5

just before midnight on Sheephill Road near the Sound Beach Avenue Extension.

Police said Moore tried to leave the scene after striking Borselio, who was riding his bicycle north on Sheephill Road, the same direction Moore was traveling.

Moore's next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 11.


12/24/08 The Daddy Of Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassiddy Is Very Upset With Greenwich Round Up.


10/06/08 Breaking News (Updated): Greenwich Bike Rider Killed At 11:30 Last Night. ----- Or THE GREENWICH TIME CAN'T KEEP TIME

10/07/08 Hearst Newspapers Makes A Change: Debra Friedman Replaces "Martin "What Time Is It' Cassidy (Updated)


10/18/08 How Can Police Chief David Ridberg Read What This Mother Says And Then Continue To Protect The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Killed Joey?

10/15/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Darien/greenwich police blotter

10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS:Joey's Grandfather Wants To know---Why Are The Toxicological Tests Taking So Long?

10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Grider Opines On Police Favoritism And The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Intimidates The Greenwich Police Dept.

10/11/08 The Greenwich Citizen Is The Only Newspaper That Let's Us See The Young Man That Was Killed In Greenwich By A Mystery Driver

10/10/08 Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg Has Things Screwed Up While The Stamford Police Chief Is Operating A Profeesional Department

10/09/08 Maybe No Charges Will Be Filled Against The Driver That Mowed Down Joey, Dumped His Dead Body In A Driveway And Crashed Into A Utility Pole

10/09/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Driver who hit bike rider Or Where is the police report?

10/08/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Should The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Be Charged With Leaving The Scene?

10/08/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Why Can't Debra Friedman Find Who The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Is That Killed Joseph And Crashed Down The Road


11/17/08 Breaking News: Mystery Driver That Killed Joey Should Of Been Arrested On 10/04/08 Is Now Finlay Under Arrest In Greenwich (Updated)

11/18/08 More Readers Submitted Comments About Joey Borselio

11/19/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Killer impaired ?????

11/24/08 Greenwich Time News Links --- Top Story: DUI Killer That Greenwich Police Let Go Free Is Brought Before A Judge To Stand For Joey's Death

11/24/08 Riverside man arraigned in fatal accident - Greenwich Time

11/24/08 BEHIND THE TIME: Greenwich Post Reports On DUI Killer Five Hours After Debra Friedman At The Greenwich Time

11/24/08 No plea in bicyclist’s death - Greenwich Post



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1/7/09 What Ever Happened To Dirk - He Beacame A National Radio Personality After He Left WGCH

About Dirk

KWLM-AM Willmar

Dirk Van is the host of Westwood One’s First Light and The Week In Review. First Light, airing Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. ET, is the news-talk show providing in-depth coverage of the top stories of the day with on-scene reports, actualities, analysis, as well as interviews with top celebrities and newsmakers. The Week In Review, airing Saturday and Sunday, provides listeners with a full recap of the previous week’s news events in a lively half-hour of memorable quotes and sounds.

Van traded a career in physical anthropology for broadcast journalism in 1978 when he became news director of WGCH, Greenwich, CT. He graduated to the "Big Apple" as a reporter for WCBS and then news director of WHN. First Light is now in its 12th year.

He graduated to the "Big Apple" as a reporter for WCBS and then news director of WHN. First Light is now in its 12th year and going strong, having won numerous awards from the International Radio Festival, Ohio State University and other prestigious organizations.

Van can also be heard as the morning drive anchor on Fox News Radio.

Van joined Westwood One in 1980 and has been serving up his own brand of news and information ever since.

1/7/09 The Peter Principle Is Effect In Greenwich: Jim Zebora Has Risen Well Beyond His Level Of Incompetence At Hearst Newspapers

Ex- Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora
Explains His Managerial Style.

Readership Climbs, But is it the Answer?

Editor & Publisher

Halloween week brought another trick — and no treat — to newspaper executives. A scary new FAS-FAX emerged, and for the six-month period ending September 2008, daily circ for 507 newspapers reporting to the Audit Bureau of Circulations dropped 4.6% to 38,165,848 copies. For 571 papers, Sunday dipped 4.8% to 43,631,646 copies.

The most disturbing part wasn't so much the overall slippage but that the declines are accelerating, even with kinder comparables from the year before. For the six months ending March 2008, daily had shrunk 3.5% and Sunday was down 4.5%. For the September 2007 period, daily and Sunday had shed 2.5% and 3.5%, respectively.

Greenwich Time in Connecticut, for example, grew its net combined audience 22.1% year-over-year. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution saw one of the steepest ...

.....according to the Audience-FAX. Greenwich Time in Connecticut, for example, grew its net combined audience 22.1% year-over-year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution saw one of the steepest losses in daily circ (down 13.6%) but it advanced its net combined audience by 3%, thanks to increases in online and print readership.

Daily circ slid 11.6% at the Houston Chronicle. The newspaper put a stop to distributing editions outside a 90-mile radius of downtown, cut third-party circ, and hiked newsstand prices (Hurricane Ike also affected circulation). But its focus on core readers and online expansion efforts paid off. Net combined audience is up 4.3% year-over-year.......

Week after week and month after month Greenwich Bloggers like Bill Clark, Chris Fountain and Greenwich Roundup send their online readers to see how badly Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora was managing The Green Kitty Litter Liner after Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe started his own blog called "Our Greenwich".

It Looks Like That Clueless Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster Is Not Even Aware That All Of The Blogging About The Crappy Reporting At The Green Kitty Litter Liner Has Helped Achieve The Local Rag's Spectacular Online Gains.

As Greenwich Bloggers like Chris Fountain, Bill Clark And Greenwich Roundup Have Played Beat The Press the Greenwich Times online numbers skyrocketed as town residents wanted to take a peak at this Zebora's slow motion train wreak.
Things were getting so bad that town residents have started making bets on when the Greenwich Time will be folded in to the CT Post. Bill Clark has beenguessing sometime around April Fools Day.
Greenwich Blogger sent so much web traffic to the crippled Grren Kitty Litter Liner that it overcame print losses and came up with a combined online and print increase of 22.13 %.

These Links From Greenwich BloggrsHave Increased Interest In Local News And Have Basically Provided Free Advertising To The Greenwich Time.

Think About It.

What Has The Corporate Suits At Hearst Newspapers Done, Except For Firing Pisani And His Circle Of Insiders That Would Account For A 22.13 in Online And Print Gains.

What Else Has Changed At The Greenwich
Maybe The Online Gains Came Because The Greenwich Time Moved Away From Local Reporting And Started To Combine Web Site Features And Business Reporting With The Connecticut Post.

The Sad Part Is This Is That.....

The Greenwich Time's Worst Editor Of All Time Jim Zebora Has Went To Clueless Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster With The Latest Favorable Audit Bureau Online Circulation Reports And Parlayed It To A Hearst Newspaper Regional Business Editor Job.

Greenwich High School Teachers Should Start Using Zebora As A Local Case Study In The Peter Principal.


The Only Thing Consistent At That Greenwich Time Is That
Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster
Changes Reporters And Editors Like He Changes His Socks.

The Greenwich Time has went through four editors in nine months.

Maybe Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster Should Fire The New Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Next Month To Keep Up Those Double Digit Online Readership Gains.

If John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster Was To Replace Bruce Hunter With Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin Gustafson, Every Greenwich Blogger Is Going To Send Their Online Readers To See The Latest Screw Up Made By The Greenwich Time Publisher.




The Peter Principle:

Bureaucracy at Work At Work At The Greenwich Time

Ex-Greenwich Time Managing Editor Jim Zebora

Was In Way Over His Head

So Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster

Promoted Zebora To Regional Business Manager

The Thing That Really Pisses Of Greenwich Bloggers Is That Jim Zorba Did Not Even Send Any Of Us A Thank You Card For That Big Fat Promotion That He Doesn't Deserve.
I Mean John Dunster Could Have At Least Sent Each Of The Greenwich Bloggers Who Helped His Online Readership Sky Rocket A Bottle Of Wine.
If These Two Bozo's Keep Being So Rude, Then Greenwich Bloggers Might Just Start Ignoring The Green Kitty Litter Liner So That Their Online Numbers Hit New Historic Double Digit Lows Like Their Print Circulation Has.

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1/7/09 Poor Greenwich residents expect a difficult year ahead and don't think the state will be able to assist the Greenwich once it runs out of money

"Initially I Was Somewhat Worried When I Lost My Hedge Fund Job,
But Things Are OK Now That I Got My Welfare Check !!!!"
Rich Republicans Are Starting To Benefit From
Democrat Welfare Programs In Greenwich

It takes more than just a little inflation and recession to put a scratch in Fairfield County's Teflon economy.
During the financial slump that lasted from 2001 to 2003, shoppers kept shopping, Hummers kept humming and McMansions McMulitplied, seemingly impervious to the hardships that many other communities across the nation faced. But it appears Connecticut's Gold Coast has finally begun to topple beneath the weight of the economic meltdown of 2008.
Social Services departments in our area have reported disturbing new trends since mid-September, when a death rattle could be heard echoing from boardrooms in some of the nation's mightiest financial institutions.
"We're seeing a different class of people coming in for help," says Dr. Adina Goldstein, deputy commissioner of the Greenwich Department of Social Services. "There's also a change in the numbers of people asking for assistance with food."
Neighbor-to-Neighbor, a private organization offering temporary emergency aid to Greenwich residents, reported 946 individual requests for food in September. That number rose to 1,062 in November.

"People have been losing their jobs since the economy failed and private businesses have also had to close," says Goldstein.

But not everyone asking for help receives it. Applicants must provide income and asset verification to prove they meet the standards for emergency aid. They are then referred to the state for further assistance.
The state form is lengthy and gets personal. It asks for details concerning age, health, living arrangements, employment, bank accounts, off-shore holdings, real estate, investments, retirement savings, assets of any kind, automobile mileage, cash stashed away, assistance received from family and friends and even expected inheritance......
Oh My Goodness, Look How Much Things
Have Changed In Greenwich:
Two years ago, Greenwich made Money Magazine's list of "Best Places to Live" with a median family income of $140,803.
According to Goldstein, many top earners were employed in the financial services industries or in real estate and are now out of work, but living above their means in multi-million dollar homes, with luxury automobiles and other pricey assets......
FCW Editorial
As Hillary Clinton slowly surrendered after a long, tense and emotional primary, Sheila Rao of Greenwich was apparently moved to lash out at her own employer as part of an appeal for others to donate to pay off the debt that Clinton had run up.

It resulted in a lawsuit.

According to the suit filed by Cenveo, Inc., a Stamford-based graphics communication giant with revenues of $2 billion, Rao, then the company's director of income taxes, sent out an impassioned letter to the Clinton campaign and "40 of her closest friends" as an attachment to an e-mail on June 10, three days after Clinton suspended her campaign.
In the letter, which the Weekly obtained with Cenveo's lawsuit, Rao accused Cenveo's former senior vice president of "surf[ing] the internet and play[ing] golf on company time," disclosed his salary and claimed that she was not promoted to his job when he left "for no reason OTHER than that I am a woman and the other men at the executive table would have been uncomfortable working with me."
She said of her current boss, "While I stop short of calling him 'lazy,' I do find him utterly incompetent." She continued, "I am sorry for the bitter tone of this letter. But I am having a visceral response to all of this so I hope you will write a check, no matter how small, even $10, to Hillary (forego your Starbucks)."
In the e-mail itself, sent to info@hillaryclinton.com , Rao asked the Clinton campaign to "please let Hillary know how much I love and am inspired by her."
The suit claims the e-mail was sent from a Cenveo-owned computer over the company's e-mail system. Cenveo fired Rao on Nov. 24, and the suit claims the company lost at least $5,000 retaining a computer forensics expert and from "economic loss from Rao's defamation of Cenveo and its executives."
Cenveo is coming down hard on Rao, suing her for libel, misuse of company computers and disclosure of confidential information. It's asking for "all documents and information that she transmitted or removed from the premises of Cenveo" and "damages in an amount to be determined at trial."
A message was left for Cenveo chairman and CEO Robert Burton.
Rao said she could not discuss the matter and her lawyer did not return the Weekly's call.
According to the Huffington Post's FundRace 2008 database, Rao donated $250 to Clinton's campaign.
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1/7/09 Here Is Another Report That Greenwich Resident "Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Ignored Warnings About Bernard Madoff's Ponzie Scheme

Credit Suisse Was Warning It's Clients That Madoff's Return's Were Fools Gold, While Greenwich Fairfield Executives Ignored The Warnings And Took Hundreds Of Millions From Good Old Uncle Bernie Madoff

NEWS.com.au, Australia
SWISS bank Credit Suisse, whose clients lost almost $US1 billion ($1.38 billion) in Bernard Madoff's alleged swindle, urged customers more than eight years ago to withdraw cash from his firm because it couldn't determine how he made money.

According to sources, Oswald Gruebel, who headed Credit Suisse' private-banking unit at the time, made the recommendation after meeting Mr Madoff in June 2000.
Credit Suisse customers proceeded to redeem about $US250 million from Madoff-run funds, half the total held by the bank's clients.
The Zurich-based group risked alienating clients who were reaping annual returns from Mr Madoff of about 11 per cent, said two of the people at the New York meeting, which also included executives from Fairfield Greenwich Group, a so-called feeder fund for Mr Madoff.
Credit Suisse spokeswoman Corene Sullivan said the bank did not actively sell stakes in funds that fed into Mr Madoff's firm, and that the funds offered by the marketers were not on the bank's recommended list.
Mr Gruebel and two other Credit Suisse executives at the meeting with Mr Madoff raised concerns about his use of a little-known auditor who had just one client, sources said.
The bank was also worried why Mr Madoff served as the custodian of his clients' assets, they said.
According to the sources, Mr Madoff would not tell Mr Gruebel how much money he managed.
Mr Madoff said he did not charge clients fees to manage their money, instead earning a profit on trading commissions that equalled as much as 3 per cent of assets.
Fairfield Greenwich Investors Might Want To Sit Down
Before They Read This Next Item.

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel Was Kicking Back Money To Bankers Who Delivered Sucker That Fairfield Greenwich Could Take To Madoff's Ponzie Scheme

The recommendation eight years ago might have angered some Credit Suisse bankers, who were profiting from rebate fees, known as retrocessions, which were paid to them by groups such as Fairfield that marketed the funds.

"These retrocessions are an open secret in the private banking world, and in most cases they aren't passed on to clients," said Bernhard Bauhofer at Swiss consulting firm Sparring Partners. "Swiss private banks depend a lot on these."

European banks have reported some $US12 billion of client exposure to Mr Madoff. Credit Suisse, Britain's HSBC and Banco Santander of Spain say clients invested almost .....


Study uncovers large inconsistencies in Madoff investments

Wealth Bulletin, UK

RMF, Man Group's institutional fund management arm did, alongside Swiss bank UBP, London's Bramdean Alternatives, and US investors Fairfield Greenwich and ...



We Are Keeping A Close Eye On Walter Noel

Right Here In His Hometown Of Greenwich

Brazilians Caught in Madoff's Ponzi Scheme Are Keeping Mum

Brazzil Magazine, Los Angeles

Piedrahita is a son-in-law of Walter Noel, founder of Fairfield Greenwich Group, whose Fairfield Sentry fund was Madoff's single biggest investor ...

County Fair: Madoff Chic

fairfieldweekly.com, CT

Or with money managers like Walter Noel, of the Fairfield Greenwich Group, who placed better than half of the funds he controlled — $7.3 billion — with ...

Bernard Madoff victims shouldn’t hope for refunds

Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

Then suppose investors in aggregate withdrew half their paper gains each year, and that feeder-fund operations - like Fairfield Greenwich Group - collected ...

Noels Selling Assets?

DealBreaker.Com, NY

Sort of sounds like exactly the type of gala right up Fairfield Greenwich founder Noel Walter's daughter's alley, a conclusion we arrive at only on the ...

Morning Memo: Noel Family Finds a Taker for Mustique Home

New York Observer

by Caroline Bankoff

Madoff-tainted Walter and Monica Noel managed to rent out Yemanja, their Mustique vacation home, to someone willing ...

Hedge Funds face fresh round of uncertainty

GulfNews, United Arab Emirates

That is especially true of those such as Fairfield Greenwich that charged their investors hefty fees for the privilege - as much as 20 per cent of the ...

Madoff investor sued over losses

Calgary Herald, Canada

Funds including Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group, which invested $7.5 billion, and Ezra Merkin's Gabriel Capital LP and Ascot Partners LP, ...

Madoff scandal exposes US government failure

Daily Gleaner, Canada

... sophisticated investors, like Fairfield Greenwich Group’s Walter Noel and Hollywood’s Jeffrey Katzenberg, isn’ta market at all; it’sa shooting gallery. ...

A Very Noel Christmas

New York Magazine

....we marveled at the genteel Christmas card Corina Noel Piedrahita, the eldest daughter and business partner of Fairfield Greenwich Group's Walter Noel ...


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1/7/09 PRESS RELEASE: EleMental Learning To Provide In-Home Tutoring In Fairfield County

EleMental Learning, an in-home tutoring company headquartered in Naperville, IL, announces the opening of its first practice in Connecticut, serving all of Fairfield County.

EleMental Learning was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and former classroom teacher Lori Skurka, M. Ed. The core belief of the company is that the mass marketed curriculum offered by other major tutoring companies cannot possibly address the need and personality of each diverse student.

"Having spoken with many different parents about the unique learning needs of their children, we came to the conclusion that the 'cookie cutter' approach applied by the other national tutoring companies falls short of addressing each student's specific needs and style. We formed EleMental Learning to match students with high quality tutors who are assigned based on their fit with the student's unique academic needs and learning patterns,' said Ms. Skurka.

EleMental Learning will provide in-home tutoring services across the entirety of Fairfield County. Tutoring is available at all grade levels in the core subjects of math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, and history. All core subject tutors are actual certified teachers. The Company also provides foreign language tutoring, standardized test preparation (SAT, ACT, CMT, and CAPT), study skills remediation, computer literacy training, and other personal coaching services.

Learn more about EleMental Learning at the company's website, http://www.elemental-learning.com/.

Fairfield County tutoring inquiries, please call:

EleMental Learning

Fairfield County Office

(203) 604-9019

Media inquiries, please call:

Lori Skurka President and Founder

(630) 355-5112


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1/7/09 The Greenwich Post Editor Does Not Know What To Do Now That Bruce Hunter Became The Greenwich Time Managing Editor

"OMG What am I going to do about this new Greenwich Time editor."

Since Bruce Hunter Was Pulled Out Of Unemployment, Greenwich Post Editor Kristan Zimmer Has Failed To Update Her Web Site.


10: 42 AM
At 5:15 a.m. Monday, Greenwich Family YMCA unveiled its new Wellness Center with all new strength training equipment and cardio machines. More than a dozen longstanding members christened the room at the ribbon cutting early this morning.
The Chinese Language School of Connecticut has earned its second accreditation for Chinese Language and Cultural Programs.
They may disagree on the how, but they all agree on the what.

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say the budget will take center stage when the General Assembly convenes Wednesday. With the state facing a $6-billion deficit in the next two years, Democrats and Republicans alike say spending cuts and hiring freezes cannot make up the shortfall. Where they don’t see eye to eye is on other measures the legislature should take.
Breaking news Posted 10:14 a.m, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009

Travelers southbound on the Merritt Parkway this morning may find they are sitting in traffic. The Department of Transportation has announced all lanes on the Merritt Parkway southbound between exits 31 and 28 in Greenwich and between exits 46 and 42 in Westport are closed because of downed trees. There may be residual delays as the debris is cleared from the road.

For more information about traffic in Connecticut, visit Ct.gov/dot/traffic.
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/07/2009 09:53:53 AM EST
STAMFORD - The state Department of Transportation is reporting the Merritt Parkway southbound in Greenwich is reopened between exits 31 and 28 after a downed tree has been cleared.

The parkway in Westport remains blocked from exits 46 to 42, according to the DOT.

The incidents were both reported shortly after 9 a.m. and DOT crews expect it to take one to two hours to clear.

Lower Fairfield County remains under a freezing rain advisory until 10 a.m. Wednesday as a mixture of sleet and ice has made driving difficult in many areas.

The National Weather Service is calling for a mixture of freezing rain and sleet to continue through mid-morning before temperatures rise above freezing and precipitation changes over to all rain Wednesday.

According to the weather service, about one-tenth to a quarter inch of rain and ice fell in lower Fairfield County overnight
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/07/2009 09:21:56 AM EST
STAMFORD - The state Department of Transportation is reporting all lanes on the Merritt Parkway southbound between exits 31 and 28 in Greenwich and between exits 46 and 42 in Westport are closed because of downed trees.

The incidents were both reported shortly after 9 a.m. and DOT crews expect it to take one to two hours to clear.

Lower Fairfield County remains under a freezing rain advisory until 10 a.m. Wednesday as a mixture of sleet and ice has made driving difficult in many areas.

The National Weather Service is calling for a mixture of freezing rain and sleet to continue through mid-morning before temperatures rise above freezing and precipitation changes over to all rain Wednesday.

According to the weather service, about one-tenth to a quarter inch of rain and ice fell in lower Fairfield County overnight.
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/07/2009 07:33:25 AM EST
STAMFORD - Icy roads and slick sidewalks have delayed schools across lower Fairfield County and made for difficult travel conditions.

The National Weather Service has issued a freezing rain advisory until 10 a.m. and is calling for a mixture of freezing rain and sleet to continue through mid-morning before temperatures rise above freezing and precipitation changes over to all rain Wednesday.

According to the weather service, about one-tenth to a quarter inch of rain and ice fell in lower Fairfield County overnight.
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/07/2009 08:03:12 AM EST
Icy roads have created dangerous travel conditions and a number of schools have delayed openings, and in some cases are completely closed.

The following schools have delayed openings:
Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich - 90 minutes
Darien Public Schools - 90 minutes
Eagle Hill School, Greenwich - 2 hours
Greenwich Catholic School - 90 minutes
Greenwich Public Schools - 90 minutes
J.M. Wright Vocational Tech School, Stamford - 90 minutes
King & Low-Heywood Thomas School - 90 minutes
Landmark of Ridgefield Academy, Westport - 2 hours
Long Ridge School - 90 minutes
New Canaan Public Schools - 90 minutes
Norwalk Community College - 2 hours
Norwalk Public Schools - 2 hours
Pear Tree Point School - 90 minutes
Stamford Public Schools - 90 minutes
The Mead School - 90 minutes
Westport Public Schools - 2 hours
Whitby School - 90 minutes
Wilton Public Schools - 2 hours
The following schools are closed today:
Connecticut Friends School, Wilton
Fairfield Prep
Weston Public Schools
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